Top 48 Creative Living Room Lighting Ideas

Want to bring a wow factor to your living room? Go for a perfect lighting plan that matches your interior decor and turns your house into a home!

Before getting into living room lighting, mark the lighting requirements of your space. Consider the availability of natural lighting, the color of your walls and furniture, and how you love spending time in the living room. Start with general lighting and then focus on task and accent lighting to perfectly illuminate your space. LED strip lights, recessed lighting, track lights, etc., are popular choices for living rooms. However, chandeliers or pendant lights are good to go if you are into creating a statement. Above all, DIY lighting options are always open. 

Here, I will share 48 creative living room lighting ideas that I found helpful while searching for the perfect lighting for my living room. So, let’s get started and find your best lighting option–

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How To Plan Living Room Lighting?

By considering the room’s size, position, and likes, you can choose the ideal lights for your living room. Follow this section below to get the best lighting plan–

  • Ambient light

Ambient lighting, also known as background or general lighting, provides an overall brightness to your living room. It’s the foundational layer that ensures a comfortable atmosphere. To plan for ambient lighting, consider the room’s size, shape, and purpose. Besides, you can select ceiling-mounted fixtures like chandeliers or flush-mounted lights are excellent choices for even distribution. Whereas, with recessed lights, you can create a subtle, uniform glow. So, place fixtures strategically to prevent dark spots and create a balanced, welcoming space.

  • Task light

This lighting solution is for your specific task or work. For instance, if you read or work in your living room, you can install lights to illuminate that particular area. You can set adjustable floor lamps, table lamps, movable wall lights, and swing arm lamps for this. Then, position the lighting fixtures strategically to ensure adequate brightness without causing glare or shadows. So, choose adjustable fixtures that allow you to direct the light precisely where needed. And it will create a comfortable and well-lit environment for various activities.

  • Accent light

Accent light is usually for illuminating your favorite things. With it, you can highlight essential objects and architectural features and place attention away from unpleasant items. So, you can set niche lighting, picture lights, and lighting inside shelves to brighten particular objects.

  • Decorative Lighting 

Decorative lighting serves as a functional and aesthetic element in your living space. It includes fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces that add a touch of elegance and style to the room. When planning your decorative lighting, consider the room’s size and layout. Larger rooms will benefit from a grand chandelier as a centerpiece, while smaller spaces can be better suited to smaller, stylish fixtures. Therefore, choose lighting that complements your overall decor and color scheme.

Best Lighting Options For Living Room 

Let’s see some of the perfect lighting options for your living room that will make you happy while at home–

  • LED Strip Lights

You can increase your living room’s ambiance with versatile LED strip lights. These lights are easy to install, energy efficient, and have various colors and brightness levels. So, with these lights, you can create the perfect mood and illumination for any occasion. You can set them easily to illuminate shelving, fireplace, under cabinets, or along the ceiling for a stylish, modern look.

  • LED Neon Lights

Add contemporary elegance to your living area with LED neon lights. These low-maintenance, sleek fixtures offer a soft, inviting glow. Also, they are ideal for creating focal points and accentuating architectural features. Hence, these lights elevate your living room’s aesthetics effortlessly. 

  • Recessed lights

You can choose recessed lights for the living room as they provide a clean and elegant look. These fixtures blend seamlessly into the ceiling. And they offer a uniform and glare-free illumination. Plus, you can use recessed light for overall lighting or highlighting specific areas in the living room.

  • Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can add to your living a sophisticated look by illuminating the chosen area. These light fixtures hang from the ceiling, and you can set them to brighten the coffee table or other objects. So, select a cluster of pendants or single statement pieces; they will effortlessly complement the interior design. 

  • Track Lights 

Track lights will be your best option for the living room if you want flexibility and adaptability. You can direct the light precisely to focus where you need it. With their adjustable fixtures, you can create the perfect ambiance for several activities. For instance, you can use it to highlight any artwork, dark areas, or anywhere you want. Therefore, their modern design will add a sleek touch to your living room. 

  • Wall Sconces

Wall sconces provide a gentle, warm atmosphere perfect for a cozy evening. Different designs and styles of sconce are available; choose one with curved or decorative arms. Also, you have to ensure the arm is long enough to fit with the wall. You can get a shade style to diffuse its direct light with these lights, mainly when installing them at eye level. 

  • Others 

You will find many other lighting options for your living room. For example, you can choose floor lamps, table lamps, or chandeliers to add personality and charm. Or go for smart lighting systems that offer convenience and control. You can adjust the lighting with a tap on your phone. Hence, select the one that suits your living room decor and personal preferences. 

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Living Room Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

When decorating your living area, it’s crucial to balance sufficient brightness and avoid harsh lighting that can dull colors and make you uncomfortable. With this in mind, you can choose from floor lamps and overhead fixtures to tall table lamps and LED installations. There are various options to make your space bright and cozy–

1. Oversized Overhanging Floor Lamp

Hanging lamps are the best choice for installing in living places. These lights offer essential brightening and don’t have to be installed on a table or shelf. Therefore, a big arched floor lamp will be your best option if the furniture is not up from the wall. You can put it near a power source so the arm faces toward the room’s central area.

oversized overhanging floor lamp

2. Industrial-Inspired Accent

If you like an unfinished, sophisticated look but don’t want to go too extreme, try finding end table lamps with an industrial style for your living room. Think about lamps that have metal with exposed bulbs and visible hardware. You can get two lamps that look the same to make your living room look more put-together and deliberate.

industrial inspired accent

3. Mismatched Styles

Just like you don’t need all your furniture to match, your lamps don’t have to look or follow the same style. If you’re searching for unique lighting ideas for your living room, don’t hesitate to pick different kinds of lamps. For example, this house has a simple curved floor lamp and a creative lamp on the end table. As you can see, they don’t match, but they look great together. Right?

mismatched styles

4. Simple Sconces

Sconces are an excellent way to illuminate a living room without using any table or floor space. Usually, they are connected directly to the wall, so you won’t see messy cords hanging around. So, wall sconces will be a better choice if you get bothered by the exposed wires. Also, with various finishes and shade choices, you can easily match sconces to your existing decor. Simple sconces are a versatile and stylish addition to any living room.

simple sconces

5. Simple Statement

You don’t need fancy ideas for lighting in your living room. Sometimes, simple lighting can be just as impressive. You might think that only big, eye-catching lights are attention-grabbers, but that’s not true. Look at how this simple globe pendant light adds to the room’s style without removing the other decorations.

simple statement

6. Oversized Shade

Big light fixtures are great for living rooms. Unlike furniture, there’s no such thing as “too big” when it comes to lights. That’s because huge shapes make a deliberate and bold statement. Look at how the massive shade on this curved floor lamp hangs over the small living area without being too overwhelming.

oversized shade

7. Retro-Inspired Illumination

Do you like the house’s decoration back in the 1960s and 1970s? Then you can get a couple of old-fashioned-looking floor lamps for your living room, like in this picture. These lamps can make your living room look like it’s from the past, even if the rest of your house is modern. And they will make your living room attractive and unique.

retro inspired illumination

8. Modern Lamps, Soft Accents

Often, modern interior design can seem a bit strict and cold. If you like light fixtures that look artistic, abstract, or with sharp lines and metal parts, you might love to add some cozy touches to your living room. So, consider adding woven baskets, playful plants, knitted blankets, and textured pillows. And with these elements, you can easily transform the living room into a serene haven for relaxation and social gatherings.

modern lamps, soft accents

9. Strategically Placed Pendants

Hanging lights that dangle from the ceiling aren’t only for kitchen islands and dining tables. They can also be used as lights that brighten up living rooms from above or to highlight specific areas. You can think about putting a line of these hanging lights above your sofa. Also, you can use two of them over the fireplace or even just one in a corner to make a cozy spot for reading.

strategically placed pendants

10. Abstract End Table

Structural lamps work well in living rooms that blend classic and modern styles. Transitional design combines different decorating styles like Art Deco, mid-century, rustic, industrial, and modern. Therefore, if you want unique lamps but don’t want something too attention-grabbing, choose a smaller lamp for your end table.

abstract end table

11. Updated Overhead Light

Most people don’t pay attention to the lights on the ceiling. But if you want to change the light on your ceiling, consider updating it with a sleeker option because it is an easy and affordable option. And this simple change can improve the atmosphere in your living room by making it more bright and impressive.

updated overhead light

12. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a top choice when considering lighting up your living room ceiling. Although it might seem like a big job, you’ll be happy when you do it. It looks great and doesn’t need much maintenance because LED recessed lights usually stay lit for over ten years. So, if you want a long-lifespan lighting option, you can use recessed lights.

recessed lighting

13. Abstract Chandelier

Unlike pendant lights, you can install chandelier lights for the living room. An abstract chandelier adds an element of artistry to your space. Its unique and imaginative form can make a statement and spark conversations. Also, the soft, ambient light it emits creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. With its various shapes and colors, you can blend it seamlessly for modern or traditional decor. Therefore, you can choose a cluster of geometric shapes or a swirl of metal and glass. They can bring a touch of sophistication.

abstract chandelier

14. Tasteful Track Lights

Track lights also can be excellent for living room ceiling lights. The installation process is simple, and wires remain hidden. These lights come in several styles, such as industrial, modern, rustic, and traditional. Often, they can be angled and tilted to illuminate different places. So, you can set them where the dark area is or angle them to direct your favorite spot. 

tasteful track lights

15. Dimmable Overhead Lighting

Sometimes, people enjoy making living room lights bright or dim. You can easily upgrade your overhead LED lighting if you want dimmable lights. All you need to do is set dimmable light switches. There is no need to change the fixture. So, you can adjust the brightness depending on your mood. For instance, you can dim the lights when you feel gloomy or want to enjoy a lazy evening. Or when you feel energetic and a guest comes over, you can brighten the light. This dimmable function is convenient. 

dimmable overhead lighting

16. Laid-Back Lantern

A laid-back lantern is an excellent option When your living room has gentle colors or a bohemian style. They can add a cozy and relaxing ambiance to your place. Typically, they create a comfortable atmosphere with soft and warm lighting. Also, its gentle glow is perfect for reading a book, watching TV, or enjoying a quiet evening with loved ones. You can put it on a coffee table, shelf, or wherever it suits your decor style. Besides using it in your living room, you can also hang this relaxed lamp in your family room or bedroom for lighting.

laid back lantern

17. Modern Mix

If you have a big living area at home, you might be considering whether the lights in your living room should match the ones in your dining room. While you want everything to look good by mixing a little, it’s also important to make different sections. When shopping for hanging lights, fancy ceiling lights, or floor lamps, try to find styles that have different looks but still go well with each other and match the other furniture.

modern mix

18. Natural Lighting

When creating the right atmosphere for your living room, think about the sunlight from outside. It depends on how big your windows are and which way they’re pointing. But windows can bring in a lot of natural light during the day. Plus, they give your room a warm glow before the sun sets.

natural lighting

19. Light-Filtering Curtains

The large windows give you plenty of sunlight in your living room. But you can use curtains to control how bright it is and stop the sun from being too harsh. This way, you can diffuse light while maintaining privacy. Also, they are energy efficient as they can help reduce the use of artificial lights during the day. Besides, light filtering curtains come in several designs and colors; choose one that matches your room’s decor. Or, set curtains that are see-through or semi-see-through. 

light filtering curtains

20. Mirrored Natural Light

A great way to brighten your living room is to put a big mirror before a window or near natural light sources. The mirror will act like a reflective surface, bouncing sunlight more profoundly into the room from outside. Also, an oversized mirror can make your living space look much larger. So, with the help of mirrors, you can transform your space into a bright one without any artificial light in the daytime. This way, you can reduce power bills and save money in the long run. 

mirrored natural light

21. LED Wall Accents

It would be best to consider using LED wall accents to make your living room look nice and bright. These lights can be installed along your walls to add a subtle yet mesmerizing glow. For instance, this modern home in the picture installed stylish lights on the wall above the couch. With various color options and brightness levels, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, from cozy movie nights to lively gatherings. Plus, LED wall accents give you an aesthetically pleasing and practical look as they consume less electricity and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. You can control them with a remote or smartphone app effortlessly. So, upgrade your home decor with these lights and create a new level of sophistication in your living space.

led wall accents

22. LED Strip Lighting

LED strips for your living room lighting might seem fancy and costly, but they’re not. These affordable light strips are easy to find and simple to set up, so there is no need to hire an expert. Plus, you can set them in various places, like around a tray ceiling, under your media cabinet, on built-in shelves, along your mantle, and more. If you want to know more about LED strips, click here.

led strip lighting

23. Candlelit Glow

If you like a candle’s gentle, natural glow, you can set it for your living room. There’s something magical about the soft, flickering light of candles that instantly transforms any space into a cozy haven. Also, candles can set the perfect mood when unwinding after a long day or hosting a memorable gathering. You can place a few candles in decorative holders on your coffee table or mantelpiece and watch the room bathe in a soothing, golden light. Along with the warm environment, you and your guest will enjoy the subtle fragrance of scented candles. So, next time you want to relax or create a romantic atmosphere, embrace the candlelit glow in your living room.

candlelit glow

24. Ambient Medley

No matter if you choose LEDs, candles, or both, keep in mind that you still have to install some extra light sources. The great living room lighting idea is to mix floor lamps and overhead fixtures with ambient accents and statement lights. Avoid harsh, glaring lights and opt for soft, diffused sources. As a result, you will get adjustable and layered mood lighting for any circumstances. 

ambient medley

25. Lighted Wall Art

Try a creative approach to decorating your walls with illuminated wall art. Check out this shadowbox powered by batteries that beautifully displays natural birch branches with a soft, gentle light. Just like LED light strips and candles, these artistic pieces add extra lighting to your space. 

lighted wall art

26. Warm Bulbs, Welcoming Glow

You’ll find different types when buying light bulbs, like warm white, soft white, cool white, and daylight. You can pick lights for your living room, depending on your preference. But generally, soft and warm white bulbs are excellent for the living room, as they provide a cozy, golden glow. On the other hand, cool white and daylight bulbs can be brighter and similar to office or store lights. If you have a relaxing area in your office that works similarly to the living room, you can also go for cool lights.  

warm bulbs, welcoming glow

27. Fireplace Insert

Nothing beats the cozy sound and comforting light of a fireplace. It’s like a warm hug for your space. Also, it adds a touch of rustic charm and makes the home toasty during chilly evenings. You can choose from various fuel options, like wood, gas, or electric. If you don’t like making fires, consider getting a gas or electric fireplace insert instead. Plus, it’s easy to use and maintain. Hence, with it, you can enjoy gathering around the fireplace with your loved ones, sipping hot cocoa, and creating lasting memories in the comfort of your living room.

fireplace insert

28. Keep It Simple With Contemporary Living Room Lighting

Often, simple designs can give you the most fantastic living room look without unusual fixtures and dramatic shapes. Arc floor lamps are a contemporary favorite for their stylish shapes and round lampshades. They make an excellent alternative to ceiling lights as well. If you are into contemporary interiors, choose metal hanging lights for your living room. 

keep it simple with contemporary living room lighting

29. Sun-kissed Effect With Warm Wall Lights

Want to create an artificial sun-kissed effect on your living room? Go for soft, warm globe lights on the walls of the room. You can choose small round fixtures with diffused covers for a finished lighting output. Fixtures with antique or metal bases are also excellent options here. It will help to feel cozy compared to overhead lights. Also, these lights are the best option if your living room is small, as they will not consume any clutter surfaces.

sun kissed effect with warm wall lights

30. Need Traditional Living Room Lighting? Go For Ornate Scones

If you like classic living room lighting, choose fancy wall lights. Just look at the wall lamp in the picture, which gives a stunning look to the plain gray living room. The light’s warm glow with a detailed black design gives a vintage yet modern outlook to your living space. When deciding where to put wall lights, placing them higher than your eyes is usually a good idea to prevent annoying brightness.

need traditional living room lighting go for ornate scones

31. Make A Statement With Mid-Century Modern Designs

Are you searching for ideas to make your living room lighting stand out? Consider getting a unique chandelier or a striking pendant light. Besides, you can look for ones with big round bulbs and an artistic design to give your living room a relaxed Mad Men style. In this case, go for matte black or wooden fixtures. 

make a statement with mid century modern designs

32. Create A Moroccan Vibe With Lanterns 

Transform your living room into a Moroccan vibe by adding enchanting lanterns. You can mix and match lanterns of multiple patterns and sizes. These exquisite lanterns bring warmth and exotic charm to your space. The intricate designs and vibrant colors evoke the spirit of Morocco. The soft light illuminates the ornate patterns, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can choose traditional metal lanterns or colorful glass ones to suit your decor. Hang them from the ceiling or place them on tables for a captivating ambiance. Also, add some textiles and floor cushions and make your living room entirely on kasbah. Or get an idea from the below picture.  

create a moroccan vibe with lanterns

33. Incorporate Functional Living Room Lighting

You need a functional lighting option if you study in your living room or use it as a work area. It serves various purposes, providing sufficient illumination for reading, watching TV, or relaxing. There are a lot of varieties of functional lighting available; you can combine them with different types of fixtures. Start with a pendant and chandelier; you can install them for overall brightness. Then, add task lighting, table lamps, or floor lamps to focus light on specific areas, like a reading book. Next, consider wall sconces or recessed lights to highlight artwork features. This layered approach ensures your living room remains inviting and well-lit for all activities.

incorporate functional living room lighting

34. String Up The Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are the cheapest and easiest way to create ambiance in your living room. To string up the fairy lights, start by selecting a suitable location. You can set these lights around windows, mantelpieces, or over picture frames like the one below. Then, plug in the lights to check if they’re working before you begin. Next, you can use adhesive hooks, clips, or clear tape to secure the lights in place. Also, make sure the power cord reaches an outlet. After that, gently drape the lights along the chosen area. And you need to keep them evenly spaced and avoid any tangles. Once your arrangement is done, turn on the lights and enjoy the magical glow they bring to your living room.

string up the fairy lights

35. Center A Low Lamp Over A Coffee Table

Place a low lamp in the center of your living room over the coffee table to create a welcoming atmosphere. And the purpose of the living room is to socialize with each other. So, by pointing the attention to the coffee table zone with a low lamp, you will make an ideal place for hanging out. Also, the lamp’s soft glow will make your living space feel comfortable, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. This simple addition will add functional lighting and enhance the room’s aesthetics. It also adds a touch of style and sophistication to your decor. 

center a low lamp over a coffee table

36. Put A Spotlight On Your Favorite Pieces

Using stick-on spotlights, you can easily create a cozy atmosphere in your living room—no need to hire an electrician. And the soft, lovely pools of light that will shine on your favorite items will make your lounge look even more relaxed and welcoming. You can brighten up cozy corners on bookshelves or decorative items with it. But you must ensure the bulbs match the room’s color scheme to maintain a cohesive look. So, by spotlighting your favorite pieces, you can transform your living room into a visually captivating and functional space.

put a spotlight on your favorite pieces

37. Go For A Standout Chandelier As Living Room Lighting

A chandelier is an excellent choice for any living room, modern or traditional. It is more than just a light fixture; it’s a statement piece that can add elegance and personality. A fancy and old-fashioned chandelier can bring a unique touch and stand out in a contemporary living room. However, a chandelier is an essential option for a traditional living room. So, don’t hesitate to invest in a chandelier that reflects your taste and enhances the beauty of your living room.

go for a standout chandelier as living room lighting

38. Hang Low Pendant Lights

A hanging light that you can lower to shine a gentle glow over a side table is an excellent substitute for a table lamp. Also, hanging low pendant lights in your living room can transform its ambiance. Their stylish fixtures will provide functional illumination and add a touch of elegance to your space. Plus, they come in various styles and materials to match your aesthetic preferences. Therefore, you can choose modern, rustic, or vintage designs; pendant lights can enhance the visual appeal of your living room.

hang low pendant lights

Small Living Room Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

If your living room space is limited, bad lighting can make it worse. To brighten up your small living room, follow this section mentioned below–

39. Place Lighting Behind Your Furniture

Often, people try to get more floor area in a smaller room by moving the furniture close to the walls. But if you want to add more light, follow this trick: instead of sticking your furniture to the wall, move some away a bit. Then, place an arching or tall floor lamp behind the furniture. This way, you will make it brighter, and the lamp will add visual interest. Also, you can try this idea with an accent chair near the main sitting area or in a dark corner of your living room. 

place lighting behind your furniture

40. Layer The Lights

When decorating a smaller living room, simplicity is the key. Nevertheless, in the case of illuminating your living space, it will be the opposite: the more, the merrier. For instance, you can incorporate a substantial overhead fixture and floor lamps strategically placed around the room. Also, you can add a collection of table lamps and supplementary accent lights along the walls and near furniture. This way, you can effectively layer your lighting and illuminate the living room. Therefore, you can set these lights where it’s most needed. Also, if you have a spot in your living room where you enjoy reading or watching TV, you can concentrate layered lighting in that area.

layer the lights

41. Double Up

Sometimes, doubling up your favorite ceiling fixture can bring your living room a touch of uniqueness. If you have a beautiful ceiling fixture, you can install another one. Having two lights in the center of the ceiling will make your room look balanced and more attractive. Also, it will transform the dark room immediately into a brighter space. Plus, you will feel the room is bigger because your eyes will be drawn upwards. But if you put two lights in one area, make sure they look the same so the room doesn’t look messy.

double up

42. Go For Multitasking Lights

Pick lights that can be used for multitasking in your living room. So, you can get a table with a lamp on it and a side table with attached lights. Doing so will save your space as you only have a little area to install multiple fixtures in a small living room. But if you still need a table and a lamp, find a stylish solution that works best for both. And when you feel like there’s not enough space to have guests over, you can move these fixtures around the room. Also, you can use them to brighten up different areas when needed, which is helpful.

go for multitasking lights

43. Create Symmetry

Having a pair of the same lamps can make your room look different and more likable. They can make symmetry across your fireplace or couch. Instead of putting the two lamps far apart in the room, put them close to each other to create a spot you want people to look at. Plus, installing the matching lamps can make your room seem larger as it looks more cohesive.

create symmetry

44. Choose Lightning That Looks Like Art

When you have limited space on the wall, choose lights that look like art for your small living room. Forget the lampshades, standard lamps, and even the ceiling lights. Rather than allow your aesthetic shine and style through the lighting preferences. So, spice up the small living room with gorgeous lighting choices. You can select creative and bold lighting with interest in the space and different styles. For instance, you can hang group lights in any corner, play with texture and height on table lamps, and differ the size and color of the ceiling lights. 

choose lightning that looks like art

45. Supersize The Statement Lighting

You don’t have to pick small lights as you decorate a small living room. An oversized ceiling light can often make it all unique and a fun style option. But that does not mean it will consume the space. Besides, the bigger light option will feature as a statement one, bathing the floor and walls with more light and catching your eyes so they seem more spread out.  

supersize the statement lighting

46. Choose A Light That Covers A Wide Area

Choosing multiple bulbs can make your small living room brighter and cozier. These lights can add a modern and stylish look. Also, they will help to make your living room warm and beautiful. Unlike traditional lights that focus on one area, a multi-bulb floor lamp, table lamp, or ceiling light will spread the brightness around the room and bring light to more of your area. 

choose a light that covers a wide area

47. Add Light To Shelves

Highlight the accent pieces and decor on the shelves by including shelf lighting. These lights can add brightness to your living room and can make the art, photos, and books on the shelves become unique features. Again, you can place these lights strategically to showcase these elements and make them eye-catching. Besides, the shelf lights will not be overwhelming; they will provide a beautiful background light in the living room. Remember to install a dimmer switch for adjustable brightness to set the perfect mood for any occasion.

add light to shelves

48. Decorate With Transparent Lights

Allow the sunlight to enter your living room and bounce off your light fixtures. You can use transparent light, lamps, and chandeliers with crystal or clear glass elements for this. They will help to make the room feel open and full of brightness. When you turn on the lights and the sun shines, the place will appear glowing.

decorate with transparent lights

Things To Consider For Living Room Lighting  

Let’s see some of the most important things that you need to take into account while installing lighting for your living room–

Availability of natural daylight: You need to consider how much natural light enters your living room. If the room has a large window or glass door, the sunlight can illuminate it. So, in well-lit rooms, you do not need much artificial light during the day. But darker spaces will require more lighting fixtures to brighten. 

Size of your room: Another crucial feature is the size of your living room to determine the lighting requirements. For instance, you will need more lighting sources in larger rooms to illuminate the whole space evenly. Whereas smaller rooms will require fewer fixtures but still have perfect brightness. Therefore, consider the room’s dimensions when selecting the number and type of lighting fixtures.

Color of light- warm or cool: You can select the color of light according to your personal preference. You can choose warm lights if you want to create a cozy and welcoming environment ideal for relaxation. But, for a more energetic and vibrant ambiance room, you must select cool lights. Hence, choose the color temperature that aligns with the room’s purpose. If you plan to install LED strip lights, read How to Choose LED Strip Color Temperature?

When you use the room: Think about when you will use the living room more frequently. Because different activities require several lighting levels; for instance, if you read or work in your living room, you need to set task lighting. On the other hand, ambient lighting is better for socializing or watching TV. Also, you can install dimmer switches for flexibility to adjust the lighting depending on your current needs. 

Eliminating dark spots: To ensure it is evenly illuminated, you need to strategically position lighting fixtures to eliminate dark areas in the room. Such as overhead fixtures, wall sconces, and floor lamps can distribute light throughout the space. Besides, you must pay attention to corners and nooks as these areas tend to be shadowy. 

Highlighting features: You can highlight the room’s architectural and decorative elements using light fixtures. For example, artwork, a fireplace, shelving, or special prices are great options to highlight. For this, use accent lights like spotlights, track lights, or wall washers to draw attention to these features and add visual interest to the living room. Keep in mind by properly placed lighting, you can enhance the room’s aesthetics and showcase its unique aspects.


Installing living room lighting can be your DIY project if you have little idea about electrical work. You can start by turning off the power, then remove the old fixture with the right tools. After that, set the light by following the installation instructions provided with the new light. However, you have to maintain safety throughout the process. But if you face any technical issues, get help from an electrician. However, LED strip lights are an excellent choice for DIY lighting; remove the adhesive backing and paste it on the wall. 

Choose a light color palette for your walls and furniture to create a stylish living room. For example, you select neutral tones, white, grays, or pastels to reflect natural light. Also, incorporating large windows or sheer curtains will maximize daylight. Add statement lighting fixtures, like chic chandeliers or pendant lamps, as focal points. Sometimes, including mirrors can help to make the living room stylish by bouncing lights and making the room feel more open. 

Illuminate the modern living room with a well-planned lighting option. You can choose overhead ambient lighting, recessed ceiling fixtures, or a contemporary chandelier for overall brightness. Or layer in task lighting through table lamps or wall sconces for reading and focused activities. To highlight artwork or architectural features, you can select track or spotlights. However, use LED bulbs for energy efficiency and dimmer switches for versatility. You can keep these lighting designs sleek and minimalistic for a clean, modern look. 

The basics of lighting involve three key elements: task, ambient, and accent lighting. Task lighting is essential for specific activities, like reading or working. For this, you can install table lamps or task-specific fixtures. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination, achieved through ceiling fixtures or wall sconces. In contrast, Accent lighting highlights artwork, decor, or architectural features using spotlights or wall-mounted light.

LED lights are an excellent choice for the living room as they are energy efficient, versatile, and have a long lifespan. Besides, you will find them with various color temperatures to suit different moods. These lights provide a pleasant, equal illumination for creating a cozy atmosphere. Plus, they require minimal maintenance and produce less heat than traditional bulbs. 

LED strips offer a unique and modern approach to lighting your living room. You can line them along the baseboards for a low, ambient glow, or place them behind your TV for a dynamic backlighting effect. Another idea is to install them inside cabinets or shelving units to highlight your collectibles or books.

Dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness of your lights, providing you with the flexibility to set the right mood for different occasions. For example, you could use brighter lighting for reading and then dim the lights for a cozy movie night. They are particularly effective with LED lights, which are already energy-efficient.

For a balanced lighting plan, consider incorporating a mix of floor lamps, table lamps, and perhaps even a stylish desk lamp. This will give you both task lighting for activities like reading, and ambient lighting for general relaxation. The choice of lamp styles can also add character to your living room.

Pendant lights serve as both decorative elements and functional light sources. Hanging them at varying heights can add visual interest and depth to your living room. They are ideal over specific areas, like a reading nook or coffee table, where you can combine style with focused lighting.

Smart lighting allows you to control your lights using your smartphone or voice commands. This can include dimming capabilities, color changes, and even the ability to set lighting schedules. It’s a convenient and modern way to customize your living room’s ambiance, and it’s compatible with many LED lighting options.


Lighting plays a significant role in making your living room feel more homely. Warm lighting goes best for this space as it brings a soft and cozy ambiance. Besides, there are many more lighting options: recessed lights, track lights, wall scores, LED strips, neon flex, chandeliers, pendant lights, lanterns, and more. 
However, nothing can beat LED strip lights if you want a modern and sleek outlook for your living room. Go for cove lighting with LED strips or pop up the shelves; the indirect lighting of these fixtures will make your space calm and relaxing. You can also create DIY lighting designs with these fixtures. Besides, try LED neon flex if you want a quirkiness to the living space. These super flexible lights allow you to give any structure to the fixture; check this for cool ideas- Top 26 Creative Neon Sign Lighting Ideas. For premium-quality LED neon strip lights and neon flex, order from LEDYi ASAP!

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