Top 10 Residential Lighting Manufacturers And Suppliers In China (2024)

The requirements for illuminating residential areas are different from those of commercial or industrial spaces. This is why you should purchase lighting solutions from professional manufacturers producing fixtures focusing on residential installation. But from where can you find reliable residential light manufacturers?  

China has a wide range of companies that make residential lighting.  But you must be careful in finding the best one that meets your requirements. For instance, if you want to illuminate a whole room, you can use ambient lighting for general illumination. At the same time, the proper color temperatures, voltage, and warranty are also necessary for selecting residential lights. 

I have mentioned here the top 10 residential lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China, as well as their quality products, innovative designs, and customer service. If you don’t want to waste much time searching for a company individually, you can choose the right one from my list given below. 

Residential lighting is the illumination system used in homes, apartments, and other living spaces. The fixtures used for such lights differ from commercial or industrial lighting. LED lights are the most popular technology for residential lighting due to their higher energy efficiency compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED bar lights, tube lights, recessed lights, LED strips, wall scorners, floor lamps, and task lights are the widely used variants of residential lights. Besides, chandeliers, pendants, and neon lights are also used in houses for decorative purposes. 

Warm lights with low color temperature are great for residential lighting. They bring a soft and cozy vibe, making your space more comfortable. The lighting requirements vary depending on the purpose of the lighting. Besides, many advanced lighting technologies are available that provide a smart solution for your home.

residential lighting 1

Residential lighting is available in different variants based on function and fixture types. I have discussed them here; take a look–

There are four common types of residential lighting available based on the function. Each one of them has multiple uses, so look for one that matches your requirements. 

  • Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is used as general lighting to brighten up a room. This could be sunlight from outside or overhead lights such as tracks and chandeliers. Usually, this light brings overall illumination to the entire home. You can install this light in each homeroom in the room center.   

  • Task Lighting

This lighting fixture is best with specific fixtures such as cooking, studying, and reading. Typically, this option is brighter than ambient lights; you can direct them where needed. And task lights come in various forms, like table or desk lamps. Therefore, you can install or use it in a study or workplace, under cabinets in the kitchen, and even apply it in the bedroom as a reading lamp.

  • Accent Lighting

With accent lighting, you can highlight features such as plants, entrances, fireplaces, or artworks. This way, you will add drama and unique character to the room. Common accent lights include wall sconces, recessed lights, or track lighting.

  • Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting can be used as an aesthetic look and brings a touch of style. Its lighting fixtures are strip, chandelier, and pendant light. Therefore, you can attach this to the entrance, dining room table, and living room. 

residential lighting 4

Let’s see some of the different types of fixtures of the residential lighting here–

  • Recessed lighting

You can install these sleek fixtures into the ceiling, providing a modern look. Typically, they are best for general illumination in residential settings. Besides, you can adjust the direction of the light to focus on specific areas or create an overall glow to brighten the space. However, when using these lights, you must consider the IC rating of the fixture. To learn more, check this- IC Vs. Non-IC Rated Recessed Light Fixtures.

  • LED Strip light

LED strip lights are versatile and energy-efficient options. You can easily set them under cabinets, along staircases, or even around mirrors to add a subtle yet impactful accent to your home. Their flexibility allows for creative placement and customization to suit your decor style.

  • Spotlight

Spotlights are ideal for highlighting artwork, architectural features, or areas in your home that you want to draw attention to. Whether indoors or outdoors, spotlights offer precision lighting control and can create dramatic effects that enhance your residence’s aesthetic. You can check this to learn more- What is the Difference Between Floodlight, Spotlight, and Downlight?

  • Track light

Track lights consist of multiple adjustable fixtures mounted on a track, offering flexibility in directing light where you need it most. Hence, you can use them to illuminate a long hallway or kitchen workspace or highlight a gallery wall. 

  • Tube light 

Tube lights are a classic choice for ambient lighting. And they offer uniform illumination throughout a room. They’re commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility spaces. This way, you can get bright and efficient lighting for everyday tasks. You also have the option to modify the olf fluorescent light to LED; for details, check this- What is the Difference Between Floodlight, Spotlight, and Downlight?

  • Wall sconces

These lights add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. They are mounted on walls and provide accent lighting. Usually, with wall sconces, you can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether used in hallways, bedrooms, or living rooms, these lights are a timeless lighting option.

  • Pendant light

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. They’re great for adding visual interest to a space, such as above a kitchen island, dining table, or foyer. These lights can serve as focal points while also providing functional task lighting.

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers are statement pieces that can elevate the ambiance of any room. With their intricate designs and sparkling crystals, they add luxury and grandeur. Whether installed in a living room or bedroom, chandeliers create a stunning focal point and a mesmerizing glow.

residential lighting 2
PositionCompany NameYear EstablishedLocationEmployee
1LEDYi2011Shenzhen, Guangdong201-500
2Foshan 1958FOSHAN, GNG5,001-10,000 
3NVC Lighting1998Hong Kong1,001-5,000
4OPPLE 1996Shanghai, Shanghai5,001-10,000 
5K&Y2010Foshan, Guangdong51-200
6Midea lighting2008Foshan, Guangdong10,001+
7LEEDARSON2000Xiamen, Fujian5,001-10,000 
8TCL lighting2000Huizhou, Guangdong1,001-5,000
9Yankon Lighting 1975Shaoxing, Zhejiang 10,000
10Wellmax Lighting1987SHANGHAI, SHANGHAI51-200

LEDYi Lighting is one of the professional manufacturers in China. Being established in 2011, this company specializes in LED strips and LED neon lights. Now, we have 300 skilled employees and a dust-free, advanced workshop of around 10,000 sqm in Shenzhen. Apart from these, we also have 20 die-bonding COB machines, 15+ high-speed SMT machines, 7 automatic extrusion lines, and 6 luminaire production lines. For our LED strip light production, we have automatic welding, high-speed SMT, and diverse water-resistant options. Therefore, we produce approximately 25,000 meters of strips, 2,000 meters of COB strips, and 5,000 meters of neon lights. This way, we ensure high volume and efficient output. 

Besides, we have a strong R&D team with 15 members. Our customer service is top-rated among consumers worldwide as we treat them to build long-term relationships. This way, we make a high-quality supply chain. Furthermore, we have a modern laboratory equipped with advanced machines to test each product before shipment. There is less chance you get defective products. We also provide free samples. If you have any questions or want to ensure product quality, you can ask for them. Our products have also achieved many certifications, such as CB, ETL, RoHS, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, etc.  

LED STRIP FACTORY TOUR - Exploring production line of LEDYi
foshan lighting

Foshan Lighting was established in 1958 but was listed on the stock exchange in 1993. They are engaged in production, R&D, and promoting energy-saving products. Besides, FSL offers customers a wide range of lighting items and professional services. Therefore, they became famous as a domestic lighting brand in China. They have several sales channels, such as household, hardware, commercial, engineering, e-commerce retail, and other channels. FSL also has terminal sales outlets all over the country. Their RMB value was 31.219 billion in 2023. 

Nanning of Guangxi, Xinxiand of Henan, and Gaoming of Foshan are the three central production plants of FSL. So, with this large production capacity, they produce electrical and lighting products of around 500 million pcs. Constantly, they focus on market trends and optimize the company this way. Gradually, their business expanded from regular lights and electrical products to animal, health, plant, and many other lighting. This way, they create a competitive lighting group. As a result, they exported lighting products to over 120 countries worldwide. 

Furthermore, FSL is an innovation-driven company that invests continuously in R&D, and those investments make the company one of the top companies in this industry. Now, they have 10 provincial R&D platforms, 8 high-tech enterprises, and around 1900 patents. Plus, they always want to become one of the leading companies in lighting technology. So, they work with Fudan University, Tsinghua University, and other universities to cooperate in creating new technology. In the future, they will make the best luminous environment to promote technological innovation and optimize the industrial layout. Hence, they aim to keep producing items in large amounts, increase the brand value, and develop operating efficiency. 

nvc lighting

NVC Lighting is one of the renowned leading companies in the lighting industry worldwide. This company was founded in 1998 and is located in Hong Kong. Besides, they have engaged in R&D, constant investment, and improved independent distributors. At the same time, they committed to focusing on cutting-edge technology. Therefore, you can order from them if you have any specific requirements, as they provide customized options. They produce different products, including residential, office, commercial, industrial, and outdoor lighting. All of their lighting meets international standards and ensures reliability and quality.

Along with gaining domestic popularity, they exported internationally. They have sales offices in Chicago, USA; Birmingham, UK; Stockholm, Sweden; Tokyo, Japan; and many more. NVC Lighting aims to expand the company more, as they have agencies in over 22 countries. And they export products to more than 30 countries. So, they focus on customer satisfaction to maintain their global reputation and create premium products. Their main target is to make innovative and high-quality products to remain pioneering in the lighting industry worldwide.

Into the world of light | NVC Lighitng International Global Introduction

OPPLE Lighting is a China-based company founded in 1996. Headquarters is in Shanghai, and they have a production base in Jiangsu and Guangdong Province. With around 6,000 workers, they produce a wide range of lighting solutions. Their main aim is to focus on innovation by putting people first. Besides, they have advanced research and development, a strong dealer base, and professional experience. Therefore, they will become a leading manufacturer of lighting products and services for customers.  

In addition, OPPLE produces traditional and LED lighting, electrical appliances, bathroom ceiling lights, and lamps. They have more than 2,800 patent applications in production and a professional R&D team. Their marketing team and network are strong, and they have opened 150,000 sales outlets nationwide. Besides, OPPLE aims to build a lighting business worldwide and provide sales and services in more than 70 countries. Therefore, they were listed in “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” in 2017. Expo Beijing Botanic Garden and Expo Dubai China Pavilion partnered with OPPLE in 2019.  

OPPLE Brand Video 2021
k&y lighting

K&Y Lighting is a reputable China-based company. They produce high-quality lights and offer excellent services. They ensure the quality of materials like metal, crystal, and lampshades. Therefore, they begin to test the products using raw materials until they are finished. They prove themselves by offering up to 2 years’ warranty on all their products. You can communicate with the company if you want a sample of the products. They are also famous for their pre-and post-sales services. In after-sales service, they will guide you on how to install them safely. 

This is a professional residential lighting manufacturer with a great lighting design. So, you can use their lights in villas, houses, apartments, and mobile houses as well. Their products include pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. This reliable lighting company sells products for retailers and wholesalers. Not to mention that they have done several apartments and villa projects with their experienced design team. CE, CB, UL, and RoHS certificates have passed their products. K&Y has experience working with clients like project design and interior design companies, hotels, builders, lighting contractor enterprises, etc. In addition, they supply products worldwide, such as those in North America, Europe, and many more. 

In a factory of about 5000 sqm, K&Y has a polishing machine, metal workshop, punching machine, and tooling machine. They offer OEM service and make sure on-time delivery is made. Apart from these, they have the best production capacity, strong R&D, and assembly lines to meet the customers’ requirements. Therefore, each month, they come with new items. If you have any specific needs, you can order immediately, as they allow customized options. Usually, they participate in lighting exhibitions four times a year. This way, they can meet with clients from multiple markets and form stable relationships. 

K&Y Lighting-China Professional Custom Lighting Manufacturer
midea lighting

Midea Lighting was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. This high-tech company integrates production, R&D, and sales. And they got 142 million dollars in revenue in 2020. Meanwhile, MILC has kept the developing process for over 16 years now. At the same time, they enhance investment in R&D and extend their product lines. Apart from lighting products, their products are switches, sockets, and door locks. Along with residential lights, they create commercial and industrial lighting. Spot and ceiling lights, table lamps, LED stick lamps, LED bulbs, and LED tubes are included in residential lighting. 

Africa, South Asia, Japan, and the Middle East are the main markets of MILC. The strategy is to seek distributors in countries and work with them to grow the business and expand the market share in countries. Right now, they have over 50 distributors from South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This way, they will become a leading company in providing lighting products. Besides, they maintain standard production quality and achieve three certificates. For instance, quality, environmental, and safety management system certification. Also, their testing center received an award from China National Accreditation. 

Midea lighting introduction
leedarson lighting

LEEDARSON Lighting is a high-tech company listed on the stock exchange for 605365. They are best at R&D and production of different types of lighting solutions. Their main aim is to develop people’s lives with the best products. Since its founding in 2000, LEEDARSON has become the largest company, with continuous growth worldwide. Along with R&D, they manufacture, tool, and test. Besides, they have established relations with well-known brands to help them design, certify, package, and many other things. 

In addition, this company has three production bases in Sichuan, Zhangzhou, and Thailand. With over 8,000 employees, they have divisions in Japan, Germany, and the US. LEEDARSON became popular with its efficient and high-quality company focus on improving and ensuring that reliable products are created to create value in developing people’s lives. 

LEEDARSON Introduction 2022
tcl lighting

TCL Lighting has a reputation as a pioneer of internationalization in Chinese companies. Established in 2000, this company produces residential, outdoor, commercial, and other lighting. They go through three stages: transnational merger and acquisition, early exploration, and steady growth. In the future, TCL Lighting will be a “joint forces and leading brand” led by TCL Corporation. Besides domestic popularity, they exported lighting products to more than 160 countries. And they will constantly develop their market share in South Asia and America. 

With 24 years of experience, they offer products for over 100,000 applications. Therefore, they have experienced 80 employees. Also, TCL Lighting has a strong R&D team and quality control system. All their products have passed CQC, CCC, ETL, FCC, CB, CE, UL, DLC, RoHS, and many other certificates. Apart from different types of residential lighting, they produce commercial, outdoor, and industrial lighting. Some residential lights are LED downlights, ceiling, table, fan, and strip lights. 

TCL Lighting
yankon lighting

Yankon Lighting was built in 1975 and is best in residential, commercial, outdoor, and office lighting. This is one of China’s biggest high-tech companies in the green lighting industry. They are dedicated to making environment-friendly lights and offering customized options to meet customers’ unique requirements. Besides, they have been awarded over and over for manufacturing energy-efficient designs. Therefore, you can replace halogen and incandescent lights with their lights to help them to make a greener world. 

In addition, they have an advanced production base with a ballast and automatic SMT line workshop, automatic spraying, automatic line source production line, and many other equipment. Along with outdoor lighting, they produce different types of residential lights. Some common residential products are LED downlights, ceiling lights, spotlights, penal lights, and so on. Besides, Yankon Group’s supply production is in over 40 countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe. All their products meet standard quality, so you can purchase residential lights from them without any doubt. For instance, they have FCC, UL, EMC, CE, GS, TUV, VDE, ENERGY STAR, CSA, and many more. 

2017-2018 YANKON GROUP INTRODUCTION | Top-notch LED Lighting Manufacturer

Wellmax Lighting is one of the leading lighting companies in China. They focus on the manufacture and innovation of LED bulbs. This company was built in 1987 and has over 36 years of experience. Now, Wellmax has become a top LED enterprise in Shanghai. Besides, they have a powerful R&D team and quality testing system. Therefore, they produce high-quality products. Also, this is China’s first company to become a strategic partner with Samsung.

Furthermore, they produce different LED products: spotlights, panels, downlights, floodlights, etc. Therefore, you can use these lights in factories, shops, offices, and residential settings. For instance, you can place spotlights in your bedroom and use them while reading or writing. Also, for convenience, you can choose a light with a dimmable option. 

Journey to Wellmax Technology Center Part 1: Production Floor Tour

The ambiance, functionality, and even energy efficiency of your home can significantly depend on your lighting choices. Here are crucial factors to ponder before illuminating your living spaces–

The color temperature of light can significantly impact the mood and feel of a room. For instance, warm tones (2700-3000 Kelvin) are cozy and warm. Therefore, this type is ideal for bedroom lighting. This way, you can feel relaxed and sleep better. But if you want a different temperature or know more about bedroom lights, check this article: How To Choose A Bedroom Lighting Color Temperature? Meanwhile, cooler tones (3500-4500 Kelvin) are more energizing and suitable for task-oriented areas like kitchens and workspaces. However, to learn more about kitchen light color, read this- How To Choose The Right Color Lighting For A Kitchen? Besides, different light colors can create moods, such as blue tones, for an energetic feeling. Therefore, you can set colors based on your needs to create the right mood. To learn more about this, go through this article– How To Use LED Light Colors For Different Moods?

Lumens measure the brightness of a light source. For residential spaces, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between brightness and comfort. Typically, a lumen rating of around 800 to 1500 lumens per fixture is ideal for living areas like bedrooms. This provides perfect illumination for everyday tasks while ensuring a cozy ambiance for relaxation. However, choosing fixtures with higher lumen ratings like 1500+ will enhance visibility and productivity for areas requiring more focused lighting, such as kitchen counters or study desks.

The type and design of fixtures significantly impact both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of residential lighting. First, consider the style and ambiance you want to achieve in each room. For instance, recessed lighting fixtures provide a sleek and modern look, while pendant lights can add a touch of elegance or flair. Then, think about the fixture’s functionality, such as adjustable features for task lighting or dimmable options for ambiance control. Therefore, you can enhance your home’s functionality by carefully selecting fixtures that complement your interior design and serve your lighting needs. 

When choosing residential lighting, you need to consider different layers of illumination. If you want general lighting throughout your room, choose ambient lighting. Therefore, you can install chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures overhead. Another option is task lighting, which is ideal for extra illumination for multiple purposes. For instance, you can set them over the desk to read or write conveniently, cut food while cooking, and many more. On the other hand, you can attach accent lighting to highlight some of your decor and architecture. Therefore, you can set them above the cabinets or any picture. 

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates the level of protection the fixture has against the intrusion of solids and liquids. For indoor use, such as in bedrooms, a minimum IP20 rating is sufficient to protect against dust and accidental contact. However, for outdoor areas like balconies and basements exposed to moisture and dust, a higher IP44 or IP65 rating is best. This way, you can ensure the durability and longevity of lights. Besides, you can use facade lighting fixtures to illuminate the building outside. Therefore, they should have a minimum IP65 rating to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions. If you don’t have many ideas about facade lighting, read this– Facade Lighting: The Definitive Guide.

Each room and specific areas within it require different types of lighting to fulfill their unique purposes. For instance, consider incorporating bedside lamps for reading and overhead lighting for general illumination in the bedroom. Meanwhile, prioritize task lighting for your bathroom. You can set them around the vanity mirror, ambient lighting for brightness, etc. Check out the Top 26 Creative Bathroom Lighting Ideas (2024) to learn more ideas. On the other hand, with under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, you can enhance visibility during food preparation tasks. This light will simplify the cooking process and make the food look delicious. However, if you are confused about the proper placement, take a look at this article–How To Choose The Right Placement For Under Cabinet Lighting? 

It’s essential to match the lighting fixture’s voltage requirements with the residence’s electrical system to prevent damage and ensure safety. Depending on the region, most residential lighting fixtures operate on standard voltages, such as 120V or 240V. It’s essential to match your fixtures’ voltage requirements with your home’s electrical system to prevent such problems as flickering or overheating. To pick the right voltage for your space, check this- Low Voltage Vs. High Voltage LED Strips: When to Choose and Why?

A warranty on the lighting provides assurance against defects and malfunctions, offering peace of mind to owners. So, look for residential lighting fixtures with a warranty period of at least 2 to 5 years, depending on the manufacturer and quality of the product. A longer warranty period indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability and performance of the fixture. This way, you can be sure to use the lights for years to come without frequent replacement. 

residential lighting 3

The lighting requirements vary from commercial and residential spaces. Let’s see the main differences between these lights-

The primary purpose of residential light is to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. This way, you can make your home more functional and comfortable. Also, residential lighting fulfills the house’s aesthetic look and brings a unique atmosphere. On the other hand, commercial lighting is installed to increase the employees’ productivity. And with these lights, you can give the customer the best experience and attract them to purchase products. 

Residential lights are less durable than commercial lights. Because commercial lighting runs for long hours and needs to survive harsh conditions, they have a high IP rating and can withstand dust and water. For this, they are also built more robustly than residential lights. However, the bulb’s durability depends highly on the manufacturing elements and components. So, it is better to purchase fixtures from well-known brands. 

Another difference between residential and commercial lighting is the cost. As commercial lights come with several features, they cost more than residential ones. In contrast, residential lighting has limited properties, making it less costly. However, the price depends on specific brands and types of lights. 

Commercial lighting design is mainly aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and ensuring the safety and productivity of the workers. Therefore, around 4000K color temperature is best for commercial lights. Meanwhile, residential lighting design mostly depends on room rates and purpose. You can use different color temperatures for other rooms. For your bedroom, you can choose 3000K, which will bring a cozy and relaxing environment that is best for sleep. However, for the kitchen, you have to select a 4000K color temperature, where you need total concentration while chopping or cooking. However, you can learn about everything about commercial lighting by reading this article- Commercial Lighting: A Definitive Guide

LED Strip Sample Book - 3rd Generation

The four types of residential lighting are ambient, task, accent, and decorative. Each has different benefits and purposes, such as ambient lighting providing overall illumination. And specific activities like reading or cooking task lighting are focused on. With accent lighting, you can highlight certain features or objects. Decorative lighting adds aesthetic appeal. By strategically combining these types, homeowners can achieve their homes’ desired ambiance and functionality.

Residential lighting is crucial for proper illumination all over the house. This way, you can save yourself and other family members from potential hazards. Besides, residential lighting can create a comfortable and inviting environment for guests. This light is crucial for reading, cooking, working, and productivity. Also, residential will be the best option to enhance the design and bring an aesthetic appeal to your home. 

LEDs are safe to leave turned on for a week, though it is not advisable. If you forget to turn them off, they will not overheat, make fire hazards, or trip electrics. But do not ever leave on halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lights for a week. This is very dangerous and can create unwanted accidents. 

The residential lighting designer creates lighting-design plans for the rooms in your home. They suggest the most appropriate products and help smooth the permitting and code-compliance process. Also, the lighting designer ensures that all the correct lights are correctly installed in your home.

Residential buildings commonly feature various types of lights. For instance, you can hang pendant lights from the ceiling to add aesthetic appeal. Task lights are focused on specific areas for activities like reading or cooking. And spotlights highlight artwork or architectural features. On the other hand, ceiling lights provide overall illumination to rooms. Track lights are adjustable and can spot different areas as needed. Therefore, each type uniquely enhances the functionality and ambiance of residential spaces.

Yes, LED lights are safe for residential areas. They emit minimal heat, reducing fire hazards. They contain no harmful substances like mercury, which is environmentally friendly. Also, LED lights produce less UV radiation than traditional bulbs, minimizing health risks. They are durable and shock-resistant. So, LEDs lower the chances of breakage. At the same time, they offer flicker-free illumination and reduce eye strain. LED lights provide comfort and peace of mind and are efficient lighting choices for residential use.

Residential buildings typically utilize low-voltage lights for safety and efficiency. High-voltage lights are more commonly found in industrial or commercial settings. Low-voltage lighting reduces the risk of electrical shocks and fire hazards in homes. Additionally, low-voltage systems are more energy-efficient. This will result in lower electricity bills for homeowners. These lights also offer more flexibility in design and placement, allowing for creative and customized lighting solutions within residential spaces. So, low-voltage lights are preferred for residential buildings due to their safety, efficiency, and versatility.

Good lighting means they will provide the best colors, no flicker, and low glare. They will provide distributed lighting evenly, be environment-friendly, and have no audible noise. Also, good lighting in a home will give minimum heat, be energy efficient, and many more. With good lighting, you can see things around your home correctly. For instance, you can properly cut and chop vegetables and other ingredients in the kitchen. 

Lighting can affect your home in many different ways. For example, you can reduce reliance on artificial lighting with a good amount of natural light. Also, with natural light, you can add freshness to your home and enhance mood and productivity. When you properly place lighting in each one of the ideal places, they will make your home cozy and look large. On the other hand, adequate lighting can highlight your architectural space and offer the proper illumination while chopping. Therefore, lighting can make your home look aesthetic and stylish at the same time. 

LED STRIP FACTORY TOUR - Exploring production line of LEDYi

Before choosing any fixture for your residential lighting, you must consider the area and its lighting purpose. Considering the IP rating, and voltage rating, a warranty is also essential. However, to get the best quality, the above-mentioned companies are totally reliable. If you want energy-saving products with professional service, you can choose Foshan Lighting. They are one of the top companies in China, with a strong R&D team. Besides, they produce environmentally friendly residential lighting and supply it in more than 120 countries. On the other hand, NVC Lighting is famous for cutting-edge technology and offers customized options. All their products are created by maintaining international standards. 

But if you want the best residential lighting, choose LEDYi. We are one of the best LED strip light manufacturers in China. Our company has experienced employees and advanced technology. Customer satisfaction and quality products are our main priority. We offer customized options to fulfill your requirements and free samples to prove our efficiency. In our laboratory, we test each product after making them. So, if you want the best products, do not hesitate to contact LEDYi.

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