How to Choose Lights for Yoga Studio?

Yoga is not just about physical exercise; it also deals with your mental health and mood. And so lighting is a crucial element here that influences your yoga experience. 

Each type of yoga practice has its specific lighting demands. Some practices require energetic, cool lighting that builds the mood for physical exercises. While other categories of yoga, for example, meditation, demand soft and cozy lighting. That is why you should always be wise in choosing the ideal lighting for your yoga studio so that the yogis can practice yoga comfortably. 

Therefore, I bought you a complete guideline on choosing suitable lights for your yoga studio. So, follow these suggestions and give your yoga studio the next height making it the first choice for yogis. 

Importance of Lighting in a Yoga Studio

Yoga is the exercise that emphasizes your body, mind, and soul. It is different from other forms of exercise that deal with heavy weight lifting or intensive workouts. Yoga is all about giving peace to your mind and soul. And to connect your body to your soul, lighting plays a crucial role.

A proper light setting builds your mood that refreshes your mind while practicing yoga. And that is why natural lighting is the best solution for yoga studios. If your yoga studio has an inappropriate light setting, the yogis will feel uncomfortable practicing yoga. And this will eventually affect the reputation of your studio. 

In contrast, an ideal light setting in the yoga studio will build a warm and welcoming atmosphere. And thus play a significant role in increasing engagement in your studio, providing the best atmosphere for yogis. 

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Lights For Yoga Studios

When you choose light fixtures for a yoga studio, you should consider some basic factors. These are as follows- 

Types of Yoga Practices and Their Lighting Requirements  

Yoga is an ancient practice that has its deep root in Hinduism. It has a wide range of types based on body posture and difficulty levels. But you can bring all these categories into two major types – dynamic, which focuses mainly on body exercise, and meditative, which deals with your mind and soul. So, while lighting your studio, consider these categories and then decide the fixture you should go for. Here are some lighting suggestions for your yoga studio-

  • Bright Light For Dynamic Yoga: Dynamic yoga practices like Power or Vinyasa are energetic exercises. These forms of yoga deal with difficult body postures and movements. And to keep you active throughout these tough yoga sessions, bright light works best.  

  • Soft Light For Meditative Yoga: Meditation is about the peace of your mind and soul. And when the word peace knocks your mind, a cozy and warm light setting is the first thing that will knock your mind. The yellowish tone of warm light brings a calming environment and allows the yogis to meditate in peace. 

  • Smart Lighting Options: If your yoga studio provides dynamic and meditative yoga services, you are surely in a dilemma in choosing light fixtures. Dynamic yoga demands cool lights, whereas meditative yoga needs a warm setting. So what to do? Installing color temperature adjustable light fixtures will solve all your problems. For instance, try our tunable LED strips. It comes with a remote control system that allows you to adjust the entire room’s appearance from warm to cool lighting with just a button press!

Give Preference To Natural Lighting

The connection of yoga with nature is intense. And the same follows for light settings. Natural light refreshes your mind that artificial light sources may fail to provide. You should always prioritize natural lighting when designing your yoga studio. Go for glass walls that allow sunlight to enter the room. Having large glass windows will also work. 

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Features Of The Yoga Room  

The features of a yoga room, like ceiling height, the size of the room, walls, and other factors, also impact its light setting. So, you should analyze these factors and then choose the ideal light fixture. 

  1. Ceiling Height

If your yoga room has a higher ceiling, then go for hanging light pieces to bring an aesthetic vibe to your studio. But if you want to keep the look minimal and want ceiling-fixed lights, go for high-intensity bulbs. This will provide illumination throughout the room. Again for an average height, ceiling recessed lights or LED strips work great for general lighting. You can also use plane tube lights or bulbs. 

  1. Size of the room 

The number of light fixtures will vary depending on the size of your yoga room. If you have a large studio, you will require more light fixtures to bring adequate illuminance. Besides, here you can add medium to large designer pieces to uplift the outlook. But if you have a small room, keeping it as minimal as possible is the best option. Adding large fixtures to small yoga rooms will ruin the entire outlook and cut the space. This will further make the room appear smaller. 

  1. Construction materials

The construction of the wall or ceiling is often neglected when choosing light fixtures. But this is a crucial factor that can bring life-risk situations. Now you may wonder how construction materials relate to lighting. Suppose you have an insulated yoga room, and installing a non-IC-rated bulb in this section may cause fire hazards. So, in lighting this type of room, you must always use IC-rated fixtures. To know more, check out IC Vs. Non-IC Rated Recessed Light Fixtures.

Brightness Level Needed for the Space

You should decide the brightness of the light fixture considering the following points-

  • Consider the availability of natural lighting in the room. Having sufficient sunlight minimizes the brightness requirement of bulbs.

  • If the room is small, go for medium-intensity bulbs

  • For a high-ceiling studio room, higher brightness is required. But keep the number of fixtures in mind. If you use numerous institutions, adjust the brightness by considering the number of lights.

  • Give priority to yogis’ comfort. Don’t install too bright lights that can irritate them.

  • It is best to go for dimmable light fixtures. Installing this type of light will allow you to adjust the brightness according to your yoga demand. 

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Color Temperature 

The color temperature of the lights depends on the type of yoga practices your studio conducts. For instance, soft, warm-tone lights are suitable for meditation. And for these types of yoga, low color temperature ranging from 2000K – 3000K works best. In this case, you can use dim-to-warm LED strips. These fixtures will assist you best in your medication sessions. However, cool lights are your best choice if your yoga studio focuses more on dynamic yogas that deal more with physical exercises rather than mental relaxation. For this setting, choose light fixtures with high color temperatures ranging from 3500K to 5000K.


You will never want to take the hassle of frequent light repair, will you? So, always consider the durability of the fixture you choose for your studio. Premium quality fixtures last longer, require less repairing, and perform efficiently. But how to check the quality of the light fixture? To understand fixtures’ quality and durability, review the certifications and warranty policies. Energy Star, ELT, RoHS, etc., are some certificates that can give you quality assurance.  For more information, you can read The Certification of LED Strip Lights.

Installation and Maintenance

An easy light installation will not only make the lighting process easier but also save your overall cost. For instance, fixtures like LED strips have adhesive backing that you can install in minutes. These are cuttable, making them super easy to size. So, you can install these light fixtures in your yoga studio on your own without any professional help. Thus, you can save money on installation procedures. 

Cost and Energy Efficiency

When choosing a light fixture for a yoga studio, use energy-efficient lighting. In this case, LED lights are your ultimate solution. They use 75% less energy than the traditional light fixture. So, glowing them up for longer will not affect your electricity bills. For more information, you can read Halogen vs. LED Bulbs: How To Choose?

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Tips for Choosing the Right Lighting for Yoga Studio

In the above section, you have already learned the facts to consider while choosing a light for your yoga studio. Now, I am going to give you some tips using which you can provide the yogis with the best atmosphere for practice- 

  • Consider the Ambiance and Mood of the Studio

Before selecting any light fixture, note what atmosphere you want to create for your studio. Decide if you want to bring a soft and calming environment or create an energetic ambiance for your studio. Then go for cool or warm lighting based on this fact.  

  • Look for Lighting with Dimming Capabilities

For yoga studio lighting, choosing dimmable fixtures can be a smart move. For instance, select the dim setting for meditation purposes and increase the intensity while performic energetic yoga practices. 

  • Choose Lighting that Complements the Studio’s Decor

While designing a yoga studio, all the elements are combined based on a theme. Your studio can have a modern, minimalistic, or bohemian theme. Besides, the wall colors, rooms pattern, etc., should also be considered for selecting light fixtures. 

  • Avoid Harsh or Glaring Lights

It is better to avoid light fixtures that produce direct glare. It can affect the yoga mood and irritate the yogis while practicing. In this case, cove lighting with LED strips can change the game. The soft, indirect lighting of this light setting will illuminate the room without glare.

yoga studio lighting 5

3 Types of Lights Should You Use in a Yoga Studio

There are several options to light your yoga studio. However, I’ve listed the best items for you-  

LED Strips

LED strips are excellent for their energy efficiency, durability, and easy installation. Besides, you will find a wide range of variations in these strips. Here are some recommended LED strip lights that you can use in your yoga studio- 

  • Single-color: Single-color LED strips are the most common variant. They are available in plain white, yellow, pink amber, UV, and many more colors. You can use these lights for general studio lighting or bringing accent lighting. 

  • RGB: In bringing a dynamic and engaging environment to your studio, nothing can beat the effect of RGB LED strips. You can use these fixtures to highlight the signboard of your yoga studio or to bring more fun to the reception area. 

  • Tunable White: Different types of yoga have different lighting requirements. Some require warm lighting, while others demand cool lighting. Tunable white LED strips are your ultimate solution to solve this issue. They offer color temperature adjustability, allowing you to select the light tone per your requirements. 

Recessed Lights 

Recessed lights are installed within the ceiling. Adding this type of lighting to your yoga studio can create an illusion of space. That is, if you have a small studio, you can make them appear a bit larger by installing these lights. 

Dimmable Lights

Dimmable light fixtures are thors that allows you to adjust light intensity. And for a yoga studio, having light fixtures with dimming features is a must. Using these lights, you can switch from high-intensity lights to softer glow based on your yoga practices.  

Top 9 LED Strip Light Ideas To Decorate Yoga Studios

The above section taught you about several light fixtures ideal for yoga studios. Now I have brought you nine amazing LED strip light ideas to decorate your yoga studio- 

Chakra-Inspired Color Scheme

If you are a yogi, you obviously know about ‘Chakra.’ Chakra indicates the seven energies that center your body. And all this energy is resembled by seven colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. You can combine these colors to bring a chakra-inspired light setting to your yoga studio. And for this, RGB LED strip light is your ultimate solution. You can add them to the ceiling or make seven pillars wrapping seven-color strips to represent the chakra. 

yoga studio lighting 7

Zen-Yoga Inspired Cool White Lighting

Go with cool white lighting to bring an energetic ambiance for zen-yoga practices. Try adding them to the ceiling and walls. To make your light setting more creative, make platforms for sitting yoga practices and outline the uplifted area with LED strips. You can also add some LED mirrors in your studio to complement this light setting. Undoubtedly, the outcome will blow your mind!

yoga studio lighting 8

Sunrise/Sunset-Inspired Lighting

Natural lighting should be your first priority while planning your yoga room design. And for that, go for glass walls that allow maximum sunlight entrance. Go for soft color LED strips to begin a sunrise/sunset effect. Here dim-to-warm LED strip lights will work best. They offer you a wide range of warm color temperature adjusting options. This fixture’s warm and soft lighting effect will create a calming and soothing atmosphere for yoga practitioners.

yoga studio lighting 9

Warm Amber Hues for Meditation

Why not try placing the LED strips along the room’s perimeter to create a warm and welcoming glow? You can also go with highlighting specific studio areas. For example, the altar or meditation cushion to create a focal point for your practice. Looking to add some depth and dimension to your space? Consider layering shades of warm amber LED strip lights or dim-to-warm LED strips. Adding these fixtures will change the lighting game completely!

yoga studio lighting 10

Color-Changing Lights for a Dynamic Atmosphere

What if you can change the color of your yoga room based on the yoga form? Won’t it be amazing? Of course, it will. Choose addressable RGB LED strips with a smart remote controller and get full control of your yoga studio’s lighting system. This lighting also offers a color customization option to create 16 million light colors. That is, you can switch to red lighting while performing root chakra exercises or switch to blue lighting for throat chakra exercises! 

yoga studio lighting 11

Create a Soft Blue Lighting Effect 

Instead of going for that usual white or yellowish lighting, you can experiment with soft blue lights. Add blue LED strip lights around the ceiling and on the edges of the wall. This will bring an aesthetic look to your yoga studio. And your students will love to attend their daily classes in such a soothing environment. However, instead of blue, you can choose other single-color LED strips like soft amber or purple. 

yoga studio lighting 12

Underfoot LED Strips for Safety and Ambiance

Ceiling or wall lighting is common for yoga studio lighting. But what about floor lighting? Great idea, right? You can have built-in LED strip lights on the floor of your yoga studio to take the lighting effect to the next level. In this case, use an aluminum channel to properly define the strips. However, the installation process will be a bit tricky and costly, but trust me, the outcome is worth it! The yogis in your studio would love to attend yoga classes with such an aesthetic ambiance. And this will also add a plus point to your studio’s brand image. 

yoga studio lighting 13

Use Dimming Lights For Relaxation 

Dimming lights are an excellent choice for a yoga studio for their brightness adjustability. You can choose dimming LED strips to take control of your studio’s light intensity. This type of light will allow you to create a suitable atmosphere for your yoga students. They can have their breathing yoga in soft light with full relaxation. Again when doing challenging yoga postures, you can increase the brightness to allow your students to observe the postures accurately. For more information, you can read How to Dim LED Strip Lights.

yoga studio lighting 14

Ceiling Cove Lighting for a Modern Touch

Want to give your yoga studio a sophisticated look? Go for cove lighting with LED strips. Add a false ceiling to your yoga studio and add the strips beneath the ceiling. It will create excellent indirect illumination in your yoga studio. However, you can add some recessed or pot lights to complement the cove ceiling. The combined result will mesmerize you!

yoga studio lighting 15


Natural lighting is best for a yoga room. So, when lighting your yoga room, you should always keep space to allow sunlight to enter the room. This will help in creating a relaxing and energetic ambiance for yoga practice.

You should avoid light fixtures with higher intensity and direct glaring for a yoga studio. This type of lighting can irritate the yogis and negatively affect their yoga practices.

Yes, LED lights are excellent for yoga studios. They are energy efficient and durable. Besides, they have several advanced features like color temperature adjustability, dimming capacity, etc. that make them ideal for yoga studios.

Light has a great influence on your yoga mood. For instance, warm light creates a relaxing environment that calms your mood. And this makes them suitable for meditative yoga. Again, cool light creates an energized mood that is ideal for dynamic yoga practices.

Yes, dimmable lights are suitable for yoga as they can adjust the light setting per the yoga demands. You can increase the brightness while energetic yoga moves and dim it again for relaxing exercises. 

You can have the best meditative yoga practice in warm color temperatures ranging from 2000 K to 3000K. The warm and soft glow of these lights creates a calming environment that relaxes your body and mind and creates the best ambiance for meditation.

The number of lights needed for a yoga studio depends on the size and layout of the room. Generally, one or two overhead fixtures and a few smaller lamps provide adequate lighting for a yoga studio.

DIY. Fancy Yoga Studio With LED Lights. Best DIY Project Ever.Лучшая студия йоги.

Last Takeaways

If you want to get the best yoga experience, make light setting your priority. The first thing you have to do is choose the ideal light fixture, And for that, consider the yoga room’s area, height, and availability of sunlight, and then decide on the number and brightness of the light.

However, LED strip lights are excellent for bringing general and accent lighting to your yoga studio. This light fixture’s soft and indirect illumination will provide the yogis with a calming and relaxing environment. So, without any further delay, check our LEDYi LED strip series. We provide you the premium quality with the utmost customization facilities. So, contact us and place your order ASAP!

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