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LEDYi Lighting is one of top custom LED Neon Flex Strip Light manufactures in China. We offer customized solutions, OEM, ODM service. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, agents are welcome to purchase in bulk with us.

All our LED Neon Rope Lights are more than IP65 waterproof tested and certificated, ensuring high performance and long lifetime.

If you have customized need for bulk RGB LED Neon, LEDYi can offer custom LED Neon Flex Strip Light with custom color, size, long, CRI, and various accessories.

We can also provide a PCB level customized LED Neon Light solution. With our LED Neon light bulk order serivce, you can get as many projects as possible.

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What is LED Neon Flex?

Neon flex strip contains silicone neon and PU neon. Silicone neon is IP67, used indoor or outdoor. PU neon is IP68, used underwater.
Silicone Neon is made by adopting three-color silicone integrated extrusion shaping process, and its protection grade reaches up to IP67, featuring resistances to saline solutions, acid & alkali, corrosive gases, fire, and UV, applying to indoor and outdoor molding decoration, building outlines, city night scenes illuminating, and so forth for the sake of the effect of decorative lighting.
PU Neon is made by TPU U shape milky tube and filling with opal PU glue. Its protection grade reaches up to IP68, UV resistant, and saltwater resistant, used for underwater decorative lighting.

Why LED Neon Flex Lighting?

The light source is made of LEDs, which can last up to 50,000 hours. The flexible silicone/PVC/PU gel is also used, so there is no problem breaking like traditional glass neon light.

Unlike traditional glass neon lights, which require a high voltage of up to 15,000V for regular operation, the LED neon flex light operates at 12V or 24V and is safe to use as it will not break and has low heat dissipation.

The dynamic colors of our LED neon lights uplift the mood and ambiance of any setting. Their rhythmic color-changing feature further enhances their decorative function

When you wish to mellow the mood or unwind, you can rely on our dimmable LED neon lights. Their settings are easily adjustable for comfort.

Unlike plain ordinary lighting, LED neon flex lights are far more versatile. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings and provide vibrant lighting.

 Because the light source is LED and the casing is PVC/Silicone/PU, it will not break during transportation. You only need to fix the mounting clips first or mounting channels, then press the LED flexible neon into mounting clips or mounting channels.

Flexible, the LED neon flex light can be bent to a minimum diameter of 5CM and sheared.

The light source is made of ultra-high brightness SMD LEDs, with a density of 120 LEDs per meter, ensuring high brightness and an overall uniform luminous effect.

LED Neon Flex Lights Application

The applications of LED Neon Flex Lights are as follows:
1. Signage & Exhibit Lighting;
2. Building facades;
3. Cove lighting;
4. Retail displays;
5. Architectural lighting;
6. Marine Lighting;
7. Automobile Lighting;
8. Artwork Lighting;
9. Special Event Lighting;
10. Home Lighting


How to produce LED Neon Flex Lights?

The production process is divided into two main parts.

In the first part, the LED flexible strip is produced first, and the LED flexible strip is used as the light source for the neon lights. Please read “How To Produce LED Strip Lights?” if you need to know how to produce led strips in detail.

The second part is to add the silicone shell to the LED strip. There are two main ways to add the silicone shell. The first way is LED strip and silicone integrated extrusion. The second way is to produce the silicone tube first and then put the LED strip into the silicone tube manually.

LED strip and silicone integrated extrusion process

Step 1. Mixing silicone
Step 2. The extrusion process begins with installing rolling LED strips on the payoff frame. These LED strips are adjusted and sequenced using an adjustment table.
Step 3. The LED strip and silicone are then passed through the holes in the pre-assembled die, activating the operating button on the electronic control box, which starts the machine to wrap the silicone onto the LED strip.
Step 4. The machine extrudes the silicone-coated LED strip and passes it through the vulcanizing oven, where the product is gradually vulcanized and shaped. The temperature inside the oven is kept moderate to avoid burning the LED beads. After vulcanization, the led neon is put out by a tractor.
Please read “The Ultimate Guide to LED Neon Flex Lights” if you need to know how to produce LED Neon Flex Light in detail.

How to cut and connect LED Neon Flex Lights?

Cut & Connect By Soldering

Step 1. Measure the length
Step 2. Find the cut position on the LED Neon Flex
Step 3. Cut the led LED Neon Flex
Step 4. Cut off some silicone from the LED Neon Flex
Step 5. Soldering cable to LED Neon by electric iron
Step 6. Fill silicone in LED Neon and endcap
Step 7. Light up the LED Neon to test
Step 8. Wait for the silicone to dry and solidify

Cut & Connect By Solder-free Plug

Step 1. Measure the length
Step 2. Find the cut position on the LED Neon Flex
Step 3. Cut the led LED Neon Flex
Step 4. Attach connectors to LED Neon
Step 5. Connect the power plug to LED Neon
Step 6. Light up the LED neon to test

2nd Generation Solderless Endcap

The 2nd generation silicone neon solderless endcap does not require screws, and is more convenient to use.

LEDYi LED Neon Flex Solution

LEDYi provides various LED Neon Flex standard and customized solutions and OEM, ODM services.
IP Grades: IP65, IP67, IP68
Endcaps: Silicone Endcap, Solder-free Endcap, Seamless mold injection endcap
Different Cable outlet: Side, Bottom, Straight
Mounting Accessories: Mouting Clip, Mouting Channel, Bendable Mouting Channel
Connectors: IP65/IP67/IP68 Waterproof Connectors
CC/CV: Constant Current can be up to 30 meters per reel, Constant Voltage can be up to 5 meters per reel
Power Consumption: 5W/m, 10W/m, 15W/m for your choose

Wholesale LED Neon Flex Strip By Series

Get custom LED Neon Flex Strip Light that match your exact needs from LEDYi – one of the leading custom LED Neon Flex manufacturers in China. From simple to complex PCB designs, our skilled designers and engineers can answer your needs at affordable prices. We allow you to customize the following features:

Vertical bend series neon flex strip adopt environmental silicone material, up to IP67 protection level, even if used outdoor for a long time, the surface will not turn yellow easily. High light transmission, can be used for sign lighting, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and architecture contour lighting molding. After “9 major tests”, it is resistant to hydrochloric acid, acid and alkali corrosion, flame retardant,UV resistant, reliable and guaranteed quality.

Horizontal bend series neon flex adopt unique optical structure design, uniform light and no shadow. Horizontal-bending design can be used for building outline, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and other scenes. IP68 high protection level, suitable for swimming pool underwater lighting. Passed CE, Rohs and other international environmental protection and reliability certifications, product quality is trustworthy.

3D bending series neon flex adopt flexible silicone material,strong plasticity, combined with vertical-bend, horizontal-bend two type lighting surfaces, and the matched installation solution, meets the needs of multiple lighting. Silicone coextrusion process, IP67 protection level, no fear of indoor and outdoor humid environments, meeting the lighting needs of indoor decoration, landscape lighting,architectural curtain walls, building outline and other scenes.

360° round series adopt innovative technology, 360° light emission, no dark area. Flexible material, match with different application solution to meet any molding needs. Can be applied in straight line, circular, curved, and other special shape. It is the best partner for your space design and artistic molding.

Vertical bending Series