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Flex LED Wall Washer

What is led wall washer?

LED wall washer is a lamp that can make the light wash through the wall like water. It is mainly used for decorative lighting and light effect beautification of architectural projects, such as commercial buildings, hotel clubs, bridges, docks, etc. It is also used to outline large buildings Outline.
The wall washer mainly redefines its projection distance and condensing uniformity by adjusting the two-way light-emitting angle of the LED light source through the secondary light distribution. From the perspective of the light-emitting effect, it belongs to “planar light.” The projection distance of the LED wall washer is generally between 1 and 10 meters, and the farthest effective projection distance of some high-power LED wall washers (narrow-angle) can reach 5-20 meters.

Application scenarios and effects of LED wall washer

The illumination distance of LED wall washer can reach 1~10 meters, which is very suitable for dramatic flood lighting of internal and external walls such as government lighting projects, commercial places, subways, elevated overpasses, building exterior walls, architectural landmarks, etc.; landscape buildings Color painting of objects, outdoor plazas, landscape objects and walls, displays, etc. It can fully adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments.

Why choose flexible led wall washer

The traditional LED wall washer, called rigid LED linear light or projection light for short, has below shortcomings because its shape is a long strip of rugged aluminum profile.

Rigid LED Wall Washer
Flex LED Wall Washer

Flexible LED Wall Washer

The LEDYi Lighting Flex LED Wall Washers are a 24VDC working optical lens type strip light with various beam angles for different applications. Available in white color(2700-6000K) , RGB, RGBW, and RGB DMX512. Not only can it be used as an IP67 flexible LED strip singly, and it can be mounted into an aluminum profile kit with smart accessories used as rigid linear wall washer lighting. IP67 rated, Soft and bendable design makes it ideal for curved surface mounting to illuminate large surfaces, e.g., buildings or walls in outdoor areas, also suitable for ambient lighting in indoor applications.

Features and Benefits:

▪ Sealed with fully waterproof materials.
▪ Flexible strip design (Soft and bendable) ideal for curved surface mounting.
▪ Symmetrical optical lens for options, beam angles available at:
(1) 2700-6000K: 30°, 45°, 60°, 20*45°;
(2) RGB, RGBW:15°,30°, 45°,15*60°.
▪ Can be cuttable and re-connected by smart accessories:
(1)2700-6000K: min cutting length 125mm(6LEDs);
(2)RGB, RGBW, RGB DMX: min cutting length 166.7mm(6LEDs or 7LEDs);
▪ CRI: Ra>90 (for 2700-6000K only)
▪ LED Quantity: 48 pcs/m (white), 42pcs/m(RGB, RGBW) or 36pcs/m(RGB DMX512)
▪ 24VDC working and max 18W/meter(white color).
▪ Up to 120LM/W for 4000K.
▪ Maximum 5meters per continous run length.
▪ Wall washing project Lighting height up to 4meters.
▪ 3M adhesive tape on back.
▪ Optional aluminum profile kit, included: Aluminum profile,angle adjustable brackets.
▪ IP67 rated.
▪ 3 Years warranty.

Specification Download

Name Download
Flex LED wall washer white color Specification
Flex LED wall washer RGB RGBW Specification
Flex LED wall washer DMX512 RGB Pixel Specification

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