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LEDYi Lighting is a professional COB LED Strip manufactures in China. We offer customized solutions, OEM, ODM service. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, agents are welcome to purchase in bulk with us.

All our COB LED Tape Lights are CE, RoHS and LM80 certificated, ensuring high performance and long lifetime.

If you have customized need for bulk robus Red, RGB, RGBW COB LED Strip Lights, LEDYi can offer custom COB LED Strip Light with custom color, size, long, CRI, and various accessories.


What is COB?

COB stands for Chip on Board in the LED field, which basically means that the LED chip is packaged directly on the circuit board (PCB). “Chip on Board” LEDs for flexible cob led strip lights are sometimes referred to as flip-chips.

Flip chip LEDs are basically a bare-bones approach to LED construction. Take a look at an ordinary SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED. It has a Lamp bead holder that package the LED chip and then covers it with a phosphor coating. The ‘flip chip’ that makes up the COB LED strip removes everything from its design, except for the LED chip, yellow phosphor cover layer, and connection pads.

What is COB LED Strip?

COB means Chips on Board, which means that the chips are directly encapsulated on the flexible PCB board, and the COB led strip is a strip of chips encapsulated on a flexible board. The chips are mostly flip-chips, which are linearly fixed on the PCB board, and then a layer of encapsulation glue mixed with phosphor is directly dropped on the surface of the chip. The light emitted from the chip is refracted, reflected, and interacts with the phosphor, and the glue emits different colors and color temperatures of light evenly.
So, COB LED strip light is also called continuous led strip light or dotless led strip lights.

Features & Benefits of COB LED Strip

One of the biggest complaints about traditional LED strips is the lighting dot throughout the strip. A lighting dot is a bright area through the strip where you can see where the light is coming from. Light is more soft and attractive when it looks like a smooth light source rather than a lighting dot mess.

With 5050 SMD flex strips, the larger diodes are squeezed close enough so that the light is spread out and consistent across the illuminated surface at a distance. But if the light is too close to the surface or the strip itself is visible, the hot spot is an obstacle that the human eye cannot ignore.

With a 480 chip/M COB strip, it is pretty challenging to pick out any hot spots on the COB flex strip. This strip shines a soft, uniform light from end to end. Even light with no lighting dot is more attractive to the human eye and gives off a steady light even in the narrow places. The only natural way to see the lighting dot is to look at the back of the strip, where it is easier to see the individually placed flip-chip LEDs. You can only see the individual led if you dim strip down to about 5% brightness. This makes COB flex strips ideal for applications where

  1. The led strip itself cannot be hidden from view.
  2. The surface being illuminated is within 2 feet of the light bar.
  3. Reflective surfaces like granite/glass are all around.
  4. Those applications where you want an excellent neon effect.

COB led strip lights are much more flexible than other flexible strips because of the small size of the diodes and the uniform weight distribution. These diodes are so small and closely spaced that no point of the strip is the same. This uniformity makes it easy to set up the strips without planning around a 5050 SMD LED sticking out where you don’t need it. This extra flexibility will make it easier for them to fit into tight areas and turn corners in your application.

The traditional SMD light strip luminous angle is 120 degrees, while the COB led tape light luminous angle is 180 degrees.

  1. COB strip is the chip directly attached to the FPCB, does not come with gold wire. Traditional SMD LED strip, very many problems are caused by the gold wire inside the LED beads. Because the gold wire is too small, it is straightforward to be broken, leading to the chip not being illuminated.
  2. The circuit design of the COB strip uses three chips, first in parallel, as a group, then each group, and then in series to form one step. Even if a group of two chips inside the bad, this one-step strip can continue to light. And COB a meter of chips how big 480, even if 1-2 chips do not light, will not produce dark areas, will not affect the use. While the traditional SMD strip, a CUT, as long as there are lousy lamp beads, this one cut will not light, so there will be obvious to see a section of the dark area.

The COB chip is directly fixed on the PCB board, the heat of the chip can be quickly transferred to the PCB board. Therefore, the heat dissipation rate of the COB led strip is faster than that of the SMD led strip, and subsequently, the light decay of the COB led strip is smaller, and the life span is longer.

Applications of COB LED strips

LEDYi is a professional COB LED Strip lights factory and exporter. The COB flexible LED strip that we manufacture is highly versatile and can be used in various different industries.

How To Produce COB LED Strip?

Step 1:Expanding Chips
Step 2:Die bonding
Step 3:Resistors onto FPCB
Step 4:Reflow-High temperature over 65 degrees for finished PCB with chips and resistors
Step 5:Fluorescent Powder glue mixing
Step 6:Drop the mixing glue on the surface of chips and resistors by auto glue machine
Step 7:Put glued cob led strip into the oven
Step 8:QC-testing the cob led strip after cooling
Step 9:Soldering the PCB into 5 meters per reel or the length as customer request
Step 10:Aging test, QC test, packing, then shipping

Cutting & Soldering COB LED Strip Lights

COB led strip can be cut  just like smd led strip lights. Please only cut along the cut marks marked on the strip every 50mm (24) / 25mm (12V). This allows you to cut the strip to a custom size or add gaps to your application. The cut strips can be used again and are best connected by soldering, but if this is often not an option, our COB strip connectors also are available as an option.

Solder-free COB LED Strip Connectors

If soldering is difficult for you, you can also use our solderless COB connectors.

Wholesale COB LED Strip By Series

Mono COB dotless led strip

The Mono COB led strip light includes white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, Tiffany blue, Mars green, pink and more. The color temperature of white light is 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K, and the CRI is greater than 90.
The width of PCB is 4mm, 8mm, and 10mm optional.
The density of chips is 480 chips per meter.

Tunable white COB dotless led strip

Tunable white COB led strip or CCT adjustable COB led strip, up to 576 chips per meter, no light spots. With the tunable white led controller, you can change the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K. Except the regular 3 wire 10mm width PCB tunable white cob led strip, there is also 2 wire 8mm PCB tunable white cob led strip.

RGB COB dotless led strip

RGB COB led strip, high density led chips, up to 1134chips per meter—no lighting dots. With the RGB LED controller, you can change the color of the RGB COB LED strip in various ways.