Top LED Strip Light Manufacturers In USA (2024)

Are you looking for LED strip manufacturers or led tape light manufacturers in the US? We provide a list of top LED strip manufacturers or led tape light manufacturers for you to choose from. Find the right LED strip supplier for you in this list!

There are many top led light strip suppliers in the United States, sourcing light strips from the local market will facilitate your communication and delivery.

PS: If you need to find LED strip light manufacturer from China, LEDYi Lighting is one of the best choices.


LEDSupply was founded in 2002 to provide LED driver technology that didn’t waste energy. The LUXdrive line of LED drivers helped maximize LEDs’ energy potential by utilizing more of the battery power; referred to as “power squeeze” technology. Since then partnerships with industry leaders like MagTech, Carclo and more have helped to diversify the product offering. Top selling items include high power Cree/Luxeon/Nichia LEDs, LUXdrive drivers, Carclo optics, LED Strips and heatsinks – everything required to create and complete your LED project!


Flexfire LEDs offers premium linear LED lighting solutions and expert design advice that allow you to ‘reinvent your space’ with light. We specialize in a niche product that is used to create beautiful interior and exterior lighting experiences. We offer some of the highest quality LED strip lights on the planet paralleled with amazing customer-centric service.


We are America’s largest provider of low-voltage linear lighting solutions. Diode LED products are preferred by lighting designers, architects, product specifiers, electricians, and general contractors and are carried by over 3,000 lighting showrooms and electrical distributors throughout the country. Our primary focus is to provide superior linear LED products and support to tens of thousands of customers annually.


We founded Lumilum in 2012 and our passion is as it was then: providing the highest quality, energy-efficient, and cost saving LED lighting. Our carefully curated, commercial-grade lighting products are suitable for residential or professional projects and we guarantee superior results for years to come.


Founded in 2002, superbrightleds began as a small online retailer with the goal of providing quality LED technology, great customer service and superior product support to our customers.


We all take light for granted – but as lighting professionals, the intricacies and complexity of lighting intrigue us.

Light, of course, allows us to see. Many lighting companies will stop there, and make it their mission to pursue maximum brightness for the lowest possible cost.

But behind the human vision system itself is a fascinating mechanism, involving physics, biology and neurological processes – much of which is still not fully understood by researchers.


We’re a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high quality LED products and we’re located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing LED lighting solutions that put out a more attractive light, consume less energy, fit in more locations, provide new and innovative architectural applications, and last longer than traditional light sources. That’s why our products have been used at Marriott hotels, McDonalds restaurants, Disney parks, BP gas stations, Wells Fargo banks, and in tens of thousands of other commercial and residential applications.


Solid Apollo LED was founded in 2009 and is based in North Seattle, WA. Solid Apollo LED is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes state of the art LED lighting and LED control systems. We provide solutions for the lighting market; from light engines  to specific control systems.

Solid Apollo Offers 1000’s of different LED Lighting products and control systems. From basic to high end LED Lighting installations. With more than 6000sq feet of warehouse and more than 1000 different products in stock, we can ship almost any product the same day.


Wired4Signs, established in 2004, are suppliers of selected LED lighting solutions to the signage, architectural, residential and commercial industries.

We are based in Knoxville, TN, USA where our micro-factory provides product solutions as well as a host of value added services to manufacturers and designers.


KLUS Company’s underlying idea is to create high quality, modular component systems to integrate flexible LED circuits into everyday living space in order to meet the high expectations and needs of our customers.


Since 2009, when first being asked to cut and solder LED tape prior to delivery, we’ve been committed to making lighting easy for our customers and Agent partners. It’s our mission to deliver the highest level of customer service in the industry and continually expand our product offerings. We’ve expanded from LED tape to flex neon, channels, universal power supplies and RGBW flood and wall washing fixtures.


Ecolocity® LED Lighting Solutions is founded on the principle that small business can contribute to larger scale changes. Our goal is to help home and business owners transition to more energy efficient LED lighting systems. Saving money and lessening the impact on our environment is a win-win situation for everyone involved in this equation. From small steps like simply screwing in an LED light bulb to larger scale DIY or LED retrofitting projects, our skilled staff is available to assist and advise with technical LED lighting information.


We partner with our customers from project inception, through planning, specification and installation of their LED lighting systems to ensure we create solutions that match their exact needs. Our work transforms environments in an array of industries including retail, entertainment, exhibit, hospitality and gaming.


Q-Tran, Inc. was founded in 1993 in response to an industry need for transformers specifically designed for low voltage lighting. Since then, the company has grown to sell over 300 varieties of Transformers and LED Power Supply Centers. In 2013, Q-Tran introduced Linear LED Lighting Fixtures and Extrusions, quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in the industry. Q-Tran is an industry leader who applies high standards, innovative design, and dedication to produce only the highest quality products. Q-Tran proudly designs and manufactures lighting solutions in Milford, Connecticut.


SIRS-E® Lighting has been operating since 2005 and specializes in the supply, consulting and manufacturing of high-quality LED Strip Lighting and DMX Control Systems. We are committed to designing solutions for the challenges faced by lighting industry professionals, along with architectural installers and contractors. This allowed SIRS-E to develop some of the most practical products for linear LED lighting applications.


We help you bring your lighting ideas to life. Specializing in superior quality UL Certified Lighting products, with fast project turnaround times, and a vast range of customization lighting components provided by our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team of LED experts. We inspire and develop new ways of utilizing LED Strip Lighting technology in residential and commercial spaces across US homes, offices, art projects and retail spaces.


JESCO LIGHTING was founded in 1998 and is a New York-based company. JESCO’s headquarters is now located in its brand new 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Port Washington, New York, and has distribution centers in Port Washington, New York, and City of Industry, California. The company started with a basic line of track and downlighting and served the local lighting market with great success. Today, we are one of the nation’s fastest-growing lighting manufacturers offering a comprehensive selection of contemporary, architectural, energy-efficient lighting fixtures for a broad range of commercial, institutional, and residential applications. Having built a solid reputation for quality, service, and value, we have expanded our product offering to include a broad range of indoor and outdoor lighting products.


Founded as a small brick and mortar in Chicago in 2013, GL LED LLC has quickly grown to be a leading online retailer in satisfying customers with a vast variety of LED lighting products of the highest quality, dedicated customer service, and professional technical support.


LEDwholesalers® works closely with our suppliers and customers, to cater to all your LED lighting needs.
We welcome home owners, electricians, contractors, and everyone to try and experience the future of LED lighting.
We enjoy hearing from our customers and partners. Please contact us with any feedback, questions, or concerns. LEDwholesalers® values your business and looks forward to a brighter future.


LEDYi is a professional led strip manufacturer & supplier in China. LEDYi was founded in 2011 and now has a modern dust-free workshop of more than 5,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, and an R&D team of 15 members. We treat customers as long-term partners and aim to help customers win projects fast and efficiently.

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If you are looking to find the best LED strips for your local market in the US, this list will help you.

LEDYi manufactures high-quality LED strips and LED neon flex. All of our products go through high-tech laboratories to ensure the utmost quality. Besides, we offer customizable options on our LED strips and neon flex. So, for premium LED strip and LED neon flex, contact LEDYi ASAP!

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