LED Driver

What is an LED Driver?

An LED driver is a device that does exactly what it sounds like — it drives power to one or more LEDs. LED drivers are also called LED power supply or LED transformer.
As we mentioned before, one of the benefits of LEDs is that they are energy efficient – they don’t require a lot of electricity to run them. LEDs actually operate on DC at reasonably low voltages – usually between 2V and 4V. Because of this, they need something to convert AC to DC for them and help protect them from any power surges that might occur, causing the LEDs to overheat and cause problems. The LED driver is not only a current management system but also a protective buffer.

What is a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)?

A switched mode power supply (SMPS) designed for LED lighting applications is an LED driver that uses a switching regulator to convert the rectified DC power into a predetermined magnitude of DC power. SMPS LED drivers provide the most efficient and technically mature solution to LED current control. Today’s LED lighting products, in particular those designed for high end applications, place high demands on the driver’s ability to efficiently convert electrical power from an AC source to a DC load with outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of the LEDs. Despite the increasing cost and form factor restrictions in LED luminaire design, switched mode power supplies are still the most preferred type of power converters to drive high performance LED luminaires.
Now all the LED drivers in the market are switched mode power supply.
For more detail, please visit switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) | LED Driver Using a Switching Regulator.

Triac / Phase-Cut Dimmable LED Driver

LEDYi Triac / phase-cut dimmable drivers are compatible with mainstream brand dimmers and lighting systems which are leading edge & trailing edge ( forward phase, reverse phase, ELV, Triac, or MLV ) in the market includes Lutron, Clipsal, C-BUS, Leviton dimmer, and other lighting systems.

Triac dimmable led driver

Wiring diagram

Triac dimmable led driver wiring
Wiring Dirgram 1​
Triac dimmable led driver wiring
Wiring Dirgram 2

Triac/0-10V/Resistance/10V PWM (5 in 1) Dimmable LED Driver

LEDYi’s Triac/ 0-10V/ 1-10V/ Resistance/ 10V PWM ( 5 in 1) compatible solution dimmable driver, making it easy for projects and simplify the inventory. They are compatible with a wide array of popular dimmers, including leading & trailing edge types of TRIAC dimmers, 0-10V/ 1-10V/ Resistance/ 10V PWM dimmer and various lighting control systems, such as Lutron, Leviton, Crestron, etc. This makes the drivers easy to integrate into existing lighting installations. The drivers provide smooth and no flicker 0-100% full dimming range and stepless dimming performance.

5-IN-1 Dimmable driver

Wiring diagram

5-1 dimmble led driver wiring
Triac/ 0/1-10V 5 in 1 Wiring Dirgram
Triac dimmable led driver wiring
Triac Wiring Dirgram
0-10V dimmable led driver wiring
0/1-10V Wiring Dirgram

DALI & Push Dim (2 in 1) Dimmable LED Driver

LEDYi’s 100-277V universal DP dimmable driver with DALI-2 certificate, setting address and fine-tuning output voltage by
NFC, its 0-100% dimming performance, universal compatibility, and flicker-free attract many customers. Also, with high PF &
efficiency is designed for energy saving, with two dimming functions that can save mass stocking. Adopted in many led lights, say
LED tape/strip, modules, LED bar light, cabinet light, kitchen light, and other LED fixtures.


Wiring diagram

DALI dimmable led driver wiring
Wiring Dirgram 1
DALI dimmable led driver wiring
Wiring Dirgram 2

DMX512 Dimmable LED Driver

LEDYi DMX512 dimmable LED Driver with NFC/RDM function for setting address, including with constant voltage 1 to 5 Channel
30W to 300W. Setting fine adjustment output voltage by NFC; Constant current 1 to 2 Channel 10W to 40W, Setting output current
by NFC.
Based on DMX 512 protocol, this series will be provided with RDM/NFC function. The Remote Device Management Protocol( RDM), It
can realize the function of remotely assigning addresses, reading device information, devices recognition, and personalizing
Near Field Communication(NFC) is based on NFC wireless transmission protocol. It can set the DMX address for the power supply
and adjust the output voltage or current of the power supply without power on.
The RDM and NFC functions eliminate unnecessary holes in the power supply and increase the waterproof performance of the
power supply.

DMX512 Dimmable Drivers

Wiring diagram

DMX512 LED Driver
DMX512 Dimming Wiring Dirgram

Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Wireless Dimmable LED Driver

LEDYi Bluetooth/ Zigbee/ Wi-Fi wireless dimming power supply can be equipped with multi-brand wireless communication modules, such as TUYA, JIABITAI, WIZ, CASAMBI, and other wireless dimming modules. The conventional wireless dimmable power supply is equipped with a TUYA wireless dimming module. The lighting can be flexibly controlled through the mobile app. Such as setting scene, area control, timing dimming, music control, etc. The remote control can be realized when the power supply is combined with the Bluetooth/ Zigbee gateway. Voice control lighting can also be realized through the smart speaker.
Upgraded driver with high-frequency exemption assessment 8KHz will come soon…….

Wireless Dimmable LED Driver

Wiring diagram

Wireless Dimmable led driver wiring
Wireless control lighting wiring diagram

Non-Dimmable LED Driver IP20&IP67

None Dimmable led driver

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