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Flex LED Strip Sheet

What are LED Strip Sheets?

Flex LED Strip Sheets, also called Flex LED Strip Tiles, are thin, flexible sheets of LEDs that can be mounted in light boxes or other backlighting applications. The LED Strip Sheets can be cut to almost every shape, making them applicable to illuminating curved, sloped, or large objects. Intuitive, plug-and-play connections ensure reduced installation time and cost.



Cut flex led strip sheet any way you want. Remove a single LED or LED group right on the job site


Fold flex led strip sheet around corners to illuminate edges for seamless lighting across adjacent surfaces


Led strip sheet offers plug-and-play connectors that are engineered for seamless sheet-to-sheet connections

Tight LED Pitch

Up to 2500 LEDs per square meter with each diode consuming around 0.1 watts

Close Proximity Backlighting

Evenly backlight certain materials with as little as 9.5mm of clearance


Customize CCT, voltage, size, shape, LED pitch, connectors, lensing, and more

Ultra Bright

Up to 2850 lumens per sheet, flex led strip sheet provides enough lumens

Simple Installations

Shape flex led strip sheet to size right on the job site for a perfect fit

Plug & Play Connections

Simple plug-in connections accessories are engineered to connect sheets together


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