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Neon Flex Strip

What is Neon Flex Strip?

Neon flex strip contains silicone neon and PU neon. Silicone neon is IP67, used indoor or outdoor. PU neon is IP68, used underwater.
Silicone Neon is made by adopting three-color silicone integrated extrusion shaping process, and its protection grade reaches up to IP67, featuring resistances to saline solutions, acid & alkali, corrosive gases, fire, and UV, applying to indoor and outdoor molding decoration, building outlines, city night scenes illuminating, and so forth for the sake of the effect of decorative lighting.
PU Neon is made by TPU U shape milky tube and filling with opal PU glue. Its protection grade reaches up to IP68, UV resistant, and saltwater resistant, used for underwater decorative lighting.

Main Application

LEDYi Neon Flex Solution

Experimental Test


Neon Flex Strip Series

Vertical bend series neon flex strip adopt environmental silicone material, up to IP67 protection level, even if used outdoor for a long time, the surface will not turn yellow easily. High light transmission, can be used for sign lighting, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and architecture contour lighting molding. After “9 major tests”, it is resistant to hydrochloric acid, acid and alkali corrosion, flame retardant,UV resistant, reliable and guaranteed quality.

Horizontal bend series neon flex adopt unique optical structure design, uniform light and no shadow. Horizontal-bending design can be used for building outline, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and other scenes. IP68 high protection level, suitable for swimming pool underwater lighting. Passed CE, Rohs and other international environmental protection and reliability certifications, product quality is trustworthy.

3D bending series neon flex adopt flexible silicone material,strong plasticity, combined with vertical-bend, horizontal-bend two type lighting surfaces, and the matched installation solution, meets the needs of multiple lighting. Silicone coextrusion process, IP67 protection level, no fear of indoor and outdoor humid environments, meeting the lighting needs of indoor decoration, landscape lighting,architectural curtain walls, building outline and other scenes.

360° round series adopt innovative technology, 360° light emission, no dark area. Flexible material, match with different application solution to meet any molding needs. Can be applied in straight line, circular, curved, and other special shape. It is the best partner for your space design and artistic molding.

Vertical bending Series

Specification Download

Name Download
Silicone-Neon-NS-T0606 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-T1010 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-T1212 specification
High Efficiency Silicone-Neon-NS-T1212H specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-T1615 specification
High Efficiency Silicone-Neon-NS-T1615H specification
Black-Silicone-Neon-NS-T1615B specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-T1615 DMX512 Pixel RGB & RGBW specification
Silicone-Neon NS-D16 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-T2016 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-T3020 specification

IES Download​

Name Download
Silicone-Neon-NS-T1212 IES
Silicone-Neon-NS-T1615 IES
PU-Neon-NP-T1615 IP68 IES​

Horizontal bending Series

Specification Download

Name Download
Silicone-Neon NS-S0408 specification
Silicone-Neon NS-S0612 specification
Silicone-Neon NS-S0817 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-S1010 specification
Silicone-Neon NS-S1018 specification
Silicone-Neon NS-S1023 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-S1220 specification
High Efficiency Silicone-Neon-NS-S1220H specification
Black-Silicone-Neon-NS-S1220B specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-S1220 DMX512 Pixel RGB & RGBW specification
PU-Neon-NP-S1220 side view specification
Silicone-Neon NS-S1225 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-S1615 specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-S2020 specification

IES Download​

Name Download
Silicone-Neon-NS-S0612 IES
Silicone-Neon-NS-S1220 IES
PU-Neon-NP-S1220 IP68 IES​

3D bending Series

Specification Download

Name Download
Silicone-Neon-NS-3D1615 specification

IES Download​

Name Download
Silicone-Neon-NS-3D1615 IES

360° round series

Specification Download

Name Download
Silicone-Neon Round NS-ND25 specification
Silicone-Neon Round NS-ND30 specification
Black Silicone-Neon Round NS-ND30B specification

IES Download​

Name Download
Silicone-Neon-Round-NS-ND25 IES

Silicone Neon Strip User Manual

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