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ip rating the definitive guide

IP Rating: The Definitive Guide

Manufacturers often use the term “dust resistant” or “waterproof” to describe their products’ robustness. But such statements don’t give proper justification for the extent of protection. So, to specify and

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OLED vs. LED Lighting

Proper lighting sets the mood of your living spaces, making them look lively and elegant. Choosing energy-efficient and bright lighting for your home or office are very important. But with

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Everything You Should Know About FPCB

The reason flexible printed circuits were made was to get rid of the need for rigid wiring harnesses. Flexible printed circuits are used in almost every industry because of connectivity,

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ambient lighting

Ambient Lighting: The Definitive Guide

Balancing is essential when it comes to interior lighting. And only correct lighting can emphasize the appearance of your decorations. But too many general/ambient lighting options will get you into

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