15 Things You Need to Know Before Buying LED Neon Flex

Do you need LED neon flex for decoration or signage? Are you looking for the best LED neon flex to beautify your home or workplace? No worries. I’m here to explain everything with my extensive 10+ years of experience in the led strip and led neon sector.

LED neon flex has been very popular in recent days. They are best for indoor/outdoor or business promotion to outstand your decorative ideas. But you should compare the features with the benefits of LED neon flexes while choosing. So, to make this easier, I’ve listed 15 things you must consider before buying LED neon flex in this guide. Therefore, go through my experience below and get the best deal for you- 

What is LED Neon Flex?

LED neon flexes are silicone or Plastic coated SMD LED light strips that give the illusion of real neon light. These lights are great for indoor and outdoor decoration and making neon signage. Moreover, these are a better option than original neon lights as they are more durable and affordable.  

neon flex strip structure
neon flex structure

Things You Need To Know Before Buying LED Neon Flex 

You need to know some facts before buying LED Neon flex. I’ve listed those for your convenience- 

  1. Brightness

The most significant factor when purchasing an LED Neon Flex is brightness. And for LED strips, Lumen is the most used measuring unit. However, Lumen doesn’t indicate the brightness of the light. Instead, it represents the unit of luminous flux that determines the total light output from all directions. So, the higher the value of Lumen, the brighter the light. 

The requirement of light brightness varies with the purpose of lighting. That is why you must check the lumen value of the LED Neon flex before choosing one. Yet, if you are looking for the brightest LED neon flex, 360° Round LED Neon Flex is the best option.  

  1. Color 

LED neon lights give an aesthetic look to your decoration with their colorful appearance. But to choose a color for your LED neon lighting, you need to have some basic knowledge about the color property of LED neon lights. These are as follows- 

  • Types Of LED Neon Colors

LED neon flex has different variations based on color. The color of the LED neon flex is indicated with the initials of the color name. For example- RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. That means LED neon flex with an RGB mark combines these three colors. Other LED neon flex colors include- 

Name Of ColorMeaning 
RGBCombination of Red, Green, and Blue
RGBWCombination of Red, Green, Blue, and White
DMX512 RGB/RGBWDigital Multiplex RGB/RGBW (remote control color changing)
Tunable WhiteShades of White ( Cool to Warm tone)
MonochromeSingle Color 

So, know these color types before buying LED neon flex for decorating your space.

dmx512 addressable led neon flex
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

Correlated Color Temperature or CCT indicates different shades of white measured in degree Kelvin (K). For the variation of this unit, the appearance of white changes from a warmer to a cooler tone. For instance, a LED neon flex with 3000k will appear warm white. But with 5000k, it will appear fantastic. For better understanding, I’ve listed below the variations of white lights corresponding to the value of K- 

Shades Of White Degree Kelvin
Ultra Warm (Sleep)2400K
Warmer (Cozy)2700K
Warm (Relax)3000K
Natural (Comfort)3500K
Natural (Invigorate) 4000K
Cool (Warm)5000K
Cool (Focus)6200K

Therefore, by these CCT ratings mentioned above, you can choose the desired tone or shade of white. 

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color Rendering Index or CRI indicates how well an artificial light source resembles natural light. It is rated from 0-100. With a lower CRI rating, an object looks harsh and dull. That is why CRI is a crucial fact to consider for LEDs. Higher the CRI rating, the better the lighting quality. Check the below table to grade LED neon flex based on CRI-

CRI RatingsQuality
95 -100Phenomenon 
90 – 95Great
80 – 90Good
60 – 75 Poor
Below 60Very Poor
  1. IP Rating (Waterproof)

Ingress Protection Code (IP) indicates protection against water. When installing LED neon flex in waterside areas, i.e., bathrooms, poolside or outdoor locations, it is essential to consider. It indicates protection against water. The higher the value of IP, the more water-resistant the LED is.

The highest water-resistance standard for LED neon flex is IP68. So, if you are looking for a waterproof LED neon flex, purchase IP68 PU Neon Flex or IP68 Silicon Neon Flex

ip68 led neon flex 1615
ip68 led neon flex
  1. Voltage

LED neon flex is available in two voltage ratings- 12V and 24V. If you require a small installation, 12V is perfect. And for heavy applications, go for 24V. So, before purchasing LED neon flex, decide which voltage rating will be best for your installation. 

  1. Power Consumption

LED neon flex is popular due to its energy-saving properties. They consume far less electricity than traditional neon lights. 

The power consumption of LED neon flex is measured in watts per meter, foot, or reel. So, before buying LED neon flex, check the wattage and choose the correct power-consuming item for your LED project.

  1. Dimension

Another significant factor to consider before purchasing LED neon flex is its dimension. Dimension indicates the thickness, height, and width of the flex.LED neon flexes come in a variety of dimensions. However, you can also customize them to your requirements. 

  1. Length 

Before choosing an LED neon flex, the first and most vital step is determining the required length. So, measure the size of the surface where you plan to install LED neon lights. And find out the required length of LED neon flex in meters or feet. Then place your order based on your requirements. 

  1. Shape 

LED neon flexes are available in many shapes. For example- square neon, 3D bend neon, slim neon, flat neon, round 360-degree neon, tri-view neon, and mini neon. Each of these shapes gives a different outlook to your lighting. So, before you purchase LED neon flex, decide which shape is preferable for your installation. 

  1. Bend Type

LED neon flex is available in various bending profiles. You can set them to bend in your desired direction. However, you must purchase the correct bend type for the LED neon flex to do that. Here are the common bending types of LED neon flex and their uses- 

led neon flex bend type
led neon flex bend type
  • Horizontal Bending

The Horizontal bending LED neon flex means they can bend only at the horizontal axis. These categories of bending LED neon flexes are great for mounting installation. Plus, they are very flexible and give smooth neon effects without creating any shadows. 

  • Vertical Bending

The Vertical bending LED neon flex is bendable only at the vertical axis. These bendings are great for architectural contour, sign lighting, and indoor or outdoor decoration. 

  • 3D Bending

3D bending LED neon lights are bendable in vertical and horizontal directions. They are super flexible. So, you can use them for building outlining, landscape lighting, indoor/outdoor areas, etc. 

3d bending led neon flex
  • 360 Degree Round

360-degree round bending is best for artistic lighting. These flexes are circular and can be installed in any shape. Plus, the lighting of such LED neon flex doesn’t create any dark areas.

  1. Dimmer/Controller

You can get a LED neon flex with a dimmable feature. Such a LED neon flex allows you to control the brightness and color of the light. However, the controlling system can be either remote or wall switch. So, go for this feature to adjust the brightness of lights per your requirement. 

  1. Cutting Unit Length 

The cutting unit length is another thing to consider before purchasing LED neon flex. They indicate the minimum length of a flex where you can cut. You can easily get a cutting mark on the casing of LED neon flexes. So, stick to the marks and avoid cutting the flex on any other portion.

  1. Quality Verification

You must examine the quality of LED neon flex before buying it. But how to determine its quality? No worries. Consider the below factors to judge the quality of a LED neon flex-

  • Thermal Management

Overheating decreases the lifespan of LED neon flexes. In simple words, heat is dangerous for LEDs. So, before choosing, ensure the flexes have a proper thermal management system. Going for this feature will keep your LED neon flex last for a long time. 

  • Color Accuracy

The Color accuracy is determined with a CRI rating. So, cross-check the CRI rating with the actual color of the LEDs. For example- 5000k LED neon flex will give a cool white tone. But, if it gets yellowish, you must doubt the quality. 

led neon flex solderless endcap
  • Safety Certifications

Before going for any specific brand of LED neon flex, check the certifications the company has achieved. These certificates testify to the quality of the flex. Before going into any particular brand of LED neon flex, check the credentials the company has earned. These certificates prove the quality of the flex. Some of the essential certificates that a good LED neon manufacturing company must have are-

  • Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances(RoHS)
  • Conformite Europeenne (CE) certifications, etc.

Besides these, there are many other certifications to judge the quality of the LED neon flex. So, get a clear idea about these certifications and choose the best quality possible. 

  • Material Quality 

LED neon flex’s performance and durability highly depend on its material quality. So, before purchasing LED neon flex, examine the test reports and the certifications to get a better idea about the material quality. 

  1. Installation 

Before choosing LED neon flex, you must know how to install it. LED neon flexes are constructed of PVC or silicon and are incredibly flexible to handle.

You can easily install and mount them using mounting clips or aluminum mounting channels. First, secure the clips or channels to the wall or wherever they will be installed. Then press the flex on it. That’s all!

  1. Warranty

You must consider the warranty of the LED neon flex before choosing it. In case you have any defects with your LED neon flexes, you can use the warranty card to get free services (limited) from the company. For instance, LEDYi offers 3 – 5 years of warranty for their LED products. And if you face any problem within this period, they promise to solve it within seven days. 

  1. Pricing 

The pricing of the LED neon flex varies from brand to brand. The average cost of LED neon flex will be around US$18.66/pc if you get it from any Chinese manufacturer. However, the price depends on the material, color, and many other factors. So, research well and get the best deal for you. But never compromise the quality for the price.

addressable led neon flex
addressable led neon flex

Reasons for Using LED Neon Flex

There are many reasons to choose a LED neon flex for decoration or to use as signage. Here are some reasons listed for you- 

Variations in Design & Color

LED neon flex is available in various colors and styles. You can design and shape them however you want. Thus, they allow you to show creativity and stand out in your decorations. 

How to produce Flex LED Silicone Neon Strip Lights

Aesthetic Appearance

LED neon flexes add an aesthetic outlook to your space. These lights take your decoration to the next level in the indoor or outdoor living room or bathroom. 


LED neon flexes are highly energy-efficient. Where an original neon light consumes 20 watts/hour, a LED neon light uses only 1.2watt/ hour. So now think how effectively LED neon flexes will save your electricity bills. 


LED neon flexes can last about three times more than a traditional neon light. So they are much more durable. And you can use them for years without any worries. 

How To Purchase LED Neon Flex?

You can purchase LED neon flex online or from any local market. First, select a reputed LED neon light manufacturer. Contact them and let them know your requirements. Learn the payment and delivery system before confirming your order. Wait till you get the delivery. That is it!

led neon flex sample display box


The price of LED neon flex varies depending on the brand. Yet, the average price of Chinese-manufactured LED neon flex is around US$18/pis.

LED neon flexes can last for 300,000 hours. In contrast, a typical neon light lasts for 100,000 hours. So, LED neons last three times more than neon lights. 

No. There are cutting marks on the PVC outline of the LED neon flex. You can only cut the flex on these particular sports. 

No, neon light and LED neon lights have utterly different formations. That is because neon lights are made of pure glass, whereas LED neon lights are PVC/silicone made. 


After all these discussions, you know the factors you must consider before purchasing LED neon lights. These flexes come in different colors, shapes, dimensions, and quality. 

So, get a clear idea about these concepts and identify what you need. Then, sketch the design you want to experiment with and follow the guidelines to get the best deal with LED neon flex.
We provide the best quality LED neon flex with significant experience in the LED stripe and LED neon light manufacturing industry. So if you need to buy LED lights, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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