What is Addressable DMX LED Strip?

An Addressable DMX LED Strip, also known as Addressable DMX LED Tape, is a versatile and flexible circuit board populated with LEDs that can be controlled individually or in groups via the DMX512 protocol. This protocol is a globally recognized standard for digital communication networks, primarily used in stage lighting and special effects. Unlike standard LED strips that display a single color across all LEDs simultaneously, addressable LEDs on a DMX LED Strip or Tape allow for the programming of diverse colors and patterns across its length at the same time. This feature enables the creation of dynamic, customizable lighting environments suitable for a wide range of applications, from professional stage design to atmospheric architectural lighting and home decor, offering unparalleled control and flexibility in lighting design.

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Everything You Need to Know About DMX512 Control

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Features of DMX LED Strip

  • Addressable: Each LED, or a small group of LEDs, can be controlled independently. This allows for intricate lighting effects and animations since the color and brightness of each LED or group of LEDs can be individually programmed.

  • DMX512 Protocol: The DMX512 (Digital Multiplex 512) protocol is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. The “512” refers to the system’s ability to control up to 512 channels. In the context of LED strips, each channel typically controls the color (red, green, blue) intensity of an LED or a group of LEDs. The use of DMX512 enables precise control over lighting effects and integrates the LED strip into larger lighting setups that use the same protocol.

  • Signal Parallel Transmission: This feature means that the signal to each LED or group of LEDs is sent in parallel rather than in a series. If one LED or its control IC (Integrated Circuit) fails, it does not affect the operation of the others. This is crucial for reliability, especially in professional settings where consistent lighting is essential.

  • Differential Signal Transmission Mode: This refers to the method of signal transmission that enhances noise immunity and allows for longer transmission distances without signal degradation. In differential signaling, the signal is sent as a pair of inverted voltages, and the receiver interprets the signal by the difference between these voltages. This method is less susceptible to interference from other electronic devices and signal loss over long distances, making it ideal for stage and architectural lighting applications where cables might run over long distances.

Technical Parameters of DMX LED Strip

Part Number Pixel/M LEDs/M PCB Width Voltage Power (W/M) LM/M Cut Length
LY32-P32-DMX512-5050RGB-W5 32 32 12mm 5V 9.2 239 31.25mm
LY30-P10-DMX512-5050RGB-W12 10 30 12mm 12V 6.9 179 100mm
LY60-P20-DMX512-5050RGB-W12 20 60 12mm 12V 13.8 359 50mm
LY60-P10-DMX512-5050RGB-W24 10 60 12mm 24V 13.8 359 100mm
LY72-P12-DMX512-5050RGB-W24 12 72 12mm 24V 16.5 429 83.33mm
LY60-P10-DMX512-5050RGBW-W24 10 60 12mm 24V 18 702 100mm

Applications of DMX LED Tape

  • Stage Lighting: Enhancing live performances with dynamic, programmable lighting effects.

  • Architectural Lighting: Accentuating architectural features and landscapes with customizable color schemes.

  • Event and Party Decor: Creating atmospheric lighting for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

  • TV and Film Production: Offering versatile lighting options for mood setting and scene illumination.

  • Retail and Display Lighting: Highlighting products in store windows and display cases with eye-catching colors and patterns.

  • Art Installations: Providing artists with a flexible medium for interactive and immersive light artworks.

  • Nightclubs and Bars: Enhancing the ambiance with vibrant, rhythm-synced light shows.

  • Home Automation: Integrating into smart home systems for personalized ambient lighting.

Installation Guide of DMX LED Tape

This guide provides comprehensive instructions on setting up your DMX LED Tape, ensuring you achieve optimal performance and reliability in your lighting projects. From addressing each IC on the tape to wiring and troubleshooting, follow these steps for a seamless installation experience.

Setting DMX Addresses

Before using the DMX LED Tape, it’s essential to assign a unique DMX address to each IC on the strip. This process enables individual control over each section of the LED tape, allowing for complex lighting effects and animations. The controller used for this operation is the XB-C100. For a detailed walkthrough on how to set these addresses, please refer to this instructional video. This video will guide you through the necessary steps to properly configure your DMX LED Tape for optimal functionality.

Wiring Diagrams of DMX LED Tape

Accurate wiring is crucial for the performance and safety of your DMX LED Tape installation. In the following section, we will provide a diagram illustrating how to correctly connect your DMX LED Tape, including power supply connections and data signal routing. Proper adherence to these diagrams ensures reliable operation and longevity of your LED lighting setup. For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of how to wire various types of LED strips, including detailed diagrams, please refer to the article “How to Wire LED Strip Lights (Diagram Included)”.

Troubleshooting Tips

Even with careful installation, you may encounter issues with your DMX LED Tape. Here are some common problems and solutions to help you troubleshoot effectively:

  • LEDs Not Lighting Up: Check the power supply and connections. Ensure the tape is correctly connected to the power source and the controller.

  • Incorrect Colors: Verify the DMX addressing and ensure that the controller settings match the intended design. Incorrect addressing can lead to unexpected colors.

  • Intermittent Lighting: This could be due to loose connections or signal interference. Check all connections for tightness and ensure cables are not running alongside high-interference devices.

  • Single LED or Section Not Working: This may indicate a failed LED or IC. If the rest of the strip functions correctly, the issue is likely confined to that specific section or LED. Replacing the faulty segment may be necessary.

For any persistent issues, contact LEDYi team for further assistance.


Discover the versatility of DMX RGB LED Strips, a prime choice for creative and dynamic lighting solutions. These strips are designed to be DMX controlled, allowing for precise management of colors and effects across each pixel. Key features include:

  • LED Type: Utilizes 5050 SMD RGB LEDs, known for their brightness and color range, offering vibrant dreamcolor sequences for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Channels: Each strip operates on a 3-channel system, ideal for producing a wide spectrum of colors and dynamic effects.

  • Voltage Options: Available in 5V, 12V, and 24V configurations to suit various installation requirements and power setups.

  • Waterproof Grades: Comes in different waterproof ratings including IP20 (non-waterproof for indoor use), IP65 (splash-proof), and IP67 (fully waterproof), providing versatility for indoor and outdoor environments.

  • LED Density: Offers a range of 30 to 72 LEDs per meter, enabling a customizable lighting intensity and granularity.


Elevate your lighting projects with the advanced DMX RGBW LED Strip, designed for those seeking comprehensive control and vibrant color combinations. Key highlights include:

  • Control System: Fully compatible with DMX controllers, this strip allows for precise manipulation of lighting settings, making it a top choice for programmable and tailored light experiences.

  • LED Type: Featuring 5050 SMD RGBW LEDs, it provides a wider color palette including pure white, for both subtle ambiance and vivid dreamcolor effects suitable for various applications.

  • Channels: Operates on a 4-channel system, enabling enhanced color mixing and more detailed control over the light output.

  • Voltage Options: Our DMX LED Strips are available in 5V, 12V, and 24V options, offering flexibility for efficient power use across a wide range of professional and personal lighting setups. Choose the voltage that best suits your project’s requirements for optimal performance.

  • Waterproof Grades:

    Available in multiple waterproof ratings – IP20 for interior use, IP65 for protected outdoor use, and IP67 for full exposure to the elements, offering flexibility for installation in any environment.

  • LED Density: With 60 LEDs per meter, it strikes a balance between brightness and flexibility, catering to both detailed installations and broader ambient lighting needs.

DMX LED Strip Videos

Explore our series of overview videos showcasing DMX LED Strips, focusing on the product’s appearance both when off and in action. These videos provide a glimpse into the design, the vibrant illumination when lit, and dynamic effects like chase sequences. Perfect for those interested in seeing the physical attributes and potential lighting outcomes of DMX LED Strips before implementation.

Calculating Maximum Length of DMX LED Strip for DMX Controller

Understanding the capacity of a DMX controller to support DMX LED Strip length is essential for optimizing your lighting setup. By determining the number of pixels and corresponding DMX addresses per meter, you can effectively calculate the total length of LED strip that a single DMX Universal or an entire controller can manage.

What is a Pixel of DMX LED Strip?

In the context of DMX LED Strips, a pixel refers to an individually controllable LED or group of LEDs. The number of pixels on a strip is equivalent to the count of ICs (Integrated Circuits) controlling them. Each pixel can be independently manipulated to display a variety of colors and patterns.

What is a DMX Address of DMX LED Strip?

A DMX address in DMX LED Strips is a unique identifier assigned to each pixel or group of pixels, allowing for individual control over the lighting effects. It specifies the location of a pixel within the DMX data stream.

DMX Address vs. Pixel

For RGB LED strips, the DMX address is equal to the number of pixels multiplied by 3. For RGBW LED strips, it equals the pixel count multiplied by 4. The relationship can be summarized as follows:

Type Formula
RGB DMX Address = Pixel x 3
RGBW DMX Address = Pixel x 4

This distinction is crucial for programming and controlling the lighting effects on DMX LED Strips.

Calculating DMX Controller Capacity for DMX LED Strip Length

  1. Consult the Specification: Begin by reviewing the DMX LED Strip’s specifications to determine the number of pixels per meter.

  2. Calculate DMX Addresses: Based on the strip’s pixel count, calculate the total DMX addresses per meter. For RGB strips, multiply the pixel count by 3. For RGBW, multiply by 4.

  3. Determine Length per DMX Universal: Given that a DMX Universal supports 512 DMX addresses, divide 512 by the number of DMX addresses per meter to find out the maximum strip length per Universal.

  4. Calculate Total Supported Length: Finally, multiply the length supported by a single DMX Universal by the total number of Universals in your DMX controller to ascertain the total length of DMX LED Strip that the controller can support.

This calculation ensures precise planning and effective use of your DMX LED lighting system, maximizing both performance and aesthetic appeal.

Quality Assured DMX LED Strip

Every DMX LED Strip and DMX LED Tape in our collection undergoes extensive testing with laboratory equipment before mass production. This rigorous process guarantees the high performance, stability, and longevity of our DMX controlled LED strips, ensuring they meet your expectations for quality and reliability.

IES Laboratory
Integrating Sphere
Temp&Humi Test Chamber
UV Weathering Test Box
IP3-6 Intergrated Waterproof Test Chamber
Pressure Testing Machine
Salt Spray Chamber
Microcomputer Tensile Machine
Optical Image Coordinate Measuring Instrument
Arm Drop Test Machine
Transportation Vibration Testing

DMX LED Strip Certificates

Our DMX LED Strip range, including DMX controlled LED strip lights and DMX controlled LED light strips, adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. Each product proudly carries certifications such as ETL, CB, CE, and ROHS. These endorsements signify our commitment to providing reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly lighting solutions that meet global regulatory requirements. Whether for professional or personal use, our certified DMX LED Strips deliver performance you can trust.


Why Wholesale DMX LED Strip In Bulk From LEDYi

Choosing LEDYi for your wholesale DMX LED Strip needs means opting for excellence and reliability. We offer high-quality, certified DMX LED strips with ETL, CB, CE, and ROHS certifications, ensuring your projects comply with international standards. Our competitive pricing, tailored to bulk orders, provides significant cost savings. With LEDYi, you gain access to a wide range of customizable options, from color temperatures to waterproof ratings, catering to diverse project requirements. Benefit from our dedicated customer support and fast, reliable shipping, making us the go-to source for wholesale DMX LED Strip solutions.

Certified Quality

We provide high-quality products that have been tested at every step of its making to ensure the best quality products. All our cob led strip has pass LM80, CE, RoHS test.


We have a professional R&D team of 15 member. If you have specific requirements for your project, we are always here to help you. We manufacture and customize molds that require particular dimensions and accessories.

Flexible MOQ

We offer flexible minimum order quantities to meet the real needs of your project. Our minimum order quantities start at a relatively low 10m, giving you the highest flexibility in the testing market.


Competitive Price

When you choose LEDYi as your LED Neon Flex supplier and buy in bulk, you will benefit from our competitive wholesale prices.

Fast Delivery

We have more than 200 experienced workers and use automated production lines to ensure faster delivery.

Aftersale Services

Our team will ensure that you receive your order of led neon flex strip lights and assist in troubleshooting any challenges you may have.

LED Strip DMX Controller

The LED Strip DMX Controller is an essential tool for achieving unmatched control and dynamic lighting effects for your LED strips, compatible with RGB, RGBW, and Dreamcolor types. This device provides precise management of color, brightness, and patterns, suitable for both vibrant color sequences and subtle ambient lighting. It supports addressable LED strips, allowing individual control of each segment for intricate designs and effects. With the inclusion of the K-1000C, K-4000C, and K-8000C controllers, this system offers enhanced functionalities, enabling users to create complex lighting scenarios with ease. The LED strip DMX controller makes integrating and synchronizing your lighting setup with music or other environmental inputs simple, enhancing the ambiance of any setting. Whether for professional stage designs or cozy home interiors, this controller delivers the flexibility and performance necessary to realize your creative lighting visions.

LED Controller: A Comprehensive Guide

K-1000C User Manual

K-4000C User Manual

K-8000C User Manual


Typically, with raw materials in stock, the lead time is 7-10 days.

The standard warranty is 3 years. For an extended warranty, please contact us for customization.

Payment terms vary, but we typically accept T/T and PayPal. Credit card payments are not supported. Specific terms can be discussed during the order process.

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Products are packaged as 5-meter rolls on a plastic reel, placed into an anti-static aluminum foil bag, with 50 rolls per carton.

Our products are certified with ETL, CB, CE, and ROHS.

Yes, strips can be cut at specific cutting points and customized to your required length.

Yes, we offer waterproof options suitable for outdoor use. Please specify your requirements when ordering.

Yes, with the appropriate controller, DMX LED Strips can be integrated into smart home systems for enhanced lighting control.

DMX signals can reliably transmit up to 1,200 meters with proper signal repeaters or extenders.

Yes, we provide technical support and installation guides. For specific inquiries, contact our support team.

Yes, DMX can control single color LED strips. By utilizing a DMX controller, you can manage the intensity and on/off state of single color LED strips, allowing for precise brightness adjustments and seamless integration into larger DMX-controlled lighting setups.

DMX control transforms LED strip lighting into a fully customizable lighting solution, enabling users to create complex lighting scenes and effects that can be synchronized with music, events, or ambiance needs, ensuring a dynamic and immersive lighting experience.

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