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LEDYi is one of the leading driverless AC led strip lights manufacturers in China supplying 110v ac led strip lights, 220v ac led strip light, 230v ac led strip light. All our driverless high voltage ac led strip lights are CE, RoHS certificated, ensuring high performance and a long lifetime. They are IP65 waterproof, can be used indoor and outdoor. We offer customized solutions, OEM, ODM service. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, agents are welcome to purchase in bulk with us.

What are Driverless AC LED Strip Lights?

High voltage led strip light is a light strip driven by high voltage. As it is powered by alternating current, it is also called an AC led light strip. Such as AC110V/120V/230V/240V led strip lights.
Traditional high voltage led strip in the market has power supply plug on the beginning to change AC to DC, and the cut unit length usually is 50cm or 100cm.
But LEDYi’s high voltage led strip is put diode rectifier on PCB, not need power supply plug at all, so it sometimes called driverless led strip, and the cut unit length is shorter only 10cm.

Tranitional High Voltage LED Strip
LEDYi High Voltage LED Strip

Why Choose LEDYi Driverless AC LED Strip Lights?

Driverless AC LED Strip Application

These AC led strips are most useful when you have extremely long lengths or you have an outdoor application. Longer lengths can be very useful as you can run a single length all the way up to 50 meters! No need to splice or run parallel led strips which makes installation easier but also a smoother, more stable light with no wires run every way.

Outdoor LED Deck Lighting
Cove Lighting
Task Lighting
Hand Rail Lighting

1. Specification & Parameters:

1.1 External Dimension

Size of each section is 10cm, and cutting at “black line”place.
The dimension tolerance of height is ±0.3mm, and tolerance of width is ±0.3mm.

1.2 Technical Parameters

1.3 Optical Parameters

2. Types of Connector

2.1 Outdoor Use & IP65 Waterproof Connector

– IP65 Outdoor Use: Pls do not cut off the LED Tape light, and DIY cutting is not allow;
– All kinds of customized length of the light are available, from 10cm minimum ~ 50m maximum ;
– Do not submerge LED Tape light in any liquids, or use the light in the vicinity of standing water;
– Outdoor Application Scope: Outer Wall of bulding, Overbridge etc., and Suitable for raining environments;

2.2 Indoor use & DIY IP40 Connector

– Before making any cuts, installation, maintenance or connection, and be sure the light is power-off!
– IP40 Indoor Use: Pls cut the light and assemble all connectors according to the instruction manual;
– Don’t install and light up and use the light under water, Only IP40 application places can be used for this light;
– Indoor Application Scope: Cove of Theater, and cove of hotel loby etc., and Suitable for dry and anti-dust environments;

3. Installation & Profile

3.1 Plastic Profile

3.2 Plastic Mounting Clip

4. Package

4.1 Reel packaging for projects

4.2 Reel packaging for retails

5. Specification Download

Specification Name Download
High Voltage AC230V led strip light specification

6. How-to Video For DIY Solderless Endcap and Plug

Product Testing

All of our high voltage ac led strip lights are not mass-produced until they have gone through multiple rigorous testing steps in our laboratory equipment. This ensures high performance and stability and the product’s long life.


We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience when working with us. In addition to our excellent customer service, we want our customers to be confident that their driverless ac led tape lights are safe and of the highest quality. To ensure the best performance, all our driverless ac led tape lights have passed CE, RoHS certificates.


Yes, please cut it at the cut mark every 10cm.

Yes, they are DALI, 0-10V dimmable.

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