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Modular LED linear bar

Modular LED linear light

Fast connected LED linear light module for indoor linear auxiliary lighting, widely used in jewelry cabinets ,supermarket shelves ,commodity display cabinets, indoor furniture and others.

  1. Modularized ultra-thin and narrow linear light.
  2. Fast connection without dark area ,no soldering.
  3. Super long 6M connection, no brightness attenuation.
  4. Can provide a variety of lengths, corners and accessories.
  5. A variety of installation methods ,including fixed clips, magnetic fixed
    clips and angle fixed clips.

Modular UVC germicidal LED linear light

LED UVC germicidal lamp can be used for daily disinfection of wardrobes, cabinets, jewelry showcases, supermarket shelves, etc. The whole lamp adopts UVA + UVC. LED light source kills bacteria up to 99.9%, and is compatible with the LED modularized linear light to achieve the the integration of lighting and disinfection.

  1. Modularized ultra-thin and ultra-narrow design, quick soldering-free connection between the sterilization lamp and the lighting lamp to realize the integration of lighting and disinfection;
  2. The UVA + UVC LED light source can efficiently kill germs, and the killing rate of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans can reach 99.9%;
  3. Various installation methods, including fixed base and magnetic fixation;
  4. Can be quickly connected with a variety of the lighting modules to meet the requirements of personalized lighting sterilization.

Installation video

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