Tunable White LED Strip: The Complete Guide

When it comes to ambient lighting, preference differs from person to person. Some love warm-tone, cozy light settings, while others want cool-tone white lights. But won’t it be superb having both lighting vibes in a single system? Tunable white LED strips will get you this excellent light color adjusting facility. 

Tunable white LED strips are color temperature-adjustable LED strips. It can create a variety of white light hues ranging from warm to cooler tones. Using the controller that comes with the fixture, you can easily change the color of the lights to suit your needs or your mood. Besides, they are energy efficient and easy to maintain. So, you can use them in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, and many more places.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Tunable White LED strip. Including information on how to buy, install, and use it. So let’s keep reading!

What is a Tunable White LED strip?

Tunable white LED strips are referred to the LED strips with adjustable color temperature (CCT). In these strips, you can get a wide range of white lighting. These are typically 24V adjustable LED strips. And using a DMX controller, a wired or wireless remote control, or both, you may change the color temperature. 

The Tunable LED strips are excellent for modifying the white color temperature to meet different lighting needs. For example, a higher color temperature of white lighting, such as 6500K, is great for a bedroom for daytime activity. And at night, you can go for a warm tone around 2700K, making it easier to relax and fall asleep.

tunable white led strip lights 2023

How Does Tunable LED Strip Change The CCT?

CCT refers to Correlated Color Temperature. It is the most crucial factor to consider for understanding the color-changing mechanism of tunable white LED strips. The shades of light change with varying CCT ratings. For instance, lower CCT gives warm whites; the higher the ratings, the cooler the tone. 

Tunable white LED strips regulate the temperature of the white color to change the warm and cool tones of white. However, creating Tunable White LED lighting requires a lot of work and is highly complex. Numerous LED outputs must be combined to achieve the results needed with tunable white LED lighting. A decent tunable will create temperatures at various Kelvins and have many white light outputs.

There are tow CCT LEDs on the tunable white LED strip. The controller can obtain various color temperatures by controlling the brightness of this two CCT LEDs.

Here, the blending process is vital to achieving the desired CCT. To achieve the required CCT, use the remote to control the blending procedure directly. The previous Tunable White LED strips need some time to warm up and alter the temperature. Due to the remote control included with the lighting system, the current system is quick. And you can control anything in real time by simply pressing the desired button.

48v tunable white led strip 240leds 4
Tunable White LED Strip

Color Temperature For Tunable White LED Strip

The lighting of tunable white LED strips varies with the changing color temperature. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). And for different temperatures, the output of light color also changes. 

Usually, the CCT for Tunable White LED ranges from 1800K to 6500K or 2700K to 6500K. And within these ranges, you will get any shade of white light from warm to cool tones. Check the below table to get an idea about different shades of white lights in correspondence to color temperature- 

Lighting Effect For Different CCT Ratings

CCT (1800K-6500K)Tones Of White
1800K-2700KUltra Warm White
2700K-3200KWarm White
3200K-4000KNeutral White
4000K-6500KCool White

How To Control Tunable White LED Strips?

A remote is required to control the tunable white LED strips. It offers multiple options, including changing the color temperature, or brightness. You can obtain the desired outcome by installing these lights into the building’s control structure. You can also adjust them to match the mood of the people using the space. The controlling system you can go for tunable white LED strips are:

  1. RF Controller
  2. RF Remote
  3. Power Repeater/ Amplifier 
  4. DMX512 & RDM Decoder

Therefore, to change the setting to your desired color temperature, you can use any of these LED controllers compatible with your tunable white LED strips. You may change the Kelvin range to anywhere between 1800K and 6500K, enough to produce the ambiance you want. 

tunable white controller connection with amplifier diagram
Tunable White Controller Connection With Amplifier Diagram

Benefits Of Tunable White LED Strip Lights

Tunable white LED strips are excellent for interior lighting. Below are some features or benefits of tunable white lights-

Better Mood Setting

The fun fact is that lights impact the human non-visual sense. You feel energetic when the color is blue or cool, while a warm white tone relaxes you. Research indicates that lighting can change your diet. It shows how light affects our ability to adjust how much we eat, how quickly we eat, how less we eat, and all other aspects of our eating habits.

Purchasing tunable white LED strips is worth it since the light’s color can be changed to suit your mood, ranging from very warm to white light. You can use them in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. 

Higher Productivity

Numerous studies have shown that bright lighting helps you concentrate, improving work efficiency. The same is true when warm light is present in your environment; you become less concentrated and more relaxed. 

Additionally, a mild red tone improves your health and enables you to operate more effectively in teams and on creative projects. Other studies recommend the high-tone color settings for morning and afternoon work hours. These will help people concentrate more.

The lighting CCT or brightness level decreases as the day or night goes on. These are the best times to relax and feel at peace because melatonin will start to be created promptly. It is also recommended to use tunable white LED strips to change the color temperature in meeting rooms. Because it improves attention spans and brain-storming sessions.

Let’s talk about how different color temperatures can fit different environments.

  • 2000K and 3000K, if you prefer a warm, cozy setting. Preferable for bedrooms or dining rooms, as these are the locations you want to feel the most at ease and ease with yourself.
  • If you want a formal look, such as in your office, the color temperature should be between 3000K and 4000K. Offices and kitchens benefit most from the cool white light because these areas require the focus most.
  • Between 4000K and 5000K is the ideal color temperature for kids to take into account for school. This environment should be cheerful and enjoyable, so students are eager to learn there.

For more information, you can read Best Color Temperature for LED Office Lighting.

Better Health

Many studies show the benefits of having a proper color temperature for human health. It improves your sleep, makes you happier, keeps your job efficiency on track, and even affects how well you study.

For more information, you can read What Color LED Light Is Best For Study, Sleep, & Game?

Perfect For Your Circadian Rhythm

Humans have developed a biological cycle known as circadian rhythms, which has evolved over a while under the sun as a daily cycle. Its purpose is to raise the body’s temperature and create a variety of hormones and alertness levels.

The internal clock regulates the circadian rhythm and plays a vital role. It is used to continuously change the levels of all these substances during the day, which runs for about 24 hours. When hormone synthesis needs to be started or stopped, it resets and then continues using some form of external information, such as light. Tunable LED lights are excellent in this situation. They support your circadian cycle by providing work lighting ideal for sleep. And while working, you can switch to cool lighting. .


Electric lighting made life easier for people because you could complete tasks without waiting for the sun to rise the next day. Depending on your mode, a tunable white LED strip will give you the impression of a warmer or cooler tone. Additionally, it has a nice appearance and is among the most cost-effective lighting systems with the highest quality. This technology utilizes less energy than incandescent lights, lowering your electricity costs. In a single lighting system, you receive both yellow and white lights.

cct sunlight

Applications of Tunable White LED Strip Lights

Tunable white LEDs are excellent for a wide range of uses. Among these, the most common usage of tunable white LED strips is as follows-

Residential Lighting 

Tunable LED strips are excellent for residential lighting. You can use them in different places like your bedroom, bathroom, living area, etc. They also provide an additional advantage to different moods. For instance, you can choose a warm tone for your bedroom at night for a cozy vibe. Again during working hours, go for a cool white tone that will give you an energetic mood. 

Ambient Lighting

You can use tunable white LED strips as ambient lighting for your home, office, and commercial areas. And using these strips will help you experiment with the general light setting of your space. 

Commercial Space Lighting

When choosing lights for commercial areas, tunable white LED strips are excellent. You can change the outlook of your showroom or outlet according to the day or night timing. Thus, it will give the visitors a relaxing and new feel every time they visit your outlet. 

Accent Lighting

You can use tunable white LED strips as accent lighting on stairs, under shelves, and in coves. They will allow you to control the light color temperature as per your mood or needs. 

Task Lighting 

The lighting requirement for everyone is different. Some like to work in warm lighting that creates a cozy environment. In contrast, others prefer cool lighting for an energetic vibe. In solving these problems, tunable white LED strips work best. You can use them on your workstations and study/reading areas. And thus control the lighting as per your comfort zone.

Museums and Exhibition Lighting

Subtle and aesthetic lighting are essential for museum and exhibition lighting. In this case, tunable white LED strips work best. You can use them to highlight the exhibited products. Besides, they are great for accent lighting in museums. 

Wall Switch ON/OFF Tunable White LED Strip

How To Install a Tunable White LED Strip 

Tunable White LED Strip installation is a simple and easy process. But you should remember that the process will go much more smoothly if you have all the necessary supplies. The simplest method for installing the tunable white LED strip is described below:

Installing Requirements:

  1. Tunable white LED strips
  2. Driver
  3. Receiver 
  4. Controller 

Step-1: Know The Wires

Tunable white LED strips have three wires- one for warm white, one for daylight, and a positive wire. Remember, the color of the cables varies from brand to brand. So, before installing the strips, know about the cables from the manufacturer’s specifications.

Step-2: Connect the Strips To the Receiver

Take the tunable white LED strips to your required measurement. Now take two receivers to connect both ends of the LED strips. You will find marks in the receiver for each wire connection. Connect the warm lighting wire of the strips to the red negative of the receiver and the daylight wire to the green negative. Now connect the remaining positive wire of the tunable LED strips to the red positive of the receiver. 

Step-3: Join the Receiver to The Driver

You will notice two sets of positive and negative input marks on the other end of the receiver. Now take the driver; find the negative and positive wirings and connect to the receiver accordingly. Ensure that the wires are neatly connected and not touching each other.

Step-4: Connect the Controller to the Power Supply 

Once the LED strips are linked with the receiver and driver, it’s time to connect them to the controller. Find the negative and positive ends of the driver and connect them to the controller appropriately. 

Step-5: Ready To Set

Once you are done with the wirings, test the tunable LED strips and confirm they work correctly. Now, they are all set to glow!

A Guide to Choosing Tunable White LED Strips

Although selecting a Tunable White LED Strip is quite simple, there are a few things to keep in mind. The features listed below are things to consider when buying a tunable white LED strip.

Check CCT

The CCT determines the shades of the light color for different temperatures. However, the tunable white LED strips are available in two CCT ranges, 1800K to 6500K and 2700K to 6500K. Higher temperature brings out warmer yellowish light, and lower temperature gives cool white lighting.  

Check CRI

The CRI, or Color Rendering Index tells you about the light color accuracy. The quality of the colors will improve as you increase the CRI. However, it is essential to select a CRI of at least 90 to ensure that your strip will not produce any colors that are problematic.

Brightness level 

When the brightness is taken into account, Lumen is usually used. So, brighter colors are indicated by higher lumen. The ideal range for accent lighting is 200–500lm/m. If you want bright lighting in your space, choose a more excellent lumen rating.

Heat Dissipation

How well your LEDs resist overheating depends on the condition of the chips used in them. Usually, choose a high-quality one to prevent overheating and burning when the temperature is changed several times.

Strip Width & LED Size

The tunable LED strips’ lighting effect varies with the trip’s width. For instance, a wider LED strip with larger LEDs will give more prominent lighting than a thinner one with tiny LEDs. So, before purchasing tunable LED strips, consider the width of the strips. 

LED Density

Low-density LED strips create dots. In contrast, a highly dense tunable LED strip is always preferable due to its smooth lighting effect. So, consider the density of LED flex before choosing one. And always go for higher LED density. 

IP rating

IP or Ingress Protection rating refers to protection against liquid and solid substances. The higher the IP rating, the better protection it provides. For example- if you need tunable white LED strips for your bathroom, go for IP67 or IP68.


The warranty of a product ensures product quality and durability. So, always go for Tunable white strips with long warranty policies. However, in this case, you can go for LEDYi. Our tunable white LED strips come with a 5-years warranty. 

Tunable White LED Strips Vs Dim-To-Warm LED Strips

Tunable white and dim-to-warm white are excellent for white lighting. But you may need clarification in choosing between these two. No worries, the below difference chart will clear your confusion- 

Tunable White LED StripDim-to-warm LED Strip
Tunable white LED strips can bring warm to cool white light tones. Dim-to-warm LED strips are designed for adjustable warm white lighting. 
You can adjust any temperature that falls into the range of tunable white LED strips. It has a pre-set color temperature. 
These strips are available in two ranges- 1800K to 6500K & 2700 K to 6500 K.Dim-to-warm LED strips range from  3000 K to 1800 K.
The brightness in tunable white LED strips does not depend on color temperature. So you can control the brightness of every shade.  The highest temperature of Dim-to-warm LED strips is its brightest shade.
Tunable white LED strips require a LED controller for adjusting the color temperature.It is controlled by a dimmer. 

Tunable White LED Strips Vs RGB LED Strips

Tunable white LED strips and RGB LED strips have different lighting effects. The differences between these two types of LED strips are as follows:

Tunable White LED StripsRGB LED Strips
Tunable white LED strip deals with different shades of white.RGB LED strips consist of a 3-in-1 LED chip. And it deals with colorful lights.
Such LED strips have an adjustable color temperature system for switching light colors. It mixes the three primary colors to create different light effects. 
The light color range for tunable white LEDs is limited.The light color range for RGB LED strips is thousands of times more than the tunable ones. 
It brings white shades from warm to cool tones.Combining red, green, and blue colors, an RGB LED Strip can make millions of hues! 
Tunable white LED strips can’t produce colorful lights. They are suitable only for white shades of light.Besides colorful lighting, RGB can produce white by mixing red, green, and blue lights at high intensity. But the white light produced by RGB is not pure white. 

Therefore, these are the differences between tunable white and RGB LED strips. 

1800K-6500K Vs 2700K-6500K- Which Range of Tunable White LEDs is Better?

Compared to 2700K-6500K adjustable white LED strips, the 1800K-6500K tunable white LED strips provide a more extensive range of color temperatures. And this strips provide you with more warm white variations. So, choosing this range will be great for you if you are a yellow-orangish-white lover. Set them to your bedroom to get a mild candlelight effect at 1800K with this range. Yet if you are not too fond of warm lighting, you can go for 2700K-6500K range.


Tunable white is a technology that allows a user to use it independently, like changing a particular application’s color, temperature, and light. So you can adjust the light’s color to suit your needs, going from a warm to a cooler tone.

The benefit of choosing tunable white LED strip is that it allows you to control the lighting to meet your needs. Moreover, it provides the best lighting for your business. It also has health benefits, such as altering your mood, eating habits, productivity, and overall health. It also works well with your circadian rhythm and is cost-effective.

You have various adjustable white lighting with tunable white LED strips. It is available in two ranges- 1800K to 6500K & 2700K to 6500K.

Yes, it has a dimmable option. In addition, the high-end design and professional lighting make your environment look great.

Yes, tunable white LED strips are compatible with smartphone apps. You can connect them to Wi-Fi and operate them with your smartphone.

Like other LED strips, tunable white LED strips are equally energy efficient. They use less energy in comparison to incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

The tunable white LED strip allows to change from 1800K to 6500K or 2700K to 6500K. So the answer is yes.

Yes, you can efficiently operate the tunable white LED strip. The built-in Google Assistant, Google Home, Alexa, and other intelligent can be used with these LED strips.

Yes, you can use tunable white LED strip lighting outside. These areas include terraces, porches, walkways, facilities, and more. However, check the IP ratings for outdoor installments. The lighting had to go through rain, storm, and other adverse situations in an outdoor environment. So, go for a higher IP rating to protect your lighting.

The tunable white LED strip has a 50,000-hour lifespan (approx). 


Tunable White LED strips are pretty popular today, especially for indoor lighting. You can install them in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, or commercial areas. They give complete control over the ambient lighting of your space. And these lightings are also energy-efficient and affordable. 

However, if you are looking for the best quality tunable white LED strips, LEDYi should be your go to solution. We provide top-notch high-quality tunable white LED strips at reasonable pricing. Besides, all our products are lab tested and have warranty facilities. So, get in touch with LEDYi soon for all the specifics!

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