Where To Use LED Neon Flex

LED Neon flex is excellent for creating a statement in interior and exterior designs. But using them in the wrong place can mess up the entire setting. That is why you must know where to use LED neon flex. 

You can use LED neon flex for both indoor and outdoor lighting. They are ideal for signage and lighting commercial buildings, offices, and homes. LED neon flex is a great option even in lighting automobiles, ships, museums, events, etc. 

In this guide, I’ve shared with you some interesting ideas about using LED neon flex in the most effective way possible. So, let’s get into the discussion- 

What Is LED Neon Flex?

LED neon flexes are PVC or silicone-made LED strips that give a neon-like effect. They are bendable, cuttable, and flexible to create any desired shape. What is more impressive is that these thin strips glow brighter than the original neon lights. 

Besides, LED neon flexes are more durable, waterproof, affordable, and eco-friendly. And this is why they are widely used in making neon signage and decorating indoors/outdoors. 

neon flex strip structure
neon flex strip structure

Uses Of LED Neon Flex 

You can design your house, office, showrooms, and even automobiles with LED neon flexes. So, let’s know other ways to use these LED neon flexes- 

LED Neon Signage


LED neon signage is excellent for highlighting brand logos or business promotions. You can use it to focus on commercial areas to grab public attention. Here are some places where you can use LED neon flex as signage- 

  • Restaurant and Bar

The exterior of restaurants and bars must pop up for engagements. And to do so, a glowing LED signage encourages the customers to grab your restaurant services. It could be the name of the restaurant/bar or any other indications like- open, close, etc. 

Besides these, LED neon flex intensifies the interior decorations of bars and restaurants. They complement the drinks and dining with their vibrant and glowy colors. Even so, they create striking backgrounds for your Instagram snaps!

  • Showroom/Outlet

Have you ever observed the night streets of Hong Kong? If not, take a look at the below picture-

led neon sign

Isn’t it magical? Using LED neon flex, you can also bring this magic to pop your showroom or outlet. So no matter how crowded the place is, your outlet will never fail to attract customers. Further, use LED neon flexes to highlight important announcements like- ‘10% Discount’. Thus, inform the visitors about the offers in the most effective way. 

  • Office

LED neon flexes bring excitement to the classic monotonous office outlooks. They are ideal for displaying the company name at the entrance/reception of your office. So, whenever anyone enters the office building, they get to see the brand name glowing. You can also use LED neon flexes to pop the brand motto or messages to encourage the staff. 

Font - Signage
  • Home

LED neon signage creates a cozy environment in your house. For example- enlightening your family name or favorite quotes will give you a homely feel. Besides, you can also go for DIY LED neon signage using LED neon flex for decorating your bedroom or living area. 

Indoor Lighting

You can’t ignore LED neon flexes to add dimensions to your interior designs! They elevate your indoor lighting and give an aesthetic look to your space. Here, I’ve presented some indoor lighting ideas for using LED neon flex in the best possible ways- 

  • Ceiling Lighting

LED neon flexes are pretty famous for ceiling lighting. By placing them on your ceiling, you can experiment with the lighting of your entire room. Yet, suspended ceiling lighting works best for neon effects. This is because they give an aesthetic look to your indoor decorations. Another advantage of such lighting is that it hides the light wiring.

  • Furniture

LED neon flex enhances the furniture’s look and highlights accessories and decorative pieces. So, You can add LED neon flex to your sofa, bookshelf, bed, or tables. Besides, using them on cupboards, shoe racks, or wear-drop will give an aesthetic look to your closet.

  • Kitchen Cabinet

Use LED neon flex to illuminate the kitchen cabinet to give your kitchen an elegant look. Aside from providing visual appeal, they also let you work comfortably in the kitchen. For instance, LED neon flexes under the kitchen cabinet light up the workstation. So, you can chop or process food under the cabinet with enough lighting.

  • Screens

You can add a modern touch to your decor by adding LED flex to your screens. Besides, such installations reduce the brightness of the light emitting from the screen and thus protect your eyes. 

  • Bathroom

Instead of using classic bulbs or tube lights, you can use LED neon flex for your bathroom. Wrap them around the mirror or design them on the floor. Additionally, install them on your bathtub rims to give a classy appeal. 

Lighting - LED lamp

Building Facade 

LED neon flexes are an excellent option to brighten up the building facade. You can use them on the entrance door or side walls. Framing the windows with neon flex is also a great choice. Thus, you can highlight the exterior of the building with illuminating neon effects. 

Topshop Topman - Topshop Topman

Retail Display

In displaying any product, lighting with LED neon flex is an excellent choice. For example, LED neon flex uplifts the product appeal in showcasing shoes, bags, or watches. 

When lighting with displaying purpose, go for a white (warm or cool) LED neon flex. But make sure to choose the one with a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating to maintain the color accuracy of the products.

Amusement Parks

LED neon flexes highlight the funky decorations and rides of the parks to amuse people. No doubt they work great to keep visitors entertained with their glow! 

Architectural Lighting 

You can use LED neon flex to highlight the architectural structures to enhance the overall look. For example, use LED neon flex at the entrance of your building, on walls, or around the pillars. You can even use them to frame windows so that they pop up at night. Such architectural lighting ideas are fantastic for commercial buildings like- restaurants, plazas, etc. 

Art - Image

Artwork Lighting

LED neon flexes can bring your artwork to life! You can highlight your artwork, wrapping them in these flexes. They are also great for creating artistic backgrounds for your room, outlet, or shooting purposes. 


Lighting is crucial in creating the right mood for a museum exhibition. And using LED neon flex in the lighting museum adds a new dimension in bringing the arts and histories to life! They are great for lighting up artistic pieces, modern art, and 2D or 3D sculptures in museums. 


In a college auditorium or seminar hall, LED neon flex uplifts the outlook. Lighting the upper walls of the hall room is also a great option to intensify its ceiling height. You can also add them to light up the stage or seating areas of the auditorium.

DeLorean - Car

Automobile Lighting

You can use LED neon flex on both interior and exterior of the automobiles. For example- fixing them on the headlights, foot wheels, under your car, beneath the seats, etc. These small detailings can bring significant visual differences to your automobile. 

Garage Lighting 

Garages usually lack windows. LED neon flex offers you multicolor options to illuminate these darkened garages. Try installing them on your garage’s ceiling, floor, and parking marks, and see the magic!

Underwater Lights for Boat - Boat

Marine Lighting

Floating marine boats at night look amazing when wrapped in LED neon flexes. They bring a festive vibe to the ship to ensure you enjoy your journey! Yet, LEDs’ water-resistant, durable, and energy-saving properties make them ideal to use on boats/vessels. 

Event Lighting 

Birthday parties or weddings, prom nights, or Halloween LED neon flex cheers you up in all festivals. Even at a simple house party, LED neon lighting can create the right mood to enjoy. They create a remarkable effect on your celebration and make the event memorable. 

Staircase Accent Lighting 

The Use of LED neon lights on staircases is quite common in commercial areas. But you can also use them to light the stairs of your house. Especially if you have a duplex or triplex house, installing neon flexes on the staircase will stand out your entire interior look. 

staircase accent lighting
staircase accent lighting

Gaming Room  

Decoration of a gaming room without using LED neon flex is incomplete! LED neon flex gives the complete gaming outlook to your space with its glowing neon effects. Nevertheless, using RGB(Red, Green, Blue) or DMX512 RGB (Color Controlling flexes) LED neon flexes will take your lighting to the next level. 

How To Choose The Correct LED Neon Flex? 

You must consider some factors when choosing a LED neon flex for your lighting project. These considerations are as follows-


Look at the lumen rating on the specs to estimate the overall brightness of the LED neon flex. So naturally, a higher lumen rating provides a brighter outlook. And so, LEDYi uses powerful SMD LEDs in manufacturing LED neon flexes to ensure a steady lumen effect. 


LED neon flexes are available in two different voltages, 12V and 24V. If you want indoor lighting for your home, go for 12V. But for outdoor or commercial lighting, 24V is your best option. 
More information, you can read How to Choose The Voltage of LED Strip? 12V or 24V?


In outdoor uses of LED neon flexes, you must consider whether it’s waterproof. And to check this, go through its Ingress Protection (IP) rating. The one that rates IP67 or IP68 is your ideal choice for water-resistant lighting. 


LED neon flexes offer a variety of shades. For example- RGB (Red, Green, Blue), RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White), Tunable white, and more. Besides, addressable neon flexes take the coloring game to the next level. Such flexes allow you to control the color pattern of a specific portion of the flex. So, this is how you can bring the rainbow to your decorations using addressable neon flexes. 


The dimension of the LED neon flex affects the lighting outlook. For instance, a thick and wide flex will illuminate more prominently than a thin flex. So, select the dimension of LED neon flex depending on your lighting needs.  


LED neon flex comes in various shapes. Such as flat neon, slim neon, 3D bend neon, tri-view neon, mini neon, and more. Each of these shapes creates different neon effects. So, decide what effect you need and select the flexing shape accordingly. 


Imagine buying a red shoe and finding it pink at home! Horrible experience, isn’t it? Still, a correct CRI-rated light could have saved you from such situations. 

Color Rendering Index (CRI) determines color accuracy. Therefore, it is crucial to consider when designing retail displays using LED neon flex. In this case, if the CRI rating of lighting is low, it will deceive the customers with color inaccuracy. So, when choosing LED neon flex, go for CRI>90 to get good-quality color vision. 

Bend Type

LED neon flexes offer you numerous bending options. For example- Horizontal bending flex, vertical bending flex, and 3D bending flex. So, select one that fulfills your design requirements. For instance- 3D bending flex is best for designing LED neon signage to shape the flex at different angles. In this case, the upward and side-to-side bending options of 3D flex will ensure accurate structuring. 

3D neon flex


LED neon flex prices vary with its structure, color, bending type, etc. For example- a plain 5 feet white LED neon flex costs around $10. Meanwhile, a 5 feet RGB flex may cost $15 – $29. So, research well on the market price and get the best deal for you. 


A warranty ensures the security of any product. And it’s nothing new for LED neon flex. Yet, you must give special attention to the warranty policies when installing them outdoors. Because in exterior lighting, the neon flex had to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, a LED neon flex with a better warranty policy is more reliable. 

LEDYi offers 3 to 5 years of warranty for their LED neon flex. Plus, they promise to solve any issues you face during this period within a week. Thus, choose LEDYi as your trusted lighting partner. 

neon flex s1220
neon flex s1220

Advantages of Using LED Neon Flex 

LED neon flex is always a better option than fluorescent lights. It’s not just about the stunning appearance but the other benefits that encourage you to choose LED neon flex. These are as follows- 

Energy Savers

LED neon flex consumes much less energy compared to halogen bulbs. For example, the brightness of a 15-watt LED is equivalent to an 80-watt of a halogen bulb. So, using LED neon flex will save you an electric bill. 


Regarding durability, LED neon flex stands out from classical neon lights. LED neons last three times more than traditional ones. They can last for up to 300,00 hours based on their quality. So, you can use them for years without the need for replacement. 
More information, you can read How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?


LED neon flex offers you a wide range of customizing options. You can get them in any shape, color, size, and quality. That is, no matter how creative you are with your lighting projects, LED neon flex will help you!


From room to pool decor or car to boat decor, LED neon flex never fails to mesmerize you! You can use them for versatile lighting options, indoor and outdoor. That is why they fit perfectly on all types of lighting projects. 


The plastic materials used in LED neon flex made them a budget-friendly lighting option. Again these lights are much cheaper in comparison to glass-made neon lights. Thus, LED neon flex is reasonable, considering the benefits they provide.

How to produce LED Neon Flex

Required Equipment For Installing LED Neon Flex 

To install LED neon flex, first, you must collect the following equipment- 

  1. Silicon end cap
  2. Silicone end cap with hole
  3. Red and black cable
  4. LED neon flex
  5. Silicone glue
  6. Scissor
  7. Electric iron
  8. LED driver

How To Install LED Neon Flex?

Installing LED neon flex is quite simple. You can install it on your own by following the below steps- 

Step: 1: Cut the LED Neon Flex

LED neon flex has cut marks on its body. Cut a scissor or blade into the marked area to get your desired length.

Step: 2: Soldering Cable

Now cut off some silicon from one end of the flex. Next, use an electric iron to heat the inside wirings and join them to the red and black cable. 

Step: 3: Filling and End Cap Attachment

After soldering, use silicon glue to fill the wiring area and close it with an end cap with the hole. Repeat the same process to close the other end of the flex. 

Step: 4: Light Up To Test

Now join the cable with the LED driver. And test if the LED neon flex glows. 

Step: 5: Ensure Safe Connection

Once you have tested your connection is ok, let the silicon glue dry and solidify. Before connecting it to the main power source, you must ensure the silicon is dry. 

Check the LED neon flex installation video to get a more precise concept of this process. 

How to cut and solder neon flex

How To Purchase LED Neon Flex?

You can purchase LED neon flex online or offline. In addition, they are available in any lighting shop. Yet, if you need LED neon flex for business or in bulk, you should contact an LED supplier.

LEDYi manufactures high-quality LED neon flex using the most advanced technologies. Moreover, each of its products passes through several tests and has certifications. Besides, we offer you customizable options. So, if you intend to purchase LED neon flex, contact us soon!

For more information, you can read 15 Things You Need to Know Before Buying LED Neon Flex.

Solderless neon flex endcap

Are LED Neon Flex And Neon Lights The Same?

No, LED neon flex and Neon lights are not the same. Although they have similar lighting effects, they have differences in their structure. 

Neon lights are glass-made tubes filled with inert gasses. Meanwhile, LED neon flex is composed of PVC/PU/silicone SMD LED strips. These lights are more flexible and cuttable. But you can’t cut or bend neon lights.

Plus, LED neon flex is more durable and heat and water-resistant than a neon light. They even glow brighter and are affordable. Furthermore, LED neon flex is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Thus, LED neon flex and neon lights are not the same.

DMX512 Addressable Neon Flex


LED neon flex can last from 30,000 to 50,000 hours of usage. Yet, it depends on the standard of the product and heat dissipation. 

Yes, LED neon flex comes with cutting marks. Following these marks, you can cut the flex to your desired size. But never make cuts at the unmarked areas. Doing so will ruin the wiring of the flex. 

LED neon flex is designed for both interior and exterior. That is why they are made waterproof. Yet, check the IP rating of your flex to ensure it is waterproof. The ones having IP67 or IP68 are waterproof. 

Yes, LED neon flex is excellent for making neon signage. Using this flex, you can even make your own LED neon signage. They will encourage you to design more creatively while saving you money.
More information, you can read How to Make a DIY LED Neon Sign.

LED neon flex is made of silicon, PVC, or PU. These materials make LED neon flexes flexible and bendable.

You can join LED neon flex with solderless connectors. First, cut the neon flex following the marking and attach solderless connectors. Now join the connectors and turn it on to check if it glows.

Neon Flex Sample Display Box


After all these discussions, I hope you know where to use LED neon flex. So, first, decide where you want to install the LED neon flex. Then look for the ideal category of flex for your lighting project. In this case, this article’s guidelines will help you get the best deal. 

LEDYi is a factory specializing in producing high-quality customized LED strips and LED neon lights. Please contact us freely if you need.

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