Constant Current LED Strip

What is Super Long Constant Current LED Strip?

The super-long constant current (CC) led strip light, also called long run led strip light, can achieve 50 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, 15 meters per reel, and only needs to be connected to the power supply on one end, and the brightness of the beginning and the end are the same.
Super-long constant current led strips usually use thicker PCBs, such as 3 ounces or 4 ounces, and there will be constant current ICs on the PCB or ICs inside the LED.

Why Choose Super Long Constant Current LED Strip?

Are you looking for the longest led strip lights? The constant current long run led strip light can be 50 meters for one end connect to power supply, 100 meters for both end connecto power supply.

The super-long constant current led tape mainly solves uneven brightness at the beginning and end of the led tape due to the voltage drop. The constant voltage 24Vdc led tape can only be 5 meters long by one end power input. If it exceeds 5 meters, there will be a voltage drop problem. To avoid the voltage drop problem, the wiring diagram of the constant voltage led strip is as follows

Constant voltage led strip wiring diagram

But the wiring diagram of the super long constant current led strip is straightforward, as shown below:
Therefore, the super long constant current led strip wiring is more spartan can save installation time and cost.

Super long constant current led strip wiring diagram

How Does Super Long Constant Current LED Strip Works?

LED strip voltage drop is because when the current passes through the PCB, and the PCB itself has resistance, the resistance of the PCB will consume part of the voltage and convert the electrical energy into thermal energy.
PCB resistance is related to the size of the cross-section (corresponding to the PCB board width and copper thickness). The larger the PCB cross-section, the smaller the resistance, and the longer the PCB length, the greater the resistance.

Vdrop = I * R (Vdrop is called IR-Drop)
P = I * Vdrop (P is the power converted from electrical to thermal energy)

According to the following schematic diagram, the farther away from the power supply, the lower the voltage. If it is a constant voltage led strip, the voltage will decrease, and the brightness of the LEDs will decrease accordingly. However, by adding constant current IC components to the circuit, the super long constant current led strip can ensure that the current through the LED can be kept constant within a specific voltage range (for example, 24V~20V) so that the brightness of the LED is consistent.

Constant voltage led strip schematic diagram
Super long constant current led strip schematic diagram

The following video demonstrates that when the input voltage changes, the current of the built-in IC super long constant current led strip remains constant.

Wholesale Constant Current LED Strip

We have two types of constant current long run led strip. The extra long constant current led strip can be 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters. And there are warm white, tunable white, RGB, RGBW, RGBTW for your choose.

The external IC super-long constant current led strip can easily adjust the current, but the IC size is relatively large, so the density of the LEDs is not high, and the width is not as narrow as the built-in IC constant current led strip.

Built-in IC super-long constant current led strip, the IC size is tiny, built into the led lamp bead, does not take up the space of the PCB, so the led lamp bead can be made very dense, up to 300LEDs/m, and the width can be made very narrow. Up to 5mm wide. But the built-in IC super-long constant current led strip has only a few fixed currents to choose from, and it does not support adjusting the current.

IC External Super Long Constant Current LED Strip

Specification download

Name Download
2835smd-78leds-10mm-48v-50m SLCC strip specification
2835smd-90leds-12mm-36v-30m SLCC strip specification
2835smd-60leds-12mm-24v-20m SLCC strip specification
2835smd-60leds-10mm-24v-15m SLCC strip specification
2835smd-60leds-10mm-24v-10m SLCC strip specification
2835smd-120leds-10mm-24v-15m SLCC strip specification
2835smd-120leds-10mm-24v-10m SLCC strip specification
2835smd-120leds-TW-12mm-24v-15m SLCC strip specification
5050smd-60leds-RGB-12mm-24v-15m SLCC strip specification
5050smd-60leds-RGBW-12mm-24v-15m SLCC strip specification
5050smd-60leds-RGBTW-5IN1-12mm-24v-15m SLCC strip specification

IC Built-In Super Long Constant Current LED Strip (No Resistance)

Specification download

Name Download
Built in CC-2835smd-60leds-10mm specification
Built in CC-2835smd-70leds-10mm specification
Built in CC-2835smd-120leds-10mm specification
Built in CC-2835smd-140leds-10mm specification
Built in CC-2835smd-180leds-10mm specification
Built in CC-2835smd-240leds-10mm specification
Built in CC-2835smd-300leds-12mm specification

Why Choose LEDYi

LEDYi Lighting is one of top custom LED strip light manufactures in China. We offer customized solutions, OEM, ODM service. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, agents are welcome to purchase in bulk with us. All our LED strip lights are more than tested and certificated, ensuring high performance and long lifetime. We can also provide a PCB level customized solution. With our LED strip light bulk order service, you can get as many projects as possible.


Constant voltage power supply.
The super long constant current led strip is different from other constant current led lamps. The super long constant current led strip achieves a constant current by adding an IC on the PCB. Other common constant current led lamps on the market have no IC on the PCB and can only achieve constant current through a constant current power supply.

All our super-long constant current led strip support dimming and support 0-10V, DALI, and TRIAC power supplies that output PWM signal or PWM controllers, but PWM frequency≤2kHz.

The longest led strip lights are constant current super long led strips which can be up 100 meters for both end connect to power supply.

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