What is The Brightest LED Strip

There are many different types of LED strips, each with its unique features. In this article, we will be discussing the brightest LED strip on the market. 

What is the brightest LED strip on the market?

They are super light efficiency SMD2835 LED strips, 9LEDs per cut, CRI>80, more than 220LM/W, and power can exceed 20W/M. They use high brightness SMD2835 LED with large size chip, pure copper 3OZ or 4OZ PCB.

high efficiency

The brightness of LED strips is determined by lumens.

Lumens = Light Output. In simple terms, Lumens (denoted by lm) are a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source.

Integral LED - What are lumens?

Factors affecting the lumens of LED strips.

Two main factors affect the lumens of LED strips, light efficiency (lm/w) and power (w/m). As we know, the lumens of a LED strip are equal to the luminous efficacy multiplied by the power.

Light Efficiency

Luminous efficacy is a measure of how well a light source produces visible light. It is the ratio of luminous flux to power, measured in lumens per watt (lm/w).

The main factors that affect light efficiency are as follows:

LED Chip Size

LED lamp beads are light-emitting parts, and their main components are chips, brackets, and gold wires connecting the chips and brackets. The component that can emit light is the chip. Therefore, the size of the chip determines the luminous efficiency of the LED lamp beads. The larger the chip size, the higher the luminous efficiency of the LED lamp beads. There are some lamp bead factories on the market. To improve the luminous efficiency and reliability of white light SMD2835 LED lamp beads, two chips are packaged into a bracket.

SMD LED Structure


A color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural or standard light source.

CRI is also an important factor in determining luminous efficiency. The higher the CRI, the lower the luminous efficiency.  

If you want to know more details, please read Why High CRI is Always Less Efficient.



Color temperature (Correlated Color Temperature, or CCT, in lighting tech jargon) is essentially a gauge of how yellow or blue the color of light emitted from a light source appears. It’s measured in the Kelvin unit and is most commonly found between 2200 Kelvin degrees and 6500 Kelvin degrees.

In general, the higher the CCT, the higher the light efficiency. For example, for the same LED lamp bead, the luminous efficiency of 6000K is higher than that of 2700K.

Color Temperature


When the light efficiency is certain, the higher the power, the higher the lumen.

So, if we need high brightness, we need to increase the power.

The power of the LED strip is mainly affected by the following factors:

LED Density

A single LED lamp bead has a maximum current limit. For example, the conventional SMD2835 is 60mA, and the SMD3528 is 20mA. If we want to increase the power of the LED strip, we need to increase the density of the LED lamp beads.

Note: To save costs, some manufacturers design LED strips with a current that exceeds the maximum rated current of the LED lamp beads. However, when this LED strip is working, the heat is serious, and after some time, the brightness will become lower and lower.


PCB is another key component. Its main function is to connect components such as LED lamp beads and resistors. 

The main component of PCB is copper, and the amount of copper determines the conductivity of PCB. Thicker, wider copper can pass more current and generate less heat. 

PCBs can also help dissipate heat faster. Heat is critical to LED life, and high heat can reduce LED life. 

Therefore, to increase the power of the LED strip, we must choose a PCB with thicker and wider pure copper.

led strip lights pcb

Aluminum Profile

More power means more heat. However, if the heat is not dissipated in time, it will reduce the life of the LED. One of the most common ways to help dissipate heat quickly is to attach LED strips to aluminum profiles.

led strip aluminum profiles
LED Strip Sample Book
LED Strip Sample Book


The SMD5050 is brighter because there are 3 chips in the SMD5050, the maximum rated current is 60mA, and the lumen is about 20LM per LED. There is only one chip in SMD3528, the maximum rated current is 20mA, and the lumen is about 7LM per LED.

SMD5630 is brighter. Because the maximum rated current of SMD5630 is 150mA, 55LM per LED. And the maximum rated current of SMD5050 is 60mA, 20LM per LED.

The number of LED strips, such as SMD5050, and SMD2835, refers to the size of the LED lamp bead. For example, the size of SMD5050 lamp beads is 5.0mm * 5.0mm.

The size of the lamp beads, the maximum rated current, and the lumens are different.

The size of SMD5050 is 5.0*5.0mm, while the size of SMD5630 is 5.6*3.0mm.

The maximum rated current, SMD5050 is 60mA, and SMD5630 is 150mA.

SMD5050 is 20LM per LED, while SMD5630 is 55LM per LED.

The maximum current rating of SMD5050 is 60mA, ~20LM per LED.

2835 RGB is better because the brightness is higher, and because of the smaller size, the LED density can be higher.

SMD5630, or SMD5730, are basically the same thing. Their maximum current rating is 150mA, and the lumens are about 55LM per LED.

A tour of a LED strip light factory


To get a higher brightness LED strip, we can consider two aspects to improve the luminous efficiency and increase the power.

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