DMX512 Pixel Neon Flex

What is DMX512 Pixel Neon Flex?
DMX512 Pixel Neon Flex is a Neon Flex with DMX512 IC on the PCB, can receive DMX512 signal directly, and does not need a DMX512 decoder. You can control each pixel and channel of DMX512 Pixel Neon Flex independently. The color mix and color effects possibilities of DMX512 Pixel Neon Flex are endless.

Product features

Basic Parameters

Horizontal bending NS-S1220-DMX512

Horizontal bending NS-T1615-DMX512


File Name Download
Silicone-Neon-NS-S1220 DMX512 Pixel RGB & RGBW specification
Silicone-Neon-NS-T1615 DMX512 Pixel RGB & RGBW specification

Cable outlet

Use three kinds of entry cable, to meet the different installing request

Offline control connection diagram

Online control connection diagram

Connector cable instruction

DMX512 Address Writing




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