Can You Sleep With LED Strip Lights On?

The picture of our planet from space stuns us. And it amazes the human mind at night. Billions of lights illuminate the surface of the Earth. It is just like we are seeing another sky from the sky. And these billion lights are like billion stars on Earth. The invention of lights has changed the look of our planet. 

Nowadays, LED strip lights are on a roll. These lights have many applications in our homes. You can install these in your kitchen or your bedroom.

In this article, we will see how LED strip lights affect us. Can we sleep with these strip lights on? But first, let us have a basic understanding of these lights.

What is An LED Strip Light?

It is a malleable circuit board. Light-emitting diodes occupy the surface of this board. These strip lights come with sticky backing so that you can attach these lights to any surface. We also call these lights LED ribbons or tape lights. Moreover, we can use these strip lights:

  • Accent lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Task lighting
  • Decorative lighting applications
  • Indirect lighting applications
  • High-brightness task lighting

The LEDs attach to the wire, and you can sort them as you like. These strip lights have a longer lifespan and energy efficiency. And they are brighter and emit less heat.

Now, let us move toward the focal point of today’s discussion. What will happen if you keep these lights on at night?

components of led strip light
led strip light

Can You Sleep With LED Strip Lights On At Night?

First, let me give a simple answer to this question. Yes, you can sleep with these strip lights on at night. There is no harm in keeping these on. You can keep these lights on without worrying about anything. They consume less energy, produce less heat, and don’t burn out. 

For your assurance, you can experiment. Leave the LED strip lights on for a few days. Touch the lights after some days. You will not feel any heat produced by these lights. 

In these lights, a semiconductor material changes energy into light. There is no filament present like in other bulbs. That’s why these lights are very efficient and produce no significant heat. 

But there are several things to consider here. For example, what is the brightness level of these lights? What is the color of your strip lights? It can also vary from person to person how these lights affect. 

How Do LED Strip Lights Affect If They Are On At Night?

There is a natural internal clock inside every human’s body. In scientific terms, we call it Circadian Rhythm. It controls the sleep cycle in the human body. Exposure to light affects this internal clock. 

This clock causes the relaxation of muscles which results in a feeling of drowsiness. It is pre-programmed in our bodies. In simple words, our body knows when it is time to sleep and when it is to wake up. When you disturb this clock, it affects the sleep cycle.

We call it light pollution when there is more light in your surroundings than needed. Due to this, it is difficult for our bodies to get well-needed sleep. And if your sleep cycle gets disturbed, it can cause the following:





But things are a bit different in the case of LED strip lights. Of course, bright white strip lights are not suitable for sleep. But there are other colors which can relax your mind. They can, in fact, help you to go to sleep quickly. 

led colors
led colors

What Are The Best Lights Colors For The Night?

We now understand that different light colors have different effects on our bodies. It is pretty evident that bright white light is not suitable for night. But as discussed above, some colors make you sleep faster. Let us start with blue colored lights. 

The color that affects the body most badly is blue. It is basically harmful to our circadian rhythm. It means that it is terrible for our sleep cycle. And this color is present in two primary forms in our surroundings. First, the screens of most of the standard electronic devices that we use have this color. These include:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Televisions
  • Monitors

And the second source is fluorescent bulbs. The LED bulbs emit light in the blue spectrum also. 

We have discussed which color is terrible for our health. Now, let us see the good news. What is the color which benefits us? Humans sleep at night. So what is the color at sunset? Red. Red color doesn’t have the same effect as that blue. It does not influence our natural internal clock in the wrong way. In contrast, it has two benefits for our biological sleep cycle. 

We have different hormones in our body that performs various functions. There is a sleep hormone called Melatonin in our body. This color actually has a minor effect on this hormone. If you plan to install LED strip lights at your home for the night, I will refer to this color. The dimmed red color lights are the best to have for evenings. And even if you want to keep the lights on all night. 

Secondly, recent studies have even come in favor of red lights. You can say that it is scientifically correct that red color has positive effects. Experts recommend red light therapy for insomnia issues. Let me explain in simple words the phenomenon behind this. 

There is a layer on our eyes called Retina. The cells on this layer are the least affected by this color. From this layer, the signals reach the control center. As a result, our mood and sleep get affected positively. And sleeping in this color raises the Melatonin level and quality of sleep. 

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Will LED Strip Lights Cost A Lot If You Leave Them On All Night?

Another essential thing to consider about these lights is their power consumption. With all the costs, we all know how difficult it is to live nowadays. If we get a hell of a bill due to these lights, what benefit do we have?

But again, you don’t have to worry about this when using LED strip lights. Some say that the lights consume 90% less power than their counterparts. Compared to other average bulbs, these lights might be expensive. But they will save a lot of money for you in the end. 

Can These LED Strip Lights Cause Any Fire Hazards?

With electronic appliances, the chances of fire hazards always stay in our minds. Sometimes, we leave the iron on. And we hear that there was a fire break out. It would probably have occurred to you, also. 

The main reason is that electronic devices produce heat. This intense heat can burn the plastic or wires nearby. And in this way, a fire can break out.

But with LED strip lights, it is safe to leave them on all night. These lights emit near-to-nothing heat. They are highly efficient, and their heat dissipation is excellent.

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We have discussed that, in general, intense light can damage our health. There is no doubt about the effect of light pollution. But the case of LED strip lights is different. Some colors can even improve our sleep and help us get deep, restful sleep. And at the same time, some colors can damage it. Nonetheless, we can keep these lights on all night. 

In modern homes, installing these strip lights is becoming a trend. And why not, as they are incredibly safe to use.

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