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This article is about common questions about LED strips. Just like the LED strip Wikipedia, we have summarized many questions from customers and provided answers. You can learn about LED strips here. 

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Q: Can I use a 24 V power supply to power 12 V LED strips?

No, this will damage the led strip.
If you connect a 12V strip to a 24V supply by mistake, the led strip will be very bright and hot. Even you can smell burning. Eventually, the led strip will be damaged, and no light at all. However, if you can disconnect the led strip quickly (e.g., within 5 seconds), the led strip is not completely damaged and will still be lighted on.

Q: How much power do LED strips use?

Generally speaking, power W/m is marked on the label of the led strip.
Then, the total power of the led strip is equal to the W/m multiplied by the total meters.
Common wattages for led strip in the market are 5w/m, 10w/m, 15w/m, 20w/m.
For example, the led strip is 15W/m, and you use 5m to decorate your Kitchen,then total power is 15*5=75W

Q: How to keep my LED strip lights from overheating?

1. Use the appropriate power for the LED strip, generally recommended for 8mm PCBs with a maximum power of 15W/m, 10mm, 12mm PCBs with a maximum power of 20W/m.
2. Using double side thermal conductive tape to attach the LED strip to the aluminum profile for better heat dissipation.
3. Ensure air circulation in the installation area, as air circulation helps dissipate heat from the LED strip.
4. Ensure that the ambient temperature is not too high. The maximum ambient temperature should not typically exceed 50 degrees.

Q: What is the best CRI of LED strip light?

By definition, the CRI is a maximum of 100, which is sunlight.
The CRI of LED strips in the market is generally Ra80, Ra90, Ra95.
Our SMD1808 strips, on the other hand, can have a CRI of up to Ra98.

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Q: How to reuse a leftover led strip?

If the LED strip you have purchased is cuttable and you are cutting at the LED strip’s cut mark, you can reuse the leftover LED strip.
You can use these leftover LED strips without wires with quick solderless connectors.

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