How to stop my LED strip lights from falling down

LED strip lights are a type of lighting often used in home decoration. They are easy to install and provide a versatile way to add accent lighting to a room. Unfortunately, LED strip lights can sometimes fall down, especially if not installed correctly. This can be frustrating and even dangerous, as the falling LED strip lights can break or cause electrical problems. You can do a few things to prevent your strip lights from falling down.

5 Common reasons why LED strip lights keep falling off

Dust or unevenness on the surface

One of the biggest reasons LED strips to fall is that the surface on which it is installed is dusty or uneven. Because the installation surface is dusty or rough, the 3M double-sided adhesive force on the LED strip will be insufficient or invalid.

Water damage

If you install the LED strip in a place where it may encounter water, you have to consider that the water will destroy the stickiness of the 3M double-sided tape, which will cause the LED strip to fall. Even some wet places will cause the LED strip to fall.

Chemical repels

All LED strips will have 3M double-sided tape on the back, which can make the LED strips stick to the installation surface well. However, some chemicals will damage the stickiness of 3M double-sided tape, and the LED strip will fall off after a long time.

Overheating issues

When the LED light strip is working, it will generate heat. If the LED strip is installed in a narrow, stuffy place, the heat will not be quickly dissipated through the air. Excessive heat will damage the stickiness of the 3M double-sided tape, causing the LED strip to fall off.

Wire problem

There will be wires at the ends of the LED strips. If the wire is too long, then the weight of the wire will be high. If the wire is not correctly installed, the wire will fall, which will pull the LED strip and fall.

led strip falling down

Instructions: How to keep LED strip lights from falling off

Now that you know some of the reasons why LED strips fall, we’ll show you how to prevent LED strips from falling.

Clean your surface

You should start cleaning the surface because dust or dirt on your surface will significantly reduce the adhesion of the 3M double-sided tape.

You can start by dampening a cloth with rubbing alcohol and rubbing it back and forth across the surface once you’re satisfied. Dry with a lint-free rag or paper towel.

Apply adhesive

Next, you should use a brand of double-sided tape, such as 3M, and follow the correct instructions to install it. By using this method, you can reduce the chance of LED strips falling in order.

Position in the right place

Now you should have the LED strip in the right place before pressing it. It is not recommended to install the LED light strip multiple times because the viscosity of the 3M double-sided tape will quickly decrease, and the possibility of the LED light strip falling is very high.

Press down

Now that you have the correct position, it’s time to apply pressure to your LED strip.

This ensures that the 3M double-sided tape can stick to the mounting surface, reducing the chance of the LED strip falling off.

Let them dry

Follow the specifications and allow the 3M double-sided tape to dry for some time to achieve optimal tack.

Final test

It’s a good idea to do a final check to ensure your LED strip is securely mounted in the correct position.

LED Strip Sample Book

Additional Tips To Prevent Led Strip From Falling Off

3M backing tape

Our LEDYi LED strips are equipped with the most robust 3M double-sided tape, 300LSE. Some factories use fake 3M double-sided tape, which will cause the LED strip to fall off after a period of use.

Foam backing tape

Some waterproof LED strips, such as IP65 and IP67, are heavier than non-waterproof LED strips. We need to use foam tape. Our foam tape is very sticky. This great splash-proof LED tape weighs a little more than regular tape. Note that the installation must be careful. You will have difficulty removing the foam tape if the installation is wrong.

foam backing tape

For more information, please check our article How to Choose The Right Adhesive Tapes For LED Strip.

Fixing clips

Fixing clips is also a suitable method. You can attach the LED strip to the mounting surface with screws and clips. But it needs a mounting surface that can support screwing.

led strip mouting clips

Using hot glue

Hot glue does not contain the same harsh chemicals as strong glue, which means it is safer and will not damage your LED strips.

The only thing you need to watch out for is the temperature of the hot glue. If it gets too hot, you could melt your LED strip. But this is unlikely to happen.

Aluminum extrusion

LED aluminum profiles are a perfect way to install LED strips. The surface of the LED aluminum profile is very smooth, and the 3M double-sided tape can be pasted well. And the LED aluminum profile also has a cover, which can contain the LED light strip. Finally, the LED aluminum profile can also help the LED strip to dissipate heat and ensure that the LED strip works at a normal temperature, thereby extending its life of the LED strip.

led strip aluminum channel

Corner connector

The edges and corners of the light strip are usually where the LED light strip falls first.

If you try to bend the strip at a 90-degree angle, it will cause it to fall off faster. That’s because there is more air in contact with the stickiness of the strip, and the strip will have more tension from trying to bend backward.

You can cut the strip and get corner LED strip connectors to solve this problem.

I don’t like this solution because cutting the ribbon is annoying. You have to figure out which connector you want to get.

Instead of bending the strip in one direction, you can let it go, turn it in the opposite direction and keep going until it forms a loop.

This will leave the strip free of tension and more flush with the surface. Doing this will help the strip stay on longer without cutting or buying additional connectors.


In conclusion, follow the above steps to prevent your LED strip lights from falling down. Check that the adhesive is attached correctly to the surface and use the included clips for a more secure hold. Be sure to clean the surface before applying the adhesive and press firmly to avoid air bubbles. If you find that your LED strip lights are still falling down, try using foam backing tape or glue specifically designed for LED strip lights.

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