How To Choose the LED Strip Lights For Kitchen Cabinets?

In modern homes, most people prefer open kitchens. So they share their living rooms with their kitchens. And to add a thrilling appearance, we decorate these kitchens with LED strip lights. It makes the kitchen more vibrant and lively. But before advancing any further, let me explain what LED strip lights are.

An LED strip light is a circuit board having many LEDs that you can install anywhere. These lights provide powerful lighting having sparkling colors and brightness.

There is a wide variety of LED strip lights available in the market. And it is pretty tricky to choose what’s best for your kitchen without any knowledge. Thus, this post will debate how to pick LED strip lights for your kitchen. First, we will see the various designs available for kitchen cabinet decoration. Only then can we select the strip lights.

Various Designs For Installing LED Strip Lights For Kitchen Cabinets:

We can install the strip lights in the following ways:

· Below the cabinets

· Above the cabinets

· Floor cabinets lights

Below the Cabinets:

below the cabinets
below the cabinets

Many kitchens have rows of wall cabinets. You often have seen kitchen cabinets on the ground and attached to walls.

For such types of kitchens, we can decorate the cabinets. We can install LED strip lights under the cabinet. Just stick the lights below the cabinets. You can also install them along the kitchen console table.

Adjust the color of the lights according to your taste. And if you ask me, I always go with lighter and brighter colors. White is universal. You can go for golden or pinkish or sky blue color shade. Well, it all depends on your preferences. Just install these and see the brilliant atmosphere they create.

Above the Cabinets:

above the cabinets
above the cabinets

Sometimes the kitchens have their cabinets attached to the ceiling. In this case, installing the LED strip lights at the joints is better. You will notice a scintillating change in the appearance of your kitchen.

The choice rests with you. But if you can match the lights of your kitchen and living room, it will be brilliant. It will then blend the whole atmosphere.

Floor Cabinets Lights:

floor cabinets lights
floor cabinets lights

There are also floor cabinets in many kitchens instead of wall cabinets. So, we can install the LED lights on these cabinets. And then we can also reflect them on the wall compartments.

These lights also have the option of different lighting effects. We can set and change the effects in various locations in the kitchen. So you can create a warm, romantic, or bright aura, whatever you like.

How To Select the LED Strip Lights For Kitchen Cabinets?

Now, I will march on to the main topic of our discussion. How can you select the LED strip lights for your kitchen cabinets? What are the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing? Well, here is the list.

· Waterproof

· Adjustable

· Color of lighting

· Brightness level 

· Best color temperature CCT

· Best voltage option


We all know that water is the enemy of all electronic appliances. The same is the case with LED strip lights. So always choose waterproof LED strip lights for your kitchen. This feature can prevent strip damage.


Your mood can change anytime. Sometimes, you will want your kitchen to tone warm, romantic, or bright. Thus, it is better to select CCT adjustable LED strip lights. You can create all types of situations using this kind of light.

For instance, you can adjust to light lights when the weather is dark. And if you want a warm environment, you can go for dimmer lights. I recommend such lights. It is a great feature, no doubt.

Color of Lighting:

It is a fact that different colors or environments influence your mood. And experts also claim that kitchen lights can increase your appetite. Isn’t it astounding?

Well. You don’t have to worry about the colors while using LED lights. They use the RGB color LED strip lights. So they can produce any color.

Best Color Temperature:

color temperature
color temperature

You must be wondering here what the color temperature is. I will explain this term in simple words. It is a way to describe the light appearance provided by the bulb. We measure the color temperature in K kelvins.

It is an essential feature in choosing LED lights. The lower the temperature, the warmer the light. Most LED lamps have three different color temperature categories:

Cool White:

It provides the maximum lighting power. Due to this, it can be tiring for the eyes. It comes with a bluish tint. It is most suitable where you need a robust lighting environment.

Warm White:

It matches the sunset sunlight. It can also lean towards yellow. If you want a relaxing and warm aura, it is perfect.

Neutral White:

You can select neutral white for LED strip lights in the kitchen. It fits and suits the daylight.

For kitchen cabinets, lights with a color temperature between 3000-4000 K are best. But, you should keep it below 4000 K. It will create a perfect environment. And there is an excellent chance that the lighting in your home ranges from 2700-3000 K.

For more information, you can read 3000K vs 4000K: Which Type of Lighting is Good For Home?

If you still don’t know which color temperature is best, you can use dynamic, tunable white LED strip lights. These LED lights offer you to change the color temperature from 2700 K to 6200 K.

But with this extra feature, they are more expensive.

tunable white led strip lights 2023
Tunable White LED Strip

Best Voltage Option:

We can divide the LED strip lights into three categories depending on the voltage:

· 12V LED lights

· 24V LED lights

· 48V LED lights

Select the voltage option depending on the type and size of your project. But we suggest 12V and 24V. It is because 24V lights are most popular in kitchen cabinet lighting applications.

If you need longer run lengths, you can also choose 48V led strip lights.

Brightness Level:

Another prominent feature to consider is brightness while selecting the lights. We all know what brightness is. We measure it in lumens or nits. The higher the lumens or nits, the more the brightness.

The brightness level of LED lights in your kitchen can vary. It depends on many things. For instance, it depends on the cabinets’ size and the counter’s distance from lights. Again, it also depends on what type of atmosphere you want. So, there are many things that you should keep in mind. Selecting the brightness isn’t just a simple process.

How Can You Install The LED Strip Lights In Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Now that you know how you can pick the LED strip lights. Let us discuss the installation process of these lights. There are a few steps that I will discuss here. 

Step 1: Check Your LED Strip Lights First Before Installing or Cutting Them.

It is essential to check and test the lights before you install them in your kitchen. 

1. Always disconnect the power where you are working with the electrical appliances. It can be dangerous. 

2. Perform a mock installation. Lay out all the lights the same way you want to install them. 

3. Make sure that you have all the necessary supplies.

4. Connect the strip lights to the power. Check if all the lights are working correctly. 

5. You should check if these lights meet your demands. Take a proper examination. 

Step 2: Calculate The Length and Size of Your Kitchen Cabinets. Take a Look at The Environment of Your Kitchen. 

You should measure the length and size of your kitchen cabinets. We know that there is a wide range of LED strip lights available. So, select the appropriate lights. I have already explained above how you can select the lights. 

Then take a look at the surroundings. If you sense there is a lot of water, choose lights with better waterproof features. Moreover, you can select led strip colors or other features based on your taste. 

Cut the led strip lights according to the length and measurements. I would suggest that the size should be accurate. It should not be any more or less than what is required. It leaves a wrong impression when there are joints or extra length. 


Step 3: Thoroughly Clean All The Kitchen Cabinet Surfaces.

You have been installing the strip lights for quite some time. Most probably, you will not disassemble these soon. Thus, it is good to clean the cabinet surface properly. And make sure the surface is dry before you install. Otherwise, it may result in an electric spark once you power it on. 


Step 4: Take The Lights Out of The Package And Install The Lights.

Now that you have cut the lights according to the length, you will install them. Detach the tape from the lights and fix it in place.


Step 5: Connect It to The Power.

The LED lights have a controller and an adaptor. Attach them to the strip and power supply. You should not connect with the power supply in the opposite direction. It won’t work. 

Why Should You Go For LED Strip Lights For Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Modern times have modern needs. Today, we prefer open kitchens with soothing atmospheric designs. But we can achieve this with various kinds of lights. Why should we use LED strip lights? Well, these lights have many advantages over others. These advantages are the following:

  • Efficient and energy saving
  • Low heat emission
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable strip lights

Efficient and Energy Saving:

You often would have to listen to the energy-saving debates on the news. The world is striving to save energy and going for renewable energy. Energy saving is the central theme of our modern world. 

In this regard, the lighting industry has achieved quite a success. The LED strip lights are both efficient and energy-saving. Thus, it will also cost you less. 

Low Heat Emission:

Both the LED lights and displays are heat efficient. They produce and emit a minimal amount of heat. It will not increase the temperature of your kitchen. 

Long Lifespan:

These LED strip lights have a long service life. You can use them way more than the simple traditional lamps. You won’t need to change or replace the lights any time soon. In this way, these lights also save you some money. 

Easy Installation:

The LED strip lights have a simple and easy installation procedure. We have already discussed how you can install them. 

Adaptable LED Lights:

You will need to change the color and settings of the lights according to your moods. It is not possible with traditional lights or lamps. But, the LED strips lights are adaptable. You can change the color and settings as you like. 


I have tried to explain above the LED strip lights. These lights are becoming a necessity in modern kitchens. From this article, you can learn how you can choose and install LED strip lights for kitchen cabinets.

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