Mini Cutting Neon Flex

What is Mini Cutting Neon Flex?
Mini Cutting Neon Flex is a specially designed neon light, single LED can be cut, ultra-short cutting length-8.33mm, can meet various length requirements, and no dark area!

Product features

Basic Parameters

Horizontal bending NS-S0612-MC

Horizontal bending NS-S1220-MC

Vertical bending NS-T1212-MC

Vertical bending NS-T1615-MC


File Name Download
Silicone-Neon-Mini-Cutting NS-S0612 specification
Silicone-Neon-Mini-Cutting NS-S1220 specification
Silicone-Neon-Mini-Cutting NS-T1212 specification
Silicone-Neon-Mini-Cutting NS-T1615 specification



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