Top 10 LED Strip Light Manufacturers And Suppliers in WORLD (2024)

Are you a wholesaler or retailer searching for the world’s best LED strip light manufacturers and suppliers? If yes, this article is for you!

When enlisting counties for LED strip manufacturers, you will have a long list in hand. These include- China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, the USA, Netherlands, and more. If you seek affordable options, China wins over all other countries. However, whatever country you choose, quality is what matters the most. 

Therefore, I bought you a list of the world’s top 10 best LED strip light manufacturers and suppliers. In this blog post, you will also get ideas about how to contact them. So let’s dive into the section below without further delay–

What Is An LED Strip Light?

LED strip lights come with numerous LEDs arranged in a printed circuit board or PCB. These flexible light fixtures have a rope-like structure for which they are popularly known as LED tape lights or rope lights. The most impressive feature of these light fixtures is that you can cut them. LED strip light comes with scissor icons that allow you to size them to your requirements. 

Besides, the adhesive backing of these fixtures lets you install them quickly without any professional assistance. LED strips are typically popular for their versatile application, such as commercial and residential settings. Also, their smart features, dimming options, color-changing capabilities, and remote control make them excellent choices for all types of lighting. 

Features Of The LED Strip

  • Flexibility: You can bend, cut, and give any designed structure to your LED strips. This flexibility makes the lights ideal for creative lighting applications and designs. You can even bend them to fit critical corners of your area. Therefore, you can attempt many DIY lighting ideas with these fixtures. Check this article to learn how- How To Install LED Strip Lights Around Corners?

  • Energy-saving and environmental protection: These lights are energy efficient as they consume less electricity than traditional lighting sources. They will reduce your power bills and ultimately save money. Also, strip light can lower carbon footprint and minimize environmental effects. 

  • Light Controlling features: LED strip lights are available in different variants that give you greater control over your lighting. For instance, using tunable white LED strips, you can adjust the color temperature of your space from warm to cool color. Again, the RGB LED strip lights allow you to create more than 16 million customized hues! Apart from all these, you can create each segment of the fixture using addressable LED strips. 

  • Safety: LED strips don’t get overheated easily. It has an LED heat sink that keeps the fixture cool. (If you don’t know what a heat sink is, check this article- LED Heat Sink: What Is It and Why It’s Important?.) You can touch these without any risk of getting burns. Also, these lights have no mercury, making them safer for the environment and people. 

  • Simple installation: The process of installing LED strips is effortless and user-friendly. So you can set them by following basic rules without needing a professional. In this case, take help from this guide: Installing LED Flex Strips: Mounting Techniques to learn different methods of LED strip mounting. 

components of led strip light

Types Of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights can be of many types. The most popular variants are as follows- 

  1. Single Color Strips

Other than white, the LED strip lights are usually available in green, red, blue, and pink. And you can use these lights for multiple purposes, like homes, factories, and public buildings. 

  1. Adjustable White Strips

An adjustable white strip light combines cool and warm white LED chips on a strip. This will also let you adjust the color temperatures. If you want more variants of warm colors, choose dim-to-warm LED strips. However, tunable LED strips give you extensive control over color temperature adjustability. Check this to learn more about these strips- Tunable White LED Strip: The Complete Guide

  1. RGB Strips

RGB strips combine three colors, red, green, and blue into a strip. Each color is connected with its wire, so you can control them separately using a controller. This means you can make colors mix to create any combination you want. Also, you can make the colors change gradually for cool mood lighting. However, there are more variants of RGB strips; this article will clarify this: RGB vs. RGBW vs. RGBIC vs. RGBWW vs. RGBCCT LED Strip Lights.

  1. Digital LED Strips

Digital LED strips are also known as addressable LED strips. They have an IC chip that allows you to control each fixture segment. Thus, in a single piece of LED strip, you can create multiple colors at the same time. For this feature, they are also known as dream or magic LED strips.

Top 10 LED Light Strips Manufacturers In The World

Position Company NameEstablished Year Location Employee 
03GE Lighting1876US1,747
04LED Linear2006USA51-200
05SIRS-E LED2005US11-50
06NVC Lighting1998Zhuhai1,500+
07Flexfire LEDs2010US11-50
08Osram LED strip1847Germany10,001+
09Lumistrips Germany<25
10Philips LED strip1891Netherlands10,001+

Brief Sketches Of LED Light Strips Manufacturers In The World 

1. LEDYi Lighting

ledyi lighting

LEDYi is one of the best LED strip manufacturing and supplying companies in China. Along with strip lights, we produce high-quality LED neon flex, liner bars, and LED washers. Also, in our company, you can find different kinds of strip lights based on color, length, IP rating, etc. 

Our main concern is customer satisfaction, so we focus on the sustainability and quality of the products. Plus, we offer a customizable option; you can order strips depending on your needs or preferences. 

Furthermore, established in 2010, LEDYi now sells products to 30+ countries and has over 200 employees. We invest a lot in R&D, launch new products every month, and have certificates from CB, RoHS, ETL, and more.  

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Strip Lights
LED Neon Flex
Flex Wall Washer
Modular Linear Bar
Free SampleOEM, ODM, and Customizable options
Bulk Production Capability
3-5 Years Warranty
CE-EMC, ELT, CE-LVD, CB, LM80, RoHS certified 
A tour of a LED strip light factory

2. Diodeled


Diodeled is a well-known strip light manufacturer and supplier in the US. They sell LED products through retail outlets and distributors. This company has a wide range of strip lights with multiple colors, output, and performance. Besides strip lights, they have high-density tap lights, LED fixtures, power supplies, etc. 

Moreover, from Deodeled, you get lights for offices, homes, hospitals, bridges, and more. This company usually offers over 12 years of warranty based on the products. Also, they safely make strip lights with modern elements and produce performance-efficient lights. 

As one of the top companies in the US, it has worked with many renowned lighting designers, architects, and contractors. Also, Diodeld works with Amazon, Pandora, Samsung, and Disney.

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Tape and Strip Lights
LED Drivers
Channel Profiles
LED Control Systems, Switches, and Dimmers
LED Fixtures
Connectors, Wire
Display, Sign, and Specialty LED Fixtures
A wide range of LED lighting products
Custom LED lighting solutions
Installation and maintenance services 
A commitment to customer satisfaction
Diode LED Overview

3. GE Lighting

ge lighting

Since 1876, GE has been manufacturing and supplying strip lights. The company is in Ohio, US, and is a section of Savant Systems Inc. They produce many lighting items, but the LED strip lights are their main product. Although they have many strip lights, you can customize them as needed. 

You will find many advanced features in their LED strips; these include- dimming facility, color temperature adjustment, scheduling, etc. Also, they manufacture LED grow lights, LED smart bulbs, and vintage LEDs. Plus, they make accessories such as fixtures, sensors, remotes, switches, and more. 

Over 130 years, they run the lighting industry and have connections with Thomas Edison’s lighting research. Furthermore, they offer customers and retailers valuable and innovative products. 

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Strip Lights
LED Grow Lights
Tube LightsTrack / Recessed Lights
Spot & Flood Lights
Environmental friendly products
Innovative and energy-efficient lights
Affordable price
Some products have 3 years guarantee
Transform your home with Cync Dynamic Effects

4. LED Linear

led linear

LED Linear is famous for its high-quality light manufacturing and developing systems. Along with strip light, this company produces LED linear and other accessories. The most promising features of their lighting include- energy efficiency, high quality, and long-lasting with a lifespan of over  60,000 hrs. 

Besides, LED Linear makes various lighting systems that have won awards. You can customize them to fit your needs, from mood lighting to facade lighting up to 300 meters high. They have partnerships and distributors all over the world. Some branches are in Canada, the USA, Singapore, Australia, India, France, the UK, Spain, and the Middle East. Also, the company has a good network and best reputation in the lighting design community.

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Strip Light
Flex LED Tape Dynamic White 
Flex LED Tape RGBW 
IQ White SOL
Design Luminaires
Exterior Lighting
Interior Lighting
Long lifespan
Has worlds worldwide branch
Customizable lights
Won many awards
LED Linear drone video of Headquarters and Factory in Duisburg, Germany


sirs e led

SIRS-E is one of the US’s leading strip light manufacturing and supplier companies. Being founded in 2005, it has 18 years of experience in this field. They are best at producing high-quality LED strips and DMX control systems. They also sell LED neon flex, fixtures, power systems, controllers, and more. 

Also, you can use these lights for commercial, residential, stage and studio, theatrical design, architectural lighting, etc. Plus, with their light, you can save money as they are energy efficient and less harmful to the environment. 

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Strip Lights
LED Neon Lights
LED Light Source Accessories
Custom LED Products
LED Strip Power Supplies
LED Extrusions
LED Lighting Fixtures
Reduce energy consumption
Brighter light output
Less heat generation
Better color rendering
We are SIRS-E - Premium LED Linear Lighting Systems

6. NVC LED strips

nvc led strips

This company was founded in 1998 in Zhuhai, China. With years of experience, NVC International in the lighting industry is now searching for new ways to expand the business. They invest in R&D and make innovative products. You can find in NVC many varieties of strip lights with multiple shapes and colors. Also, they produce LED exterior and interior lights, spotlights, and more. 

In addition, their products are best and usually used for hotel, commercial lighting, institutional building lighting, hospital lighting, and so many others. They export the product across the world. Plus, they offer customizable options. If you want to customize strip lights, you can order them. 

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Strip Lights
Wall Washer LED Floodlights
LED Floodlights
LED Exterior Lighting
LED Interior Lighting
LED Spotlights
LED Downlight
LED Track Light
Fast delivery 
Premium product 
Full-time customer service
Global shipment
NVC Lighting Global

7. Flexfire LEDs

flexfire leds

Established in 2010, Flexfire is now one of the reputed LED strip distributors and manufacturers worldwide. The company provides strip lights for commercial, architectural, and residential applications. Moreover, you can use these strip lights for exterior and interior settings. 

Apart from the strip, they produce RGBW color-changing lights, RGB, and one-color ribbons. Also, Flexfire sells power supplies and control sensors and works with many construction companies. Furthermore, they are famous for the correct color rendering, consistency, and brightness. They claim to produce LED strips for extended use and offer a 15-year warranty on most products. 

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Strip Lights
Aluminum Mounting Extrusions
LED Strip Light Kits
Dimmers, Amplifiers, and RGB 
LED Power Supplies
LED lighting solutions
Custom LED strip design
Energy-efficient lighting options
Technical support and expertise
Innovative products
High-quality LED components
LED Strip Lights - Which Are the Brightest?

8. Osram LED strip

osram led strip

For over 100 years, Osram has been producing LED strips with great light sources. And it got a position in one of the world’s two light manufacturing companies. The headquarters of the company is in Munich, Germany. 

Aside from the LED strip, they produce UV-C, IR, and LED modules in different colors. Also, you can use these products in many fields, such as home, office, factories, and automotive lighting. Plus, they apply many technologies to create the best products like 3D Sensing, Advanced packaging, Capacitive sensing, CMOS image sensing, Spectral sensing, and more. 

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
Color LEDs
White LEDs
LED Modules
Sensor Interfaces
Power Management
LED Drivers
Energy-efficient lighting solution
Easy installation
Customizable colors and brightness
Long-lasting LED technology
Remote control options available
OSRAM Business Unit Opto Semiconductors Film 2020

9. Lumistrips 


Lumistrips is a German LED lighting company that provides strip lights for several applications, home decoration, commercial, and automotive use. Their lights are designed to be water-resistant and dustproof. So you can use these for an extended period. 

In addition, you can customize the LED strip as they offer a customizable option. So, you can conveniently customize what you like based on the color, size, and temperature. Plus, these lights are energy efficient and consume less energy than traditional ones. Furthermore, you will find these lights safe as they are cool to the touch and have no risk of burns. For some lights, they provide a maximum five-year warranty. 

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Strip Light
Home Lighting
Commercial Lighting
Automotive Lighting
Industrial Lighting
Decorative Lighting
High-quality LED strips and modules 
Wide range of accessories
LED products used in a variety of applications
Strong reputation for customer service

10. Philips LED Strip

philips led strip

This company is positioned first in Europe and is one of the largest light manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. They produce decorative lights, tube lights, electric shavers, as well as accessories. The company is situated in the Netherlands and has 166500 employees in over 60 countries. 

In addition, they are well known for their energy efficiency, high quality, and long lifespan. Also, you can purchase multiple varieties of strip lights with different lengths and colors from them. These lights are best for versatile use; you can install these to highlight certain surfaces, like kitchen cabinets or artwork. 

Their other brand name is Philip Hue, which is famous for its smart technology. You can control these lights with a remote or a smartphone. Therefore, these lights are convenient and effortless to use. 

Manufacture ProductsOffered Facilities
LED Strip Lights
Light Bulbs
Decorative Lights
Tube Lights
Switches & Accessories
Bright light
Easy to install
Signify 2020 - Innovations for brighter lives and a better world

LED Strip Lights Manufacturing Process 

Manufacturing LED lighting demands precision. Unlike several manufacturers who employ primary assembly lines, in the LEDYi manufacturing system, we meticulously oversee and regulate all stages of production. Take a look at every step–

Step 1. LED Strip Light Material IQC

After arriving, the material at the factory required QC checks such as LED, PCB, IC, and aluminum profile. Because all the elements need to meet the specific requirement. Therefore, quality control is the first and most important thing we need to do perfectly, as the products can be defective. 

Step 2. LED Color Temperature Check

Then, we check the LED’s color temperature with all arrival LED chips. For instance, we test the brightness of the color and the color rendering index to ensure a client with this specific number.

Step 3. LED Dry Process

Now, LEDs need to dry at a temperature no less than 65℃ in 8 hours. After this step, the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process comes next. 

Step 4. LED Strip Light SMT Process

Modern lighting technology often uses SMT for LED strip lights. But while SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology, it’s not just about sticking things on the surface. It involves a fast, automated machine to make the LEDs. Hence, people sometimes get confused about this. 

Step 5. LED Strip Light Reflow Soldering Process

In this step, we use solder paste to connect the LED equipment to the PCB. First, the PCB is put into a machine that heats it to a specific temperature. Then, it turns the solder paste into a liquid. This liquid solder afterward bonds the components securely to the PCB. And it ensures they stay in place and function properly.

Step 6. LED Strip Light Inspection Process

During this process, we check that there is no damage to the strip light. With the visual examination, we make sure the color shift is perfect. Also, we inspect the equipment as aligned in solder bridges properly. 

Step 7. LED Strip Light Soldering Process

In this Stage, we connect the LED lights. First, we check small PCBs without any angles and lead-free solder. After inspecting them, we put the LED ribbon into a machine. Then, the device attaches a 0.5-meter piece of ribbon to a longer 5-meter strip. This ensures that the LED lights are securely joined and ready for the next step in the manufacturing process.

Step 8. LED Strip Light PCB Clean Process

Now, we make sure strip light PCBs are nice and clean. Clean PCBs work and look better in the end product. This is important for quality. We clean the PCB by removing dirt, dust, or leftover solder from earlier steps.

To clean the PCBs, we use special equipment and cleaning solutions. These machines carefully wash and dry the PCBs to ensure they’re spotless. For this reason, our strip lights will shine brightly and work well when they’re installed. Also, it will enhance the product’s high performance and appearance standards.

Step 9. LED Strip Light Ageing Process

During this step, we let the LED strip lights run for 8 hours. This helps us make sure they work well over time. It’s like giving them a test to see if they function correctly, stay bright, and don’t break. We want to be sure that when you use these lights, they will last a long time. So, you can enjoy our LED strip lights for a long time without any worries.

Step 10. LED Strip Light Waterproof Process

With LED strip lights, waterproofing is essential to protect the lights from water and moisture. To do this, a high-quality IP65 silicon tube and IP67 silicon injection coating are applied to the LED strips. This coating acts like a shield, preventing water from entering and damaging the lights. 

For this reason, you can use the LED strip lights safely outdoors, even in wet conditions. Waterproofing is a crucial step in manufacturing to ensure the durability and longevity of the LED strip lights.

Step 11. LED Strip Light Add 3M Tape Process

The 3M tape on the back of the LED strip makes it easy for customers to install the lights. We use 3M 9080 for waterproof and non-waterproof strips. If you want a different type of 3M adhesive that sticks better or conducts heat better, we can provide that, too.

Step 12. LED Strip Light Final Inspection

Once the whole LED strip package goes through our production process. Then, the quality control team at LED Starlight will do a final inspection of the products. They ensure that strip lights have the right lighting color without any flaws and look good enough to meet our customers’ needs.

To learn about the entire production procedure in depth, check this-  LED Strip Light Production Flow.

LED Strip Factory - Silicone Neon Extrusion Process

How To Get Connected To World’s Best LED Strip Suppliers?

Let’s see here some of the processes how you can contact the world’s best LED strip light suppliers–

  • Get Information From Online 

You can start by searching on Google and B2B marketplaces. For instance, you can search on Google search engine with these Keywords: LED strip supplier China, LED strip lights Shenzhen, LED tape factory China, LED strip lighting manufacturers, and so on. However, you have to research well when finding a supplier you want to work with. Next, you need to search if they have social media accounts. After that, you can contact them. 

Also, you can search on Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China. These are the largest B2B marketplaces. Alibaba is the biggest one among the other three. You can search by Strip Light in their search bar and go to the LED category. You will find suppliers here, but you need to confirm their authenticity first. For this, you can visit their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Then, you can contact them by sending an email. 

  • Visit Lighting Exhibitions

This is the best opportunity to find a good supplier for the LED strips. You can visit lighting exhibitions as most of the suppliers attend the light exhibitions. Read Lighting Exhibition & Trade Shows (2023): The Ultimate Guide for details.

  • Friend’s Recommendation

A Friend’s recommendation is the most reliable way to find the world’s best LED strip suppliers. You can ask a friend, family member, or neighbor who has previous working experience with LED strip suppliers. This way, you can find reputable suppliers known for their quality products or services. Then, you can research online reviews and industry forums for further information. 

Why Choose China Over Other Countries For Importing LED Strips?

China is the world’s biggest producer of LED strips; they supply 90% of global production. Because their country has a wide range of raw materials and government support for the LED industry. 

Also, Chinese LED strips are manufactured using the latest technology and components. As a result, they can provide high-quality products and performance. Also, their strip comes in many styles and sizes to meet the customer’s needs.

Furthermore, China has a well-developed infrastructure for logistics and shipping. This makes the importing process easy from supplying China. If you want to find China’s best supplier, read– 10 Steps to Find a Professional LED Strip Supplier In China

LED Strip Sample Book - 3rd Generation


You can purchase LED strips online from several retailers and the marketplace. For instance, you can buy them from Amazon, Aliexpress, BuyLEDStips, and even from a manufacturing company. 

The services of all manufacturers are not the same. However, a good manufacturing company provides multiple LED strip variants with other accessories that you may require to install it. Besides, they also offer customization options, ODM, OEM, warranty, technical services with installation guidance, etc. 

RGB and RGBW are the most popular LED strip lights as they provide versatile lighting options for ambiance and decoration. Also, adjustable white strips have demand for their ability to adjust color temperatures. Plus, smart LED strips now get attention as they can be controlled by a remote. 

Selling LED lights can be profitable due to their energy efficiency and growing demand for eco-friendly lighting solutions. As a start, people can buy these from direct manufacturers. They can sell these on Amazon or Flipkart using their brand name and logo. However, profitability depends on market competition, product quality, and effective marketing strategies.

A PCB LED strip is a flexible circuit board with integrated LED components arranged in a linear pattern. It is designed to be easily installed in various locations. Also, the PCB is used for decorative or functional lighting applications. And it provides efficient and customizable illumination.

Typically, LED strip light is made with LED chips, resistance, FPCB/ALUMINUM PCB/FR-4/CME-3, IC, PVC material, silicon glue, capacitance, silicon tube, 3M tape, and wires.

A smart LED strip is a strip of LED lights equipped with wireless connectivity. Users can control the strip via a smartphone or smart home devices. Also, with the smart LED strip lights, the user can easily adjust color brightness and even create dynamic lighting effects.


The demand for LED strip lights is high all over the world. For this reason, there are now so many LED strip light manufacturing companies. However, you can select the best one from the top 10 LED strip light manufacturers and suppliers in the world by following the above guidelines. 

In addition, you can choose LEDYi as it is China’s number one leading LED strip lights company. We offer high-quality products with customizable options with flexible MOQ facilities. You can order from LEDYi from any part of the world. So, request a free sample now! 

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