Author: Martin Wan

fountain light 1

Fountain Lights: The Definitive Guide

Having a fountain in your landscape is wonderful, but lighting it properly makes it look incredible. It offers visitors a more mesmerizing and captivating experience and makes the place memorable.

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hallway lighting

Top 27 Creative Hallway Lighting Ideas

Hallway includes the entrance area of an apartment or any commercial building. So undoubtedly, this section grabs the utmost attention of a visitor. And to create the best impression, outstanding

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restaurant lighting

Top 31 Restaurant Lighting Ideas

When designing a restaurant, lighting is one of the most overlooked yet crucial elements. Because it is a must to set the perfect mood and atmosphere to attract customers.  Proper

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bathroom lighting

Top 26 Creative Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lighting is often neglected when decorating interiors. But proper bathroom lighting can change the entire decorating game! That is why well-planned lighting for the bathroom is equally essential as

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office lighting 1

Office Lighting: The Definitive Guide

You must have invested a decent sum into making your office a productive space by purchasing necessary supplies, furniture, and more. However, the office environment will always need help to

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