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LEDYi is one of the leading individually addressable led strip manufacturers in China supplying programmable led strip, pixel led strip, digital led strip, chasing led strip, dream color led strip, rgbic led strip, and magic led strip. We supply popular addressable LED strips such as WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815B, WS2818, SK6812, UCS1903, and UCS2904, etc. for high efficiency and low cost.

All our addressable LED strip lights are CE, RoHS certificated, ensuring high performance and a long lifetime.

We offer customized solutions, OEM, ODM service. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, agents are welcome to purchase in bulk with us.

What is Addressable LED strip?

Individual addressable led strip is also called digital led strip, pixel led strip, programmable led strip, chasing led strip, magic led strip, or dream color led strip, is a led strip with control ICs that allow you to control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs. You can control a specific part of the led strip, which is why it is called ‘addressable’.

Addressable LED strip VS Analog LED strip

  • Analog strips allow you to have one color for the whole LED strip at a time. You can change the color anytime you want for the whole strip, but can’t change it for a section of diodes.
  • Digital strips allow you to have different colors for every cut of LEDs, creating various colors in different sections of one LED strip.
LED Strip Light - Light-emitting diode
Analog LED strip uses only one color at once
LED Strip Light - Light-emitting diode
Digital LED strip that can control each pixel separately

Why Choose Individually Addressable LED Strips

Individual Controls

Allows every group LED within the same led strip to display different colors at the same time.

Dynamic Lighting

The addressable LED tape can form dynamic lighting effects like a rainbow, meteor, chasing, etc.


The digital pixel led strip is fully dimmable.


The RGB addressable led strip lights can be customized to give an independent color effect to every segment


The programmable led strips can be made IP65, IP67, IP68. So you can install our digital pixel led strip lights outdoors.

Strip Kits

The addressable led strip can be made to be addressable led strip kit.

Applications of Pixel LED Strip

Programmable led taps are ideal for enhancing the atmosphere in architecture. These programmable led taps can produce awesome and unique effects from simple to complicated lighting projects to make any architecture stand out.

You can use RGBW digital pixel led strip lights to decorate bar, KTV, store, home.

You can use DMX512 addressable pixel led strip light to light up the building facades. With the dmx512 programmable led strip and dmx512 controller, you can design your lighting effect.
You can also program the lighting effect with our programmable RGB LED strip based on LedEdit or Matrix software platforms.

You can use individually addressable led strips for some events, such as concerts celebrating Christmas and New Year.

You can use RGB digital addressable led strip lights to create signages and highlight specific structures in stores, offices, auditoriums, museums, etc. They help attract more customers.

Do you want to add a little life to your dull home during the holidays and special events? You can install digital pixel led tape lights in your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and others.

Addressable LED strip categories

  • SPI addressable LED strip
    The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a synchronous serial communication interface specification used for short-distance communication, primarily in embedded systems.
  • DMX512 addressable LED strip
    DMX512 is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control lighting and effects. It was originally intended as a standardized method for controlling stage lighting dimmers, which, prior to DMX512, had employed various incompatible proprietary protocols. It quickly became the primary method for linking controllers (such as a lighting console) to dimmers and special effects devices such as fog machines and intelligent lights.


Signal protocol Parallel, synchronous parallel interface signal transmission technology, a universal signal control protocol for digital lighting equipment Serial (synchronous serial interface signal transmission technology)
Wring More complicated Easy wiring
Compatibility Good, unified IC category/protocol, and DMX512 is used for some luminaires Relatively inferior, with various lC categories and slightly different protocols, basically no SPI luminaires
Reliability Breakpoint transmission, parallel transmission of signals, with high reliability Breakpoint transmission, no renewed transmission of two successive breakpoints
Anti-interference of signals Good, with strong long-distance communication anti-interference capability Inferior, long-distance communication is subject to strong current/strong magnetic disturbances
Overall cost High Low
Application Indoor and outdoor large & ultra-large advertisement lighting and synchronous control of light show Small spaces/ independent styling/ supporting facilities

Product List

Model IC Model Data Line Pixel/M LEDs/M Voltage W/M Cut Length
LY60-P60-SK6812-5050RGB-W5 SK6812 Single 60 60 5V 10.6 16.66mm
LY60-P60-SK6812-5050RGBW-W5 SK6812 Single 60 60 5V 12 16.66mm
LY60-P60-MT1809-5050RGB-W12 MT1809 Dual 60 60 12V 8 16.66mm
LY120-P10-UCS1903-2835W-W24 UCS1903H Single 10 120 24V 14.4 100mm
LY120-P10-WS2811-2835RGB-W24 WS2811 Single 10 120 24V 12.5 100mm
LY60-P20-UCS1903-5050RGB-W12 UCS1903H Single 20 60 12V 14.4 50mm
LY60-P10-UCS1903-5050RGB-W24 UCS1903H Single 10 60 24V 14.4 100mm
LY60-P20-UCS2904-5050RGBW-W12 UCS2904B Single 20 60 12V 18 50mm
LY60-P10-UCS2904-5050RGBW-W24 UCS2904B Single 10 60 24V 18 100mm
LY30-P10-WS2818-5050RGB-W12 WS2818 Dual 10 30 12V 7.2 100mm
LY60-P20-WS2818-5050RGB-W12 WS2818 Dual 20 60 12V 14.4 50mm
LY60-P10-WS2818-5050RGB-W24 WS2818 Dual 10 60 24V 14.4 100mm
LY60-P10-DMX512-5050RGB-W24 DMX512-UCS512C4 N/A 10 60 24V 14.4 100mm
LY60-P10-DMX512-5050RGBW-W24 DMX512-UCS512C4 N/A 10 60 24V 18.5 100mm

Product Picture

DMX512 Addressable LED Strip

SPI Addressable LED Strip

5V Series

12V Series

24V Series

Specification Download

Name Download
DMX512 & SPI Addressable LED Strip Specification

Custom Addressable LED Strip

With our custom service, you can choose your digital led strip design’s width, height, and thickness. We believe that every aspect of the digital led strip design is essential, so we offer a myriad of size options to meet the needs of every digital led strip application.

Our programmable led strip are highly customizable. We can make the programmable led strip into strips, circles, triangles, panels, etc. Just tell us what you need, and we will help you to realize it.

We can make chasing led strip lights waterproof to IP52(silicone coating), IP65(silicone tube), IP65H(heat shrink tube), IP67(silicone filling), IP67E(silicone extrusion), IP68(PU encased). We can also meet your other IP-rated customization needs.

The standard length of rgb rgbw digital led strip lights is 5 meters per reel. However, we can customize the length of digital led tape lights by your project’s requirements.

We can also provide customized service of voltage according to the project’s needs. For example, 5V, 12V, 13V, 24V, 36V, 48V digital addressable led strip, etc.

Adjusting the brightness of dream color led strip helps set different kinds of ambiance. We can customize the power consumption to be suitable for accent lighting, lighting under-cabinets, or ceilings, among others.

LEDYi is a professional custom addressable led tape lights maker. We take the needs and comfort of our customers very seriously, including the packaging of our products. We want to ensure that our customers get their purchases in the best condition possible. We offer 5m, 10m, 50m of addressable led tape lights. Each one is stored in an anti-static bag or box to ensure the product’s safety.

Addressable LED Strip Controller

SPI Series

Specification Download​

Name Download
1024 dots RF SPI Controller SC Specification
2.4G RGB/RGBW Remote Control R9 Specification
1024 dots DMX512-SPI Decoder (with RF) DSA Specification
1024 dots DMX512-SPI Decoder (with RF) DS Specification
SPI Signal Splitter SA Specification

DMX512 Series

Specification Download​

Name Download
XB-C100 code editor specification

Product Testing

All of our Addressable LED Strip Lights are not mass-produced until they have gone through multiple rigorous testing steps in our laboratory equipment. This ensures high performance and stability and the product’s long life.


We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience when working with us. In addition to our excellent customer service, we want our customers to be confident that their addressable led tape lights are safe and of the highest quality. To ensure the best performance, all our addressable led tape lights have passed CE, RoHS certificates.

Why Wholesale Addressable LED Strip In Bulk From Us

LEDYi’s products go through various quality tests to offer high-end products to its users. Here are a few reasons why you should get the addressable led strip from us.

Certified Quality

We provide high-quality products that have been tested at every step of its making to ensure the best quality products. All our addressable led strip has pass LM80, CE, RoHS test.


We have a professional R&D team of 15 member. If you have specific requirements for your project, we are always here to help you. We manufacture and customize molds that require particular dimensions and accessories.

Flexible MOQ

We offer flexible minimum order quantities to meet the real needs of your project. Our minimum order quantities start at a relatively low 10m, giving you the highest flexibility in the testing market.

Competitive Price

When you choose LEDYi as your addressable led strip supplier and buy in bulk, you will benefit from our competitive wholesale prices.

Fast Delivery

We have more than 200 experienced workers and use automated production lines to ensure faster delivery.

Aftersale Services

We offer flexible minimum order quantities to meet the real needs of your project. Our minimum order quantities start at a relatively low 10m, giving you the highest flexibility in the testing market.


There are a few varieties of LED strips available in the market. Some of them are automatic, and some are controllable through programming.
In the case of automatic LED Light Strips, the lighting pattern is not editable or changeable. This illuminates in a single pattern or some fixed pre-built patterns.
On the other hand, programmable LED strips can have customized illuminating patterns. It provides you freedom with more lighting patterns of different styles.

Yes. Of course, you can cut an addressable led strip. And it is possible to re-join them together. If you want to reconnect them after they’ve been cut, you’ll need led strip connectors.

Yes, we offer different IP grades waterproof: IP65(silicone tube), IP65H(heat shrink tube), IP67(silicone filling), IP67E(solid silicone extrusion), IP68(PU glue encased).

The density of LED – Number of LEDs per meter.
There are 30 LEDs/m, 60 LEDs/m, and 120 LEDs/m popular in the market.

FPCB – These are usually made of copper. The thicker, the better.
It helps to dissipate the produced heat into the environment.

Resistor – There are resistors attached to the led strip lights to get the precision of colored light and brightness.

ICs – The ICs of addressable led strip lights is the most important component.
They receive the signal from controllers then control the LEDs to change colors accordingly.

3M tape – Good quality 3M tape can assure the digital led strip not falling, and it’s good for heat dissipation.

Waterproof material – Silicone is better than epoxy resin. Silicone will not be changing yellow after long use.

No. Addressable RGB led strips are pretty cheap to run.
If you compare an addressable LED light to incandescent light, you will be surprised to see that LED lights consume up to 85% less energy than the light bulb.
You must spend USD 4.80 per year for a 60W incandescent light bulb.
A 12W LED light that illuminates the same amount of brightness as a 60W light bulb costs you only USD 1.00.
This indicates that addressable RGB led strips are not as expensive as traditional lights.

To control an addressable led strip, you need a motherboard with a microcontroller. You will also need software that supports its specific programming language.

Right now, there are multiple options available in the market. The remarkable controllers are ArduinoRaspberry Pi, LittleBits, Nanode, Minnowboard MAX, and Sharks Cove.

With thousands of codes available on the internet, you can have millions of illuminating patterns of your programmable led strips. You can even have your customized lighting effect as well.

Of course, you can.
Most of the addressable led strip lights available on the market are dimmable.
But, you just cannot dim your programmable led strips altering the voltages like traditional lights. Your lights must be connected to a controller.

Yes. It is possible to make curves with a digital pixel RGB led strip.
The majority of digital pixel RGB led strips can bend as they are naturally ductile.
But while bending, you need to be careful about the cut points.

If you are considering the lighting effects and patterns, the addressable led strips can be categorized into five types: Mono color; Dual color; RGB; RGBW; RGB + Dual color.

Yes, you can leave the programmable RGB led strip illuminated all night.
Such good features as low heat generation and low power consumption make it ideal for leaving it illuminated the whole night.
These programmable RGB led strips provide such cool lighting effects that make them perfect for setting in the background while sleeping.
But, some people can’t fall asleep while these LED lights are on.
For them, these lights disrupt the generation of the sleep hormone melatonin.

No electrical item is safe unless you use it safely.
Typically, the heat produced from the addressable led strips is too small.
This little heat doesn’t affect your wall that much.
Besides, the UV radiation from the addressable led strip is negligible.
That makes addressable led strips safer.

When you direct eye contact with an addressable RGB led strip, yes.
It is not wise to stare at an addressable RGB led strip despite emitting low UV radiation.
Long-term exposure to led strip lights could make your eyes dry.
So, it is suggested not to make direct eye contact with led strip lights with bare eyes.

No. They are not.
Since an individually addressable RGB led strip cannot produce extensive heat, they are not capable of burning skins either.
However, you must be careful about your eyes whenever you’re around led strips that don’t get direct contact with bare eyes.

No, it is not possible to get infected with cancer through the radiation of led strip lights in regular use.
But, a study has shown that more prolonged exposure to an individually addressable led strip may cause cancer.
Extended exposure to RGB led strip. Specifically, the emission of blue light is responsible for breast and prostate cancer.
Some RGB LED light strips don’t produce UV light and are less threatening for causing cancer.

No. Bugs don’t get attracted by the individually addressable led strip.
Bugs and insects usually get attracted to lights that have shorter wavelengths.
Traditional light bulbs like incandescent bulbs emit shorter wavelengths.
And that is responsible for attracting bugs and insects.
Since individually addressable led strips emit longer wavelengths, they don’t attract bugs.

No, not really. Individually addressable led strips generally don’t catch fire.
Conventional light bulbs emit lights from a vacuum.
That is why they get boiling over time.
An individually addressable led strip doesn’t emit light from the vacuum.
They don’t get that much hot while emitting lights.
Lights emitted by a programmable RGB led strip are remarkably cooler.
And a quality programmable LED light strip should not catch fire.

Individually addressable LEDs, get a delicate microcontroller on every one of them.
It allows each one to light double-A up with different color intensities.
A positive voltage line, a ground line, and a data line are all present on the strips.
The signal is scanned and transferred through the strip toward the next led every occasion it hits a led.
The first-ever chip detects the incoming signal as “1st”.
And then executes the “1st” instructions before passing the data to the next chip after increasing the counter value by one.
To put it another way, the very first LED tells, “Well, I’m 1st, and the next one who gets this signal is 2nd”
And this signal proceeds along the freeway until there remain no further LEDs.

Yes, running an individually addressable led strip with a battery is possible.
Generally, it takes 12V to run the addressable RGB led strip.
Usually, a double-A provides 1.5V.
So, to obtain a 12V with double-A batteries, you must add 8 of them together in a series.
And thus (8 x 1.5V) = 12V can be achieved.
In this way, you can run an individually addressable RGB led strip with a battery.

Test your pin attachments if your LED strip light does not turn on at all.
Very certainly, the pin isn’t properly inserted.
The pin could be defective in some circumstances.
If your individually programmable LED strips aren’t changing colors, consider turning them around and trying to connect them again.
A defective power source may cause the LEDs not to light up.
Consider plugging in a new voltage source to the same strip if you have multiple power sources.
Now observe how it works.
If it illuminates, you’ve got a defective power source and may need to replace it.

You can easily control your individually addressable LED light strip using a smartphone.
Most manufacturer companies of addressable LED light strips have their app in the google play store or iOS app store.
There are multiple third-party apps also available.
You can download the correct app for your addressable LED light strips and install it on your smartphone.
Now connect it to the addressable LED light strips via wifi.
Voila! If you install the correct app, you will control your addressable LED light strips with your smartphone.
There are some apps like – Lumenplay®, LampUX, Dabble, etc

For example, let’s consider you have a widespread and popular WS2812B addressable LED strip.
Now, to connect this with a Raspberry Pi, you need to have these components first –
A raspberry pi, a logic level converter and a WS2812B addressable led strip.
At first, we will have to use a logic level converter to facilitate a 5V logic since the raspberry pi runs on 3.3 V Logic.
As the WS2812B LED light strip consumes huge power, you must use an external power supply source.
A single pixel takes 20mA on average.
Consider it as 30 LEDs per strip.
Then, the requirement for 30 LEDs would be (30 x 20mA) = 600mA and up to 1.8A.
Make sure you have a power supply powerful enough to run the led strip.
For Code:
Install the python-support and run the code –
curl -L | bash
Then make sure to navigate the examples with the following code –
cd rpi_ws281x/python/examples/
Lastly, use sudo to execute strand test script using the code –
sudo python
That’s it. Now you’re good to go.
For better understanding, please follow the link –

Yes, of course. The addressable led strips can be attached to Arduino to control the lighting patterns.

The procedures of the connection are stated below –

Step 1: Join each gate leg of the 3 MOSFETs to Arduino pins 9, 6, and 5, and a 10k resistor in line with each to the ground rail.

Step 2: Attach the ground rail to the Source legs.

Step 3: Join the Drain legs to the RGB connectors.

Step 4: Attach the 12V connector and the power rail.

Step 5: Also, Arduino ground should be connected to the ground line.

Step 6: The power rails should be connected to 12V power

Now, use a USB to power the Arduino board.

For better understanding, please follow the video –

Yes, it is essential to have a power supply for programmable LED strip lights.
The power source you usually have in your household has more voltage than you need to run LED light strips.
Generally, most of your programmable LED strip lights run at 12V.
So, it would be best if you used a power supply to maintain the correct voltage for your LED light strips.
Besides, if it is not controlled, your LED strips will burn out due to an overflow of voltage.
Severe electrical accidents may take place if you aren’t careful about them.

The average length of a WS2818b programmable LED light strip is 16 feet, equivalent to 5 meters.

When lit, addressable led strips are typically less hot than the traditional incandescent bulbs.
But they get hotter and usually 20°C -30°C hotter than the room temperature.
At a room temperature like 25°C, the average temperature of addressable LED light strips could be as much as 55°C.

WS2818B LEDs can be regulated for color and light, making it simple to produce breathtakingly sophisticated effects
It usually has built-in lighting effects.
So, it can be controlled through simple controllers.
Or you can program the lighting effect on the computer and push it to the SD card.
And use the controller to run the lighting programs to control the strips.
To achieve optimal illumination, you’ll need an LED controller.

If you just want to know what kind of LED strip you have, you should use a caliper to calculate the measurements.
The four-digit integer shows the length and width of every strip LED chip.
“SMD3528,” for instance, indicates that the chips are 3.5 millimeters wide and 2.8 millimeters long.
For the addressable led strip light models like 3528, 2835, 5050, 5630, 5730, etc do mean the dimension of LED.
But things like WS2811, WS2818, WS2812, etc, indicate the IC model the LED is using.
You can contact the addressable LED strip supplier for detailed information.

Of course, you can.
Connecting your addressable according to the voltage recommended will work nicely.
But you don’t get the freedom to control the lighting pattern independently.
You have to enjoy the built-in lighting effects, and your LEDs will run absolutely fine.

You can buy the addressable led strips at your nearest super shops and markets.
Or, you can directly buy them online.
Different quality led strips with varying price ranges are available on Amazon, eBay, and your local e-commerce sites.
Buy and light your project.
You can also buy addressable led strips from LEDYi lighting for quality addressable led strips at an affordable price.

You can control the brightness of your addressable LED light strip with a compatible remote.
Besides, you can generate codes on the microcontroller through programming and easily control the brightness all by yourself.
Installing a DC PWM controller will allow you to control the brightness of your addressable LED light strip.

There are a lot of addressable LED strip manufacturers right now in the market who produce good quality addressable LED light strips.

Some of the renowned are –

  1. Goove
  2. Nexillumi
  3. L8star
  5. DayBetter
  6. Cotanic
  7. WenTop

Besides them, LEDYi lighting, a first-class quality addressable LED strip manufacturer, offers quality LED light strips at a very reasonable price.

Yes, sometimes heavy voltage drops can negatively affect LED strip lights.
When the voltage drops, the lights get dim.
This happens due to improper wiring of the LED strip lights.
Besides, as the led strip length gets longer, the higher the possibility of voltage drop.

There are no such precautions other than some general norms like –

  1. Not bending or twisting the light strip along its side axis
  2. While cutting the strip, cut it along the vertical line
  3. Use proper power supply for the LED light strip
  4. Try not to make direct eye contact with the LED light strip

30,000 hours approximately.
Programmable LED light strips usually have much higher longevity than traditional bulbs.
A WS2818B LED light strip can illuminate for more than 5+ years if it is lightened 12 hours a day.
This has really been a considerable lifetime.
After five years of service, it doesn’t get useless. Instead, it still keeps illuminating with more than its 70% brightness.

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