Top 10 Commercial Lighting Manufacturers And Suppliers In China (2024)

Commercial spaces require proper lighting to ensure security and adequate visibility. As these fixtures differ from regular residential lighting, you should focus more on quality for a durable and robust solution. And for this, the Chinese LED market is the best option for commercial lighting. 

China is the leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial lighting. It is famous worldwide for its high-quality products at competitive costs. So, to choose the best commercial lighting company in China, you first need to find information about the company. For this, search on Google online, then go through the companies individually and read their reviews. Then, check their website and see the details, such as product quality, certificates, projects, and shipping process. 

Therefore, to make things easy for you, I have done those things and listed the top 10 commercial lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China. Now, you just need to choose one company from them and make your purchase simple. So let’s start–

Using lights in commercial places such as retail stores, office buildings, and public areas is called commercial lights. The main purpose of commercial lighting is to offer proper visibility, security and make the space more attractive. These lights are strong and have a longer lifespan than residential lights. Besides, energy-efficient lights are the best option for commercial use as they can deliver brighter output with less electricity. Also, these lights are more reliable, which leads to lower maintenance expenses. Therefore, LEDs are safe, energy-efficient, durable, save energy, and have many benefits compared to conventional lights. 

  • Retail lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Hospitality lighting
  • Healthcare facility lighting
  • Educational institution lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Sports facility lighting
  • Restaurant and bar lighting
  • Museum and gallery lighting
  • Airport and transportation lighting
  • Shopping mall lighting
  • Exhibition and trade show lighting
  • Architectural lighting for commercial buildings
  1. Enhanced productivity: As lighting can affect productivity at the workplace, a planned commercial light brings better employee performance. For example, setting a cool white light in the office will maintain the workers’ activity and energy. 
  2. Increase visibility: Commercial places such as pathways, entrances, and parking lots gather people, customers, and employees. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure proper visibility. This will also enhance safety; you will feel safe while passing these areas with your clients. 
  3. Smart lighting: In today’s world, smart lighting functions are very popular. For instance, you can install commercial lights with motion sensor features at the entrance or stairs in the office building. Hence, this will help you to make an impression and offer the clients a high-tech experience. 
  4. Competitive benefits for the business: Appropriate commercial lights can offer advantages by providing a well-lit area. This way, the consumers will feel more positive and attracted to make a deal with you. 
  5. Provide warmth and ambiance: Commercial lights are known for their warm and inviting glow, creating a cozy and pleasing atmosphere. This makes them suitable for certain hospitality and retail environments where ambiance is a key consideration.
  6. Brand image: Thoughtfully designed and strategically placed commercial lights contribute to a positive brand image and enhance the overall aesthetics of the business space. Also, well-lit exteriors and interiors create a welcoming atmosphere for customers and clients.
  7. Versatility and customization: Commercial lighting offers a wide range of options to suit different needs and applications. Fixtures are available in various wattages, from high bays for warehouses to downlights for offices. Also, you can choose color temperatures and beam patterns to create the desired ambiance and functionality in different spaces.
Position Company NameEstablished Year Location Employee 
01TCL Lighting Technology2000Guangdong, China1000+
02OBALS2010Zhongshan, China200-300
03PAK Electrical1991Guangdong China1500+
04Topstar Lighting 1958Xiamen, China600-800
05Jasionlight2004Shenzhen, China350
06LEDRhythm2014Suzhou, Jiangsu51-200 
07Lixine2003Ningbo, Zhejiang 
08ACE LED Light2008Fuzhou, Fujian51-200
09LEEDARSON 2000Xiamen, Fujian5,001-10,000
10Yankon Lighting1975Guangdong, China10,000
tcl lighting technology

TCL Lighting has more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. It produces lights for residential, commercial, landscape, roadway, and other special lighting categories. This company is a pioneer in the internationalization of Chinese companies. Since its beginning, this company has undergone three steps: transnational merger and acquisition, early exploration, and steady growth. Besides, by using “one belt and one road” opportunities, TCL re-developed the roadmap again. In the future, this company will improve its market in South Asia and America. In the meantime, it will emerge in markets in Europe and the Middle East. 

Furthermore, it has over 1000 workers and more than 50 production lines. Also, the company’s R&D team is very strong and has 80 experienced engineers. It has many certifications, including CQC, ETL, CCC, DLC, CE, CB, FCC, RoHS, etc. 


OBALS was established in 2010 and is a leading professional manufacturer of commercial lights. Also, this company is technology-oriented and mainly focused on client satisfaction. It has a production factory in Zhongshan with 10,000 sqm. With over 13 years in the lighting industry, this company always insists on rapidity, sincerity, and win-win. 

Besides, OBALS has invested a lot of money each year in its R&D team to improve new technology and new products, and they designed 300 products overall. Also, it offers OEM and ODM opportunities, such as for ODM OBALS, which takes 7 days to create the products. Meanwhile, mold tooling and bulk order production take 30 days. Plus, this company provides 24-hour professional technical support, and its after-sales service satisfies consumers. Furthermore, it has many certificates from different organizations, such as SAA, CE, C-Tick, and RoHS. 

pak electrical

PAK Electrical is a prominent commercial lighting manufacturer. It was founded in 1991 and has factories in  Chongqing, Shaoqing, and Guangzhou. Also, this company is well known for its energy-efficient lighting and supplies them in dividers markets worldwide. It has become the top leader in applying high-quality lights. With over 32 years of experience in the lighting industry, PAK makes 2000+ categories of products and has 4000+ employees.

In addition, it has a huge product range of commercial, outdoor, indoor, and industrial lighting. The R&D of this company continuously innovates better lighting designs using grade materials. It worked with many well-known brands globally, such as ALANOD for its originality in aluminum and Philips Lumileds for LEDs. Moreover, PAK has several partners worldwide and has worked with many international events, such as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Also, it provided innovative lighting products in the 2010 Asia Games and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Its lights were used in the “Bird’s Nest,” the National Stadium, the remaining 15 Olympic Stadiums and Gymnasiums, and the National Conference Centre. In 2017, this company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Some of the main products of this company–

  • Downlights
  • Spotlights
  • Track lights
  • LED strip lights
  • LED lights bar
  • LED linear lights
  • LED mirror lights 
topstar lighting

Topstar Lighting is one of the pioneers in the lighting industry in China. This company produces lighting fixtures such as commercial, road & tunnel lighting, education lighting, LED lamps, LED smart lighting, and many LED products for different usages. Also, it was established in 1958, and since 2000, it has had a joint venture partnership with GE Lighting. 

Besides, it has a strong R&D team and incredible laboratory facilities. Topstar makes sure that each product that comes from the production line delivers value. Also, it is globally well-known for its trustworthiness and energy efficiency. Therefore, with an experienced technician team, this company only provides the best quality products. 


Jasionlight is one of the professional LED light manufacturers in China. It produces hundreds of LED light variants, such as LED lamps, neon signs, LED displays, high bay lights, spotlights, and downlights. With over 18 years of experience, this company now produces 5,000 LED neon signs and 10,000 meter LED strip lights monthly. 

Besides, Jasionlights has done projects successfully for the USA, Europe, and the Middle East and provides LED solutions for parking lots, shopping malls, hospitals, apartments, etc. Also, it strictly controls the quality of the products. Therefore, if you want to minimize the cost of inventory and an advanced project, Jasionlight is an ideal choice. Plus, it can give suitable LED solutions for your projects. In the meantime, this company offers customized options for different functions and styles as well as OEM/ ODM options. 


Founded in 2014, LEDRhythm is a technology-driven lighting producer focusing on R&D, sales, manufacturing, and maintenance. Also, it offers customers comprehensive lighting solutions with professional services. This company is strict with quality management and has several certificates. For instance, it has DLC Premium, CE, and UL approval. And the R&D team of this company has senior engineers in electronics, structure, and optics. Therefore, for over 10 years, LEDRhythm has been offering better and more efficient lighting products. It has clients in America, Europe, and Asia. Furthermore, its main purpose is to create a reliable and long-term relationship with consumers and partners. 


Lixine Lighting Company in 2003, and at the beginning of the company, it produced emergency lights and fire alarms. Gradually, it expanded its products and gained electronic passed system certification in 2011. This company has a factory covering 11,400 square meters and has the capacity to research, manufacture, and design mold and new products. Also, it has ODM facilities and offers custom-made lighting products. The whole production system strictly follows the ISO 9001:2015. With high-quality products and focuses on client priority first, it has consumers in more than 63 countries, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Furthermore, its main concern is win-win business ideas for everyone. RoHS, UL, TUV, cULs, and CE are some of the company’s certifications. The products of this company includes–

  • Commercial lighting
  • EM central monitoring systems
  • Central battery systems
  • Emergency light battery assembly
  • Emergency light & exit signs
  • Safety & security products
  • Fire fighting products
  • LED emergency drives
ace led light

ACE LED Light is one of the leading companies and is committed to offering energy-efficient and high-quality products. Also, this company’s products are built to last and reliable lighting that develops productivity and safety. It produces LED street lights, floodlights, high/low bay lights, and many more. 

Besides, ACE offers excellent customer service. The professional team is dedicated to helping you find suitable lighting solutions for your specific needs. Also, it works closely with the consumers so that it can ensure their exact requirements. This company provides ongoing support to make sure that its lighting continues to perform at its best. If you need after-sales service and a customization option, you can get it with ACE. Furthermore, its products have been tested independently and passed several certifications, such as DLC5.1. The other certifications are SAA, ETL, RoHS, CE, and FCC. Therefore, this certification ensures that its products are safe and environmentally friendly.


Founded in 2000, LEEDARSON became one of the high-tech companies in China. It specializes in R&D, sensors, cameras, controls, connected and non-connected LED fixtures, bulbs, and so on. This company is the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) provider; it has partners with companies to help them manufacture, design, certify, and test. The main goal of LEEDARSON is to improve the quality of life. After 20+ years of continuous growth, it has become the world’s largest smart products company. 

Moreover, this company has built relationships with many well-known retailers or brands to help them test, manufacture, design, kit, and deliver extraordinary products. Plus, it has over 8,000 employees and has three production bases located in Sichuan, Zhengzhou, and Thailand. Now, LEEDARSON has become one of the most efficient, high-quality stop shop companies. 

yankon lighting

Yankon Lighting was established in 1975 and became specialized in the lighting industry. This is a listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Besides, it has more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Advanced technology and innovation make Yankon one of the leading and rapidly growing companies. In 2015, it opened the Dallas site to focus on the US market. Besides, its mission is to create a greener and more environmentally friendly world with its energy-efficient products. Also, Yankon aims to achieve customer satisfaction with customized options, and you can get fast and guaranteed delivery after order. Therefore, before shipment, the products undergo many tests for quality confirmation. 

Furthermore, it supplied products to over 40 countries, such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Also, Yankon products can meet international standards and be certified by FCC, UL, CE, EMC, TUV, CSA in Canada, PROCEL in Brazil, VDE in Europe, and many others. Hence, over the past few years, this company has constantly received awards from Chinese national brands. Its technological innovation helps the company build a postdoctoral workstation and make partners with bright minds to produce efficient and practical lighting. The primary products of Yankon Lighting are–

  • LED shop lights
  • LED ceiling lights
  • LED spotlights
  • LED panel lights
  • LED work lights
  • LED downlights

To select the best commercial lights for your next project, you need to consider a few factors. For instance, you need to check the ceiling types and heights where you want to install commercial lights. You can go with suspended LED panel designs for concrete and high ceilings. On the other hand, for different purposes, there are different lights you will find. You can use LED strips, tube lights, or pendant lighting for your office. 

However, LED Neon Flex, Wall Mount, Wall Packs, Canopy, Flood Light, and Wall Washer will be needed outdoors. Brightness is another thing to consider; check the space area, its natural light availability, and its main purpose. Also, you have to check the light warrant, color temperature, maintenance cost, and CRI rating before purchasing. However, read this article carefully–Commercial Lighting: A Definitive Guide for detailed information.

Commercial-grade lights are made to last longer and have a huge run time. They have strong finishes, sturdy bodies, and can handle more wear and tear. And these lights use better-quality LEDs, which means they’re of higher quality and cost more. Usually, they come with better warranties. Therefore, commercial-grade lights are designed for tough jobs, with improved drivers, heat sinks, LED chips, and lenses to handle more demanding tasks.

Commercial light design is strategically planned for non-residential spaces such as offices, retail stores, and public buildings. It enhances functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. Also, this lighting can provide ambiance, fulfill task requirements, and use energy-saving technologies to create an optimal lighting environment.

Commercial lights are typically made of durable materials designed for longevity and efficiency. The common components include metal housings for durability and tempered glass or acrylic for the outer cover. The metal housing protects the internal components from environmental factors. These materials ensure a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution, ranging from offices and retail spaces to outdoor settings.

To calculate lighting for a commercial building, determine the total square footage of the space. You can go with a general lighting level of 20-50 foot candles for offices and 50-100 foot candles for more detailed tasks. Multiply the square footage by the recommended foot-candle range to find the required lumens. Then, choose fixtures with the appropriate light output and distribute them evenly. Also, consider natural light, occupancy sensors, and energy-efficient bulbs to optimize lighting.

Commercial lighting is crucial as it directly impacts productivity, safety, and ambiance in business spaces. With well-designed lighting, you can increase visibility, reduce the risk of accidents, and create a comfortable work environment. Also, it influences customer perception, affecting their mood and overall performance. Furthermore, energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions cut costs and align with environmental goals.

Commercial office lighting commonly features energy-efficient fixtures and provides ample illumination while reducing electricity costs. Also, they can boost the worker’s productivity and make them feel energetic. Besides, integrated sensors adjust the brightness based on natural light levels and occupancy, promoting sustainability. With the help of smart controls, they can allow you to customize lighting schemes to enhance employee comfort and productivity. Additionally, ergonomic designs minimize glare and eye strain.

Commercial lighting was invented in the late 19th century. The adoption of electric lighting in businesses began around the 1870s with the development of practical incandescent bulbs. Thomas Edison’s successful implementation of electric lighting in the 1880s marked a significant milestone, leading to widespread commercial use. This transformative innovation replaced gas lamps and revolutionized how businesses illuminated their spaces, increasing productivity and extending working hours.

The typical illumination level in a commercial office is around 500 to 1000 lux. Lux is a measure of light intensity. This range ensures a well-lit and comfortable workspace, promoting productivity and reducing eye strain. Also, proper lighting is essential for reading, writing, and using computers. It contributes to a positive work environment by creating a welcoming atmosphere for employees.

Hopefully, you have already chosen your best company. However, if you still can’t decide, go with TCL Lighting, as it has 20 years of experience in the lighting industry and a good R&D team with 80 engineers. However, OBALS has several certifications and provides OEM and ODM services, and the main goal is customer satisfaction so that you can go with it. On the other hand, you can also choose PAK Electronic; it has done many projects with a well-known brand, has 4000 workers, and produces 2000 categories of items. 
You can also select strip lights, which come in several variants, for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, for the best quality LED strip lights, contact LEDYi; we are the best in China. We have commercial-grade LED strip lights and LED neon flex to meet your needs. Our priority is customer satisfaction; we have certificates like CTL, CB, CE-EMC, RoHS, etc. So, if you want to modernize your commercial space with LED strips and LED neon flex, contact us ASAP!

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