Sauna LED Strip Lights

Types of Sauna

Saunas are therapeutic, heated, enclosed, wood-lined rooms with many benches, seating, design, and size/capacity options. The intense heat generated within the sauna encourages detoxifying perspiration, relief from aches and pains, and deep relaxation.
The types of saunas are usually the following:

Type of sauna Heat source Temperature
Finnish sauna Gas/electric/wood 160 to 194 F (71 – 90 ℃)
Infrared sauna Infrared heating elements 100 to 150 F (38 – 65.5 ℃)
Portable sauna Infrared heating panels 100 to 150 F (38 – 65.5 ℃)
Steam sauna Steam Generator 90 to 120 F (32 – 49 ℃)

For more information, please visit Ideal Sauna Temperature: How Hot Is Your Sauna?

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What is a Sauna Room LED Strip Light?

Sauna Room LED strip, also called high temperature led strip, is a high-temperature resistance, IP65 waterproof LED strip that can work in saunas and steam rooms with ambient temperatures up to 100℃.

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Why can our sauna LED strips work at ambient temperature up to 100℃?
The main reason is that we used LUXEON 3030 which is high temperature resistant.

Check out the LUMILEDS LUXEON 3030 LM80 test report.

luxeon 3030 lm80 l80 projected

Why LEDYi Sauna LED Strip Light Can Work At 100℃

🌟 Top-Grade Components: We proudly integrate internationally renowned LUMILEDS LEDs, ensuring quality at its core.

🌟 LM80 Certification: Our LUMILEDS LEDs are not just well-known, they’re also LM80 certified. It’s not just a promise; it’s a guarantee.

🌟 Optimal Current Usage: The LEDs in our finished product only utilize about 16% of their rated current. This means the LEDs  generate minimal heat, ensuring longevity and safety.

🌟 Tested for Extremes: Before reaching you, our sauna LED strips undergo rigorous high-temperature simulation tests during mass production. We’ve built them ready for the heat, so you can be confident in their resilience.

LEDYi Sauna LED Strip – When Quality Meets Durability. 🌡️✨

Download The Test Reports

🔍 Deep Dive into LEDYi’s Excellence: We don’t just claim our product’s dominance – we back it with data. Explore our detailed specification sheet, verify our LM80 certification, and get an insight into our high-temperature simulation test reports. LEDYi shines a light not only in saunas but also in transparency and trustworthiness. Dive in now to understand why LEDYi Sauna LED Strips stand unparalleled in the industry. Your path to informed decisions begins here. 📊🔥

Name Download
LUXEON 3030 Datasheet
LUXEON 3030 White Color LM80 Test Report
LUMILEDS 5050RGBW 0.5W datasheet
RGBW Lumileds LM-80 Test Report
Sauna Room White Color LED Strip - High Temperature 85° and High Humidity Test
Sauna Room White Color LED Strip - High Temperature 125° and High Humidity Test
Sauna Room RGBW LED Strip - High Temperature 85° and High Humidity Test

Product Features:

Single Color Sauna LED Strip Light

RGBW Sauna LED Strip Light

Specification Download

Name Download
SMD3030 80LEDs White Color Sauna Room LED Strip Sepecification
SMD5050 60LEDs RGBW Sauna Room LED Strip Sepecification
SMD3030 Sauna Room LED Strip Spectrum Test Report
SMD5050 RGBW Sauna Room LED Strip Spectrum Test Report
SMD3030 Sauna Room LED Strip IES
SMD5050 RGBW Sauna Room LED Strip IES

Product Testing

All of our sauna room LED strip lights are not mass-produced until they have gone through multiple rigorous testing steps in our laboratory equipment. This ensures high performance and stability and the product’s long life.


Yes, you can cut it at the cut mark.

Yes. It can support dimming in various ways, such as 0-10V, Triac, Dali, DMX512, etc.

If it is to help with heat dissipation, it is not necessary. Because the sauna LED strip light is designed to work in a high-temperature environment.

No, the maximum temperature is 100 degrees. However, The Finnish Sauna Society recommends that the temperatures in the sauna should be from 176 to 194 °F (80 – 90 ℃), with the ultimate maximum of 212 °F (100 ℃).

We use 3M 300LSE double-sided tape for the sauna LED strip light.
Temperature Resistance: 3M high-strength acrylic adhesive 300LSE is usable for short periods (minutes, hours) at room temperatures up to 300°F (148°C) and for intermittent longer periods (days, weeks) up to 200°F (93°C).

We recommend using both 3M double-sided tape and mounting clips.

Sauna LED strips do not need to be IP68, IP65 is enough. Because the sauna room is mainly water vapor only.

Yes, you can use our sauna led strip lights.

Yes, we can offer 2m max free samples for the sauna led strip lights.

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