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Who We Are

Ledyi Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional LED manufacturer specializing in high-quality LED strip lights and LED neon lights. Founded in 2011, the company boasts a modern, dust-free workshop exceeding 10,000 square meters, employs over 300 skilled staff, and is supported by an R&D team of 15 members. Dedicated to treating customers as long-term partners, Ledyi Lighting focuses on assisting clients in winning projects quickly and efficiently.

About Martin Wan

Hello everyone, I’m Martin Wan, the co-founder of Ledyi Lighting Co., Ltd. After graduating from South China University of Technology with a degree in software engineering, I embarked on a career in software development at TSMC, Tencent, and Ping An of China. In 2011, I transitioned into the LED industry, a sector brimming with opportunities and significant for its environmental benefits.

I was drawn to the LED industry for its potential in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Establishing LEDYi Lighting was part of my professional shift and a commitment to social responsibility. LED technology is more than just lighting for me; it represents a path to sustainable development and environmental protection.


At a time when the LED industry predominantly used CRI70, I anticipated the market’s need for higher color rendering. We were ahead of the curve, introducing CRI>80 products a year before our competitors, gaining a significant market edge. Similarly, while Macadam’s color variance control was still unfamiliar in the market, we were already implementing 3-step Macadam, ensuring our products had no color discrepancies.

As the co-founder of LEDYi Lighting, which in Chinese is “乐一,” translating to “happy is the first,” I am committed to nurturing a culture where happiness is essential. We prioritize:

  1. Employees: Happy employees are more productive and creative. This sets the foundation for a positive work environment and high-quality outputs, ensuring better product delivery and service.
  2. Customers: Customer satisfaction is key to our success, as it shapes our reputation and drives our business forward.
  3. Suppliers: Maintaining positive relationships with our suppliers is crucial for a stable, high-quality supply chain.

In keeping with our company’s motto, “quality light, quality life,” our emphasis is on high-quality products. This focus underscores our commitment to improving lives and spreading joy among all our stakeholders through superior quality.

Throughout my decades in the LED industry, my passion for LED technology has never waned. I spend every day reading and staying updated on the latest technological advancements, especially in LED strips and LED neon lights. I firmly believe that continuous learning enhances my understanding and innovation in this field. Sharing knowledge is another passion of mine. I adhere to Feynman’s Technique that sharing knowledge enriches my own learning. Whether it’s about technology or market trends, I always enjoy sharing my insights with peers and customers.

To learn more about my journey and insights in the LED industry, or to connect with me personally, you’re welcome to visit my LinkedIn and Facebook pages, watch informative content on my YouTube channel, or reach out directly via WhatsApp. Also, don’t miss out on reading my articles where I delve deeper into various aspects of LED technology and its applications. 

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When We Start


LEDYi founded in Shenzhen, provides led strips, led panel, led downlights, and T8.



According to the market requirement, we stop production for T8, only produce strips and led panels.



The market has a high requirement for Color and Bining, our led encapsulation workshop was founded, and we focus on producing led strips.



Factory updated, scale over 5000 meters, employees over 100, machines over 50 sets.



We start to focus on R&D, almost one new product release per month.



We invest around 500 thousand USD in developing silicone neon and PU neon.



A lot of new products are born: SLCC strip,1808smd, COB led strip, linkable and modular bar, flex wall washer, skyline. Factory updated, production efficiency was improved, employees over 150, Annual sales exceed 15,000,000 USD.



We continue to focus on R&D to meet customer customized requirements.


Our Laboratory

IES Laboratory
Integrating Sphere
Temp&Humi Test Chamber
UV Weathering Test Box
IP3-6 Intergrated Waterproof Test Chamber
IPX8 Flooding Pressure Testing Machine
Salt Spray Chamber
Microcomputer Tensile Machine
Optical Image Coordinate Measuring Instrument
Arm Drop Test Machine
Transportation Vibration Testing

Our Certificates

ul certificate 2
etl certificate 2
ce lvd certificate 2

Our Projects

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Why Choose Us

Production Capacity

15+ lines full automatic SMT workshop,6 Soldering groups,10 Aging test and 2 packaging lines.  300+ well-trained workers. 1,500,000 meters per month production capacity.

Quality Control

5 Steps for quality control. IQC, IPQC, OQC, OE and QM. All LEDs are LM-80 available, packing in Cu lead Frame +99.99% Gold wire.

R&D Team

Our R&D team has 15 engineers who keep developing new and hot led products to support our customers in taking up a new market.

Industry Experience

10 years specializing in R&D, production and sales of high-quality LED strips and LED neon. 200+companies from 30+countries worked well with us.

Professional Service

Customized specification, label service support. Customer first , 12 hours response policy. Technical, Sales, Marketing team service.

Worldwide Certificates

All our products are CE and RoHS, certified by SGS or TUV Lab. Some products are ETL listed.


Different OEM&ODM services to help wholesalers, retailers, or project orders. Customized products are welcome!

After Sales

Up to 3-5 years warranty, any problem of our product, we solve it within 7 days. Relaxed and pleasant cooperation is our pursuit.

Our Exhibition

We have participated in various famous lighting fairs worldwide, such as light+building in Frankfurt, MATELEC in Madrid, Light Middle East in Dubai, and HK lighting Fair in Hong Kong.

Our Clients

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