10 Steps to Find a Professional LED Strip Supplier In China

Looking for a Chinese LED Strip supplier but don’t know where to start? If that’s the case, you are just in the right place!

Make the best use of the internet to find a professional LED strip supplier in China. Check different LED strip manufacturers’ official sites and popular marketplaces to create a list. Now, compare the listed manufacturer’s light quality, criteria, and business facilities. Next, contact the supplier to clear all the inquiries related to the LED strip’s performance, shipping, and pricing, and then request a sample. Check the sample and finalize for bulk order if they meet your expectations. That’s it!

However, the process isn’t as simple as it sounds. You will get confused seeing thousands of available options. But no worries, I’m here to guide you through finding a professional LED strip supplier in China. I have included ten simple steps to help you reach the best LED strip manufacturers in this article. So why wait for more? Let’s begin- 

Why Choose An LED Strip Supplier From China? 

When importing LED strips, the first option that would come to your mind is China. But why? Here are the reasons why China should be your first choice for finding an LED strip supplier- 

  1. Cost-effective: China is an excellent choice for importing LED strips due to its lower manufacturing and labor costs. So, if you have a light budget and are willing to minimize your cost, China is the best option.

  2. Scalability; bulk production: The light manufacturing companies of China have an organized management system that aids in producing maximum quality within a minimal time. So, you can contact them for any urgent lighting requirements.

  3. Customization: Most Chinese light manufacturers offer OEM, ODM, and customization facilities. So, if you want to customize the length, width, IP ratings, voltage, or other features on LED strips, the China market is your best option. 

  4. Advanced technology: Chinese LED light production units are equipped with high-tech machinery. In addition, all their products are tested to fit the export standards. So, you can get innovative lighting solutions from them. 

  5. International Standard: The quality or standard of the product comes first when importing any LED strips. Chinese lighting manufacturers emphasize achieving International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification to ensure customers’ trust. So there are no concerns about the quality of the goods while importing lighting from China. 

  6. Global Shipment: China exports LED lights all over the world. They provide superior quality and durable solutions that are accepted worldwide. Customers in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia rely heavily on Chinese lighting solutions. Therefore, regardless of where you are, you can easily order lighting from them.

How To Find A Professional LED Strip Supplier In China?

China has many LED strip suppliers. But do all of them provide professional quality? The question remains. So, below, I am adding a stepwise guide to finding a professional LED strip supplier in China:

Step-1: Online Research 

In today’s world, internet access is in everyone’s hands. You can get Chinese manufacturers’ information in minutes from any part of the world. As it is not possible to fly to China to gather LED strip suppliers’ information, researching online is your ultimate go-to solution. But all companies claim themselves as the best in their field. In this case, how to find authentic LED strip suppliers through the internet? No worries, the below step will help you to browse to get accurate information- 

Search On Google

Google is a powerful search engine where you can browse to find any time of information. And this will assist you in finding a professional LED strip supplier in China. But in this case, placing the right keyword is a matter to consider. Mention the word ‘LED strip’ and ‘China’ in your search. Go through the article and information Google provides to find the best option. Here are some examples of keywords to search on Google- 

  • LED strip supplier in China

  • Best LED strip manufacturer in China

  • LED strip lights in Shenzhen

  • LED strip light factories in China

  • Top 10 LED strip light manufacturers in China

  • Best 20 LED strip supplier in China 

Searching with these keywords, you will get effective outcomes. However, you can also try other keywords. Google will surely provide a high-quality suppliers list. But many suppliers don’t keep pace with the internet or have outdated websites. You may not find such companies in the list. But if you have any specific name in your choice, you can search for it; Google will definitely give you some results. 

Browse B2B Marketplaces 

To know the reputation of the LED strip supplier, you must browse B2B marketplaces. There are some massive B2B marketplaces to look for, such as- 

Alibaba is the biggest platform among the five listed marketplaces. You will find a long list of LED manufacturers here. You only need to search ‘LED Strip’ in the search bar. Don’t forget to add ‘China’ to get Chinese manufacturers. However, you may get confused with the tons of suggestions that B2B marketplaces offer. So, you need to spend some time finding an authentic product. Here are some tips to help in browsing B2B marketplaces (Alibaba)-

  • You will find a ‘Compare’ option for every LED strip suggestion. Click on it to enlist. This will help you to compare all the enlisted products.

  • If you have any queries about the product, you can click the ‘Chat now’ button.

  • Marketplaces like Alibaba offer your ‘Contact Supplier’ option. Clicking on this, you can contact the suppliers directly to know their product in depth. 

List The Best Manufactures 

When you browse for LED strips on different marketplaces, you will find some options that will fit your requirements. List them up; this will help you with the final selection. A primary listing means drafting your choices. It would be best to organize this list by creating a separate document. Add the manufacturing company’s name, contact info, and of course, their official website link. This will help you to sort out the information quickly. You can make this list in an Excel sheet for easy access. 

alibaba website

Step-2: Attend Light Fair & Exhibition 

Visiting light fairs and exhibitions is the most effective way to find professional LED strip suppliers. Every year different organizations arrange light fairs in China. You can visit those fairs and contact the suppliers face-to-face. Such an arrangement helps you to compare the product, pricing, and additional facilities. You will also get amazing supplier offers that can bring you the best deals. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is one of the most popular exhibitions held in China every year. This is, in fact, the biggest lighting exhibition in Asia. Here is a short list of the upcoming exhibition that you can attend- 

  1. Hong Kong International Lighting Fair-2023 

Date Of Exhibition:  October 27, 2023 –  October 30, 2023

Location: Hong Kong – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, China

  1. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition-2024

Date Of Exhibition: June 09, 2024, until June 12, 2024

Location: Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex, China

To know details about these exhibitions, check this article- Lighting Exhibition & Trade Shows (2023): The Ultimate Guide. Here you will find a complete guideline for attending light exhibitions. 

Step-3: Research On The Listed Manufacturer 

Following steps 1 and 2, you will have a list of LED strip manufacturers in China. Now it’s time for sorting. But how to do that? Here are the guidelines- 

Visit Their Website 

The first step to research the listed manufacturer is to visit their official page. A well-organized company always keeps its official website updated. Sometimes the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) of the website also give an idea about the professionalism of the manufacturer. Besides the home page, about, product, and contact information, a reputed LED strip manufacturer always has powerful resources to assist customers. These include-

Blog posts: A professional LED strip manufacturer always regularly provides quality blog posts on their website. You will find articles on different relevant variants of LED strips, their application, troubleshooting, guideline, and more. Check the dates of their blog post. This will give you an idea about their activeness and professionalism. 

Company and product Videos: Star mark the brand if you find personalized videos on the supplier’s website regarding their manufacturing process or usage. These videos tell you more about the company’s professionalism, manufacturing environment, product quality, and more. Besides, some professional LED strip manufacturers also have a Youtube channel where they post videos on the product on a regular basis. This is also a great sign of reliability. 

Product Catalog: A reputed LED strip company always gives all product details on their website. You will find a catalog of the LED strip variants that they produce. Download them and see if they meet your requirements to take further steps.

Showcasing Certification: If you find any manufacturing company that shows all their certifications to the public, surely it’s a reliable source. Go through the certificates to judge the quality of the LED strips. In the latter half of the article, I’ve added some essential certifications that you must check before purchasing any LED strip. To learn about those, keep reading the article till the end. 

FAQ Section: Any well-organized LED supplier never misses adding a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section to the website. You will find this option on the websites of almost all renowned LED brands. This segment answers all the common questions that you may have about LED strips.

ledyi website

So, these are the facts to look for in LED strip manufacturers’ websites to get a hint of their activeness. However, if you want to see how a professional LED strip supplying website looks, I welcome you to visit our website- https://www.ledyilighting.com/

Track Location

When selecting the location of the LED supplier in China, always prefer Guangdong province. Almost all the big names in Chinese LED factories manufacture their product here. Zhongshan City is known as the “Chinese Lighting Capital.” Most of the fancy lighting across China is manufactured in this city. However, Shenzhen city is a notable location to track LED manufacturers. Our LEDYi factory is located in 1-6th Floors, Bldg. 28, Shancheng Industrial Zone, Shiyan, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518000. 

Visit Their Social Platform Accounts 

You get an idea about the popularity of a LED strip manufacturing company by visiting their social media accounts. For example- search the brand name on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Youtube. On this platform, the companies share their services and product outcomes. You can also check the projects they are associated with to know how famous they are. In this case, visit their LinkedIn profile to check their professionalism. 

Check Reviews & Reliability  

There are many fraud personalities who pretend to be suppliers online. Google the brand name and add ‘Scam’ or ‘Fraud.’ This will bring negative reviews (if there are any) and thus help you find authentic companies. Besides, check the domain registration date of the website. In this case,  WhoIs (Domain Tools) will help you detect the website’s registration date and legitimacy. Thus you can find out how old the company is. Longer company history indicates better experience and reliability. However, this fact is not always true. Many new LED strip brands are doing well in the market. Yet, experience is a matter to consider in professionalism. 

Step-4: Collect LED Strip-Related Information

Once you have confirmed the reliability and authenticity of the brand, check the LED strip-related details of the listed brand. For this, go through and collect the following information about LED strips to check if they meet your requirements- 

Types Of LED Strip They Manufacture

First, you must have a clear idea about the available categories of LED strips. LED strips can be of different types, such as-

All these strips have their specific features. Not every supplier can provide you with each of these variants. So, check the product catalog on their website to see if they have the product you are looking for. 

CCT Rating

CCT stands for ‘Correlated Color Temperature .’It determines the tone of the light color. Usually, the color temperature in LED light ranges from 1800K to 6500K. You must check this CCT range that the listed supplier offers. To know about the color temperature in detail, check this article- How to Choose LED Strip Color Temperature? This will help you to analyze the CCT rating range the suppliers can provide you. Here is a chart to help you get an idea about the color temperature of LED strips- 

Kelvin Color TemperatureAssociated Effects and MoodsAppropriate Applications
2700KAmbientIntimatePersonal Living/Family Rooms
3000KCalmWarmLiving/Family Rooms
5000KDaylightVibrantCommercial IndustrialInstitutional
6500KDaylightAlertCommercial IndustrialInstitutional

CRI Rating

CRI stands for ‘Color Rendering Index.’ A higher CRI rating offers better color quality. This is a crucial consideration when choosing LED strips for commercial spaces like- shopping malls, restaurants, jewelry shops, or any product-selling setting. In these places, a higher CRI rating is mandatory to show the accurate color of the product. So before selecting any LED strip supplier, check their CRI ratings. Here is a chart showing how CRI ratings affect light output- 

CRI RatingLighting Quality
0Low Quality 

So, from the above chart, you can see that CRI>80 is essential to keep up the light output. And if the supplier can provide more than CRI 90, it’s excellent. However, LEDYi has LED strips with high CRI, Ra>90 / Ra>95. We also offer you customizable options!

IP Rating

The level of protection or the ability of the LED strips to resist dust, dirt, moisture, and water is measured in IP. This term stands for ‘Ingress Progress .’It defines the degree of protection against solid and liquid ingress. When you select a supplier for LED strips, let the supplier know your required IP rating. Different applications have varying IP needs. LED strip light with a low IP rating is suitable for indoor usage. Again, for outdoor applications, you will require a higher IP rating. This is because outdoors, the fixture has to face adverse climate conditions like rain, storm, wind, dust, etc. In case you don’t know your IP requirements, you can ask the supplier for recommendations. But the best solution is to read this article-IP Rating: The Definitive Guide. Here I have covered all about IP rating and recommended IP levels for various indoor and outdoor applications. Yet, I’m adding an IP rating chart for your convenience- 

IP RatingAppropriate Environment
IP20 & IP40Indoors(relatively neutral environment)
IP54Indoor(partial dust and water resistant)
IP65Outdoor(tight-dust protected, can withstand rain) 
IP67 & IP68Outdoor(can submerge in water; ideal for the pool or fountain lighting)

LED Density

LED density indicates the number of LEDs per meter of the strip. The higher the LED density, the more even the lighting output. LED strips with lower density create hotspots that don’t give smooth lighting. So, check the available density ranges the supplier can offer. Besides, it would be excellent if the manufacturer could provide you with a customizable LED density. In this case, LEDYi is your ultimate solution. We can offer ready-made LED strips for different LED densities from 30LEDs/m to 720LEDs/m, along with customization facilities. Or you can use dotless COB led strip.

Other Factors

There are some more factors that you should research to get an idea about the light output of LED strips. These are-

  • LED chip size/SMD: The four-digit number in the LED strips indicates the dimension of the LED strip. You should check the available options they can offer. This article will help to learn more about LED chip sizes- Numbers and LEDs: What Do 2835, 3528, and 5050 Mean?

  • PCB: The color and width of the Printed Circuit Board or PCB is another consideration for LED strips. To know more about this topic, go through this topic- Everything You Should Know About FPCB. However, LEDYi offers you white, black, and yellow PCB of different sizes. We can also get your company logo printed on the PCB for free of cost!

  • Adhesive Tape: LED strip has an adhesive backing to stick them on the surface. In this case, you should gather information about their tape quality. We can offer you original 3M tape, 9080A, 9448, 9495, VHB, etc., with LED strips. To better understand adhesive tapes, check this article- How to Choose The Right Adhesive Tapes For LED Strip

  • Length: Usually, LED strips come in a standard size of 5 meters per reel. But when you are importing LED strips, you may require bulk quantities. In this case, check their available length options; this guide will assist you- LED Strip Length: How Long Can They Actually Be? LEDYi can offer you long LED strip lengths for up to 60 meters per reel. We offer customized length options too! 

  • Voltage: 12V and 24V is the regular voltage rating for LED strips. But there are many other options like- 5Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc, and more. Besides, high-voltage AC LED strips can go up to 240V. Many manufacturing LED strip companies also offer customizable voltage ratings to meet your requirements, such as LEDYi. However, in choosing the voltage rating for your trip, you should consider voltage drop facts.

Besides, you should also gather information related to power consumption, wire, label, and packaging of the LED strips.

Test On LED Strip 

Before selecting any LED supplier, you must research the test the LED strips go through. A professional LED strip company puts its products under several tests to ensure quality. Here are some tests on the LED strips that you should look for-

  • UV Weathering Test Box

LED strips go through a UV weathering test box to examine their resistance against UV exposure. This test is done to check if the LED strip is fit to use in a real environment facing continuous UV exposure/sunlight effect. Manufacturers ensure LED strips’ resistance to degradation, color fading, and performance decline by subjecting them to this test. 

  • TempHumi Test Chamber

In outdoor conditions, LED strips have to go through different weather conditions like- extremely hot or cold temperatures, rain, moisture, etc. And to ensure LED strips’ resistance against these unfavorable conditions  TempHumi test is essential. In this test, LED strips are placed in a controlled temperature and humidity chamber. A wide range of temperature and humidity levels is set in the room to check the resistance level of the lights. A LED strip that passes this TempHumi test ensures its higher resistance level in rough weather conditions. 

  • IPX8 Flooding Pressure Test

The IPX8 flooding pressure machine is used to test the water resistance of the LED strip. According to the IPX8 rating, a LED strip should be able to resist water beyond 1-meter depth. To ensure the LED strip’s resistance level, a test machine chamber is filled with a specific amount of water, and pressure is created on it. The LED strip is set in this box to check the resistance level. So, if you are looking for waterproof LED strips, you must ensure the LED strip has gone through this test. 

  • Salt Spray Chamber

To check the resistance level of LED strips against corrosion, manufacturers place LED strips under a salt spray chamber. In this enclosure, a salt solution is sprayed over the light fixture. And the corrosive action of the salt mist is observed to examine the resistance level of the LED strip. If you reside in any area at higher risk of corrosion, consider this test before choosing any LED strip supplier. 

  • IPX3-6 Integrated Waterproof Test Chamber

IPX3-6 integrated test ensures LED strips’ resistance to liquid ingress. Each of these levels has unique test requirements. Below I have added a chart with the IPX3-6 test description- 

IP RatingTest Description
IPX3Water spray (with a spray nozzle or oscillation tube) up to 60 degrees from the vertical direction
For Spray Nozzle:Test duration: 1 min/sq.m for at least 5 minWater volume: 10 liter/minPressure: 50 -150 kPa
For Oscillating Tube:Test duration: 10 minWater volume: 0.07 liter/min
IPX4Water splashing (with a no-shield spray nozzle or an oscillating fixture) from any direction.
For Spray Nozzle without shield:Test duration: 1 min/sq.m for at least 5 min
For Oscillating Tube:Test duration: 10 min
IPX5Water projection (with a 6.3mm nozzle) from any direction
Test duration: 1 min/sq.m for at least 3 minutes. Water volume: 12.5 liters/minPressure: 30 kPa at a distance of 3 meters
IPX6Strong jets of water (12.5 mm) directed from any angle
Test duration:1 min/sq.m for at least 3 minutesWater volume: 100 liters/min Pressure: 100 kPa at a distance of 3 meters

  • Microcomputer Tensile Testing Machine

Microcomputer tensile machine measures the strength and elasticity of materials of an LED strip. This testing apparatus comprises a set-up with firmly fastened LED strips. The machine pulls the strip, applying force until it breaks down. The device keeps track of this applied force and the reaction of the LED strip throughout the procedure. Thus, you can understand its resistance level against mechanical forces.

  • Arm Drop Test Machine

The arm drop test is a part of the IK rating test. It determines the resistance level of the LED strip against impact. In this test, the LED strips are fixed to a certain height and allowed to fall at a surface. Manufacturers do this test to check the robustness of the fixture. To know more about such tests, check the IK Rating: The Definitive Guide article.

  • Transportation Vibration-Testing

LED strips are transported from one corner of the world to the other. This testing is essential to ensure the fixtures function appropriately in these journeys. In this test, the LED strips undergo an artificial vibration/movement test mimicking the uneven road and transportation. So, when purchasing LED strips from any supplier, ensure their products are vibration tested. This will assure you about receiving the products in good condition. 


When it comes to reliability, you must check the certifications. A trusted manufacturer always shows the certification of his product to the customers. Here I have listed some crucial certifications that every LED strip manufacturer should have- 

  • CE-EMC: The CE-EMC certificate ensures the electromagnetic compatibility of devices as per the European Union (EU) rule. LED strips should also have this certification to confirm safe use. By purchasing fixtures with a CE-EMC certificate, you can be sure that the strips will not cause interference with nearby devices. Besides, it also assures that the LED strips can withstand electromagnetic disturbances and are safe to use around other electronic devices.

  • CE-LVD: LED strips with CE-LVD certification follow the voltage regulation by the EU. It is a mandatory certification to consider before purchasing any LED strip. This ensures that the LED strips have undergone several tests related to insulation, protection against electric shock, proper labeling, and safe use.

  • RoHS: RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. LED strips with this certification ensure their environmental friendliness. These lights are free from any toxic compounds like- Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), etc. 

  • ETL: ETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories. Any LED strip with this certification ensures all safety regulations in North America. This indicates that the LED strips meet electrical safety standards or other safety concerns. And these lights are suitable to sell in North America.

  • CB: CB (Certification Body) certification ensures that LED strips comply with international safety standards. A CB-certified LED strip ensures they have undergone testing and meet necessary safety requirements. Thus, it allows easier market access and acceptance of LED strips in multiple countries. 

  • LM80: LM80 is not a certification but a standardized test method by the IESNA. It measures the lumen depreciation of LED packages over time. This data helps assess the long-term performance and reliability of LED chips used in LED strips.

Step-5: Contact The Manufacturer 

Once you have enlisted some LED strip manufacturers, it’s time to contact them. But how to reach the company? Very simple; you will find all the contact information on their official website. Every LED strip website has a ‘Contact.’ Clicking on this button, you will find all available contacting mediums. It includes an office address for face-to-face meetings, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, and a direct messaging box. Besides these options, you will also find some links to social media accounts for easy contact. If you find emailing a hassle, click these buttons to reach out to the manufacturer on popular social sites like- Linkedin, WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook

ledyi contact page

Now, you know the medium of contacting the LED manufacturer. But what to write or how to ask about their company? No worries; I am adding a sample email, following which you can approach the manufacturer-

This is Kate; from XX Ltd. For more than 30 years, we have been developing innovative LED Strip lighting products and linear LED solutions. We have worked with various LED strip providers, but we currently need to find a new one to meet the demand of our business.
We are curious about your business and are willing to know if you can meet our standards.  
We have a lot of business to offer, so please tell us more about your organization/send your company’s portfolio. 
Your questions:—-
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks and regards, Kate 

You can change the pattern of the email based on what you want to know or approach. But don’t make the email too long; keep it simple and direct. 

Step-6: Questions To Ask

Here are some common questions to ask the LED strip manufacturer before ordering- 

Number Of Employ & Production Capacity 

This will help you to get an idea of the company’s labor and maxim production capacity. Thus, you can decide if it can meet your requirements for bulk quantity.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity? 

Knowing the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is essential when you go for bulk production. It will assist you in deciding whether the manufacturer MOQ matches your order quantity or need to go for alternative options. To best serve the demands of your project, LEDYi provides flexible minimum order amounts. Our low minimum order quantities (starting at 10m) give you the greatest degree of flexibility to test the product before bulk order.

Is There Any Customization Option?

Customization is a crucial factor to consider when choosing any LED manufacturer for bulk quantity. This enables you to customize the LED strips to meet your requirements. So, ask them if they have any customization facilities. And if yes, then on what extension do they provide this facility? However, when it comes to customization, no one can beat LEDYi. We have a professional R&D team of 15 members. With this expert team, we offer you ODM and OEM facilities with extensive customization, including-

  • LED strip length
  • PCB wide
  • CCT and color
  • Company logo print on PCB
  • Voltage
  • Power consumption
  • IP rating, and more. 

How Do You Package the LED Strips?

Queries about packaging are essential to ensure you receive the product intact. The shipping procedure goes through ups and downs. And to keep the product properly protected in this transportation period, proper packaging is a must. Consider backing the LED strips in an anti-static bag or box to ensure product safety. 

Are Any Free Sample Offering Option Available? 

Asking about free sample offerings can be beneficial if you want to evaluate the quality of the LEDs before making a bulk purchase. A free sample of LED strips will minimize the risk of investing in the wrong product. If you want a free sample, contact LEDYi!

What Test Reports Can You Provide?

The quality of the LED strips can be ensured through their test reports. Professional LED strip manufacturers always keep their reports in hand to show to customers. Here are some test reports that you should ask the supplier- 

What Materials Are The LEDs and PCBs Made Of?

Know what types of semiconductors are used in LED chips. You should also quarry about the environmental impact on the used elements in manufacturing. Besides, consider Cu lead frame packing, 99.99% gold wiring, and phosphor coating on the strips to eliminate UV damage. Having an idea about these factors will help you to match the product with industrial standards. 

Do They Sell Other Essentials With LED Strips? 

LED strip lights need other materials/devices to install and operate. It is best to collect all the essentials from a single supplier. This will save you time in managing the shipping and provide you with devices compatible with the LED strips. Here are some essentials that you should look at if the manufacturer can supply them – 

  1. LED Controller LED strips come with different types of LED controllers; for example- wireless controllers, DMX512, Triac, DALI, and 0/1-10V. These devices allow you to adjust the lighting output of the strips. To learn more about LED controllers, read this article- LED Controller: A Comprehensive Guide.  Check- Top LED Controller Manufacturer List in China (2023) for China’s best LED controller manufacturer.

  1. LED Driver The LED driver supplies power to the LED chips. This device also protects the LEDs from changing current and voltage. To know more about LED drivers, check this article- A Complete Guide to LED Drivers.  Check- Top LED Driver Brand Manufacturer List (2023) to get in contact with the best LED driver products in China. 

  1. LED Aluminum Profile These are often inserted in aluminum channels to make your LED strip’s lighting more even and smooth. These work as a protective cover for the strips. Besides, these are used for designing requirements too. 

  1. LED Strip Connector You can join multiple LED strips using LED strip connectors. This is your savior when you accidentally shorten the length too much. 

What Are Your Payment Terms? 

You should discuss the payment process before placing any order. This helps you to manage the budget and ensure a successful transaction. Ask the manufacturer about the upfront cost, payment medium, and available installment system. Having this information will help you to proceed with your purchasing decision. 

How Long Will It Take To Prepare The Order? 

Ask the manufacturer how long they will require to supply your required quantity. Check if the duration matches your plan. If yes, ensure they are strict about their deadline. Besides, you can also request a definite period for finishing production lines.

Warranty Terms and Refund Policies

Every professional LED manufacturer has some warranty policies. Usually, they give you a warranty of three to five months. In this case, responsiveness is a big factor to consider. But you need not worry with LEDYi; we have a customer-first, 12 hours response policy. If you face any issues with our product, we assure you to solve them within seven days!

Step-7: Confirm Price & Request For Sample 

You should ask about the regular pricing of the LED strip manufacturers. If possible, ask if there are any discounts on bulk orders; and never miss to go for a negotiation to grab the best deal. After confirming the pricing, request a sample. Some manufacturers may have a free sample policy; some may not. It is best to request samples from at least 3 to 5 companies to compare the product. This will help you to pick the best option. 

Step-8: Test The Sample

Once you receive the sample, here are some tests to do to confirm their quality-

  1. Spectrum Test

You can examine the lighting output of the received LED strips using an integrated sphere. Include lumens ratings, CCT, CCT consistency, and CRI in your test. Match the result with the claims of the supplier. 

  1. Voltage Drop Test 

For this test, you’ll need a voltage tester connected to a DC power source. Request samples of the same kind of goods from many suppliers. For instance, you can decide to ask each of your chosen suppliers for a 24V 9.6W 8MM 120LED/M. Check the tail voltage of several strips and confirm that the power voltage is 24 volts. A thicker copper PCB with less internal resistance will drop less voltage. The PCB dissipates power and heats more effectively because of its thickness.

  1. Excess Voltage Resist Test

You can do an excess voltage test to determine how long the LED strips can withstand high voltage. For instance, you got a 24V LED strip; pass 30V in it and see how long it can operate. The strips that can operate longer are made of the best materials. 

  1. IP Rating Test 

The sample LED strips will claim a specific IP rating. Based on that, conduct a water resistance test accordingly. For instance, if the LED strips are IPX8 rated, insert them in 1m water and see if they work. In this way, you can check whether it meets its claim or not. 

Step-9: Visit The Factory Or Do A Live Video Call

After doing all the tests, list out one/two samples to proceed to the next step. Visiting the factory may not always be possible. In this case, you can do a video call to see the factory’s environment and production lines live. This will help you know more about the company and build a strong relationship with the manufacturer. Communication is a big factor in doing any business. So, when doing video calls, see their communication skills. This will help for future business relationships. 

Step-10: Discuss The Shipping Method & Finalize The Order 

There are many shipping options considering the location, delivery duration, and pricing. These methods include-  

  • Rail Freight
    Available only for the countries connected with China via land.
    Time of delivery: 15-35 days

  • Sea Freight
    No limit on weight
    Takes more time to deliver; order at least a month before the delivery date 

  • Express Shipping
    Prices are generally much higher than sea and train freight
    Popular medium: DHL, DB Schenker, UPS, and FedEx
    Time of delivery: 3-7 days

Besides these shipping methods, you should also discuss the shipping terms and conditions or International Commerce Terms. the standard Incoterms for China include the following-

  • FOB (Freight on Board/ Free on Board)
  • EXW (ExWorks)
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight)

To know more about these policies, check this guide- How To Import LED Lights From China.

Common Mistakes When Sourcing LED Strip Lights 

Color and type are essential factors you never miss while ordering LED strips. But there are some factors you may ignore when sourcing LED strips. This can later impact the lighting output of the strips. Here are the factors- 

  1. Not emphasizing lumen ratings

Lumen ratings are often missed by the business while ordering bulk quantities. But lumen values are necessary to measure the brightness and intensity of the LED strips. If you want to know more about these ratings, this article will help you- Candela vs. Lux vs. Lumens.

  1. Not considering color consistency

LED BIN or MacAdam Ellipse is a crucial factor in maintaining the color consistency of LED strips. For example, the 3-step MacAdam Ellipse provides a high level of color constancy. This creates color variations that are undetectable to the human eye. LEDYi, sells LED strip lights that feature a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse, ensuring outstanding color uniformity over the whole strip. Our customers will receive consistent and aesthetically beautiful illumination thanks to our dedication to quality.

  1. Not considering cutting length

Cutting length of LED strips determines the minimum length to size the strips. Smaller the cutting length and more flexible sizing it provides.  

  1. LED voltage, density, and CRI ratings

You should choose LED strips that are compatible with your power supply. For instance, for a 12V power supply, a LED strip with the same volt rating is essential. The density of the LED strips is often missed out. But it can greatly enhance the light effect. More dense LED provides an even and smooth light flow. Again when it comes to color accuracy, always consider a higher CRI rating. 

  1. Not sharing the application/usage

Another common mistake that you may make while sourcing LED strips is not sharing their application. Different applications have different lighting requirements, i.e., voltage, power consumption, IP rating, etc. If you share the application of the strip, LED strip manufacturers will produce the product keeping the operating environment in mind. 

However, there are some more facts that you may miss out on in sourcing LED strips. You will find them in this article- Are You Making These Common Mistakes When Sourcing LED Strip Lights?

Top 5 LED Strip Manufacturer In China

There are lots of LED manufacturing companies in China. But are all of them equally reliable? The answer is a big No. On the website, all of the companies portray them as the best. But in a real sense, the scenario may be different. So, here I brought you the five best-LED strip light manufacturers in China. You can pick any of these to get your desired lighting solution- 

1. LEDYi

ledyi home page

LEDYi is one of the leading manufacturing companies in China, producing high-quality LED strips and LED neon lights. Being founded in 2010, we now have more than 100 employees working with perfection to bring the best quality to our customers. We have four lines o full automatic SMT workshop, six Soldering groups, ten Aging tests, and two packaging lines. Besides, we have a monthly production capacity of 1,500,000Mt. We also offer ODM, OEM, and customization facilities. In the last ten years, we have served 200+ companies from 30+ countries. So, if you want to edit your company on this list, contact us soon!

2. RC Lighting 

rc lighting

RC Lighting is a leading company in manufacturing good quality LED strip lights. However, they are not limited to LED strip lights. Instead, they manufacture and supply a wide range of LED products, including LED downlights, track lights, wall washers, and many more. They also offer customizable OEM and ODM facilities on LED strip lights. You can consult them to get the ideal lighting for your project. Besides, all their products are ISO9001 certified, ensuring the lighting products’ premium quality.

3. Maxblue Lighting

maxblue lighting

Maxblue Lighting is a LED manufacturing company specializing in indoor and commercial LED decorations. The main strength of this lighting company is its organized production and marketing system. They own their manufacturing, marketing, and R&D department. Besides LED strips, they manufacture – LED COB lights, LED panel lights, LED track lights, LED wall washers, etc. However, all these products are certified SO9001: 2008, guaranteeing service quality. 

4. ATA Technology 

ata technology

ATA Technology specializes in R&D, engineering, and marketing of a wide range of LED products. They have a vast production factory of 10,000 square meter area. This extensive production unit is professionally managed by a highly experienced team of 200-300 staff. They have earned a considerable reputation for accomplishing projects throughout America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

5. MSS LED Lighting

mss led lighting

MSS LED Lighting is a high-tech firm specializing in manufacturing LED solutions. They have reached their products worldwide, including- the USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, etc. Plus, they offer you customization facilities like all other reputed brands. Their highly skilled team can bring you your desired lighting requirements.


Currently, the import duty for LED lights from China is 20 percent. MCPCBs and other drivers and switches used in producing LED lights are subject to a 10% customs duty (according to the Union Budget of 2021).

The permit requirements for importing LED strips from China vary by country. Some countries may require specific permits or certifications to import electrical products, while others may not. For example, importing LED lights into the US requires no special license or permit. LED strips that follow regulations by FDA and FCC, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) are qualified to import into the USA. Additionally, your items may need to comply with Underwriter Laboratories (UL) requirements. However, for importing in Europe, LED strips must follow the European Union (EU) regulations.

You can easily find Chinese LED strip lights on Amazon or eBay. Many Chinese brands sell their products on these platforms. However, research the ratings and reviews before ordering LED strips from these marketplaces. And, of course, be sure about the authenticity of the brand.

Ask the manufacturer about its IP rating to purchase waterproof LED strips. To confirm the ratings, request them to provide IP rating test reports. Some essential tests to consider for IP rating include- IPX8 flooding pressure and IPX3-6 Integrated Waterproof Test.

China is well known for its growing LED industry. However, all LED lights from China are not safe. Some manufacturers use cheap materials which overheat the lamps quickly. This eventually shortens the LED lifespan. Always research and purchase LED strips from well-known brands to avoid such a situation.

The lifespan of LED strip lights depends on their quality and usage. On average, a good quality LED strip can last 50,000 hours, just like other LED lighting. But if properly maintained, they can last longer.

The Bottom Line

You can import LED strips from any part of the world. But as China has a vast LED industry, you will find tons of LED strip manufacturers. In this case, finding a professional supplier becomes challenging. Yet, if you follow the steps discussed above, you can find a reliable brand for your project. 

However, LEDYi is a brilliant option if you want the best quality LED strip lights. All our LED strip variants are well-packed and go through laboratory tests. We offer our customers extended customization facilities and a three to five years warranty policy on LED strips. Besides, our LED strips have all the necessary certifications to export worldwide. So, contact us ASAP for a free sample request! 

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