LED Controller

Wireless | DMX512 | Triac | DALI | 0/1-10V

LED strip lights are becoming more and more popular due to their convenient and straightforward installation. If you just need to light up the LED strip, you only need the LED power supply. If you want to change the color of the LED strip, then the LED controller is essential. Light strips are classified by channel and are divided into mono-color led strips, color temperature led strips, RGB led strips, RGBW led strips, and RGB+CCT led strips. If you need to control the mono-color led strip and change the brightness of the mono-color led strip, you can use the Dim LED Controller. If you need to control the tunable white led strip and change the tunable white led strip’s color temperature, you can use the CCT LED Controller. If you need to control the RGB led strip and let the color of the RGB led strip change, you can use the RGB LED Controller. If you need to control the RGBW light strip and let the color of the RGBW led strip change, you can use the RGBW LED Controller. If you need to control the RGB+CCT led strip and let the color of the RGB+CCT led strip change, you can use the RGB+CCT LED Controller.

LED controller is also called LED receiver. The LED Receiver is the receiving end of the remote, which is used to convert the signal (typically RF, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.) and translate that into PWM signals the LED needs to dim or change colors.

Wireless RF/WiFi System

RF system is the smart home lighting solution and wireless LED controller system, including the handheld RF remote, wall-mounted PWM controller & RF remote, and 1-5 channel PWM receiver. The RF system can control single color, dual color, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT LED lighting to create static colors or dynamic color-changing modes.

The RF system is a perfect wireless home automation system that enables to control multi zones by one remote with unlimited
receivers in each zone and achieves ideal synchronization. Each receiver can be controlled by10 remotes. The control range
is up to 30m.

The receivers can be WiFi controlled via an APP installed on IOS or Android devices while working with a WiFi-Relay controller, achieving static color adjust, dynamic mode play, scene memory, and timing run function.

Connect Various RF Systems

Our WIFI-Relay(Wi-Fi Hub) allows you to connect with various RF systems, including led controllers, LED dimmable drivers, smart lights,0-10V, and Triac dimmers.

Wireless Group Control In Multiple Zones

Multiple LED lights with LED controllers can be group controlled by one remote simultaneously. Press one single zone button to select one or multiple lights in one room. Remotes can have 1-8 zone buttons depending on the series. Even more, you can select up to 16 different zones in the SkySmart App on your phone through the Wifi-Relay converter.

RF Dimming LED Control System

PWM dimming is used for dimming low-voltage LED strips, that is, a fast constant voltage switching with Hundreds and thousands of frequency to change the brightness output by adjusting the on and off time ratio.
For example, with a frequency of 500 Hz and a brightness output of 25%, the switch is 500 times per second, and each switch takes two milliseconds. The on-time is 0.5 milliseconds, and the off time is 1.5 milliseconds.
The brightness value data is obtained through RF remote control, knob or touch button, AC self-reset switch, etc., mode.
It is recommended that the total power of the low-voltage LED strip is less than 80% of the control of the constant voltage power supply.

PWM Frequency Selection

If the PWM frequency exceeds 200Hz, the human eye will not see the light flicker.
The higher the PWM frequency, the smaller the flicker when shooting with the camera, but the noise of the switching power supply will be higher, and the higher the controller heating, the output current needs to be reduced.
Please choose 250Hz PWM frequency when low noise of switching power supply is required.
Please choose 2000Hz PWM frequency on the occasions that require a good camera shooting effect.
When required, please choose 8000Hz PWM frequency is higher such as in a studio. Generally, 500 or 750Hz PWM frequency is used.

Dimming curve selection

The dimming curve is divided into linear dimming and logarithmic dimming.

Linear dimming: The brightness is proportional to the PWM switch output. That is when the brightness is 50%, the turn-on and turn-off time are each half, and the Gamma curve value is 1.0.

Logarithmic dimming: A logarithmic curve is a relationship between brightness and PWM switch output. The ratio of turn-on time is calculated according to the formula, and the Gamma curve value is 0.1-9.9. The brightness characteristics of LED lap beads are not linear. If dimming is performed linearly when dimming is in the range of 0-100%, Visually, the brightness change is uneven, the low-brightness area changes significantly, and the high-brightness area changes little. Therefore, a logarithmic curve is often used to ensure uniform brightness changes.

DIM - RF LED Controller

Constant voltage dimming LED controller series includes RF controller, panel controller, sensor dimmer, and Triac dimmer.
With DC12 / 24 / 36 / 48V constant voltage led power supply, 1 / 4-way PWM constant voltage output, output connected to low-voltage LED strip lights, using RF remote control, push switch, touch button, knob, digital tube key, Triac dimming ways. It can achieve 256 levels of 0-100% smooth and accurate dimming.

Specification Name Download
Single Color LED Controller - V1
Single Color LED Dimmer V1-H
Single Color LED Controller V1-H/P
Rotary LED Dimmer V1-K
4 Knob 4 Channel Dimming LED RF Controller V1-KF
Single Color LED Controller V1-L
Single Color LED Controller V1-L/P
Single Color LED Controller V1-T

DIM - Panel Controller

Specification Name Download
Rotary Panel LED Dimmer KV
Wall Mounted Touch Panel T1,T2,T3,T4
Wall Mounted Touch Panel T1-1, T2-1, T3-1, T4-1
Wall Mounted Rotary Panel T1-K, T2-K, T3-K

DIM - RF LED Remote Control

Dimming remote control series includes handy and wall panel remote controls divided into a single zone,
zone 2, zone 4, and Zone 8, with batteries, AC100-240V, DC12-24V power supply ways. It adopts wireless 2.4G signal
transmission technology. It can be used for single color LED lights to realize the functions of turn on/off, brightness adjustment,
group partition, and scene application. The remote control distance is 30 meters.