Top LED Strip Light Manufacturers And Suppliers In China 2023

China is our best option if you are looking for a professional LED strip light manufacturer and supplier. But are all of them reliable? The answer is a big No. 

Searching on Google will bring you a long list of LED stripe light suppliers. But you can’t trust them blindly. As a Chinese LED expert, I know the light business and the Chinese market well. And so, from my extensive research and experience over the past years, I bought you a list of top LED strip light manufacturers and suppliers in China. So continue reading to get the best LED strip lighting providers from China-

What Is An LED Strip?

LED strip lights are flexible light fixtures that combine numerous LED chips and other components to their PCB, creating a tape-like structure. For this, it is also known as LED tape or rope light. The most interesting feature of these light fixtures is that you can cut them!

Yes, you read right; LED strip lights have cutting points that allow you to size the strip to your installation requirements. Mounting these lights is also easy. All you need to do is simply take off the adhesive backing and press it well to stick to the surface. At present, it is one of the most popular lighting for residential and commercial spaces. Besides, the versatility and smart features of LED strips make it ideal for almost all types of lighting installations. To know more about LED strips, check this- LED Strip Light Internal Schematic and Voltage Information. 

components of led strip light

Why Choose China For LED Strip Lights?

China provides lots of benefits in LED strip light manufacture. For instance, these are inexpensive labor and powerful engineering capabilities with significant government investment. Also, Chinese suppliers included new technology as long as it was available. This way, they can keep ahead of product innovation and quality. Here are some quick notes for which you should select China for LED strip lights- 

  • Lower manufacturing and labor costs
  • Large production capacity 
  • OEM, ODM, and customization facilities
  • High-tech machinery & advanced technology usage 
  • Maintaining international standards 
  • Global shipment 

Hence, LED lighting production in China is frequently seen as a higher-ranking product than in other countries. 

Top 10 LED Strip Light Manufacturers And Suppliers In China

Position CompanyYear EstablishedLocation Employee
1LEDYi Lighting2010Shenzhen200+
2Darkless Lighting1997Guangzhou11-50
5Ginde Star2013Dongguan30-50
6Nedar Lighting2007Jiangmen100-150
10Maxblue Lighting2009Shenzhen50-100

1.  LEDYi Lighting 


LEDYi is China’s one of the most reputed strip light manufacturers and supply companies. As durability and perfection are the main focus of our company, we always prioritize customer satisfaction first with product quality. 

In addition, we offer certified LED strip lights to 30+ countries. Along with LED strips, you can order LED drivers, LED controllers, LED neon flex, and more. We further offer you facilities to request a free sample! 

Furthermore, we have customizable strip light options in color, length, and size for your unique light manufacturing experiences. We invest a lot in the research and development process, so every month, we can develop 3 or 5 models. Also, LEDYi got certification from ETL, RoHS, CB, etc. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Stripe Light
Modular Liner Bar
LED Neon Flex
Skyline Liner Bar
Dotless LED Line
Flex Wall Washer
LED ControllerLED Driver
Customizable Option
Free Sample
Professional Services
Quality Control
ELT, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, CB, LM80 certified 
3-5 Years Warranty

2.  Darkless Lighting


Darkless is one of the well-known manufacturers in China. Since 1997, this company has come into business and designed 50+ original patents. It has a pair of manufacturing facilities in Jiangmen and sales and marketing offices in Guangzhou. 

Besides, Darkless has been manufacturing quality strip lighting with over 20 years of lighting experience and has 1000 partners worldwide. Hence, they have worked on 30+ projects in different nations. Moreover, they have certificates from many organizations, including FC, CB, UL, TDV, and more. By manufacturing faults, the company provides over five warranties for its LED strip. 

This LED strip light is usable for several places as you can set them in hotels, homes, markets, and decorate any location. Plus, they have earned a reputation as an on-time delivery service, 24/7 customer and after-sales service. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Stripe
UVC Lamp Box
LED Grow Light
Tube Lamp
Handheld Folding Lamp and stick light
Millet Disinfection
LED Pendant Light
LED Wall Light
Fast Delivery
Free Sample
Customize Design
Strict Quality Control
Professional services
CE / ROHS / UL / TUV / FCC / MSDS / EPA Certified

3.  Lightstec


Lightstec is one of the renowned LED strip light producers in China. They have been supplying strip lights since 2008. This strip light will meet your requirement if you are a corporate buyer or wholesalers. In addition, Lighstec has a research and development team and a supplying unit in Guangdong, China. They claim to apply high-quality elements in strip light. So, you can purchase those lights in different colors, lengths, and watts with a 3-year warranty. 

Furthermore, they use LED chips from Philips, OSRAM, and more. You can place MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) orders for these lights. This company has secure certification from FCC, CE, and even IC for the European And US markets.

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Stripe Light
Flex Neon Light
Led Linear Light
COB Strip Light
LED Downlights
LED Track Light
Customize Linear Light
LED Aluminum Profiles
High Quality Material
3 years Warranty
Skilled Crafts people
Waterproof Product

4.  Elstar


Elstar Lighting was founded in 2009 to provide an affordable lighting solution. In 2011, they established its research team. They manufacture LED strip lights around the world, including Europe, America, Russia, and many more.  

They produce different strip lights, such as addressable LED strips, COB, and RGBW strips. Also, you can buy LED controllers and power supplies. As they create strip lights in the house, you ask them to customize lights. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Stripe Light
LED Neon Light
Led Linear Light
LED Aluminum Profiles
Customization Strip Lights
Technical Proficiency
Quality Control
Customer Satisfaction

5.  Ginde Star

ginde star

This LED strip light supplies a variety of LED strips, CCT LED strips, addressable LED strips, RQB LED strips, and more. Even Ginde Star produces LED neon lights. 

Besides, this company claims to reduce its carbon footprint by usings environmentally friendly food-grade silicone and PVC in the LED strip lights. They have 8 productions in a 15000 m2 area and maintain high quality control. So you can get strip light in international standards. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Stripe Light
LED Neon Light
Flex Pixel Tape Accessories
LED Aluminum Profiles
Fast Delivery
Eco friendly
Convenient Molding
Great Price

6. Nedar Lighting


Nedar Lighting gives a comprehensive option of premium quality strip lights for several applications, such as industrial, residential, and architectural lighting. Since 2007, this manufacturing company has worked with different countries worldwide. And they deal with every project efficiently with a great professional team. 

In addition, this company comes with its mission, vision, and value to serve the LED light worldwide. They also have certificates from different authorities, including CB, CE, ETL, etc. Therefore, you can use these LED strip lights in exterior and interior projects, presentations, signage, and whatever project you want. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
Dual-Side LED Strip Light
Construction Site Light Strip
LED Neon Flex Series
Relative Accessories
Quality Assurance
One stop Service
Professional Team
Certified by RoHS report, CB Certs, ETL Certs, Patent Certs, and ERP Report

7.  FSL


FSL was founded in 1958 in Shenzhen, China. This company was listed on the Stock Exchange 1993 (Code is 000541). With decades of experience, it manufactures strip lights in over 120 countries. 

Besides, they are constantly increasing R&D (Research and Development) investment and got top among the other lighting industries. Along with the strip light, it produces traditional, outdoor, and other lighting accessories. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Strip Light 
LED Outdoor Lighting
LED Indoor Lighting
Aquaculture Lighting
Traditional Lighting
Electrical Products
Huge Production Capacity
R&D investment

8.  NVC


Lighting solutions have to be energy-efficient and safety-focused. On this matter, the NVS team is very aware that the crucial to survival in the changing lighting company is invention and investment in R&D. Hence, they are completely committed to embracing the latest technology. 

NVC International has 5 owned productions in China and an operating organization in over 17 countries. Also, they have a dealer partnership with DIALux and have certification from multiple organizations. For instance, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, CNAS Laboratory Accreditation, and SGS Laboratory Accreditation. Therefore, you can buy LED strip lights along with a wide range of LED light series. You can find NVS lights for exterior use, commercial use, track lights, and many more. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Strip Light 
LED Spotlights
LED Downlight
LED Track Lights
Exterior Lighting
LED Commercial Lighting
LED Linear Lights
LED Panels
Energy Saving Products
Certification From Multiple Authoritative

9.  SDIP


This company manufactures LED strips worldwide and serves interior contractors and designers. In the SDIP factory, they design strip lights by professionals with automatic soldering machines. They also have testing equipment and use high-quality diodes and chips in light. 

In addition, they create strip lights in several types, lengths, colors, and IP ratings. You can use these in commercial and residential sets. You can even customize the light based on your needs. Moreover, this company provides a 12 to 18-month warranty on its strip light. Also, they got certification from CE, FCC, and RoHS. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Strip Light 
Rigid LED Bar
LED Digital Tube 
LED Linear Light
LED Controller
LED String
Quality Full Material
Customize Option

10. Maxblue Lighting


Maxblue manufactures LED strip lights, entirely focusing on product quality. This company has an extensive selection of strip lights with multiple colors, RGB variations, and CCT adjustable. Also, they provide lights in different wattages, lengths, and CRI levels with energy-efficient light sources. 

Moreover, they have 12 research and development engineers and 15 quality control staff who are experts in electrical, optical, and thermal design and management. They can customize OEM/ODM sample orders to meet customer needs within 7 working days. So, if you want industry, it is a reliable and better option for innovative strip lights with its easy installation and active customer service. 

Their consistent efforts and strong quality control have led to rapid growth over the past five years, and their products have gained popularity in North/South America,  Europe, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Flexible Strip
LED Panel Light
LED Linear Light
LED Downlight
Eco Friendly Product
Automated Machine
Reasonable Price

What To Consider When Ordering LED Strips From China?

  • Strip Length: When ordering strip light from China, carefully consider the desired strip length. You can measure the place precisely and find the required length accurately.

  • PCB Wide: The width of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) carrying the chips is important. It impacts the durability and heat dissipation of the LED strip. And with wider PCB, you can use these lights for years, discharging heat better. 

  • LED Density: The number of LEDs per meter is counted as LED density. LED strips with low density create spot-like effects. But you won’t face these issues with high-density strips. However, these strip lights are more expensive and may consume more energy compared to the lower ones. So, first, know your needs before placing the order.  

  • Minimum Order Quantity: Many suppliers in China often provide minimum MOQ requirements. You need to be aware of these restrictions before placing an order. And you can negotiate with the manufacturer to find a balance between your project’s needs and MOQ. 

  • Customization Facility: You can customize your LED strip light when ordering from China. Several Chinese manufacturers offer this option on color, wattage, and other features. So, bring your requirements in front of them to ensure they can fulfill your project’s needs. 

  • Color Temperature: Another essential thing to consider while manufacturing strip light is color temperature. The ambiance of your space is greatly impacted due to color temperature. Check this for further guidelines-  How to Choose LED Strip Color Temperature?

  • IP & IK Rating: Assess the Ingress Protection (IP) and Impact Protection (IK) rating for outdoor and rugged applications. With a high IP rating, you can get better protection against water and dust. On the other hand, the IK rating indicates resistance to impact. Therefore, make an order with appropriate ratings depending on the installation atmosphere. 

  • CRI: Color Rendering Index (CRI) refers to how perfectly LEDs display colors compared to natural light. Art studios and photography need accurate color representation. However, choose CRI level 80 or higher if you want true color fidelity. 

  • Warranty: Research on the warranty terms offered by the Chinese manufacturer. A longer warranty period indicates the supplier’s confidence and responsibility in their product’s quality. Before confirming a purchase, ensure you understand the warranty condition and process for making claims. 

In addition, for more information, check-10 Steps to Find a Professional LED Strip Supplier In China.

How To Import LED Strip Lights From China?

There are lots of things you need to do in order to import LED strip lights from China. You can start by choosing a manufacturer or suppliers and then examine their product quality and design. 

Then, negotiate pricing and payment methods and ensure shipping and transport as well. Also, you need to pay attention to taxes and other formalities. You can go through How To Import LED Lights From China for further detailed information.

Mistakes To Avoid When Sourcing LED Strips From China 

When sourcing LED strips from China, you need to avoid several common mistakes. First of all, if you don’t research well about the manufacturer or suppliers, this can impact the product quality. Also, you need to consider strip light brightness, color temperature, and voltage level. 

Additionally, try to know everything about the product’s installation process, warranty, and customer service. Visit – Are You Making These Common Mistakes When Sourcing LED Strip Lights?

Manufacturers Vs. Suppliers: Who Is Best For You?

The work of the manufacturer and suppliers varies; you can choose one depending on your requirements. Manufacturers are those who make products from raw materials and sell these to wholesalers, consumers, distributors, and even other manufacturers. Typically, manufacturers stick to one kind of product. For instance, LED lighting manufacturers only make a wide range of LED lights. 

So, a manufacturer would be your best option if you want a customizable complex product. As they make things in their company. Also, they can sell quality full products with a warranty. The manufacturers always try to improve them to get a better position in the market, so they are typically more trusted. 

On the other hand, suppliers sell the equipment or materials to a company that needs these to finish products. Unlike manufacturers, they can produce multiple items for different manufacturing companies, distributors, and wholesalers. However, some suppliers can sell finished goods by contracting with manufacturers to buyers. 

By working with suppliers, you save money from ordering goods and materials in bulk as they can provide these at cheap prices. Also, they can help you by reducing costs from managing inventory or production issues. So in the long run you will be beneficial. Also, they can give better ideas about marketplaces. This way, you can learn what products are in high demand and order them more.

Therefore, if you need finished products or goods, you can order these from the manufacturer. If you need some equipment to make products, you can choose suppliers. 

How To Communicate With Suppliers Vs. Manufacturers?

Type of CommunicationProduct-based and technicalBusiness focused and transactional
FrequencyOngoing and regularBased on the requirement or periodic
FocusDesign and production detailsDelivery and pricing details
Decision-makingInfluentialSupportive or advisory
Involvement levelsHighMedium to low
RelationshipCollaborativeShort-term or transactional

When contacting manufacturers and suppliers, you need some factors to remember. For instance, when dealing with the manufacturers about the product design or production details, you need to clear some specific things. But when communicating with the suppliers, you can just focus on goods delivery and pricing. 


For this, you can start by researching some well-known suppliers or manufacturers who sell LED lights. Then, go through their website and look for positive reviews. After that, contact them for product details and ask if they have a free sample option. Finally, check if you understand shipping regulations and the payment method.

Chinese LED lights vary in quality. And you can find there are many high-quality brands as well as lower quality. You need to research well and choose a reputable company with certifications such as CE, FCC, Rohs etc. Also, reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted ones can help you find good LED lights in China.  

Import duties on LED lights from China depend on your country’s trade policies and customs regulations. Also, tariff rates can be different, so you need to check your local customs authority for accurate information. Generally, the import duty on LED lights is based on the LED light’s classification, origin, and value. 

Yes, you can purchase Chinese LED strips on platforms like Amazon and eBay. But before buying LED strips from them, you need to check the seller’s rating and reviews to ensure product authenticity and quality. Also, consider their return policies, warranty, and product certifications. 

The FDA has a special rule for LED lights called FD2. This rule says that when you buy LED lights from another country, like China, you need to tell where they were made and where the factory is. So, it’s really important to work with a reliable seller when you’re getting LEDs from China.

An LED Strip Light Manufacturer designs and creates LED strip lights, also known as LED tapes or rope lights. These are flexible lighting fixtures that combine multiple LED chips and other components on their PCB, resulting in a tape-like structure. These lights can be tailored to specific lengths due to their unique cutting points and are widely popular in various residential and commercial settings.

LED strip lights from a reliable LED Strip Light Manufacturer are popular because of their adaptability, quality, and user-friendly features. Such manufacturers ensure that the strip lights can be easily sized to fit specific installation needs and come with adhesive backing for easy mounting. Quality manufacturing ensures long-lasting and efficient performance in different lighting conditions.

China-based LED Strip Light Manufacturers offer several benefits:

  • Competitive pricing due to efficient manufacturing and lower labor costs.
  • Large production capacities to handle bulk orders.
  • Services like OEM, ODM, and customization for specific needs.
  • Advanced technology and machinery ensuring high-quality production.
  • Strict adherence to international quality standards.
  • Efficient global shipping facilities. Because of these advantages, many consider LED lights sourced from China’s LED Strip Light Manufacturers to be of superior quality and value.

While China has a plethora of LED Strip Light Manufacturers, not all ensure consistent quality. To identify trustworthy manufacturers, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, read reviews, visit their production facilities if possible, and consult experts familiar with the Chinese LED market. Opting for manufacturers with a proven track record ensures you receive quality products and dependable service.

As of 2023, some of the noteworthy LED Strip Light Manufacturers in China include:

  • LEDYi Lighting in Shenzhen, with a strong presence since 2010.
  • Darkless Lighting in Guangzhou.
  • Lightstec in Zhongsha.
  • Elstar in Shenzhen.
  • Ginde Star in Dongguan. These manufacturers have set themselves apart due to their innovation, reputation, and commitment to quality in the LED strip light industry.

The Bottom Line 

At present, China is the world’s top leading LED strip light manufacturer. They can provide products with high-quality materials and better efficiency. After reading this blog post, I hope you now have a clear view and selection of the best manufacturers and how to place an LED strip light order from China. 

Also, you got ideas about how to get these LED lights from China without making any mistakes. Therefore, you can order from a manufacturer or supplier and choose the best match for your needs. However, for the best quality and professionalism, LEDYi is your best option. We offer a wide range of LED strip lighting solutions with extensive customization options. So, why wait anymore? Check our product list and place your order now! 

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