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How can I stop my LED strip lights reflection in tiles?

If you are using LED strip lights in your home decor, you might be wondering how can I avoid my Led strip lights reflection in tiles? If you have looked at some home interior photographs, you may have noticed how the led strips reflected in different tile surfaces. If you do not want this problem, then you will have to make sure that the strip lights are installed in the right places, to get an even and clean lighting effect.

Check out some tips below:

  • If possible, install the LED strip in a place where there is no reflective surface. By solving the problem at the origin, you can eliminate the reflection problem.
  • Choose the latest technology of COB led strip. The density of the lamp beads of the COB led strip is very high. There are 480 chips per meter, or even more. Even if it is not used with aluminum profiles, no light spots will be seen.
  • Use silicone neon light strips, silicone neon lights are wrapped with silicone tubes, which can diffuse the light so that the light is uniform, and no light spots can be seen.
  • Stick the LED strip into the aluminum profile, and then cover the milky white PC cover. The PC cover can diffuse the light, so the light spots will not be seen.
COB LED strip
Silicone neon strip
LED Strip used with aluminum profile
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