Top 10 Batten Light Manufacturers And Suppliers In China (2024)

Batten lights are so popular for general lighting in residential and commercial spaces. You can also use them as backlighting or underneath lighting. But from where will you get standard-grade batten lights? 

China is the best option for choosing the batten lights. But not all of these are good; you must research the right one. Decide on the type of batten light, beam angle, the color of the light, etc. These fixtures are available in different sizes; the most common lengths are 20, 90, and 150 cm. So, depending on your areas and desired illumination level, you are the ideal one. Once you complete these steps, move forward to pick the perfect company. 

However, to reduce all your work, I have created the top 10 batten light manufacturers and suppliers in China. You need to read the whole article, especially the ten companies, and pick the one that meets your requirements. So, let’s begin the search–

Batten lights, also known as batten fixtures or batten lamps, are long, slender light fixtures that are typically mounted on ceilings or walls. These are a popular category of light used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Their long, narrow shape characterizes them and typically features a simple design with a cover or diffuser to shield the light source. Often, you can surface-mount them on ceilings or walls. However, depending on the application, they can be suspended or recessed. You can use them in garages, workshops, warehouses, offices, corridors, kitchens, and utility rooms.

Besides, these fixtures usually house fluorescent tubes, LED tubes, or other types of linear light sources. They provide even illumination across a wide area. Batten lights are often chosen for their efficiency, durability, and low maintenance requirements. Also, they come in various sizes, wattages, and color temperatures to suit different needs and preferences.

led batten light 1
  • Style: The main advantage of LED batten lights is the design. They come with a compact and sleek appearance and can increase the look of your space. Therefore, you can install them anywhere you want, whether outdoors or indoors. 

  • Light Quality: Another thing is the light quality of the LED batten lights. These lights are famous for their flicker-free and spotless illumination, which is easy for the eyes. Also, they produce even and uniform illumination and can cover large places conveniently. 

  • Efficiency: They use approximately 50% less energy than traditional lights. In the meantime, these lights also produce less heat. So, LED batten lights are a total package to reduce your electricity bills. 

  • Life Duration: LED batten lights can last longer than 50,000 hours. This number is more than twice the lifespan of the conventional lights. 

  • Eco-Friendly: These lights are environmentally friendly for several reasons. For instance, they do not contain any toxic chemicals like mercury. And they do not produce any gasses or any kind of infrared radiation. Also, they emit less heat no matter how long they run. 

  • Instant Lighting: Many other lights need some time to warm up and produce full brightness. However, LED batten lights will provide instant illumination as you turn them on. This property is essential, as quick lighting is required, like stairways and corridors. 

  • Customizable: This is valuable if you have any specific requirements. You can customize them to different sizes and styles for multiple applications. This way, you can match them to your decor or preferences. 

  • Low Maintenance: They need less maintenance because they are durable and have a long lifespan. There is no hassle in frequently replacing bulbs, and you can enjoy one light for years to come. 

  • High Ceiling: LED batten lights come with a brightness that can be perfect for more than 26 feet. Also, the fixtures of these lights are stronger. So, using them on high ceilings will be safer than using less effective lights.   

  • Uniform Lights: Uniform lights are required for business and industrial use. You can even use them for personal use. For instance, when you install them for industrial purposes, and there is even illumination, the employees can complete their tasks in less time. Also, it can help to prevent accidents from occurring in less and unclear visibility. 

  • Large Space: Compared to conventional lights, LED batten lights produce brightness 5 times extra. Therefore, these lights are ideal for big spaces.

Position Company NameEstablished Year Location Employee 
01Benwei Lighting2010Shenzhen300+
02Eastrong Lighting 2017Dongguan, Guangdong 51-200
03Toppo Lighting2009Shenzhen, Guangdong201-500
04King Ornan 2012NINGBO, ZHEJIANG51-200
05GRNLED2013Shenzhen, Guangdong201-500
06OBALS Lighting 2008Zhongshan, Guangdong51-200
07Recolux 2014Shenzhen, Guangdong11-50 
08OPPLE Lighting1996Shanghai, Shanghai5,001-10,000
09TCL lighting2000Huizhou, Guangdong1,001-5,000
10UPSHINE 2007Shenzhen, Guandong501-1,000
shenzhen benwei lighting

Shenzhen Benwei Lighting is a professional manufacturer. They produce LED products and engage in development, design, and sales. Since it was founded in 2010, Benwei has been one of the leading companies, selling 60 million USD annually. This company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has more than 300 workers. They also have a powerful R&D team and advanced production machines. Some of the equipment are PCB cutting, fixed chip, laser printer, welding wire, reflow welding, color separation, and test machine.

In addition, they produce different types of batten lights such as 5ft batten, lamp batten, LED 4ft batten, battery batten light, and many more. Apart from these, Benwei creates LED tubes, grow, tri-proof, poultry, panels, and flood lights. Therefore, you can use these lights in multiple locations. For instance, outdoor, residential, poultry, plant, and photography lighting. Their products are supplied to several countries, including Europe, North America, and South America. Furthermore, Benwei has many departments for different purposes, such as engineering, sales, administration, quality, purchasing, after-sales service, and finance. So, this company aims to grow by helping and coordinating with the different departments. This way, they will offer you high-quality products, on-time delivery, and the best sales services.  

Shenzhen Benwei Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.

2. Eastrong (Dongguan) Lighting

eastrong (dongguan) lighting

Eastrong Lighting was founded in 2017. This advanced LED lighting company engages in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after and before sales services. Besides, they have certificates of quality management systems. They have become a worldwide LED lighting manufacturer headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Besides, Eastrong produces a wide range of products, such as LED batten, panel, tri-proof, and strip lights. They also create LED explosion-proof lights, germicidal lights, purification lights, emergency lights, ceiling lamps, high bay lamps, and many more. 

In addition, all their products have passed several certificates, including RoHS, CE, and waterproof certificates. Therefore, you can use their products in homes, offices, malls, warehouses, shops, farms, and factories. At the same time, other public areas like stations, schools, freezers, large cold storage rooms, and many more.

shenzhen toppo lighting

Toppo Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers certified by ISO. This company is famous for producing and improving state-of-the-art LEDs. Since its establishment in 2009, Toppo has been manufacturing and specializing in lighting for different markets worldwide for over 14 years. Meanwhile, they produce several indoor and outdoor products. They also make industrial, commercial, architectural, educational, and many more types of lighting. Besides, all their products are functional, reliable, and modern. 

Furthermore, they have various certificates from different categories, such as VDE, CE, TUV, ETL, DLC, UL, and so on. They have grown gradually from the beginning and are working on improving the products as much as possible. Therefore, now they are located in Longgang district, in Shenzhen, and have about 12.500 sqm factory to production. This factory has different floors for different purposes, such as a sales office, engineering quality control, and many other departments. Another sales office is situated in the Futian district. Moreover, they have many advanced automated aging lines, SMT machine parks, and semi-automated production lines. Their main priority is customer satisfaction while providing high-quality products. 

Toppo Lighting Factory
king ornan

King Ornan is a high-tech company that produces LED lighting and is a manufacturer headquartered in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Besides, this company has a sales factory in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. With years of experience in R&D, they have become one of the most professional companies in China. They also gained marketing experience in LED lighting products. 

In addition, Ornan has over 50,000 m2 and has a modern processing machine, automatic paint spraying machine, automatic CNC processing equipment, and testing equipment. Other than that, their R&D team, sales, and management are professional. They follow international quality management system standards. At the same time, this company passed certificates from RoHS, CE, SASO, CB, and various patents. The primary products they have for indoor lighting are LED batten lights, spotlights, strip lights, panel lights, tube lights, track lights, linear lights, Emergency lights, and more. Meanwhile, outdoor lights are LED flood lights, street lights, and high bay lights, all of which support SKD. Besides, they develop LED smart lights, grow lights, and other accessories.

Furthermore, the design concept is energy efficiency and safety. At the same time, honesty and enthusiasm are their management philosophy. Therefore, they constantly produce more practical, beautiful, high-quality products with the best after-sales service. Since the beginning, their products have been exported to many countries and won high praise from consumers all over the world. In the future, they will innovate continuously and seek new challenges as a partner globally. 

LED Lights Manufacturer and Suppliers | Direct Factory LED Lights From China | OEM&ODM Service

GRNLED was founded in 2013. This is one of the leading companies in China, engaged in the production, research, design, market, export, and sales services of LEDs. Therefore, their main focus is to offer consumers high-quality products at low prices. Their primary indoor products are LED batten, tubes, spotlights, ceiling, candle lamps, strip lights, and other accessories. All the products are certified by RoHS and CE. 

The main advantage of this company is the customized option if you have any specific requirements. Besides, every product goes through several control specifications and procedures from technical research, trial production, design, etc. This way, they offer the best products and ensure their quality to customers. Constantly, GRNLED tries to develop their product’s quality more, reduce costs, and become the first option for customers in LEDs. In the future, they will also build trusted partners with clients permanently. 

obals lighting

OBALS Lighting is a technology-oriented, client-focused, and professional LED lighting manufacturer. This company was established in 2010 and headquartered in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Since the beginning, they have followed the ideas of rapidity, sincerity, and win-win. Besides, their production base covers 10,000 sqm with a 1200 sqm smart showroom. 

In addition, they have certification from ISO9001:2015, and all their products have passed CE, C-Tick, SAA, and RoHS. At the same time, OBALS products go through energy efficiency tests such as LM-79, ERP, LCP, and ISTMT. Besides that, they have a strong R&D team that works with over 300 different product designs. Hence, they invest a lot each year to research and develop new technology and products. Furthermore, they offer ODM and OEM services to customers worldwide. For instance, they provide ODM product design and solutions in 7 days. On the other hand, you have to wait 30 days for bulk orders and mold tooling. 

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shenzhen recolux

Recolux has been a manufacturer of batten lights since 2014. You can use their energy-efficient lighting for multiple purposes in several places. Their primary focus is the quality and reliability of the products, and they prioritize quality control. Apart from this, they bring materials from leading companies like Tridonic, Meandwell, Osram, and so on. Commitment and satisfaction of the customers and partners are of great importance to them. So, they deal with flexibility and find the best solution for the consumer. And the most convenient thing is their customized option based on your requirements. 

All their products have GS, ENEC, and CE certificates from TÜV Rheinland. Besides, they have a team with great marketing, technical, and management members and serve a wide range of customers globally. Also, Recolux provides OEM and ODM services on a large economic scale. Their mission is to make value, help society and consumer trust, and offer a platform for workers to show their talent. With over 7 years of warranty, they prove their products’ quality, sustainability, and reliability. 

opple lighting

Opple Lighting offers the best lighting solution in China’s lighting industry. Their mission is to make value by innovating while putting customers first. Besides, the company has a strong dealer base, professional experience, and R&D to become one of the leading companies. Therefore, they aim to provide a high-quality experience for customers worldwide. 

In 1996, OPPLE Lighting started its journey and engaged in production, R&D, distribution, and after-sales service. They have around 6,000 workers to provide the best products on time. Their main products are lamps, LED and traditional lighting, electrical equipment, and more. Plus, the company has a powerful R&D team. With an excellent marketing team and network, they have over 150,000 sales outlets. Therefore, OPPLE became a listed stock exchange in 2016. In order to make a lighting business worldwide, they offer sales and services in more than 70 countries. For instance, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa, and the Middle East. World Brand Lab listed the company in “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” in 2017. They built a partnership with Expo Beijing Botanic Garden in 2019. Not to mention that their brand concert is “See Beyond.”

OPPLE Brand Video 2021
tcl lighting

TCL Lighting was established in 2000 and is a prominent company in the lighting industry. They are engaged in making LEDs for residential, landscape, roadway, and other lighting categories. Therefore, they provide customers with a wide range of products and services. Over 14 years, TCL Lighting has used advanced technology to make energy-saving products. They have different types of lighting products, including batten lights. LED T5 batten and LED T4 batten 4ft are produced. The T5 batten is made of PC material, and the T4 is made of iron, and both have a clear appearance. You can use these lights in offices, malls, showrooms, and other places. Apart from these, TCL also makes LED panel lights, downlights, ceiling lights, bulbs, and spotlights. They offer ODM and OEM services for customers all over the world. 

Besides, they are the pioneers of Chinese enterprise in internationalization. After its primary exploration in 1999, TCL Lighting went through three steps: steady growth, early exploration, and transnational merger and acquisition. In the following years, they became one of the leading companies in the lighting industry, LED by TCL Corporation. Furthermore, they export products to South Asia and America. In the meantime, they will break through in Europe and the Middle East. They are popular in the domestic market as well as worldwide. Therefore, their main aim is internationalization, and they will keep pace with lighting trends and advanced innovation. 

TCL Lighting

UPSHINE was founded in 2007 and became one of the leading LED lighting companies. The company is certified by ISO14001 and ISO9001. Besides, they offer modern lighting solutions and excellent after-sales services. Therefore, they have a reputation in their home country and worldwide. With an 18000 sqm area, they are equipped with more than 650 employees and 56 engineers. At the same time, 36 staff work in a quality department to produce high-quality products without damaging the environment. UPSHINE has grown rapidly as a medium company. 

If you want a cost-effective solution, you must rely on UPSHINE. They dedicated themselves to developing, researching, and manufacturing different types of products. Constantly, they work to improve the company by fulfilling consumer demand. Also, they focus on producing lights in order to make people’s lives comfortable and safe. So they bring new technology and adequate resources. Apart from these, UPSHINE has sustained technical innovation and a clear marketing orientation. So, if you want a long-term partnership, you can consider UPSHINE.  


Before buying LED batten lights, you need to consider many features. However, not all these lights will have all the features. But you can hold on to some features to purchase great lights for your personal space or workplace. Let’s see some essential properties here–

Almost all the LED batten lights are available in 2, 4, 5, and 6-foot (1.83 m) variants. Besides, they can be of different sizes, such as–

  1. Slimline

This type of LED batten light has an aluminum body mixed with a polycarbonate diffuser. Therefore, the slimline lights are lightweight, and you can’t change the chassis inside of the lights, but these are energy rates A+. However, you can install them simply as they are cable entries and can be mounted clips. 

  1. Standard

The standard batten lights are simple and often used in schools. At the same time, you can install them in hospitals, workshops, and car parks. 

  1. Wide Beam 

With this type, you can get the space fully illuminated in even distribution. These lights are flicker-free and perfect for schools and offices.  

Lumens refer to the brightness of the lights. Therefore, the higher the lumens, the brighter the lights are. Generally, people search for the wattage of the lights to know the brightness. But in the batten lights, the brightness does not indicate the wattage. Most of the lights have labels that indicate lumens. To learn more about lumen and other units of light, check this- Candela vs. Lux vs. Lumens.

LED batten lights come in several colors, and choosing the perfect one is a great challenge. And it’s necessary to make a unique atmosphere for your home or office. For instance, you can avoid traditional light colors like stark white and choose warmer yellowish tones. This tone is easy for the eyes when running for a long time and is more akin to incandescent lights. However, color refers to the Kelvin scale. Therefore, choose a color range for yellow lights from 2700K to 3000K. But if you want white lights, you can select 3500K-4100K.

On the other hand, for blue colors, go with 5000K-6500K. Hence, as you can see, the higher the Kelvin scale, the bluish the lights are. Besides, you should also consider the location and purpose of lighting while choosing light colors. For instance, warm light is best for the bedroom and cool tone for office rooms. To learn more, check this- LED Light Colors, What They Mean, And Where To Use Them? 

Many LED batten lights now have dimmer switches. So you can control them directly and change the brightness level. This way, you can high and low the lights using the switches based on your preferences, which is convenient.

Color rendering index (CRI) measures how accurately a light source can depict different colors. It’s best to opt for a higher CRI, as it indicates that the light is better at rendering colors to appear more natural. So, choose a batten light with CRI rates of 80 or above. To learn more about the color rendering index, check this- What is CRI?

With the best chip quality, LED batten lights will perform for years. This will enhance light efficiency and maintain the quality over time. So, choose lights whose chips come from well-known manufacturers such as Philips, Cree, and Osram.  

When purchasing LED batten lights, considering the beam angle is crucial. The beam angle determines the spread of light emitted from the fixture. For example, a narrow beam angle concentrates light in a specific direction, such as spotlighting or task lighting applications. On the other hand, a wider beam angle provides more extensive coverage. These are ideal for general illumination, such as evenly lighting up larger areas or rooms. So, your lighting requirements and the space where the lights will be installed to choose the appropriate beam angle. To learn more, read this- Everything You Need To Know About Beam Angle.

LED batten lights have a huge lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. So, you can run these lights for approximately 10 to 12 years. However, the lifespan will be enhanced when the lights come with the best quality heat sink. A good heat sink can whisk the heat effectively away from the lights and chips. So, this will increase optimal operation. 

There are many distinctions between these two types of lights. Let’s see here some of the most common comparisons of LED batten and fluorescent tubes–

Power consumption: LED batten lights consume between 25% and 80% less energy than conventional lights. Therefore, LEDs can save you money without consuming much energy. 

Cost friendliness: Generally, LED batten lights cost half of the fluorescent lights. And by using LED lights, you can save electricity bills. 

Brightness: Another disadvantage of traditional tube lights is their brightness fades away over time. On the other hand, LEDs keep their brightness the same for their whole lifetime. 

Lifespan: LEDs run four times higher than conventional tube lights. 

Heat production: Unlike traditional tube lights, LED batten lights produce less heat. So, these lights are safe to use. Meanwhile, conventional tube lights create more heat while operating. 

FeaturesLED Batten LightsFluorescent Tube Lights
Energy ConsumptionVery Low (More than 50% savings)High
Color OptionsVariousLimited
VisibilityHigh(up to 100+ lm/wLow
Startup DelayNoYes, start with a delay
HeatLowHigh heat
Dimmable optionAvailableNot available
Toxic ChemicalNoYes (Mercury and phosphorous)
UV RadiationNoYes 
Life DurationUp to 50,000 hoursUp to 20,000 hours

LED batten lights are more efficient than other lights. Let’s see some of the ideas of using batten lights here- 

You can install LED battens as a backlight in any place in your home, such as a kitchen. This way, you can illuminate behind the surface. As a result, you will create a unique atmosphere and improve the look of the place. Backlighting mirror or TV with LED batten lights works great. You can follow this guide for backlighting- 5 Easy Steps To Add LED Lights Behind Your TV

In a warehouse, you can store products or goods before selling. LED batten lights are the best option for this, as warehouses require even lighting. Because warehouses have several products, light blockage is a result. Therefore, for your visibility, you need illumination in every room corner. This way, you or your employees can easily find the necessary items. Also, fire hazards can often be created by lighting equipment in a warehouse. However, using LED batten lights can prevent this problem as they are cool to touch. Furthermore, managing a warehouse can be costly, but you can save money with LED batten lights. LEDs are cost-friendly, consume less energy, and require lower maintenance than other lights. 

Retail stores have different types of products that are placed in several areas. Often, people visit the retail store to explore or check on the price before purchasing. So, by highlighting them with LED batten lights, customers can find the desired products easily. Besides, the main advantage of installing LED batten lights is that they save electricity. Retail stores open for hours, and the lights keep operating. So, less power consumption of LEDs can lower the energy expense for the owners. 

LED batten lights have a dimmer switch, and you can adjust the brightness and mood. This way, if you have a headache or you want to rest your eyes, you can dim the lights. So, they are the best option to use as a nightlight rather than regular lights. 

LED batten lights are perfect for industrial settings as they offer reliable, adjustable brightness that is suitable for various tasks. Also, they are energy-efficient, durable, and ensure worker safety. With 24/7 operations in industrial facilities, cost-effective lighting like LED batten lights is essential. These lights provide high visibility, aiding workers in movement and reducing accidents. 

In addition, LED batten lights withstand harsh conditions, which are ideal for hot industrial environments. In loading areas, they efficiently facilitate diverse tasks like inspection and transportation. At the same time, they improve visibility for transport vehicles. Therefore, LED batten lights are fit for industrial use, as they provide efficient, safe, and uniform lighting.

Loading bay areas require high visibility for efficient movement of products and materials. LED batten lights are ideal due to their ability to distraction-free activities such as inspection, packing, and transportation. They enhance visibility for safe vehicle movement and reduce accidents. With uniform lighting, LED battens ensure consistent illumination throughout the area. As a result, you can facilitate smooth loading and unloading operations.

People often require leisure activities to relax and refresh after daily work. Games like basketball, volleyball, and football can provide this relief. LED batten lights are crucial for optimal visibility during these activities, ensuring safety and enjoyment. Therefore, proper lighting can enhance the gaming experience for both players and spectators. Also, matches like boxing need bright and focused lighting. In those situations, LED batten lights contribute to a safe environment by preventing unwanted incidents and providing clear visibility for movement. They aid security personnel in maintaining safety during events as well. 

If you have art, pictures, or other items in your corridors and hallways, you can install LED batten lights. This way, you can highlight or show off your creative work or memories. For more corridor lighting ideas, check this- Top 27 Creative Hallway Lighting Ideas (2024).

If your room is small, you can consider installing LED batten lights. You can also use them as backlighting or underneath lighting to create an illusion of space. This will make your small room appear bigger. 

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The main difference between tube and batten lights is their design and installation. For example, tube lights come with long, cylindrical bulbs that require specific fixtures for mounting. Meanwhile, batten lights are self-contained units with the bulb and fixture combined in a rectangular casing. Tube lights typically offer more uniform illumination along their length, while batten lights are often easier to install and replace. Besides, batten lights can provide better protection against moisture and dust due to their enclosed design.

LED batten lights are energy-efficient. And they consume significantly less power than fluorescent lights. Also, LED technology ensures longevity, reducing maintenance costs. So you do not have to replace the lights frequently. At the same time, batten lights provide instant illumination without flickering. The other advantages of LED batten lights are that they emit minimal heat and are safe for enclosed environments. Moreover, they contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions associated with energy consumption.

Batten lights are commonly used in commercial spaces, warehouses, garages, and even residential areas. They are particularly popular for their efficiency in providing proper illumination across large areas. Also, batten lights are the best in industrial environments because they can withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable lighting solutions. Therefore, their versatility makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

LED batten lights emit a bright and uniform light suitable for various applications. Their brightness typically ranges from 2000 to 6000 lumens, depending on the specific model and wattage. With advanced LED technology, batten offers exceptional luminous efficacy. Their brightness level an

Batten lights come in a vast range of different sizes. These lights can be 20, 60, 90, 120, and 150 cm long. Therefore, you have to choose the size depending on factors like the area you want to illuminate and the aesthetic you aim for. Also, it’s best to consider the space’s dimensions and the desired brightness level to select the appropriate size of batten lights for the best lighting performance.

A ceiling light batten is a fixture used for overhead lighting. It typically comprises a long metal or plastic casing that houses one or multiple light bulbs. The batten is mounted directly onto the ceiling and illuminates the room below. Its simple design makes it easy to install and maintain. With various bulb types and style options, ceiling light battens offer versatility in lighting solutions for different spaces, from kitchens to offices to garages.

Yes, batten lights require earthing for safety, Which ensures that any electrical faults are safely directed away from users. Without earthing, there’s a risk of electric shock or fire hazards. It’s a crucial safety measure mandated by electrical standards. Hence, proper earthing protects the users and the electrical system, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing risks. 

Yes, batten lights are generally energy efficient. They use LED technology, consuming less power compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs, in particular, are highly efficient, converting a higher percentage of energy into light. Also, batten fixtures often come with features like motion sensors or dimmers, further optimizing energy usage.

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Batten lights are perfect for many places and come with different valuable factors. So, if you don’t have time to research a company, you can choose one from my list above. The first on my list is Shenzhen Benwei Lighting, one of China’s leading companies. They have a strong R&D team and advanced equipment. With 300 workers, they produce high-quality batten lights and supply them in North America, South America, and Europe.

On the other hand, Eastrong Lighting is an advanced lighting manufacturer. They have a wide range of certificates like CE and RoHS. Also, their batten lights are waterproof and can be used in shops, schools, and other places. If you want excellent customer service with high-quality batten lights, choose Toppo Lighting. For these reasons, they became one of the most popular companies after starting their journey in 2009. Besides, they have a 12,500 sqm factory with many automated machines and different departments. This way, they can ensure the quality and performance of their products.

However, LED strip lights are also a great alternative to batten lights. They have a slim and flat ensign, which you can use for general lighting, backlighting, underneath lighting, and replacing batten lights. For the best strip lights, pick LEDYi. We produce the world’s best strip lights with high-quality materials. Our products also have many certificates, such as CE, RoHS, CB, ETL, and LM80. At the same time, we have a laboratory equipped with advanced machines to test each product before mass production. So, order your customized LED strip light ASAP.

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