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New ErP regulation LED strip

The new ErP regulation has come into force for all lighting products on 1st September 2021. LEDYi lighting is already ready!

What does the new ErP regulation contain?

  • EU SLR – Single Lighting Regulation | Commission Regulation (EU) No 2019/2020 laying down ecodesign requirements for light sources and separate control gear. You can read the SLR in full here.
  • EU ELR – Energy Labelling Regulation | Commission Regulation (EU) No 2019/2015 laying down energy labelling requirements of light sources. You can read the ELR in full here.

New energy efficiency requirements

EPREL: What lighting businesses need to know

Working with new energy labelling is now unavoidable for the lighting industry, so it’s worth familiarising yourself with its standard requirements for its use.

  • New energy labels cannot be publicised prior to 1st of September 2021
  • ALL applicable products, either on the market or intended to be placed onto the market, must be registered in the EPREL database if intended for the EU marketplace
  • ALL applicable products, either on the market or intended to be placed onto the market, must have the new energy rating label, suitable for the EU market and/or UK market
  • Energy Related Products (ERP) must be compliant to their respective efficiency regulations – for lighting – if it’s in scope – that’s the SLR.
  • As of 1st September, 2021, ONLY SLR compliant products can be placed on the market, or if already placed on the market they may continue to be saleable.
  • Data within the EPREL database must be fully complete in order for the item to be published as live – and therefore considered saleable.
  • Products on the market with incomplete EPREL registrations will be deemed non-compliant by market surveillance.

LED strips compliant with new ErP regulations

LEDYi are ready and have developed a range of LED strips that comply with the new ErP regulation, and they have a luminous efficiency of up to 189LM/W, and its energy efficiency class is C. Please see the product range below:

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