LY8808B Addressable LED Strip

What is LY8808B Addressable LED Strip?

LY8808B Addressable LED Strip is a famous addressable RGB LED strip with built-in IC for creating dynamic, multi-colored patterns and effects. Featuring dual-signal wires for continuous operation even if one LED fails, each LED is independently controllable for high-density displays. It allows cutting and reconnection for versatile installation.

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LY8808B-5050RGB LED Specification

LY8808B RGB SPI Addressable LED Strip Specification

Features of LY8808B Addressable LED Strip

  • Programmability & Compatibility: Equipped with the LY8808B IC, it is fully programmable and compatible with GS8208/WS2815 protocols, allowing for intricate control over lighting effects.

  • Individual Addressability: Each LED can be independently managed, enabling the creation of complex and dynamic color patterns with precision and flexibility.

  • Efficient Power Usage: Operates on a DC12V input, ensuring long runs without experiencing voltage drops, making it ideal for extensive installations.

  • Dynamic Effects: Capable of producing multiple dynamic color-chasing effects, it brings vibrancy and movement to any setting.

  • Simple Installation: Backed with 3M adhesive tape, installation is straightforward, allowing the strip to be securely mounted on various surfaces without additional tools.

  • Reliability: Features dual signal lines with breakpoint continuous transmission, ensuring that damage to one LED does not halt the operation of others.

  • LED Density Variability: Offers a wide range of LED densities, from 30 to 144 LEDs per meter, catering to different requirements for brightness and resolution.

  • Environmental Adaptability: Comes in multiple waterproof grades (IP20, IP52, IP65, IP67), making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, thus broadening its usage across various environments.

Technical Parameters of LY8808B Addressable LED Strip

Part Number Pixel/M LEDs/M PCB Width Voltage Power (W/M) LM/M Cut Length
LY30-P30-8808B-5050RGB-W12 30 30 10mm 12V 4 150 33.33mm
LY48-P48-8808B-5050RGB-W12 48 48 10mm 12V 6.4 240 20.83mm
LY60-P60-8808B-5050RGB-W12 60 60 10mm 12V 8 300 16.66mm
LY72-P72-8808B-5050RGB-W12 72 72 10mm 12V 9.6 360 13.88mm
LY96-P96-8808B-5050RGB-W12 96 96 10mm 12V 12.7 480 10.41mm
LY144-P144-8808B-5050RGB-W12 144 144 12mm 12V 19 720 6.94mm

Applications of LY8808B Addressable LED Strip

  • Residential Enhancements: Elevating the mood in living spaces, beneath kitchen units, alongside steps, and encircling windows with adaptable color options.

  • Business Displays: Producing vivid, attention-grabbing signage for commercial use, including shop fronts, showcases, and marketing materials.

  • Festivities and Event Illumination: Introducing lively, colorful lights to celebrations, matrimonial ceremonies, music events, and various gatherings for an enhanced celebratory feel.

  • Architectural Highlights: Illuminating the interior and exterior aspects of buildings with customized lighting solutions.

  • Fashionable Tech Wear: Embedding in outfits, garments, and accessories for innovative, light-up fashion pieces.

  • Vehicle Aesthetics: Improving the look of cars with lighting beneath the vehicle, inside the cabin, and on the dashboard.

  • Artistic Interactivity: Developing art pieces and installations that change lighting based on movement or environmental factors.

  • Gaming and Workspace Lighting: Enhancing gaming setups and workstations with personalized, ambiance-boosting lights.

  • Seasonal Displays: Crafting tailored light shows for festive seasons like Christmas, Halloween, and more.

  • Learning through LEDs: Utilizing LED technology for educational purposes in teaching concepts of electronics, coding, and design in a practical manner.

Installation Guide of LY8808B Addressable LED Strip

The Setup Manual for the LY8808B LED Strip is designed to guide you seamlessly through the installation process, ensuring that your lighting project, whether it’s aimed at enhancing home decor, boosting commercial visibility, or fueling artistic projects, achieves its full potential. This manual will walk you through the steps for an efficient installation, from wiring connections to programming, enabling your dynamic lighting concepts to come to life.

Wiring Diagrams of LY8808B Addressable LED Strip

Proper connection is crucial for the effective operation and safety of your LY8808B LED Strip setup. In the following section, we provide a detailed diagram illustrating the correct method to wire your LY8808B LED Strip, highlighting how to link it to the power source and manage the data signal flow. Adhering closely to these diagrams will guarantee that your LED lighting operates flawlessly and has an extended lifespan. For individuals interested in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of wiring various LED strip models, including the LY8808B, and in search of intricate diagrams, the article “How to Wire LED Strip Lights (Diagram Included)” offers an informative overview.

spi addressable led strip with data wire only connection diagram

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your LY8808B LED Strip, the following troubleshooting guidelines can assist in pinpointing and correcting prevalent issues:

  • Power Supply Check: Confirm that your power source meets the voltage and current specifications of your LED strip. Inadequate power can lead to reduced brightness or uneven illumination.

  • Wiring Review: Examine all wiring connections for firmness and accuracy, ensuring they align with the strip’s designated power, ground, and data inputs.

  • Signal Direction Confirmation: LY8808B LEDs require the data signal to flow in a specific direction. Make sure the signal is directed from the controller to the strip’s input end, typically marked by an arrow.

  • Faulty LED Identification: A malfunctioning LED might disrupt the sequence of LEDs that follow. If a portion of the strip is unlit, attempt bypassing the preceding operational LED to determine if the problem is resolved.

  • Data Signal Integrity: Over long distances or without proper termination, the data signal might degrade. Utilize signal amplifiers or repeaters for extended runs and terminate the strip correctly if needed.

  • Power Injection Strategies: To combat voltage drop in strips exceeding 5 meters, introduce power at both ends or periodically along the strip. For additional insights, please consult resources on how to effectively inject power into LED strips.

  • Controller Setup: Ensure the controller is aptly configured for LY8808B strips, with accurate IC type, RGB sequence, and LED count settings. Incorrect configurations can lead to improper lighting effects or colors.

  • Software and Firmware Upgrades: Keep programmable controllers or related software up to date. Occasionally, glitches in software can interfere with LED functionality.

  • Environmental Considerations: For strips in outdoor settings or exposed to potential damage, check for moisture ingress or physical harm. Opt for strips with suitable IP ratings for these environments.

  • System Reset: As a last resort, power down, wait briefly, then power up again to potentially reset the LEDs and address any temporary glitches.

Following these systematic troubleshooting steps should help address and rectify most issues encountered with LY8808B LED Strips, ensuring consistent and effective lighting performance. For further assistance, refer to guides on troubleshooting LED strip challenges.

Setting LY8808B LED Strip Controller

Proper configuration of the LY8808B LED Strip Controller is essential for unlocking the full potential of your lighting effects. This involves a series of steps to ensure your LED strip is connected accurately, the controller is set to match the specific integrated circuit (IC) of your strip, the RGB color order is correctly defined, the total number of LEDs is inputted, and finally, selecting the desired pattern for illumination. Each phase is critical for the optimal performance of your LED strip, enabling personalized lighting themes for any ambiance or event. Follow these instructions for an effortless controller configuration and to maximize the expressive, colorful capabilities of your LY8808B LED strip.

  • Initial Connection: Attach the LY8808B LED strip to both the controller and the power supply following the guidance provided in the wiring diagram. It’s important to align the signal flow correctly from the strip to the controller.

  • IC Type Selection: Use the controller interface to choose the GS8208 or WS2815 as your IC type to ensure compatibility.

  • RGB Order Setting: Adjust the RGB sequence through the controller to match your specific color preferences.

  • Pixel Count Configuration: Enter the total LED count on your strip into the controller to accurately control the entire length.

  • Pattern Selection: Opt for your preferred lighting effect or pattern to bring your LED strip to life with dynamic, engaging displays.

LY8808B RGB LED Strip

The LY8808B LED strip, with its 12V input, stands as a versatile and robust choice for various lighting projects, known for its individual LED control and wide color range. This addressable RGB LED strip integrates seamlessly with built-in ICs, facilitating the design of detailed patterns, animations, and effects:

  • Individual LED Addressability: Each LED, powered by a unique IC, can be independently controlled, enabling high-density, vivid displays. The strip is customizable, allowing cuts between LEDs for length adjustments without affecting functionality, and can be reconnected with provided connectors.

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Features dual-signal wires, ensuring continuous operation even if one LED fails, maintaining uninterrupted lighting across the strip.
  • Compatibility and Programmability: The LY8808B is programmable and compatible with the GS8208/WS2815 protocol, offering flexibility in integration and use.

  • Power Efficiency: Operates on a DC12V input, designed for long runs without experiencing voltage drop, optimizing both energy use and illumination quality.

  • Dynamic Visuals: Supports multiple dynamic color-chasing effects, adding movement and life to any space.

  • Ease of Installation: Equipped with 3M adhesive tape, the strip is ready for easy and secure installation across various surfaces.

  • Reliability: With dual signal lines, the strip ensures continuous signal transmission, enhancing the reliability of your lighting setup.

  • Variability in LED Density: Ranging from 30 to 144 LEDs per meter, it meets diverse application needs from soft ambient lighting to intense, detailed displays.

  • Versatile Waterproofing Options: Available in several waterproof grades (IP20, IP52, IP65, IP67), the strip is suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring durability against moisture and dust.

LY8808B RGB LED Strip Videos

Explore our in-depth video collection showcasing the LY8808B LED Strip, where we illuminate its complex structure and the stunning visual experiences it can create, both in its dormant state and when fully animated. These segments provide an insightful exploration into the LY8808B’s physical attributes and its ability to generate a vast array of brilliant colors and lively animations, including captivating chase effects and programmable color variations.

LY8808B LED Strip: Superior Quality Guaranteed

Our LY8808B LED Strip represents the zenith of quality control, having undergone extensive evaluations with cutting-edge lab technology. This rigorous testing certifies its superior performance, stability, and longevity. Selecting our LY8808B LED Strip means choosing a product that not only fulfills but surpasses quality and reliability standards, offering a lighting solution that is brighter, more durable, and consistently performs well in various conditions.

IES Laboratory
Integrating Sphere
Temp&Humi Test Chamber
UV Weathering Test Box
IP3-6 Intergrated Waterproof Test Chamber
Pressure Testing Machine
Salt Spray Chamber
Microcomputer Tensile Machine
Optical Image Coordinate Measuring Instrument
Arm Drop Test Machine
Transportation Vibration Testing

LY8808B LED Strip Certificates

The LY8808B LED Strip, equipped with programmable RGB capabilities, adheres to high-quality and safety benchmarks, boasting certifications like ETL, CB, CE, and ROHS. This demonstrates our dedication to delivering lighting solutions that are dependable, safe, and environmentally friendly. Perfect for both commercial and personal projects, this certified strip ensures rich, lively illumination while complying with international standards.


Why Wholesale LY8808B LED Strip In Bulk From LEDYi

Opting for LEDYi as your wholesale source for LY8808B LED Strips ensures access to top-tier quality, steadfast reliability, and adherence to global standards, underscored by our ETL, CB, CE, and ROHS certifications. Our competitive bulk pricing promotes cost-effectiveness, while our extensive customization options—including color varieties and waterproof levels—cater to a wide array of project requirements. With LEDYi, you gain superior customer service and swift delivery, positioning us as your go-to supplier for LY8808B LED Strip wholesale needs.

Certified Quality

We provide high-quality products that have been tested at every step of its making to ensure the best quality products. All our cob led strip has pass LM80, CE, RoHS test.


We have a professional R&D team of 15 member. If you have specific requirements for your project, we are always here to help you. We manufacture and customize molds that require particular dimensions and accessories.

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We offer flexible minimum order quantities to meet the real needs of your project. Our minimum order quantities start at a relatively low 10m, giving you the highest flexibility in the testing market.


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The typical lead time for orders is 2-4 weeks, depending on order size and customization requirements.

We offer a 3-year warranty on the LY8808B LED strip, covering any manufacturing defects.

Our payment terms include T/T, PayPal, and credit card, with a 30% deposit and the balance before shipment.

You can purchase our products directly through our website, contacting our sales team via email, or through authorized distributors.

Yes, we provide samples upon request to assess quality and compatibility. Shipping costs for samples may apply.

Products are shipped via DHL, FedEx, UPS, or sea freight, based on customer preference and order size.

The strips are packed in anti-static bags and rolled on reels, with outer carton packaging to ensure protection during shipping.

Our LY8808B strips are certified with ETL, CB, CE, and ROHS, ensuring compliance with international standards.

The LY8808B is an addressable RGB LED strip with built-in ICs, allowing individual control of each LED for dynamic color effects and patterns.

The standard LY8808B strip is RGB, capable of producing a wide spectrum of colors. RGBW models may be available upon request.

The LY8808B often features improved signal stability and can support longer strip lengths without signal amplification, differentiating it from models like the WS2813B or WS2815B.

Alternatives include WS2812B, WS2813B, and SK6812, each with unique features suitable for various applications.

“Better” depends on the specific requirements of your project; SK6812 includes an integrated white LED for RGBW configurations, while LY8808B offers robust signal transmission over long distances.

A 12V power supply is needed, depending on the specific LY8808B model you choose. Always ensure the power supply can handle the total current draw of your LED strip setup.

Power consumption varies by density but is generally around 8W per meter for a 60 LEDs/m strip.

LY8808B LEDs typically operate at 12V

LY8808B LEDs have a low failure rate, typically less than 0.2% under normal operating conditions.

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