Top 10 LED Neon Light Manufacturers and Suppliers in China (2024)

Chinese companies are your best bet if you are looking for LED neon light manufacturers. Want to know why? Because they are the leading LED neon light manufacturing and exporting companies worldwide. They are best at providing high-value LED products at competitive pricing. But going for one company is challenging since many manufacturers are out there. So, I did deep research and enlisted the ten best LED Neon light manufacturers and suppliers in China so you find the best manufacturer/supplier.

Top 10 LED Neon Light Manufacturers and Suppliers In China

Light manufacturing companies in China are popular worldwide. They provide lights with the best value without compromising quality. See some of the best  LED neon light manufacturers and suppliers in China in the below chart.

Position Company NameEstablished Year Location Employee 
02Matt Electrical 2010Guangzhou30-50
03RC Lighting2013Guangzhou50-100 
04Ginde Star2013Dongguan30-50
05GLU Lighting2011Shenzhen50+
06Bright Technology 2011Shenzhen50-100
07Tyria Light 2012Shenzhen50+
08Ipixel LED Light2010Shenzhen50-100
09Think Team King2017Shenzhen50-100
10Rebow Technology2014Shenzhen50-100

Brief Sketches Of LED Neon Light Manufacturers In China

Each company has its innovations and strategies that may not match with others. So, you should know the company in detail before purchasing LED neon lights. For your convenience, I’ve summarized some of China’s best  LED neon light manufacturers and suppliers with their manufactured products and facilities. So, go through the below discussions and choose the company that best meets your needs.

  1. LEDYi Lighting

LEDYi is China’s one of the top leading LED neon light manufacturing companies. We provide high-quality, durable, certified LED neon lights to over 30 countries worldwide. Besides LED neon lights, we manufacture LED strips, skyline LEDs, wall washers, and many more. And all these products are processed at our high-tech laboratories for quality assurance. 

Perfection, durability, and reliability are the guiding principles of our business. So, we always keep our customers satisfied with the best quality. And you will be pleased with our top-notch products and full-time customer service facilities. Besides, we can provide a free sample to you before bulk production. 

Yet, R&D (Research & Development) has always been our primary focus. And that is how we are running our innovations, developing 3-5 new models every month. We are also proud to achieve Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) & Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certifications that testify to the quality of our products. 

We offer you customizable solutions with our extensive light manufacturing experiences. So, whatever color, length, or size of LED neon lights you need, LEDYi is always ready at your service.

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Stripe
LED Neon Flex
Modular Liner Bar
Skyline Liner Bar
Dotless LED Line
Flex Wall Washer
Free Sample
Customizable LED Neon Lights
Bulk Production Capability
Professional Services
3-5 Years Warranty
Quality Control
ELT, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, CB, LM80 certified 
LED Strip Factory - Silicone Neon Extrusion Process
  1. Guangzhou Matt Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd.

“Integrity, Innovation, & Development” is the motto of Matt Electrical Lighting. And with this motto, Matt has been growing since 2009, manufacturing LED neon lights. 

But Matt first exhibited their neon sign in 2014. Since then, they have been flourishing and expanding their business faster. They focus on R&D and take their production system as an art. And so, Matt’s expert team works hard to bring out perfection to the next level. 

Moreover, Matt is certified in Quality Management System (ISO9001), Restriction of Hazardous Substances(RoHS), Conformite Europeenne (CE), and Underwriter Laboratories (UL). These certifications prove the product’s value and strengthen the brand’s reputation. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Neon Light
LED Neon Sign 
Competitive Pricing
Fast delivery
Customer service 
Silicone Neon Solderless Endcap 2nd Generation
  1. RC Lighting 

RC Lighting is an ISO9001 & RoHS-certified LED light manufacturer in China. Since 2013, this company has been producing high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting. RC Lighting provides the ultimate solution to your requirements, from LED spotlight to Floodlight. 

Sustainability, perfection, and quality are the key focus of this company. So, they maintain a dust-free manufacturing process. Plus, it runs its products through 13 tests to ensure premium quality. 

Moreover, their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services bring life to your designs. So whatever the color or design you are looking for, RC Lighting can get it to you at affordable pricing.  

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED neon lights
Recessed downlights
LED spotlights
Magnetic Track lights
LED Wall Washer
LED In-Ground Light
Underwater Spotlight & more 
Fast Delivery
Lower Price
OEM/ODM services
Online/offline customer service
5-year product warranty
How to Cutting, Soldering and connecting LED Silicone Neon Strip Light Vertical bending T1615

  1. Ginde Star Co., Ltd.

Ginde Star is an ISO-Certified reliable neon-light manufacturing company. They focus on using innovative technology to produce eco-friendly neon LEDs.

They apply modern technologies to provide weather-resistant, energy-efficient, heat-resistant, and long-lasting lighting solutions. Besides, Ginde Star offers you OEM and ODM services with their extensive experience. So, if you want to customize neon lights, the expert team of Grinde Star will help you.

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
LED Neon Flex mini
LED Neon Flex Landscape
LED Neon Flex Liner
LED Stripe Lights and more. 
Extra long lifespan
Exact color and CCT
Fast Delivery
Eco-friendly quality

  1. Shenzhen GLU Lighting Co.,Ltd

GLU Lighting is a renowned manufacturing company selling premium LED neon flex and strips.

With over 2500m^2 plant areas, GLU provides its customers with the best quality services.

Equipped with high-tech machinery, they never let you worry about their product quality. Instead, they pay utmost attention to research and development. And thus bring to you the latest lighting technology out there. That is how they are competing with the leading manufacturers. 

Moreover, they offer you customized high-voltage LED neon lights. So, if you are looking for customized LED neon flex, GLU Lighting welcomes you to take their services.

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities 
High-voltage LED neon flex
High CRI LED Panel
LED Aluminum Channel
Rigid LED Panel & more
Fast Delivery
Seamless connection silicone injection endcap T1615

  1. Bright Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

Bright Technology focuses on R&D, sales, and production of high-quality LED lights. It is a high-tech firm that values innovation and maintains the highest standard.

They are one of the fastest-growing light manufacturing companies in China. They provide a variety of quality LED items with the help of the devoted and helpful Bright team. Of all these, LED neon lights and LED strips are their core product. 

Therefore, Bright Technology is ISO certified. Besides, it has expertise with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)  and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) in creative design and production.

Manufactured Products Offered facilities 
LED Neon light
LED stripGlow light
LED linear light
UVC LED light
Wall Wash light
Affordable pricing
Standard quality
Fastest delivery
Certified Product 
Embedded LED Neon Lights

  1. Shenzen Tyria Light Co., Ltd.

Tyria Lighting has been dedicated to producing high-quality lighting fixtures since 2012. They manufacture certified LED neon flex, linear, and LED neon strip lights.

The technical team of Tyria focuses on developing energy-efficient and cost-effective green solutions. Over 200 employees work in its factory in Shenzhen to provide you with the best LED products. 

Tyria is an ISO-certified business that follows Underwriter Laboratories (UL) regulations in manufacturing its products. Moreover, it offers OEM and ODM facilities worldwide to maximize customer value.

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities 
LED Flex Neon
LED Panel Light
LED Stripe Light
Quick Delivery
Certified Product
Addressable Neon Flex

  1. Ipixel LED Light Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kevin Ken founded Ipixel LED Light Co., Ltd in 2010. In the initial stage, the company focused on selling standard LEDs. But soon, they realized that 90% of their customers requested customization. So they began to focus on customization to take advantage of this growing demand.

At present, they provide OEM and ODM services with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) facilities. Their product line includes- LED neon lights, LED Flex, pixel lamps, and customized LEDs. And all these are manufactured using temperature monitoring machines and waterproofing chambers.

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities 
LED Neon
LED Flex
Pixel lamps
Custom LED
Fast delivery
Low MOQ Requirements 
DMX512 Pixel Neon Flex
Setting DMX512 Address

  1. Shenzhen Think Team King Lighting Co., Ltd.

Think Team has gained market domination in the lighting business since 2017. They supply their product worldwide, including Europe, America, the Middle East, and more. 

Think Team provides its customers with innovative lighting solutions with advanced machinery setups. For instance, they have extrusion and Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) machines that produce 300K neon flex per month. Besides these bulk productions, they also offer you customizable lighting options. 

Also, Think Team has earned RoHS & CE certifications with its hardworking & experienced employees. Their motto is “Quality First, Reputation First, Service First.” And following these, they provide the best service to the clients. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities 
LED Neon Lights
LED Neon Signs
LED Strip Light
Fast delivery
Bulk production
RGBW Silicone Neon Flex

  1. Shenzhen Rebow Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Rebow Technology is one of China’s top neon light manufacturing companies. With a quality employee team of over 100, Rebow has been working since 2014. They produce high-quality neon lights, of which Neon signs are their signature product.

Rebow’s LED products are qualified for FCC, ROHS, and ISO and are supplied to over 200 countries. Besides, they have worked with big brands like- Jordan, Louis Vuitton, etc., and have uplifted their brand value. 

Moreover, they import the best raw materials from the US and Jordan. Rebow also offers a customizable neon sign facility at request. 

Manufactured Products Offered Facilities
Neon Sign
Neon Flex
Affordable Pricing
Quick Delivery
Certified Product 
Solderless Endcap for LED Neon Flex S1220

What is LED Neon Light?

LED neon lights give the illusion of an original glass-made neon light. These lights are composed of SMD LED strips wrapped in Silicone / PVC. As a result, they are super flexible and cuttable. Thus, you can design them in whatever shape you like.

Unlike traditional neon lights, LED neon lights are not made of glass. Instead, they are wrapped in plastic and are brighter and more durable. These lights are also shockproof and resistant to heat. 

Plus, LED neon lights elevate the aesthetics of your interior and exterior designs. That is why they are great for decoration and creating neon signage.

DMX512 Addressable LED Neon Flex

Advantages Of Importing LED Neon Lights From China

Here are the four reasons why you should import LED neon lights from china-


China is best for importing LED Neon lights as they offer quality products at affordable pricing. So, they are excellent for maximizing the ROI of your business and making the ultimate profit.

Bulk Production

The manufacturing companies in China have high-tech equipment. As a result, they can handle big orders and provide the fastest delivery possible. So, if you need urgent LED Neon lights, a reliable company in China is your best option.


The light manufacturing market of China offers you a wide range of customization options. Whatever the design, color, or size of LEDs you need, Chinese businesses can provide you.   

Advanced Technology

Chinese light manufacturers use advanced technologies in producing LED Neon lights. Therefore, they have all the essential and high-tech machinery to bring out the best quality product. 

How To Import LED Neon Lights From China? 

Importing LED Neon lights from China is quite simple. First, choose a reliable manufacturing company. Then contact them through E-mail/Phone number. Let them know about your requirements and request a sample. After finalizing the sample, you can place an order for bulk production. 

LED Neon Lights Sample Display Box

Why Choose LEDYi LED Neon Lights?

LEDYi provides the most effective LED Neon lighting solutions for decoration or sale. We have highly qualified engineers working hard to give top quality at the lowest possible cost. We also offer a low MOQ, quick shipping, free samples, after-sales service, and more.  

Our highly-skilled team is available to assist you at all times. Contact us right now!

For more details, please visit Best LED Lights Manufacturers: A Definitive Guide.

LED Strip Sample Book


LED Neon lights have a lifespan of about 30,000 hours (3 times more than typical neon lights).

LED Neon lights use a minimal amount of electricity, i.e., 1.2 watts/hour. Thus, they are energy efficient compared to neon and fluorescent light.

LED neon lights are made from Silicone / PVC wrapped SMD LED strips. They are super flexible and can give your desired shape.

You can cut LED neon lights using a sharp cutting blade. Yet, make sure to avoid pulling the interior wirings.

Fluorescent lights use mercury vapor, whereas LED neon lights don’t contain any gas. Instead, they are made of PVC-coated LED strips. So, they are not the same.

Usually, it takes 10 – 20 days to ship products from China. Yet, this duration varies depending on the destination and mode of transportation.

Yes, most of China’s leading LED neon light manufacturers offer free samples. For example- LEDYi, Tyria, etc. 

Usually, LED neon light manufacturers from China give no MOQ for standard products. However, they have a rate for customized products. For instance, LEDYi offers a MOQ of 1250 meters for its customized LED strips.

Yes, almost all LED neon light manufacturers from China offer OEM/ODM services. So, to get your customized LED neon light,  choose the best company that suits you well, and you can place your order asap.

A tour of a LED strip light factory

LEDYi manufactures high-quality LED strips and LED neon flex. All of our products go through high-tech laboratories to ensure the utmost quality. Besides, we offer customizable options on our LED strips and neon flex. So, for premium LED strip and LED neon flex, contact LEDYi ASAP!

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