Top 10 LED Lighting Manufacturers In China (2024)

China is one of the leading LED manufacturing countries. The Shenzhen City of China is the city of LEDs, where 80% of the Chinese LED manufacturing factories are located. But are all light manufacturers reliable? The answer is a big No.

Before choosing any manufacturers, you must research them well. First, list the type of light fixtures you require, as every manufacturer doesn’t offer all types of LED light variants. Once you know your needs, it’s time to find professional manufacturers who can fulfill your requirements. But as the Chinese LED market is vast, you may get lost in finding the best option.

No worries; as a Chinese LED expert, I have listed China’s best 10 LED lighting manufacturers for your convenience. All these companies have earned a good reputation for ensuring top-notch lighting quality over the years. So, let’s dive in and find the best manufacturer that suits your project best–

Why Import LED Lighting from China?

China is the best option for importing LED lighting from Asia and worldwide. Here, I am listing some strong logic for which you should import LED from China- 

  • Technically Sound 

When new technology comes into the market, the Chinese manufacturers adapt it as quickly as possible. All the well-known Chinese LED light manufacturer companies have high-tech laboratories and strong engineering teams that ensure quality products. Besides, the government of China also invests in growing the LED industry. As a result, you will always get top-notch product innovation and quality when choosing China for LED light. 

  • Affordable pricing

China is famous for producing affordable products, and the same goes for LED lights. But affordable doesn’t mean low quality. As the labor cost is low in China, they can sell their light fixtures at an affordable price. So, if you plan to import LED light in bulk quantities, China is a great option. 

  • Customizing facilities

Most of the reputed companies in China have customization facilities for LED lighting. For instance, LEDYi offers you ODM and OEM facilities. Besides, you can customize the brightness, color, power consumption, PCB-wide LED strip lights, voltage ratings, and more. So, you can get all your requirements done by choosing our company for LED strips. 

  • Flexible MOQ facility & global shipment 

Most of the Chinese companies are highly professional, and they offer flexible MOQ facilities to their customers. So, you need not to worry much about the ordering quantity. Besides, you can order Chinese LED lighting anywhere in the world. And the most impressive news is that if you want LED strips, we can send you a free sample of our products! 

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Top 10 LED Lighting Manufacturers In China

Position Company NameEstablished Year Location Employee 
03Opple Lighting1996Shanghai5000-10,000
04FSL Lighting1958Guangdong5000-10,000
05NVC Lighting1998Zhuhai1,500+
06PAK Lighting1991Guangdong4000+
07TCL Lighting1981Guangdong75,000
08Huayi Lighting1891Guangdong3000
09MIDEA Lighting2008Zhuhai10,001+
10Leedarson Lighting2000Fujian5,001-10,000 

Brief Sketches Of LED Light Strips Manufacturers In The World  

1. LEDYi Lighting

ledyi lighting

LEDYi is one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in China. Founded in 2010, we specialize in LED strip lights and LED neon flex. We currently have over 200 technically sound employees working hard to bring innovations in LED lighting. 

We check products in five steps and have an R & D team with 15 members. All our products go through a high-tech laboratory test before reaching customers’ hands. With 12 years of experience, we have CE, SGS, ETL, and RoHS certificates. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, so we provide a free sample to build trust. Above all, we ship our product globally, so you can order from any part of the world.

Manufacturing Products

A tour of a LED strip light factory

2. MLS


MLS was established in 1997 and is now one of the world’s biggest LED lighting manufacturer companies. The company has a capacity of 23 billion pcs LEDs every month. Besides, it produces LED bulbs, tubes, downlights, floodlights, streetlights, and display screens. These products are known for their high quality and long lifespan. 

Moreover, MLS is committed to offering energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting. It has won numerous awards, like the China National Gold Award and the China Top 10 LED Lighting Brands award. It is a major OEM and ODM supplier for global lighting brands. Furthermore, it is rapidly becoming the world’s leading LED lighting solutions provider. Therefore, the products are exported to over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Manufacturing Products

  • MLS SMD LED SMD2835 6V
  • MLS SMD LED SMD2835 3V
  • MLS SMD LED SMD2835 9V
  • MLS SMD LED SMD2835 36V
  • MLS SMD LED SMD2835 18V
木林森照明 企業形象

3. Opple Lighting

opple lighting

Opple Lighting is a leading LED brand in China. The headquarters of Opple Lighting is located in Shanghai, China. It has two manufacturing facilities in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, and Wujiang, Jiangsu Province.

Furthermore, the company has over 6,000 workers, hundreds of senior engineers, experts, and 800+ patent applications. They provide a wide range of LED lighting, such as LED spotlights, downlights, floodlights, streetlights, linear lights, and modules.  With over 20 years of experience, it is well-known in 70 countries worldwide. Being the industry innovator and leader in LED, they invest a lot in R&D and infrastructure.

Manufacturing Product

  • LED Downlight
  • LED Spotlight
  • LED Panel
  • LED Linear Indoor
  • LED Bulb
  • LED Soft Strip
  • LED Module
  • Switch and Socket
Experience what OPPLE can do for you! | OPPLE Lighting.

4. FSL Lighting

fsl lighting

FSL Lighting was founded in 1958 and has a long history of producing lighting fixtures in China. It is a well-recognized brand internationally and has over 200 production lines. FSL products are exported to 80+ countries and 200 customers worldwide. 

Also, this company offers many high-quality, suitable, and affordable lighting products. Some main products are LED tubes, bulbs, spotlights, panels, strips, downlights, floodlights, streetlights, and more. Plus, these lights are popular in the domestic and international markets.  Moreover, FSL has 10,000+ employees in the five productions. They are the Fosan head office, Gaoming Industrial Zone, Nanhai Manufacturing Center, Xinxian factory, and Nanjing factory. 

Manufacturing Products

  • LED light source 
  • LED indoor lighting 
  • LED outdoor lighting 
  • Electrical products 
  • Aquaculture lighting 
  • Traditional lighting
FSL LED Lighting Company Story

5. NVC Lighting

nvc lighting

NVC is the top LED light manufacturing company in China. This company was founded in 1998. Since then, it has provided energy-saving and effective lighting solutions focusing on safety. It is now a multinational company and works with 17 countries and places. 

In addition, NVC Lighting has five productions in China and abroad. Its regional offices are situated in Huizhou, Zhuhai, Chicago, Birmingham, and Tokyo. Plus, NVC sells products in over 30+ countries and areas globally. Its products include LED strip lights, track lights, panel lights, post-top lights, surface wall lights, etc.

Manufacturing Products

  • Commercial lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Transportation lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Hospitality lighting
  • Residential lighting
NVC Lighting Global

6. PAK Lighting

pak lighting

The journey of PAK Electrical started in 1991. With more than 20 years of experience, this company sells a significant amount of solutions and products worldwide. It has five manufacturing facilities and produces 2,000+ product categories. Also, more than 4,000 employees work with professional skills.

Moreover, PAK invested in R&D and committed to producing high-quality lights. It has prestigious lighting partners worldwide and showcases its product at international events, like- the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2010 Asian Games, and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Besides, some key items are LED fixtures, panel lights, downlights, floodlights, high bay lights, linear lights, and wall washer lights.

Manufacturing Products

  • Lamp and electrical appliance
  • Commercial lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Home lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
PAK Lighting-Delight in high-end lighting.

7. TCL Lighting

tcl lighting

After being established in 1981, TCL Electronics has become the market leader in electronics. It has over 25,000 employees in 78 countries around the world. It is now the second-biggest producer of LCD TVs. 

Besides, this company has special knowledge in improving vertical integration. And it started to create LED lighting goods. It produces LED bulbs, strips, floodlights, tubes, fan lights, refrigerators, and more.

Manufacturing Products

  • LED Bulb
  • LED Tube
  • LED Strip Light
  • LED Down Light
  • LED Ceiling Light
  • LED Batten
  • LED Fan Light
  • LED Magnetic Light
  • LED Spot Light
  • LED Linear Light
  • LED Track Light
TCL Lighting

8. Huayi Lighting

huayi lighting

Huayi Lighting was founded in 1986 in Guangdong, China. Its focus on production, R&D, and sales departments helps it get over 30 years of supply chain. With over 3,000 employees, this company has a showroom of around 20,000 square meters. 

Besides, it aspires to offer clients a one-stop lighting solution. Also, it explores the connection of space and light, making traditional products. The main items of Huayi are LED track lights, downlights, floodlights, tube lights, etc.

Manufacturing Products

  • Banquet light
  • Wall light
  • Mirror light
  • Indoor lighting 
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Panel light
  • Downlight
  • Track light
Huayi Lighting Company Limited

9. MIDEA Lighting

midea lighting

MIDEA is one of the high-tech lighting manufacturers in China. This company was founded in 2008 and has quickly grown to become a leading provider of LED lighting. It sells products in over 200 countries worldwide. Besides, it is invested in innovation and has a strong R&D team for better service. With over 10,000 employees, MIDEA Lighting provides customers with high-quality products. 

Furthermore, MIDEA has strict production and quality control standards and has passed three major system certifications: environmental, quality, and occupational health and safety management system certification. Plus, the company has won numerous awards, from the China Patent Excellence and the Alighting Award.

Manufacturing Products

  • Commercial lighting
  • Residential lighting
  • Outdoor & industrial lighting
  • Exhaust fan
  • Smart door lock
  • Electrical products
Midea Intelligent Lighting & Controls Technology Co., Ltd_Midea Lighting

10. Leedarson Lighting

leedarson lighting

This high-tech company specializes in the production of Internet of Things (loT) and R&D. LEEDARSON produces non-connected and connected LED fixtures, bulbs, light sources, luminaires, etc. Also, it creates home appliances, sensors, cameras, and controls. 

In addition, Leedarson Lighting was founded in 2000, and since then, it has grown to become a reputed company in the global lighting market. It has established partnerships and distributors worldwide, such as in Asia, North America, Europe, etc. This company’s primary focus is sustainability, product quality, and energy efficiency. Plus, it has certificates to meet international standards and quality like UL, CE, and more. 

Manufacturing Products

  • Light source
  • Commercial luminaires
  • Residential luminaires
  • Industrial luminaires
  • Office lighting
  • Outdoor luminaires
LEEDARSON Introduction 2022

How To Find The Right LED Lighting Supplier In China?

Selecting the proper LED lighting suppliers can be tough, as you will find numerous options. Hence, for finding the right suppliers, here are some key tips you can follow:

First, you should list your requirements. For instance, what type of light fixture and features do you want in them? Remember, you will not get all types of light fixtures from every Chinese manufacturer. Some are specialized in recessed lights, while others are specialized lights like grow lights. For example- LEDYi specializes in LED strips and LED neon flex. That is why it is better to know your requirements before digging down to find suppliers. Besides, product quality and service are the most important factors to consider here. Also, you need to look for their reputation and experience in the LED lighting industry. And their customer service policy. Consider their delivery timeframe, discounts, and price for bulk orders. 

I also suggest you look for customization facilities. This will help you have your designed lighting output. Apart from all these, you should visit their website to check their activity. Consider the UX/UI design of their site, social media, and LinkedIn profile to ensure reliability. Check their portfolio or history to find out how many countries they have worked with. This will ensure that their LED products meet international standards. However, before deciding on a quality LED lighting supplier for your next project, read this article- 10 Steps to Find a Professional LED Strip Supplier In China.

Consideration In Choosing The Best LED Manufacturer In China 

To choose the best LED manufacturer in China, you need to consider a few factors. Let’s see some of the most common features so that you can select one based on your needs and requirements– 

  • Certifications

You need to check the certification, such as UL or Energy Star, for safety purposes. This indicates that the manufacturer’s LED is safe and efficient by a certification body. If you plan to purchase LED strips, this guide will help you with its certification checking- The Certification of LED Strip Lights

  • Production Capacity

Ask for manufacturer product capacity to meet your demand. It will prevent delays and shortages in your supply chain. 

  • Lead Time and Delivery

When selecting a manufacturer, you need to consider their timing. For instance, see if they are serious about time management and commitment to timely delivery. This way, you can plan further projects. Also, timing can build trust with customers and owners. 

  • Quality Of The Product & Previous History 

Quality is the only thing you need to check first. For this, you can examine the company’s previous history by reading reviews online. It will help you determine the manufacturing products. If you find it positive, then you can place an order. 

  • MOQ

MOQ means minimum order quantity, and the company-based amount will be different. So choose one which matches your requirements. If you need a few lights before ordering, you must check their MOQ to ensure their products have quantity systems. 

  • Customization Facilities 

This is another thing to take into account when choosing a manufacturer of LED lighting in China. You can find lighting with so many varieties in several companies. But if you have a unique requirement, you need to choose a company that allows you to order customized products. 

  • Free Sample Policy

A lot of manufacturing companies in China offer free product samples. This way, you can ask for a free sample, and if it matches your requirements, you can order after that. It is actually a very convenient policy. LEDYi offers free samples to our customers, so if you need LED strips or neon flex, feel free to contact us. 

  • R&D and Technical Support

You need to ensure that the company has a strong R&D investment and technical support team. These will help you to confirm that the company has the most updated product and problem-solving ability. 

  • Customer Support 

Inspect the company’s response and effectiveness of their customer service. This will allow you to get assistance during and after the purchase for troubleshooting or inquiries. But how do we know whether they are responsive or not? You can simply mail them to check their response interval. This will help you to have an overall idea they are helpful enough. 

  • Warranty 

Review the warranty terms offered, look at what they cover, and support. If the products defect or fail after you purchase, you can change or fix them. Though LED lights are durable, they may not last longer due to using low-quality products. So, before purchasing any product, consider a warranty of at least 3 to 5 years. 

For extensive guidelines in choosing the best Chinese LED manufacturers, check this article- 10 Steps to Find a Professional LED Strip Supplier In China.

How To Import LED Lights From China?

For importing LED light from China, you need to consider a few things. For instance, first, you have to check that your country has import rights to China. Then, find and compare the manufacturer company. As China has so many companies, choose one wisely. For this, you can search a company online by reading their reviews from their website. After finding a perfect company, ask for product price and negotiate if needed. Then, find the best shipping method and place an order. 

For detailed information about importing LED lights from China, read- How To Import LED Lights From China.



The future will be promising as China consistently invests in R&D and LED lighting production. With increasing focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, they maintain strong growth. Also, the demand for LED lighting is high domestically in China and as a global exporter.

Yes, Chinese LED lights can be good, but quality varies depending on companies. And they produce low-cost LED lighting for high-quality brands. So, research and choose reputable manufacturers with good customer reviews. This way, you can get reliable LED lighting products.

The answer depends on the product quality and brand you choose. China has some reputed light manufacturers, but cheap and duplicate products also exist in the market. So, to ensure that LED lights you import from China are safe, research well before choosing any manufacturer or supplier. And you must consider the certifications to pick the best option.

LED manufacturers usually provide specifications such as lumen output, color temperature, CRI (Color Rendering Index), wattage, beam angle, voltage, lifespan, and operating temperature range. And these are important to consumers in choosing the right LED products.

Semiconducting materials are used in manufacturing LEDs. The lighting color varies for the type of semiconductors used in the LED. These include- gallium arsenide, aluminum gallium indium phosphide, aluminum gallium arsenide, etc. Besides this, heat sink materials like aluminum or copper and encapsulation materials like epoxy resins or silicone are also used in LED manufacturing.

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For sure, China is the largest LED lighting manufacturer in the world. However, choosing any Chinese manufacturer is not a wise decision. For this, you need to analyze the company profile and check what type of light products they supply. Know your needs first, then look for an option that fits your requirements.  
However, when it comes to LED strips and LED neon lights, LEDYi is your best option. We offer you various customization facilities that meet residential to commercial lighting needs. All our products come with a three to five-year warranty, and you further offer flexible MOQ. We are open for global shipment, so request a free sample now!

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