Top 10 Recessed Lighting Manufacturers And Suppliers In China (2024)

Want to bring a wow effect to your space? Go for sleek and modern lighting with recessed fixtures. But finding quality recessed light in this cluttered market is tricky. No worries; you are just at the right place to find the best-recessed lighting manufacturers and suppliers for your project! 

China has some reputed light manufacturing companies supplying professional-grade recessed lights. But to choose the best one, search for the company online and review each. Then, check whether they have enough experience and an international shipment facility. Also, you should consider their product quality, services, IP rates, and warranty. Finally, confirm your order once you find one that meets all the requirements. 

Therefore, these steps are time-consuming and require patience. If you need recessed lights in an emergency and run out of patience, you can select from my list. This I made after days of researching and analyzing. So, let’s dive in together and get the one that matches your requirements perfectly. 

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What Is Recessed Lighting? 

Recessed lighting, also known as a downlight or can light, is a type of fixture installed into the ceiling or other surface. These lights do not come with visible fixtures like pendants or chandeliers. You can use them for different purposes in commercial and residential settings. At the same time, recessed lighting can be used for tasks, accents, and ambient lighting. They are easy to conceal and so are suitable for limited space. Besides, these lights are also ideal for kitchens, closets, and living room lighting in apartments and houses. 

Benefits Of Using Recessed Lighting

  • Space saving: Recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling, so it does not need space in the room. It makes the light ideal for rooms that are small and do not have much space. Also, recessed lighting does not come with cables or cords, so there are no block places or hassle. This way, you can use every inch of the room without obstacles. 

  • Perfect for low ceilings: This light does not consume space in your room, so it is an ideal option for low-ceiling rooms. A low-ceiling place like cellars and basements is perfect for recess lighting. Also, basement flats and older buildings can get advantages from the recessed lights. 

  • Light layering: You can use recessed lighting for layering with multiple light sources to create style and proper ambiance. This way, you can make a room warm, cozy, and welcoming. For instance, if you want to create a comfortable atmosphere, you can get it with recessed lighting with their dimmable option. Similarly, recessed lighting can also illuminate your room perfectly, like each corner. If you place recessed lights in the hard-to-reach area, you can banish shadowy and dark corners and create a bright room. 

  • Waterproof: Recessed lights are available in waterproof variants. You can use these fixtures in areas that come in contact with moisture and water. These features also make the recessed lighting an ideal option for the bathroom. You can use it outdoors as the rain can’t damage it and the wind can’t blow it. They are suitable even for pool, underwater, or fountain lighting. 

  • Sleek finish: The main benefit of recessed lighting is its modern, elegant, and seamless body. Also, you can easily set this light to any decor. The simplicity and subtlety of the recessed lighting design make it an ideal option for any space. 

  • Energy Efficient: Recessed lighting can come with LED bulbs. These days, LED recessed lights are popular as they promote energy efficiency. 

  • Unobtrusive: This light does not attract attention to themselves like traditional bulbs. It tucks away into the surface and lets other furnishings get the spotlight.

  • Safe: IC-rated recessed lighting is safe to use for insulated ceilings. This eradicates the hazards of fire breakouts. 

  • Versatility: These lights are famous for versatile options. You can use them in any room with low or high ceilings, cabinets, counters, and bathrooms. However, before purchasing the recessed lights, you have to fix the place where you installed them. This way, you can ensure the suitable types you need. 
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Types Of Recessed Lighting

There are several types of recessed lighting available. I have discussed here each one of them; take a look–

Based On Light Bulbs Types

Recessed lights come with different light bulb types to create shadows, textures, and colors. Therefore, it is significant to select the right one–

  • Incandescent Bulbs: These are old types of recessed lighting. They have shorter lifespans and are less efficient than others. 

  • Halogen Bulbs: The halogen recessed lights use a wire connected to halogen gas. These bulbs offer brighter illumination and enhance longevity than incandescent bulbs. 

  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Bulbs: Known for saving energy. They work by using a gas-filled tube and coated with a phosphor coating. They need a ballast to work correctly and have mercury in them.

  • LED: LEDs do not contain any mercury. They are famous for their long lifespan and energy-efficient performance. 
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Based On Housing Types

Housing is another crucial type of recessed lighting. Based on the existing space and installation place, there are two main types of housing–

  • New Construction Housing: This kind of housing needs the whole space in the ceiling to be installed. So, it’s ideal for building new houses where the ceiling hasn’t been put in yet. These housings can work well with shallow or thick ceilings because they’re designed with low profiles.

  • Remodel Housing: Remodeling housing is easy and efficient because it needs no installation access to joists or studs. You can simply put them in pre-existing holes left from previous fixtures. 

Based On Can Types

When choosing recessed lighting, it’s a factor in understanding whether to go with can or canless fixture types. 

  • Can Recessed Lighting: Canned recessed lighting comes with aluminum or tin housing with halogen lamps or LED bulbs. They are designed to disperse illumination evenly without much glare. They need extra wiring and mounting while installing, making them longer than canless lighting. 

  • Canless Recessed Lighting: They are famous for offering bright spots, highlighting artwork, and helping with tasks such as reading or cooking. Unlike canned fixtures, they are simple to install into the ceiling hole and do not require any extra mounting and wiring. 

Based On Trim Types

Can and canless recessed lighting comes with different types of trim options. Each has different design preferences and can be adjusted to match specific requirements.

  • Baffle Trim: They are the most common types of recessed lighting. It is a simple design with thin lines along the edges that stop extra light from coming through. And people often use it in modern homes to add a soft glow in the background.

  • Reflector Trim: Made to make the light brighter by focusing more energy into one strong beam. They are great for spots where you need light to be focused, like when you’re working on something specific.

  • Adjustable Trim: Adjustable Trim means they can be changed. They have parts that can move, like louvers, which you can adjust to make the light go in different directions. This is useful when you want more control over where the light brightness is.

  • Decorative Trim: With them, you can bring warmth into any lighting environment. They can transform any room with their intricate patterns and elegant designs.
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Based On Size Types

  • 4-inch Recessed Lighting: In limited spaces, they offer proper illumination. You can easily install them and can fit in 3 to 5-inch deep ceilings without extra work. 

  • 6-inch Recessed Lighting: With this wide coverage and bigger size, they are great for hallways or staircases. They are also versatile, so you can install them on deeper ceilings or spaces up to 10 inches of depth.

  • 8-inch Recessed Lighting: You can use these lights in larger commercial and high entryways where brighter illumination is needed without irritating eyes.
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Based On Color And Temperature Types

  • Soft Light: You can install soft lights to make warm and cozy environments. They are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms and provide low intensity. The range of color temperatures of these lights is 2000K to 3000K. 

  • Bright Light: Recessed lighting with color temperatures 4000K to 5000K matches with daylights. Because they offer cool blue tones and are perfect for task-oriented places such as offices, kitchens, and workplaces. 

  • Daylight: Daylight bulbs are perfect for brightening any area, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. They give off a bright, white light between 5000K and 6500K, making things look clear. That’s why they’re often used in commercial places like stores and shops.
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Top 10 Recessed Lighting Manufacturers And Suppliers In China 

PositionCompanyYear EstablishedLocation Employee
1SUMBAO Lighting 2012Dongguan, Guangdong 
2KYDLED 2008Shenzhen, China51-100
3ADAYO lighting 2012Huizhou, Guangdong201-500
5Emilux 2016Dongguan 51-200
6ALUDS 2017Jiangmen, Guangdong 200+
7Upward Lighting 2009Guangdong, China
8Decovolt2019Yiwu, Zhejiang11-50
9VENEZINA 1995Dongguan, Guangdong51-100

1. SUMBAO Lighting Technology

sumbao lighting

SUMBAO Lighting is a professional commercial lighting manufacturer. This company specializes in developing, researching, and producing LEDs. Founded in 2012, this company supplies lighting in 12035 stores. They not only manufacture LEDs but also make lighting designs. Tsinghua University’s professors mainly lead their design team. This way, they ensure the products are reliable, innovative, high quality, and affordable. All their products are CE and CCC-certified. They become successful in the local market and gain recognition from overseas markets. Besides, SUMBAO goes directly to customers in the Chinese market instead of using middlemen to lower costs. They want to do the same for international business. They’ll set up agents and distributors in different places to serve customers better. They’re also open to doing OEM/ODM. Customized options are also available to fulfill your unique requirements. At the same time, they provide fast delivery for customers worldwide.

2. KYD Lighting

kyd lighting

KYD Lighting was founded in 2008 in Gongming, Shenzhen, China. They are involved in developing, designing, and producing many LED lights. This is one of the top lighting companies that offer excellent OEM services to well-known brands like Philips, GE, NVC, and more. They also gain the customers’ and clients’ trust by providing stable, competitive prices and quality with a great supply chain. 

In addition, KYD Lighting has over 15 years of production experience. Also, they passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate and offered OEM services. In the meantime, all their products have achieved ETL, CE, CB, UL, TUV, and SAA certificates. Their production workshop is also huge, 5000 sqm, with 78 professional workers. Also, KYD has a warehouse of 1000 sqm, 2 structural engineers, 10 QC, and 3 electronic engineers. Furthermore, this company has succeeded in other countries and supplies products to more than 60 countries. For instance, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Japan, etc.

Along with making so many lighting types, KYD also produces recess LED downlights. You can apply these lights in offices, hotels, homes, schools, exhibition halls, etc. These lights are convenient and come with more than 100 lm/W lumen output. Also, they are anti-glare and have no flicker LED drivers. 

LED Track Light Manufacturer & Supplier in China-KYDLED

3. ADAYO Lighting

adayo lighting

ADAYO Lighting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foryou Group. ADAYO started the LED lighting packaging industry in 2006 and was founded in 2012. They owned three business lines: LED packaging, lamps, and a big power supply. Besides, they have a capital of 32 million US dollars. They have long-term relationships with many international brands, like Ledvance, Philips, Sylvania, and many more. They also offer ODM, OEM, and SKD. 

With over 1200 sqm, they meet international standards and have several test equipment. For instance, environmental reliability tests and photoelectric parameter tests can complete safety tests. Along with this, they have part identification and other lamp tests. ISO14001, ISO9001, environment system, and BSCI quality certifications ADAYO have. Their employees are skilled, including the R&D team, which has 60 people, and the sales team, which has 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. 

Generally, they launch a new product or project each month. With a team of 15 people, they make the quality team to make industry-standard products. This team controls the quality of production, materials, and finished products. Therefore, they have 50 production lines for power supply and packaging. With 300 workers and 30 semiautomatic and automatic lines, they produce 100,000 LED lights.

How to choose a great lighting manufacturer |ADAYO Lighting| Lighting manufacturer



GRNLED is popular for indoor lighting. Their main products include LED downlights, panels, linear, magnetic track, and high bay lights. However, they also make some outdoor lights like LED street lights, floodlights, and landscape lights. Besides, they produce lights by developing product competitiveness, putting quality first, and minimizing costs. GRNLED wants to become the first choice in the LED lighting market and gain permanent trust from customers. 

At GRNLED, every product goes through strict quality checks and follows specific procedures from research to production. These include technical research, design, trial production, design verification (DVT), material selection, and mass production. This way, they guarantee top-notch products in quality, delivery time, service, and customer trust. Also, GRNLED offers lights at 20% less than other companies. Furthermore, their recessed LED downlights have a 5-year warranty to prove the product’s quality. These lights have a dimming option so that you can save energy. 

Magnetic track lighting system

5. Emilux


Emilux was established in 2016, and since then, they have produced high-performance commercial and architectural lighting. This company is situated in Dongguan and has an 8000 sqm factory. With experienced 125 workers, including 11 quality control and 15 engineers, they offer customers the best products. And their essential products are recessed LED lighting, LED track lights, street lights, spotlights, flood lights, and many more. Emilux produces different recessed lights and stores enough material for fast delivery. These lights have Bluetooth mesh dimmable options. Therefore, you can use recessed lights in high-end restaurants, 5-star hotels, office buildings, and other applications. Besides, they offer both ODM and OEM services. Emilux’s business philosophy is focus, integrity, Sharing, Pragmatic, and responsibility.

Emilux lighting factory.

6. ALUDS Industrial

aluds industrial

ALUDS Industrial is a professional lighting enterprise. This company was built in 2017 and focuses on R&D and interior lighting applications. It has gained a high-tech company title and has over 100 R&D patents. Manufacturer, service, and sales are integrated into ALUDS. The factory has achieved ISO9001 certification, and all its products have CE, CB, and CCC certificates. And you can use their lights in villas, hotels, shops, clubs, and shopping malls. 

Moreover, ALUDS takes quality as the basis, R&D as the soul, and service as the purpose, and it wants to become a well-known company in the lighting industry. Their team is experienced and energetic, and there are different ones for different departments, such as the design team, service team, and many more. Besides, with their excellent customer service and innovative technology, they become one of the leading commercial lighting providers today. Meanwhile, they come with a unique wide range of products. This way, they become different from their competitors. Also, you can get customized products from them. They believe that professionalism and dedication play a huge role in their success. For these reasons, they also gain customer trust. 

Guangdong ALUDS Lighting Industrial Co., Ltd

7. Upward Lighting

upward lighting

Upward Lighting, founded in 2009, has a diverse portfolio of LED lighting. This LED manufacturing company is located in Guangdong Province. They have experience in commercial, residential, transportation, and municipal industries. Upward has also done these projects by offering top-notch lighting solutions that match clients’ requirements. Besides, they have a professional production team that checks raw materials, suppliers, and production processes. All their products are RoHS and CE, and their skillful engineers give you the perfect experience. Besides, Upward provides you with a wide range of recessed light variants, such as dimmable, square, adjustable, COB LED recessed light and more. 

In addition, Upward is popular among customers for its high quality and affordable price. Plus, they offer fast delivery and customized options for your unique needs. All their products have over five years of warranty, and during this period, you will get free shipping and exchange facilities.

China Upward Lighting Manufacturer from 2009

8. Decovolt


Decovolt is focused on the production, R&D, and sales of lighting solutions. This company was established in 2019. They are professional and concentrated on providing a new life experience to customers with the lighting. However, they were listed on the stock exchange in 2014. Always make products by following high standards of quality management. Therefore, Decovolt’s product materials are real, and the team strictly checks each one of them. This way, they ensure consumers get the best products and experience simultaneously. 

Besides, they have 4 transformer production lines, an automatic plug-in machine, 30 complete machine assembly production lines, and 86 injection molding. If you have queries before confirming the order, you can ask them. For the customer’s unique requirement, they also offer customized options. They exported to over 100 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and South America. 

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VENEZINA is the biggest manufacturer, and it was established in 1995. They make professional and high-quality lighting products. Therefore, they are involved in producing and running an R&D team and trading lighting solutions. They make commercial, office, and other lighting along with recessed lights. Over 80 countries supply products. All their track, downlights, sports, office, wall, and strip lights are certified by CE and match ERP standards in Europe. 

With a 100,000 sqm industrial park, ENEZINA has more than 80 modern production lines. Besides, you can use their lights in apartments, five-star chain hotels, exhibition halls, chain stores, shopping malls, villas, offices, libraries, hospitals, etc. Customer satisfaction is their primary goal, and they believe in a win-win situation. 

10. Topjet


Topjet is a rapidly growing company. This is located in Zhuhai and was founded in 2015. Their primary focus is on price-friendly lighting and providing the best R&D quality. More than 30,000 sqm of production has 1,000 employees. ISO14001 and ISO9001 quality management system certificates have passed. Besides, they have a powerful R&D team testing laboratory. Therefore, Topjet offers high-quality lights using an automatic production line. If you have an emergency need for recessed lighting, you should order from them as they are famous for stable delivery. Over 3,000,000 pcs is their production capacity in a month. This way, they can fulfill fast-growing market demand. 

Furthermore, all their products have FCC, UL, CE, GS, TUV, ERP, and more certifications. Their products meet international standards and are known for their reliability. With the help of the partners’ expanding sales network, these items are in high demand and sell well in supermarkets and retail stores worldwide. Working with LED lighting, TOPJET also thinks about the environmental protection field. They want to develop human life with energy-saving lighting.  

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Things To Know Before Purchasing Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has many important factors to understand and consider before purchasing one. Let’s see here some of the common things you should know before purchasing recessed lighting–

Recessed Types

Recessed lighting can be of two types based on the insulated surface: IC and non-IC-rated. IC recessed lights are perfect for insulated surfaces. They are airtight, and you can easily install them. However, non-IC fixtures can’t be used on insulated surfaces because they have holes. This can lead to fire hazards. For further information about these two types of recessed, it would be best to read this article- IC Vs. Non-IC Rated Recessed Light Fixtures

Interior Trim

Recessed lighting comes with different interior trim for distinct lighting fixtures. Some can lower the lighting in a particular place, and others have anti-glare trims. For instance, you can maximize brightness with mirrored trims, while ribbed trims can minimize illumination. Some trims are specially made for a moist place like bathrooms. However, if you want to control where and how much-recessed lighting you want, you can use customized and movable trims. 

Light Bulb Types

The bulb size and wattage are different for recessed light. Different types of bulbs can affect the electricity usage and the amount of illumination. So, recessed lights with low-watt bulbs offer low brightness. In contrast, higher-watt bulbs produce more illumination. You can choose one that matches your requirements. 

Light Size

Recessed lights come in various sizes, from 6 to 15 centimeters across. Your choice of size depends on factors like ceiling height, room dimensions, desired brightness, and personal preference. Larger pot lights give off more light, ideal for larger spaces, while smaller ones emit less light. Taller ceilings benefit from larger fixtures to spread light over a wider area, whereas lower ceilings suit smaller fixtures to avoid overpowering illumination.

Kit Types

Another thing you should know before purchasing recessed lighting is kit types. There are various kits available in different sizes and with varying voltage requirements. The choice of pot light kit depends on the room where you intend to install the recessed fixtures and the voltage capacity there. Each kit also needs a specific wattage for its light bulbs. So, matching the kit’s specifications with your room’s requirements and available voltage is essential to ensure proper installation.

IP rating

Ingress Protection (IP) lighting rating refers to the protection level against moisture and dust. Typically, IP 20 rates for recessed lighting offer protection against objects bigger than 12.5mm and do not prevent water. However, for wet and damp locations such as outdoor or washroom areas, IP65 rates recessed lighting as best. This rate can tolerate low-pressure water. Therefore, selecting the proper IP rates indicates the longevity and safety of recessed lighting in several atmospheres. But, to get an idea about recessed lights, check this– IP Rating: The Definitive Guide.

Styles And Colors

Recessed light fixtures have multiple styles and colors, like copper, chrome, silver, nickel, black, pewter, bronze, and many more. However, the style of the lighting you select should match the decor. Choose recessed fixtures that go well with the existing light fixtures as well. 

recessed lighting 7

How To Install Recessed Light?

Installing recessed lights can be easy if you follow the process. Therefore, I have mentioned five simple steps here. You can follow them while installing recessed lights for multiple purposes. 

Step 1: Identify Lighting Locations

Begin by determining where you want to install the recessed lights. Consider the room layout, furniture placement, and overall lighting needs. Use a pencil to mark the locations on the ceiling.

Step 2: Prepare the Area

Then, you have to drill a hole around 1/4 inch in the ceiling center where you want to put the lights. If there is an attic above the ceiling, check for any obstruction that can come your way. Therefore, you can use a coat hanger or fish tape to fix the obstructions. After that, you can create the light housing with a hole saw. 

Step 3: Expose the Wire

Now, detach the existing fixtures from the power source. Next, pull its cable and leave around 18 inches of wire from the ceiling. Follow this for every light. You can get proper slack to wire the latest lights with these excess wires. But if the ceiling has an attic above, pull the wire from there. When the finished place is above the ceiling, use a long drill bit to drill the joist and pull the wire through the framework. 

Step 4: Wire the Fixture

Connect the first light to the power source and the wire to the next light. You’ll see three black wires, three white wires, and three ground wires together. You can also use wire connectors to cover the connections. Also, you must keep connecting the lights until you get to the last one.

Step 5: Install the Housing and Test 

It’s time to install the housing and trim pieces following the manufacturer’s structure. After that, screw the light bulbs securely and enjoy your lighting. 

recessed lighting 8

What Is The Difference Between A Recessed Light And A Downlight?

Recessed lights and downlight ceiling fixtures are different and can be used for other purposes. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart and what you should consider when choosing the right one for your place–


Recessed lights come in different shapes and sizes. So you can customize them based on the requirements of any space. Although these lights have limited adjustability, they can offer a clean look for their flush installation. However, downlights come in different styles to meet lighting needs, like fixed, adjustable, or wall washers. You can move them up, down, or sideways to shine light exactly where you want it.

Light Direction And Focus

When it comes to light function, recessed and downlights both provide overall illumination of the room. But there are some distinctions in their light’s direction and focus. If you want a more comprehensive brightness for your large room or space, like a bed or living room, choose recessed lighting. For more focused illumination, go with downlights, which offer directional brightness. These lights are the best option for task-oriented places like art displays or kitchens. 

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of recessed light depends on the bulb type rather than the size of the fixture. You can install energy-efficient LED bulbs in a large recessed light for efficient illumination of a big space. In contrast, downlights are generally considered more energy-efficient than traditional recessed lighting. These fixtures reduce light wastage because they are designed to direct light downward. So, you will need fewer fixtures to get the light output equivalent to recessed lights. Besides, due to their focused nature, downlights often use lower-wattage LED bulbs that offer similar brightness to recessed lights.

Installation Method

Recessed and downlight also have differences in their installation method. Recessed lights are installed in the ceiling. However, these lights are tricky to set up as you need to make holes in the ceiling and wire them up. In comparison, downlights are much easier to install; you only need to attach the fixture to the prewired ceilings without any hassle. Thus, the downlight provides you with a more convenient installation. 

Maintenance and Lifespan

Recessed lights require more maintenance as they have adjustable parts. Besides, dust buildup on recessed light trims can reduce efficiency. But you can get flexibility in maintenance with downlight. However, the lifespan of both recessed light and downlight mostly depends on the type and quality of the bulb. If your is an LED fixture, it can last for 25,000 to 50,000 hours or more. However, to learn more about downlights, check out this: What are downlights, and how do you choose one? 

recessed lighting 8


Recessed lighting offers ambient illumination without occupying visual space. You can also use them to highlight any specific features or architectural elements. This way, you can make your room look aesthetic. Places like the kitchen or office require focused illumination; you can use recessed fixtures as task lighting.

Can and canless, two types of recessed lighting are available. Therefore, if you purchase “can recess lights,” then cans are definitely required. Each one has different benefits in its installation process, energy efficiency, design options, and cost.

Recessed lights, also known as can or pot lights, are fixtures installed into the ceiling, with the bulb housed within a casing. And they offer a streamlined look and focused illumination. On the other hand, ceiling lights encompass a broad category of fixtures mounted onto the ceiling’s surface, including chandeliers, flush mounts, and pendant lights. While both provide ambient lighting, recessed lights offer a more discreet appearance and directional light. Besides, ceiling lights encompass a variety of styles and designs, often serving as decorative elements.

The number of recessed lights needed in a room depends on room size, purpose, and desired lighting level. As a general guideline, a 100-square-foot room typically requires 2-4 recessed lights. However, a room size of 216 square feet requires six lights. On the other hand, nine lights would be enough for a 300-square-foot room.

The best spacing for recessed lighting would be dividing the ceiling in half. If you have a ceiling that is 16 feet high, you can put one light 8 feet apart. This will be enough illumination for the room. However, the size and lumen rating of the light also matter.

Yes, changing a bulb in recessed lighting is generally straightforward. And you can do that without an electrician. Ensure the power is off by turning off the switch or shutting off the circuit breaker. Once safe, remove the trim and gently pull down the bulb. Then, gently replace it with a bulb of the same wattage and type, aligning the prongs correctly. Be cautious not to touch the bulb with bare hands, as oils can cause premature failure. After that, reattach the trim and restore power to the fixture.

Recessed lights can be relatively easy to install if you have basic electrical knowledge. However, installation typically involves cutting holes, wiring connections, and securing the fixtures. Therefore, with the right tools and guidance, many homeowners find installing recessed lights a manageable DIY project.

Along with multiple advantages, recessed lighting has gained popularity due to its efficiency. For example, it provides focused illumination, reducing the lighting options. Also, many recessed lighting have dimmer switches so you can lower the brightness and save energy. Generally, this light consumes less energy than traditional light.

Recessed lighting can vary in cost depending on features and installation. The light fixture can range from $20 to well over $200. Installation adds another $50 to $150 per light. So, a single light could cost $70 to $350+. So, these lights are not cheap, but they offer a modern look and excellent light control.

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So, have you picked the one already, or are you still confused? If you want an experienced and professional company, select SUMBAO Lighting. Since 2012, this company has been working on many projects. Their products are innovative, reliable, and affordable. Besides, they provide customized options for your specific needs. 

On the other hand, KYD Lighting is one of the top companies in China, working with GE, Philips, and other well-known brands. They export products to over 60 countries at competitive prices. With 15 years’ experience, they have gained customers’ trust and maintained stable relations with their high-quality products. 

Meanwhile, ADAYO Lighting produces lights that match international standards. Therefore, keep long-term contact with Ledvance, Sylvania, and many global brands. With skilled workers, they launch a new product every month. 

However, you can use LED strip lights to decorate your residential and commercial places. Combining LED strips and recessed light brings the best effect for cove lighting. LEDYi is here to provide you with the best LED strip lights. We have different types of strip lights with customized options. Also, our products have gained many certificates and are well-tested before shipment. This way, we ensure product quality and performance. To get the free sample, email us NOW!

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